The Pregnant Virgin

A Process of Psychological Transformation

Author: Marion Woodman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Psychology

Page: 204

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"The women who is a virgin, one in herself, does what she does not for power or out of the desire to please, but because what she does is true." Here is writing with a thinking heart, blending art, literature, religion and extensive case material. Continues the author's pioneering work on the feminine in both women and men.

The Pregnant Virgin

Author: Anne Eames

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1459213394

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Working at a sperm bank had its benefits--Ali Celeste could start her pregnancy without waiting for Mr. Right to show. But once "Project: Baby" was under way, Ali met handsome clinic donor Dr. Brad Darling. And she couldn't deny the sparks that flew between them .... After one unplanned passionate night, Ali discovered she was pregnant--with Brad's child. But when Brad calculated, he thought he wasn't the father and that Ali wasn't as innocent as she claimed. Now Ali had to convince Brad she hadn't planned a marriage trap, but that fate and modern medicine conspired to bring these soul mates together--forever ....

Death and the Pregnant Virgin

Author: S. T. Haymon

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 144722499X

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

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‘I’m only repeating what I’ve been told. And what I’ve been told is that Rachel Case was four months pregnant when she was killed, and she was still a virgin.’ Rachel Case was considered by some to be a saint, but she lay, with the back of her head shattered, in the Shrine of Our Lady of Promise. The Norfolk village of Mauthen Barbary was filled with pilgrims, celebrating the fifth year since the statue’s discovery, but it had to be someone close to Rachel who had killed her so brutally. Inspector Ben Jurnet finds that the clues to this modern murder lie far back in the past, concealed in a Tudor account book and an ancient Greek text. But not in time to prevent a suicide and two more bizarre killings . . . ‘The richness of language and characterization place Haymon squarely in the Sayers tradition’ Kirkus Reviews

The Pregnant Virgin

Author: Amechi Ifeanyi

Publisher: N.A


Category: Nigerian fiction (English)

Page: 60

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The Pregnant Virgin (Mills & Boon Desire) (The Baby Bank, Book 1)

Author: Anne Eames

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 1472038134

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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Working at a sperm bank had its benefits–Ali Celeste could start her pregnancy without waiting for Mr. Right to show. But once "Project: Baby" was under way, Ali met handsome clinic donor Dr. Brad Darling. And she couldn't deny the sparks that flew between them ....

The Pregnant Virgin

How Come?

Author: Divine Chiangeh

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595404634

Category: Fiction

Page: 56

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Kuo is pregnant for her own brother and she is the bride of the prince. This is an abomination under the Kom law. Will she be stoned to death? The pregnant virgin is a novel based on an African setting. In this work of art, a love story is used to expose the traditions and beliefs of the Kom people. The prince discovers that his wife is not a virgin, which is abominable. Worst of all, she was made pregnant by her own brother. The villages of Kom and Babanki are about to go to war. Then something happens...

The Pregnant Virgin

A Richard West Thriller

Author: Robert W. Fisk

Publisher: Richard West

ISBN: 9781720154006

Category: Fiction

Page: 248

View: 2497

While investigating the unexplained absences of students in the Rickmansworth District, Richard finds several cases where the pregnancies of vulnerable women cannot be explained; Raewyn is seventeen and pregnant but she does not know how that happened. Sally Holmes went to a party, and later became pregnant while in a same sex relationship. Some women describe bright lights and little green men, others have no idea what has happened to them. They are all told by the eminent D Morrison that their babies have died during birth. Wyatt Roeske is brutally tortured because he tells the police about sexual abuse in a Children's Home. The murders of Principal Maxwell and security guard Hank Lomax lead investigators to the mysterious Research Centre. While involved in finding the truth, Richard becomes a target for a sophisticated international network of people traffickers.

Marry a Pregnant Virgin

Unusual Bible Stories for New and Curious Christians

Author: Frank G. Honeycutt

Publisher: Augsburg Books

ISBN: 0806680369

Category: Religion

Page: 248

View: 6109

* Ideal for individual and group study and for adult catechesis * Conveniently organized by seasons of the church year * Great stories for sermons * Includes study questions at the end of each chapter

The Paga Pregnant Virgin

Author: Stephen Kwabena Asumeng

Publisher: N.A


Category: Fathers and daughters

Page: 80

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Well-to-do Mr. Ababio loses his wife through too much jealously and misplaced trust in a friend. Another friend manages to rape his daughter, Irene, while she is sleeping, and her father angrily forces her to return to the village. She goes through many trials, has a baby, finds new friends, and eventually marries the man she truly wants to marry.

Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography

Themes Depicted in Works of Art

Author: Helene E. Roberts

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136787925

Category: Reference

Page: 1150

View: 3735

First published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Origins of Jewish Mysticism

Author: Peter Schäfer

Publisher: Mohr Siebeck

ISBN: 9783161499319

Category: Religion

Page: 398

View: 7095

This book provides the reader for the first time with a history of pre-kabbalistic Jewish mysticism. It covers the period from the Hebrew Bible (Ezekiel) up to Merkavah mysticism, the first full-fledged mystical movement in late antiquity. Many scholars have dealt with Merkavah mysticism proper and its ramifications for classical rabbinic Judaism, but very few have paid full attention to the evidence of the Hebrew Bible, the apocalyptic literature, Qumran, and Philo. It is this gap between the Hebrew Bible and Merkavah mysticism that Peter Schafer wishes to fill in a systematic and reflective manner. In addressing the question of the origins of Jewish mysticism, he asks whether we can rightfully and sensibly speak of Jewish mysticism as a uniform and coherent phenomenon that started some time in the mythical past of the Hebrew Bible and later developed into what would become Merkavah mysticism and ultimately the Kabbalah. Instead of imposing a preconceived notion of mysticism on a great variety of relevant literatures, belonging to different communities at different times and on different places, the author proceeds heuristically and asks what these literatures wish to convey about the age-old human desire to get close to and communicate with God. Peter Schafer has dedicated much of his scholarly life to the history of Jewish mysticism. The Origins of Jewish Mysticism summarizes his views in an accessible way, directed at specialists as well as at a broader audience.

The Sacred and the Feminine

Imagination and Sexual Difference

Author: Griselda Pollock,Victoria Turvey-Sauron

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 9781845115210

Category: Art

Page: 310

View: 4998

NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENTNew Encounters: Arts, Cultures, ConceptsSeries Editor: Griselda PollockThis timely new series, with eminent art historian and cultural analyst Griselda Pollock as series editor, brings together major international commentators and also introduces a new generation of emerging scholars. Resisting both the rejection of theory and the current displacement of art history in favour of visual culture, New Encounters instead rejuvenate both approaches. Marked out by its critical engagement with and close informed readings of images, texts and cultural events, this series employs new feminist, postcolonial and queer perspectives. New Encounters also showcases exciting new volumes which revisit key figures in twentieth century art through highly original feminist approaches. The notion of a special intimacy between "the feminine and the sacred" has received significant attention since the publication of Julia Kristeva and Cathérine Clément's famous ecumenical "conversation" of the same name which focused on the relationship between meaning and the body at whose interface the feminine is positioned. Brought to the wider public as the "sacred feminine", it has also made its mark on popular culture. Taking up the debate and moving beyond anthropology or theology, writers from varied ethnic, geo-cultural and religious perspectives here join with secular cultural analysts to explore the sacred and the feminine in art, architecture, literature, art history, music, philosophy, theology, critical theory and cultural studies. The book addresses key issues in feminist questions of creativity, the imaginary and the sacred as "otherness", exploring the ways in which visual practices have explored this rich, contested and highly charged territory.

Wintermärchen in Virgin River

Author: Robyn Carr

Publisher: MIRA Taschenbuch

ISBN: 395576737X

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 4221

Letzte Weihnachten verlor Marcie Sullivan ihren geliebten Mann Bobby. Dieses Jahr sucht sie nach dem Menschen, der es ihr ermöglichte, sich von Bobby zu verabschieden. Im verschneiten Virgin River spürt sie Ian Buchanan auf. Obwohl der Empfang frostig ist, lässt Marcie sich nicht so leicht in die Flucht schlagen. Offenbar hat auch Ian Schlimmes erlebt und trägt eine schwere Last mit sich herum. Können sie gemeinsam die Vergangenheit bewältigen? Immerhin werden in Virgin River manchmal Weihnachtswunder wahr ... "Alle Helden und Zutaten dieser lebensbejahenden, herzerwärmenden Serie sind wieder versammelt." - Booklist "Für großartig erzählte Geschichten und wunderbar gezeichnete Charaktere tauchen Sie ein in Robyn Carrs Welt." - Susan Elizabeth Phillips, New York Times-Bestsellerautorin

Das Urantia Buch

Author: Urantia Foundation

Publisher: Urantia Foundation

ISBN: 1883395569

Category: Religion

Page: 2132

View: 4835

Sie haben soeben das literarische Meisterwerk entdeckt, das Ihre Fragen uber Gott, das Leben im bewohnten Universum, uber die Geschichte und Zukunft dieser Welt und zum Leben von Jesus beantwortet. "Das Urantia Buch" fugt Geschichte, Wissenschaft und Religion zu einem Zusammenklang, zu einer Lebensphilosophie, die neue Bedeutung und Hoffnung in Ihr Leben bringt. Wenn Sie nach Antworten suchen, lesen Sie "Das Urantia Buch"! Die Welt braucht neue spirituelle Wahrheit, die modernen Mannern und Frauen einen intellektuellen Pfad hinein in eine personliche Beziehung mit Gott bietet. Aufbauend auf dem religiosen Erbe der Welt, beschreibt "Das Urantia Buch" ein endloses Schicksal fur die Menschheit, wobei es lehrt, dass lebendiger Glaube der Schlussel zu personlichem geistigen Voranschreiten und ewigem Fortleben ist. Diese Lehren stellen neue Wahrheiten bereit, die kraftvoll genug sind, das menschliche Denken und Glauben fur die nachsten 1000 Jahre zu erheben und zu erweitern. Ein Drittel des Urantia Buches umfasst die inspirierende Geschichte von Jesus' ganzem Leben und eine Offenbarung seiner ursprunglichen Lehren. Diese Panorama-Erzahlung schliet seinen Geburtstag, seine Jahre als Jugendlicher, die Reisen und Abenteuer der Erwachsenenzeit, sein offentliches Wirken, seine Kreuzigung und 19 Erscheinungen der Wiederauferstehung ein.

