The Logica Yearbook

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Category: Logic, Symbolic and mathematical

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The Logica Yearbook 2015

Author: Pavel Arazim,Michal Dancak

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848902138

Category: Mathematics

Page: 234

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This volume of the Logica Yearbook series brings together articles presented at the annual international symposium Logica 2015, Hejnice, the Czech Republic. The articles range over mathematical and philosophical logic, history and philosophy of logic, and the analysis of natural language.

The Logica Yearbook 2017

Author: Pavel Arazim,Tomas Lavicka

Publisher: College Publications

ISBN: 9781848902817

Category: Mathematics

Page: 298

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This volume of the Logica Yearbook series brings together articles presented at the annual international symposium Logica 2017, Hejnice, the Czech Republic. The articles range over mathematical and philosophical logic, history and philosophy of logic, and the analysis of natural language.

The Logica Yearbook 2013

Author: Michal Dancak,Vit Puncochar

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848901445

Category: Mathematics

Page: 264

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This volume of the Logica Yearbook series brings together articles presented at the annual international symposium Logica 2013, Hejnice, the Czech Republic. The articles range over mathematical and philosophical logic, history and philosophy of logic, and the analysis of natural language.

The Logica Yearbook 2012

Author: Vit Puncochar,Petr Svarny

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781848901100

Category: Mathematics

Page: 238

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This volume of the Logica Yearbook series brings together articles presented at the annual international symposium Logica 2012, Hejnice, the Czech Republic. The articles range over mathematical and philosophical logic, history and philosophy of logic, and the analysis of natural language.

Zeit und personale Identität

Author: Friedrich Karl Krämer

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110383373

Category: Philosophy

Page: 259

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What are the connections between the notion of time and personal identity? This study examines three key concepts in discussions about personal identity: memory, survival, and responsibility. The analysis shows that for each individual, it is temporal, perspectival self-reference that forms the core of the conceptual relationship between time and personal identity.

Advances in Proof-Theoretic Semantics

Author: Thomas Piecha,Peter Schroeder-Heister

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331922686X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 283

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This volume is the first ever collection devoted to the field of proof-theoretic semantics. Contributions address topics including the systematics of introduction and elimination rules and proofs of normalization, the categorial characterization of deductions, the relation between Heyting's and Gentzen's approaches to meaning, knowability paradoxes, proof-theoretic foundations of set theory, Dummett's justification of logical laws, Kreisel's theory of constructions, paradoxical reasoning, and the defence of model theory. The field of proof-theoretic semantics has existed for almost 50 years, but the term itself was proposed by Schroeder-Heister in the 1980s. Proof-theoretic semantics explains the meaning of linguistic expressions in general and of logical constants in particular in terms of the notion of proof. This volume emerges from presentations at the Second International Conference on Proof-Theoretic Semantics in Tübingen in 2013, where contributing authors were asked to provide a self-contained description and analysis of a significant research question in this area. The contributions are representative of the field and should be of interest to logicians, philosophers, and mathematicians alike.

Logic, Language, and the Liar Paradox

Author: Martin Pleitz

Publisher: mentis Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3957438497

Category: Philosophy

Page: 600

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The Liar paradox arises when we consider a sentence that says of itself that it is not true. If such self-referential sentences exist – and examples like "This sentence is not true" certainly suggest this –, then our logic and standard notion of truth allow to infer a contradiction: The Liar sentence is true and not true. What has gone wrong? Must we revise our notion of truth and our logic? Or can we dispel the common conviction that there are such self-referential sentences? The present study explores the second path. After comparing the Liar reasoning in formal and informal logic and showing that there are no Gödelian Liar sentences, the study moves on from the semantics of self-reference to the metaphysics of expressions and proposes a novel solution to the Liar paradox: Meaningful expressions are distinct from their syntactic bases and exist only relative to contexts. Detailed semantico-metaphysical arguments show that in this dynamic setting, an object can be referred to only after it has started to exist. Hence the circular reference needed in the Liar paradox cannot occur, after all. As this solution is contextualist, it evades the expressibility problems of other proposals.

