The Murder of Princess Diana - The Truth Behind the Assasination of the People's Princess

Author: Noel Botham

Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1786063735

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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REPUBLISHED TO COMMEMORATE THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF PRINCESS DIANA’S DEATH A whole nation stood paralysed at the news of Princess Diana’s tragic death after a car crash in Paris in August 1997. However heartbroken about the accident that took the life of the People’s Princess, many people were sceptical about the government’s official statements. After in-depth research of the circumstances of that fateful night, investigative writer and former journalist Noel Botham finally reveals what he alleges to be the truth – Princess Diana fell victim to a ruthlessly executed assassination. Twenty years later, the tragedy still shapes Britain as we know it today. How could the Establishment betray the trust of a whole nation? How was the killing executed? Was there really another car in the tunnel at the time of the crash? Reporting from the innermost sanctums of British intelligence and royalty, Botham reveals shocking answers to what he claims is one of the UK’s most successfully kept secrets. As Botham affirms, The Murder of Princess Diana firmly lays to rest the theory that Diana’s death was a mere accident, and finally gives the people of Britain the explanation they deserve.

The Assassination of Princess Diana

Revealed: the Truth Behind the Murder of the Century

Author: Noel Botham

Publisher: MetroBooks

ISBN: 9781843581390

Category: Assassination

Page: 288

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Since Princess Diana's untimely death, the public has become increasingly aware that there may have been more to the car crash than the establishment would like us to believe.

Die gläserne Frau


Author: Monica Ali

Publisher: Droemer eBook

ISBN: 3426413353

Category: Fiction

Page: 460

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Eine Kleinstadt irgendwo in den USA: Lydia hofft hier, nach einem Leben, das nicht ihr, sondern der Öffentlichkeit gehörte, Anonymität, Ruhe und Freiheit zu finden. Keiner ahnt etwas von ihrer Vergangenheit als meistfotografierte Frau der Welt. Einzig ihr Liebhaber spürt, dass Lydia vieles vor ihm verbirgt. Als ein britischer Fotograf in der Kleinstadt auftaucht, sieht Lydia ihre neue Identität in Gefahr, denn er weiß alles über ihr altes Leben – und setzt alles daran, dies öffentlich zu machen. Wozu ist Lydia bereit, um sich zu schützen?


Death of a Goddess

Author: David Cohen

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9781844135905

Category: Princesses

Page: 263

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Includes sensational new material! 12:23 a.m. August 31st 1997. The Mercedes driven by Henri Paul in which Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed and Trevor Rees-Jones were travelling crashes into a pillar in the Alma tunnel in Paris, killing Paul, Dodi and Diana and seriously injuring Rees-Jones. That much is certain. But little else. David Cohen never expected to be investigating Diana's death. But after a reliable source asked him to fly to Geneva to listen to a dramatic story, he soon found himself on the trial of a young Englishwoman who, he increasingly came to realize, had been tragically out of her depth in the company of drugs dealers, arms dealers and secret service operators. Cohen reveals answers to some of the most troubling questions surrounding the events of that night. He discloses why the Mercedes was taking the wrong route to Dodi's flat. He uncovers incriminating information about the owner of the infamous Fiat Uno. He reveals Henri Paul's true role with M16. And, after years of investigation, he explains the links between the mysterious cult, The Order of the Solar Temple whose members, including Princess Grace of Monaco, have died in a series of suspicious circumstances and the circumstances surrounding Diana on the night she died.

Diana Inquest

Who Killed Princess Diana?

Author: John Morgan

Publisher: John Morgan

ISBN: 9780980740745

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 754

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This explosive, evidence-based book is the most shocking, revealing, yet factual work written on the 1997 Paris car crash that took the lives of Princess Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed. It includes evidence showing the assassination of Princess Diana was carried out by the British intelligence agency, MI6, on orders from senior members of the British royal family.

Princess Diana

The Hidden Evidence

Author: Jon King,John Beveridge

Publisher: SP Books

ISBN: 9781561719228

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 408

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Was Princess Diana murdered? Or was she just the victim of a tragic traffic accident? If she was murdered, who did it? Who ordered the assassination and what were the motives behind it? Were the same powers behind England's recent "Butler Scandal"? Based on information received from a veteran CIA contract agent one week prior to the crash in Paris - plus further evidence obtained from other highly placed British Intelligence sources, this investigative work presents an uncompromising inquiry into Diana's death. Included are exclusive new interviews with named MI5 officers who will confirm British Intelligence's involvement in Diana's death!

Royal Vengeance

The Assassination of Princess Diana and the Ancient Royal Cult of Human Sacrifice

Author: Sarah Whalen

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781634241489

Category: History

Page: 576

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Was Princess Diana murdered? Yes, she was. That part is easily seen--even the means are known. She was gravely injured in a deliberate car wreck that immediately killed two other people, and she was then allowed to slowly bleed to death from internal injuries. But why? And to what end? She stirs up our passions even today--but she will never die. Not really. She has joined the Pantheon. Diana began life as we all do--but then, she revealed herself in her goddess form, and the world responded. And we still respond, even though she has returned to the place where there is no time, and even though we no longer see her moving amongst us. She was a bridge figure, both human and divine. We have met such figures before, through all the ages--gods and goddesses, saints and saviors--and their fate has always been the same. They have always been killed. But by whom? And to what purpose? Royal Vengeance answers all these questions and more.