Die Wiege des Bösen

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Bastei Lübbe (Bastei Verlag)

ISBN: 9783404145041

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

View: 4557

Als die 16jährige Kathleen Beavier plötzlich schwanger wird, sind ihre Eltern entsetzt. Doch noch mehr verstört sie die beharrliche Aussage ihrer Tochter, niemals mit einem Jungen geschlafen zu haben. Und auch die Untersuchungen mehrerer Ärzte ergeben ein eindeutiges Bild: Kathleen ist immer noch Jungfrau!Der Bostoner Kardinal beauftragt die ehemalige Nonne Anne Fitzgerald, der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen. Denn vor achtzig Jahren wurde die Geburt eines göttlichen Kindes prophezeit.Auch der Vatikan schickt einen Mitarbeiter, Nicholas Rosetti. Dieser ist Anne Fitzgerald in einem voraus: Er weiß, daß in Irland eine vierzehnjährige Jungfrau ebenfalls ein Kind erwartet. Und er weiß auch, dass eines der beiden Kinder der Sohn Gottes, das andere das Kind des Satans ist ...

Collected Poems

With Notes Toward the Memoirs

Author: Djuna Barnes,Phillip F. Herring,Osias Stutman

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press

ISBN: 9780299212346

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 285

View: 3801

An essential collection. This groundbreaking edition compiles many of the late unpublished works of American writer Djuna Barnes (1892-1982). Because she published only seven poems and a play during the last forty years of her life, scholars believed Barnes wrote almost nothing during this period. But at the time of her death her apartment was filled with multiple drafts of unpublished poetry and notes toward her memoirs, both included here for the first time. Best known for her [illegible] lesbian novel Nightwood, Barnes has always been considered a crucial modernist. Her later poetry will only enhance this reputation as it shows her remarkable evolution from a competent young writer to a deeply intellectual poet in the metaphysical tradition. With the full force of her biting wit and dramatic [illegible], Barnes's autobiographical notes describe the expatriate scene in Paris during the 1920s, including her interactions with James Joyce and [illegible] Stein and her intimate recollections of T S Eliot. These memoirs provide a rare opportunity to experience the intense personality of this complex and fascinating poet.

The Italian's Pregnant Virgin

Author: Maisey Yates

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 145929257X

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 7922

“You will be my wife…” Esther Abbott was backpacking across Europe when she was approached about being a surrogate. Desperately in need of the money, Esther agreed. But when the deal falls apart, she's left pregnant and alone, with no one to turn to…except the baby's father! Learning he is to have a child with a woman he's never met is a scandal Italian billionaire Renzo Valenti can't afford. Following his recent bitter divorce and with an impeccable reputation to maintain, Renzo has no choice but to claim the child…and Esther as his wife!

Gonzalo de Berceo and the Latin Miracles of the Virgin

A Translation and a Study

Author: Dr Patricia Timmons,Professor Robert Boenig

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409479404

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 175

View: 1363

In Gonzalo de Berceo and the Latin Miracles of the Virgin, Patricia Timmons and Robert Boenig present the first English translation of a twelfth-century Latin collection of miracles that Berceo, the first named poet in the Spanish language, used as a source for his thirteenth-century Spanish collection Milagros de Nuestra Señora. Using the MS Thott 128, close to the one Berceo must have used, Timmons and Boenig provide both translation and analysis, exploring the Latin Miracles, suggesting how it was used as a sacred text, and placing it within the history of Christians' evolving understanding of the Virgin's role in their lives. In addition, this volume explores Berceo's reaction to the Latin Miracles, demonstrating that he reacted creatively to his source texts as well as to changes in Church culture and governance that occurred between the composition of Latin Miracles and the thirteenth century, translating it across both language and culture. Accessible and useful to students and scholars of medieval and Spanish studies, this book includes the original Latin text, translations of the Latin Miracles, including analyses of 'Saint Peter and the Lustful Monk,' 'The Little Jewish Boy,' and 'The Jews of Toledo.'

New World Encounters

Author: Stephen Greenblatt

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520080201

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 951

"Refreshing and gratifying. . . . The epics of the Pueblos' resistance, the Aztec poetry before and after the conquest, and the ritual of "toqui oncoy" show the complexity of the means for survival developed throughout the Americas, from New Mexico to the Andes."--Jaime Concha, University of California, San Diego "Many of these essays form the cutting edge of scholarship on the expansion of Europe and its cultural consequences. Visual evidence, much of it unfamiliar, is deftly integrated into the textual analysis. . . . This work is so solid, so elegantly presented, and at the same time so innovative that the book should attract considerable attention and remain in use for a long time."--Anthony Grafton, author of "Defenders of the Text"