Procedural Semantics for Hyperintensional Logic

Foundations and Applications of Transparent Intensional Logic

Author: Marie Duží,Bjorn Jespersen,Pavel Materna

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9789048188123

Category: Philosophy

Page: 550

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The book is about logical analysis of natural language. Since we humans communicate by means of natural language, we need a tool that helps us to understand in a precise manner how the logical and formal mechanisms of natural language work. Moreover, in the age of computers, we need to communicate both with and through computers as well. Transparent Intensional Logic is a tool that is helpful in making our communication and reasoning smooth and precise. It deals with all kinds of linguistic context in a fully compositional and anti-contextual way.

Immanent Reasoning or Equality in Action

A Plaidoyer for the Play Level

Author: Shahid Rahman,Zoe McConaughey,Ansten Klev,Nicolas Clerbout

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 331991149X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 332

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This monograph proposes a new way of implementing interaction in logic. It also provides an elementary introduction to Constructive Type Theory (CTT). The authors equally emphasize basic ideas and finer technical details. In addition, many worked out exercises and examples will help readers to better understand the concepts under discussion. One of the chief ideas animating this study is that the dialogical understanding of definitional equality and its execution provide both a simple and a direct way of implementing the CTT approach within a game-theoretical conception of meaning. In addition, the importance of the play level over the strategy level is stressed, binding together the matter of execution with that of equality and the finitary perspective on games constituting meaning. According to this perspective the emergence of concepts are not only games of giving and asking for reasons (games involving Why-questions), they are also games that include moves establishing how it is that the reasons brought forward accomplish their explicative task. Thus, immanent reasoning games are dialogical games of Why and How.

Grundlagen der Mathematik I

Author: David Hilbert,Paul Bernays

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642868940

Category: Mathematics

Page: 480

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Die Leitgedanken meiner Untersuchungen über die Grundlagen der Mathematik, die ich - anknüpfend an frühere Ansätze - seit 1917 in Besprechungen mit P. BERNAYS wieder aufgenommen habe, sind von mir an verschiedenen Stellen eingehend dargelegt worden. Diesen Untersuchungen, an denen auch W. ACKERMANN beteiligt ist, haben sich seither noch verschiedene Mathematiker angeschlossen. Der hier in seinem ersten Teil vorliegende, von BERNAYS abgefaßte und noch fortzusetzende Lehrgang bezweckt eine Darstellung der Theorie nach ihren heutigen Ergebnissen. Dieser Ergebnisstand weist zugleich die Richtung für die weitere Forschung in der Beweistheorie auf das Endziel hin, unsere üblichen Methoden der Mathematik samt und sonders als widerspruchsfrei zu erkennen. Im Hinblick auf dieses Ziel möchte ich hervorheben, daß die zeit weilig aufgekommene Meinung, aus gewissen neueren Ergebnissen von GÖDEL folge die Undurchführbarkeit meiner Beweistheorie, als irrtüm lich erwiesen ist. Jenes Ergebnis zeigt in der Tat auch nur, daß man für die weitergehenden Widerspruchsfreiheitsbeweise den finiten Stand punkt in einer schärferen Weise ausnutzen muß, als dieses bei der Be trachtung der elementaren Formallsmen erforderlich ist. Göttingen, im März 1934 HILBERT Vorwort zur ersten Auflage Eine Darstellung der Beweistheorie, welche aus dem HILBERTschen Ansatz zur Behandlung der mathematisch-logischen Grundlagenpro bleme erwachsen ist, wurde schon seit längerem von HILBERT ange kündigt.