The Walking Dead 3


Author: Robert Kirkman,Jay Bonansinga

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641112923

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Es gibt kein Entkommen! Wie lebt man weiter nach dem Untergang der Welt? Während die Toten auferstehen und als blutrünstige Bestien umherziehen, kämpfen die letzten Menschen ums nackte Überleben. Im kleinen Südstaatenstädtchen Woodbury hat ein Mann, der sich Governor nennt, ein rücksichtsloses Regime errichtet und hält Menschen wie Tote gleichermaßen in Schach. Doch dann begeht er einen Fehler, der ihn nicht nur die Macht, sondern alle anderen das Leben kosten könnte ...

Cover-up of a Royal Murder

Hundreds of Errors in the Paget Report

Author: John Morgan


ISBN: 1847536557

Category: Fiction

Page: 547

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Exposes one of the greatest cover-ups of our time. Provides credibility to the lingering doubts of a large section of the British and international public regarding the official line on the causes of the Paris crash. Deals with many of the troubling questions that have risen since the death of Diana. Lays down a huge challenge to those who believes the death of Diana, Princess of Wales was just a tragic accident (back cover).

The Murder of William of Norwich

The Origins of the Blood Libel in Medieval Europe

Author: E.M. Rose

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190219637

Category: History

Page: 416

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In 1144, the mutilated body of William of Norwich, a young apprentice leatherworker, was found abandoned outside the city's walls. The boy bore disturbing signs of torture, and a story spread that it was a ritual murder, performed by Jews in imitation of the Crucifixion as a mockery of Christianity. The outline of William's tale eventually gained currency far beyond Norwich, and the idea that Jews engaged in ritual murder became firmly rooted in the European imagination. E.M. Rose's engaging book delves into the story of William's murder and the notorious trial that followed to uncover the origin of the ritual murder accusation - known as the "blood libel" - in western Europe in the Middle Ages. Focusing on the specific historical context - 12th-century ecclesiastical politics, the position of Jews in England, the Second Crusade, and the cult of saints - and suspensefully unraveling the facts of the case, Rose makes a powerful argument for why the Norwich Jews (and particularly one Jewish banker) were accused of killing the youth, and how the malevolent blood libel accusation managed to take hold. She also considers four "copycat" cases, in which Jews were similarly blamed for the death of young Christians, and traces the adaptations of the story over time. In the centuries after its appearance, the ritual murder accusation provoked instances of torture, death and expulsion of thousands of Jews and the extermination of hundreds of communities. Although no charge of ritual murder has withstood historical scrutiny, the concept of the blood libel is so emotionally charged and deeply rooted in cultural memory that it endures even today. Rose's groundbreaking work, driven by fascinating characters, a gripping narrative, and impressive scholarship, provides clear answers as to why the blood libel emerged when it did and how it was able to gain such widespread acceptance, laying the foundations for enduring antisemitic myths that continue to the present.

Der Löwe erwacht

jetzt wird die Menschheit endlich frei

Author: David Icke

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783928963459


Page: 911

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Die weisse Göttin

Sprache des Mythos

Author: Robert Graves

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783499554162

Category: Englische Literatur

Page: 638

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Alan Power Exposed

Hundreds of Errors in "The Princess Diana Conspiracy"

Author: John Morgan

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781494318192

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 184

View: 9731

This extensive book review – written by an expert on the murder of Princess Diana – exposes Alan Power as a fraudster. Over 200 separate errors are shown, but with Power's propensity for repetition there are actually well over 500. The most disturbing factor is the nature of the errors – the 180 page review reveals that Power has deliberately duped his readers. There are many instances of Power fraudulently altering sworn witness evidence to fit with his pre-determined false scenario of what occurred. Alan Power Exposed shows that Power's book is a minefield of deceptive writing, manipulation of evidence, misinformation and misrepresentation of the facts. In the end it becomes impossible for the reader of The Princess Diana Conspiracy to discern what is fact and what is fiction or fantasy. At one point Power writes: “Rest assured, my perception is not given to exaggeration or fancy but is based on the facts” – but unfortunately the truth is quite the opposite. Power's claims of carrying out a ten year investigation and scrutinising the inquest evidence are shown to be false. Questions are raised over the book's authorship – there is evidence indicating the probability that there was more than one writer. The review also addresses the incredible “coincidence” in the timing of Power's publication – it was published within days of the Scotland Yard announcement that it was scoping new information on the crash, an allegation by Soldier N that the SAS were involved. Alan Power Exposed includes an analysis dealing with the reasons why there are so many critical errors in The Princess Diana Conspiracy – it is not an accident. The review raises the very real possibility that Power's book may in the future be used by the Establishment to deal a strategic blow against the entire Princess Diana conspiracy movement. This is an incisive review written by John Morgan, who has authored nine investigative books on the assassination of Princess Diana. He is viewed by many as the world's leading expert on the circumstances around the 1997 crash in Paris' Alma Tunnel. This is a must read for anyone who has read – or intends to read – Alan Power's book, The Princess Diana Conspiracy: The Evidence of Murder.

The Windsor Knot

Author: Christopher Wilson

Publisher: Citadel Press

ISBN: 9780806523866

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 357

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Theirs was a relationship that rocked the British monarchy. Even after the death of Princess Diana, the steadfast love between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles continues to fascinate us. In The Windsor Knot, one of Fleet Street's most experienced journalists gives you an inside look at one of the most infamous love triangles in history. Branded as "the other woman" Camilla still shoulders the blame for the failure of Charles and Diana's "fairytale" marriage -- despite the fact that an apparent truce was made between mistress and princess in the last year of Diana's life. Now, locked in a perpetual struggle to gain acceptance from the British public -- and, more importantly, from the Royal Family -- Charles and Camilla persevere. Tracing more than three decades of love, passion, and deception, The Windsor Knot ties up all the loose ends of a liaison hidden in plain sight. The Palace won't speak of it, but Christopher Wilson tells all. Book jacket.