The Official SAT Study Guide

Author: College Entrance Examination Board,The College Board

Publisher: The College Board

ISBN: 0874478529

Category: Study Aids

Page: 997

View: 7451

Offers test-taking strategies for the SAT, discussing each section and providing ten full-length tests, hundreds of practice questions, detailed reviews, a list of online resources, and coverage of the PSAT/NMSQT.

The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests

Author: The College Board

Publisher: The College Board

ISBN: 0874477565

Category: Study Aids

Page: 784

View: 3418

Provides sample questions and answers, test-taking strategies, twenty full-length exams in sixteen subjects, and scoring instructions.

Tutor Ted's SAT Solutions Manual

The Ideal Companion Volume to the Official SAT Study Guide, 2nd Edition

Author: Tutor Ted,Ted Dorsey,Ryan Harrison,Martha Marion,Dylan Ris,John Mayer

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781450516501

Category: Study Aids

Page: 148

View: 9520

"The ideal companion to The Official SAT Study Guide"--Cover.

The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests, 2nd Ed

Author: The College Board

Publisher: College Board

ISBN: 9780874479751

Category: Study Aids

Page: 1112

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The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject TestsTM: Second Edition by The College Board is the only source of actual, previously administered tests across all 20 SAT Subject Tests. This enhanced second edition includes all-new, exclusive answer explanations for all the tests and the most up-to-date information from the test maker. The Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests: Second Edition features • 20 actual, previously administered tests for all 20 Subject Tests • exclusive answer explanations for all the tests from the official test maker (NEW) • the latest format for the answer-sheet and background-questions section of each Subject Test so students know exactly what to expect on test day (NEW) • up-to-date and enhanced information on tips and approaches from the test maker on selecting the right test to take, the best time to take the tests, and how best to be ready for test day (UPDATED) • two audio CDs for all six Language with Listening Tests • detailed descriptions of every Subject Test, including topics covered and recommended course work • sample questions with detailed answer explanations in addition to the actual tests

The Common Sense Sat Workbook

The Unofficial Companion to the Official Sat Study Guide

Author: Igl Jon C. Freeman,Jon C. Freeman Igl

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449037992

Category: Education

Page: 676

View: 5403

The objective of the Common Sense SAT Workbook is simple: To help as many students as possible improve their SAT scores (Reading, Writing, Math) as much as possible. To achieve this end, the following means are provided: For each subject, a concise synopsis of test-taking techniques to help answer more questions correctly; for Reading, a basic study of Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes to improve vocabulary; for Writing, a complete English primer to learn or review the rules of grammar; and for Math, also a complete primer to learn or review all the skills and operations required for the test. For Writing and Math, each rule, skill or operation is defined, exemplified, proceeded by a set of ten related problems, then cross-referenced against the ten tests within the Official SAT Study Guide : Second Edition, the only available source for real SATs. Summarily, if a student makes an effort as well as learns from his or her mistakes -- a cornerstone to any good education -- then his or her SAT scores will naturally and significantly increase.

Ultimate Guide to the Math Sat

Author: Richard F. Corn

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781939288363

Category: Study Aids

Page: 162

View: 5999

This book contains everything you need to know in order to achieve your full potential on the math SAT. The first part of the book contains strategies to be used when taking practice tests published by the College Board in The Official SAT Study Guide, Second Edition. These include setting a target score, guessing and skipping rules, problem solving techniques, and detailed instructions for taking a cycle of practice tests. The second part of the book contains a review of the math topics that are on the test. For each math topic there is a lesson, homework problems in multiple choice format, and answer explanations. The book also contains cross-references between math topics and problems in the official guide. Written by an active math tutor, the material in this book has been used by more than 7,000 students and has been field tested over and over.

PWN the SAT: Math Guide

2nd Edition

Author: Mike McClenathan


ISBN: 1481883348

Category: Education

Page: 348

View: 9390

Designed to help motivated teenagers and adults maximize their SAT math scores, this guide includes test-taking strategies; math you need to know; diagnostic drills; solutions worked out by hand; question-by-question breakdowns of the tests in the official SAT Study Guide; etc.