Yearbook on Space Policy 2010/2011

The Forward Look

Author: Peter Hulsroj,Spyros Pagkratis,Blandina Baranes

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3709113636

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 322

View: 1343

The Yearbook on Space Policy is the reference publication analysing space policy developments. Each year it presents issues and trends in space policy and the space sector as a whole. Its scope is global and its perspective is European. The Yearbook also links space policy with other policy areas. It highlights specific events and issues, and provides useful insights, data and information on space activities. The Yearbook on Space Policy is edited by the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) based in Vienna, Austria. It combines in-house research and contributions of members of the European Space Policy Research and Academic Network (ESPRAN), coordinated by ESPI. The Yearbook is designed for government decision-makers and agencies, industry professionals, as well as the service sectors, researchers and scientists and the interested public.

Heinrich Scholz

Logiker, Philosoph, Theologe

Author: Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch,Kai F. Wehmeier

Publisher: N.A


Category: Philosophers

Page: 134

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Heinrich Scholz (1884-1956) ist einer der bemerkenswertesten deutschen Gelehrten des vergangenen Jahrhunderts. Schüler Adolf von Harnacks und Alois Riehls, widmete er sich zunächst der Religionsphilosophie und evangelischen Theologie. Durch einen "Glücksfall" 1921 mit den *Principia Mathematica* von Bertrand Russell und Alfred North Whitehead in Berührung gekommen, wandelt sich Scholz zum mathematischen Logiker und Grundlagenforscher; sein Münsteraner philosophischer Lehrstuhl wird zur Keimzelle des ersten Instituts für Mathematische Logik in Deutschland. Der vorliegende Band enthält Beiträge zur internationalen wissenschaftlichen Tagung "Heinrich Scholz: Logiker, Philosoph, Theologe", die im Jahr 2000 aus Anlaß des fünfzigjährigen Bestehens des Münsteraner Instituts für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagenforschung zu Ehren seines Gründers veranstaltet wurde. Die enthaltenen Aufsätze beleuchten u.a. Scholzens Religionsphilosophie, seine Philosophie der Logik, seine Haltung zur Metaphysik sowie seine Freundschaft mit dem polnischen Logiker Jan Lukasiewicz.

Ioane Petrizi, Kommentar zur "Elementatio theologica" des Proklos

Übersetzung aus dem Altgeorgischen, Anmerkungen, Indices und Einleitung

Author: Ioane Petrici

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 9060323785

Category: Philosophy

Page: 418

View: 4198

Ioane Petritsi, a twelfth-century Georgian philosopher, translated from Greek into Georgian "The Elements of Theology "of the Neoplatonist Proclus (fifth century) and wrote a "Commentary "on the entire text, with a preface and a postface. Petritsi tried to prove the priority of the Proclean One over all other ontological hypostases, its transcendence and its omnipresence, together with the thesis that all things depend on the One, including even matter. In his "Commentary, "Petritsi also referred to other works of Proclus besides "The Elements of Theology, "as well as to many other ancient Greek philosophers. Although Petritsi s "Commentary "is an important milestone in the history of the medieval Christian philosophical interpretations of ancient Platonism, to date, this text written in Old Georgian has remained almost unknown for western scholarship. This is the first time that the complete text of Petritsi s "Commentary " is being published in a western language. The present book provides a German translation of the complete text, with an introduction, notes, indices and bibliography. Der mittelalterliche georgische Philosoph Ioane Petrizi ubersetzte im 12. Jahrhundert die "Stoicheiosis theologike "des Neuplatonikers Proclus (5. Jh.) ins Alt-Georgische und verfasste zu dem gesamten Text der "Stoicheiosis "einen umfangreichen "Kommentar," den er zusatzlich mit einem Prolog und einem Epilog versah. Petrizi versucht in seinem "Kommentar," die ontologische Vorrangigkeit des Proklischen Einen uber alle anderen Hypostasen ebenso zu beweisen wie dessen Transzendenz bei gleichzeitiger Allanwesenheit im Seinskontinuum. Zudem vertritt er die These, dass alle Dinge vom Einen abhangen, sogar die Materie. Dabei berucksichtigt Petrizi neben der "Stoicheiosis "auch andere Werke Proclus ebenso wie zahlreiche weitere Texte antiker griechischer Philosophen. Damit wird Petrizis "Kommentar "zu einer bedeutenden Schrift fur die Erforschung und das Verstandnis der mittelalterlichen christlichen Philosophie und ihrer Aneignung des (spat-)antiken Platonismus. Trotz seiner Bedeutung ist Petrizis Text von der westlichen Forschung bisher kaum zur Kenntnis genommen worden. Die vorliegende Ubersetzung ins Deutsche ist die erste komplette Ubersetzung dieses Textes in eine westliche Sprache uberhaupt. Neben der Ubersetzung bietet diese Ausgabe eine Einleitung, Anmerkungen, Indices und eine Bibliografie."