The Official SAT Study Guide, 2018 Edition

Author: The College Board

Publisher: College Board

ISBN: 1457312204

Category: Study Aids

Page: 1280

View: 6741

Review every skill and question type needed for SAT success – now with eight total practice tests. The 2018 edition of The Official SAT Study Guide doubles the number of official SAT® practice tests to eight – all of them created by the test maker. As part of the College Board's commitment to transparency, all practice tests are available on the College Board's website, but The Official SAT Study Guide is the only place to find them in print along with over 250 pages of additional instruction, guidance, and test information. With updated guidance and practice problems that reflect the most recent information, this new edition takes the best-selling SAT guide and makes it even more relevant and useful. Be ready for the SAT with strategies and up-to-date information straight from the exam writers. The Official SAT Study Guide will help students get ready for the SAT with: • 8 official SAT practice tests, written in the exact same process and by the same team of authors as the actual exam • detailed descriptions of the math and evidenced based reading and writing sections • targeted practice questions for each SAT question type • guidance on the new optional essay, including practice essay questions with sample responses • seamless integration with Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy

Admission Matters

What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting into College

Author: Sally P. Springer,Jon Reider,Joyce Vining Morgan

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118634543

Category: Education

Page: 400

View: 6557

Third edition of the go-to reference to college admission Getting into college has never been more complicated or competitive. Parents and students need expert guidance to navigate the maze of college admissions. This thoroughly updated edition of Admission Matters is the best source, covering the whole process for any applicant. The authors offer great practical advice for selecting the right school, writing effective essays, navigating financial aid, and much more. No matter what type of school a college-bound student may select, Admission Matters will give them the edge they need. Offers an essential resource for understanding the admission process for all students applying to college Addresses the most recent changes to the college application process New sections include information for international students, transfer students, and students with learning disabilities, as well as expanded advice for athletes, artists, and homeschoolers This is an essential handbook for any family facing the college admission process.

Maximum SAT

Author: Peter Edwards


ISBN: 9781847286291

Category: Education

Page: 359

View: 6672

The Second Edition of the best-selling "Maximum SAT," the UNOFFICIAL companion to "The Official SAT Study Guide," is here! Now with a unique new approach to mastering Reading Comprehension! Improved and expanded from the first edition, "Maximum SAT" by Achieve Tutorials is unique: it is designed to be the UNOFFICIAL companion to "The Official SAT Study Guide." It is written and edited by an elite group of SAT tutors, each with over 15 years of experience raising SAT scores. Each lesson covers the materials, tricks and traps you need to maximize your SAT scores, and then points you to REAL SAT questions in "The Official SAT Study Guide" so you can master the material you just learned. Maximum SAT covers everything you need to know about Math, Critical Reading and Writing. It also includes plenty of sample problems and timed drills to help you further master the skills you've learned. Buy "Maximum SAT" and "The Official SAT Study Guide," and use them side by side.

The Official SAT Subject Tests in U.S. & World History Study Guide

Author: College Entrance Examination Board

Publisher: The College Board

ISBN: 0874477697

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 3203

Provides two full-length U.S. history tests, two full-length world history tests, review questions and answers, and test-taking strategies.

SAT Prep Black Book

The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published

Author: Mike Barrett,Patrick Barrett

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692916162

Category: College entrance achievement tests

Page: 630

View: 1413

"In addition to extensive and effective training on every aspect of the SAT, the SAT Black Book gives you detailed, systematic, easy-to-follow walkthroughs for every question in 4 of the College Board's official SAT Practice Tests. The Black Book is a must-have in your SAT preparation, whether you need to - make a perfect 1600 to be competitive at an Ivy, score a 450 in each section to claim a sports scholarship, or anything in between."--Publisher.

The Praxis Series Official Guide, Second Edition

PPST® Pre-Professional Skills Test

Author: Educational Testing Service

Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional

ISBN: 0071626573

Category: Study Aids

Page: 512

View: 8871

The only official guide to The Praxis Series teacher-licensing exams--straight from the test makers If you're looking for the best, most trustworthy guide to the exams in The Praxis Series, you've found it. This official Praxis guide comes straight from ETS--the people who actually make the tests. It will show you exactly what to expect--whether you're taking the PPST test to begin your teaching career, the PLT to demonstrate your professional expertise, or a Praxis II Subject Test to prove your knowledge of a specific K-12 teaching topic. Only ETS can give you real Praxis questions for practice, show you exactly what you'll see on-screen on the computerized exams, and share with you the test maker's own strategies for success. That's why this guide is your indispensable source for everything you need to know about The Praxis Series. No other Praxis guide gives you: 3 full-length real PPST exams--fully updated to reflect the latest test format Actual PLT and other Praxis questions in the latest formats Sample PPST essays with actual raters' comments The most current state-by-state teacher certification testing requirements Comprehensive outline of PLT study topics Thorough coverage of Praxis II Elementary Education tests ETS is a private, nonprofit organization devoted to educational measurement and research, primarily through testing. ETS develops and administers millions of achievement and admissions tests each year in the United States and 180 other countries. These include the TOEFL, GRE, Praxis, and other standardized tests. For more information from ETS on individual Praxis II exams, visit

Gouda's Super SAT Skills

Reading Passages Edition

Author: Kareem Gouda

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519386748


Page: 42

View: 9821

This book is intended for students taking the current SAT test before March 2016. 15 Skills that will change how you tackle SAT passage based reading questions. This short book explains how to read the passage and how to manage the answer choices quickly and efficiently. Mr. Gouda has developed these skills over 13 years of preparing students all over the world for their SAT tests. After using these skills with over 2000 students, Mr. Gouda knows they work. Each skill is explained in details then is followed by an example. Finally, after the example you will find a reference to an example from The Official SAT Study Guide 2nd Edition for more clarification. Understanding the skills won't take time but practicing using them effectively will.... so start now. Here's an example of one of the skills in this book: SKILL 13. OPPOSITES When you compare answer choices keep an eye out for opposite words. Answer choices that have words that are opposite of each other are very good candidates for the correct answer. Example on Skill 13: Take a look at the example below (without a citation). 12. The author characterizes the "propaganda" in line 9 as having (A) failed because of the lack of knowledge about Picasso (B) showed the negative effects of commercial art (C) helped clarify the value of modern artistic expression (D) solved the problem caused by the issue (E) failed to increase the artwork's monetary value Choices A and E have the word "failed" while choice D has the opposite word "solved." This means that the correct answer is probably A, D, or E. Using other skills (like Skill 14) will further narrow down your choices. Let's take an example from the Official SAT Study Guide P. 403 question number 11. This is a difficult pair (of passages). Compare the answer choices. After a close look, you can see that choices C and E have Opposites. Where? Choice C says, "a characteristic of Thoreau's..." which means that it is typical of Thoreau. Choice E says, "atypical of Thoreau's...." Atypical is the opposite of typical. This means that choices C and E are strong candidates for the correct answer. The answer is indeed one of them, E.

The Ultimate Guide to SAT Grammar

Author: Erica Meltzer

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781492353294

Category: Study Aids

Page: 184

View: 2372

Learn the rules needed to ace the writing section and how to apply them to the SAT.

Cracking the SAT Biology E/M Subject Test, 15th Edition

Author: Princeton Review

Publisher: Princeton Review

ISBN: 0804125635

Category: Study Aids

Page: 496

View: 5632

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO HELP SCORE A PERFECT 800. Equip yourself to ace the SAT Biology Subject Test with The Princeton Review's comprehensive study guide—including 2 full-length practice tests, thorough reviews of key biology topics, and targeted strategies for every question type. This eBook edition has been formatted for on-screen reading with cross-linked questions, answers, and explanations. Bio can be a tough subject to get a good handle on—and scoring well on the SAT Subject Test isn't easy to do. Written by the experts at The Princeton Review, Cracking the SAT Biology E/M Subject Test arms you to take on the exam with all the help you need to get the score you want. Techniques That Actually Work. • Tried-and-true strategies to help you avoid traps and beat the test • Tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically • Essential tactics to help you work smarter, not harder Everything You Need to Know for a High Score. • Expert subject reviews for every test topic • Up-to-date information on the SAT Biology Subject Test • Score conversion tables for accurate self-assessment Practice Your Way to Perfection. • 2 full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations • Knowledge-deepening quizzes throughout each content chapter • More than a hundred helpful diagrams and tables