Yearbook of Muslims in Europe

Author: Jørgen Nielsen,Samim Akgönül,Ahmet Alibašić,Egdunas Racius

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004255869

Category: Social Science

Page: 728

View: 3585

The Yearbook of Muslims in Europe provides up-to-date factual information and statistics of the situation of Muslims in 46 European countries.

Mehrwertige Logik

Eine Einführung in Theorie und Anwendungen

Author: Siegfried Gottwald

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3050066253

Category: Mathematics

Page: 385

View: 5912

Wie die gesamte Logik der neueren Zeit, so befindet sich auch die mehrwertige Logik im Bereich sowohl mathematisch orientierter als auch philosophisch motivierter Betrachtungen. Soll daher ein Gesamteindruck vom aktuellen Entwicklungsstand der mehrwertigen Logik dem Leser vermittelt werden, muß der Autor diesen unterschiedlichen Aspekten Rechnung tragen. Das ist wegen der oft sehr differierenden Herangehensweisen durchaus problematisch. Im vorliegenden Buch wurde eine Synthese der fast ausschließlich kalkültechnisch orientierten Darstellung bei ROSSER/TURQUETTE [1952] und den weitgehend philosophisch orientierten Darstellungen bei RESCHER [1969] und insbesondere bei SINOWJEW [1968] angestrebt.

Soziale Formen

Fortführung eines soziologischen Programms

Author: Athanasios Karafillidis

Publisher: transcript Verlag

ISBN: 3839415608

Category: Social Science

Page: 404

View: 7857

Der Formbegriff gehört zum - wenn auch vernachlässigten - Traditionsbestand der Soziologie. Der Rückgriff der Systemtheorie auf einen Unterscheidungsbegriff der Form erlaubt es nun, diese Tradition auf eine tiefgreifende Art neu zu beleben. Aber was genau gewinnt die Soziologie, wenn sie diesem Begriff der Form theoretisch und methodisch konsequent die Führung überlässt? Sie gewinnt, wie Athanasios Karafillidis zeigt, eine genuin soziologische Methodologie, eine kommunikationstheoretische Fundierung und eine allgemeine Differenzierungstheorie von Kommunikationsformen, die nur noch Gesellschaft als soziales System voraussetzen muss.

Antiqui und Moderni

Traditionsbewußtsein und Fortschrittsbewußtsein im späten Mittelalter

Author: Albert Zimmermann

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110838753

Category: Philosophy

Page: 554

View: 5738

The series MISCELLANEA MEDIAEVALIA was founded by Paul Wilpert in 1962 and since then has presented research from the Thomas Institute of the University of Cologne. The cornerstone of the series is provided by the proceedings of the biennial Cologne Medieval Studies Conferences, which were established over 50 years ago by Josef Koch, the founding director of the Institute. The interdisciplinary nature of these conferences is reflected in the proceedings. The MISCELLANEA MEDIAEVALIA gather together papers from all disciplines represented in Medieval Studies - medieval history, philosophy, theology, together with art and literature, all contribute to an overall perspective of the Middle Ages.

The New Rhetoric and the Humanities

Essays on Rhetoric and its Applications

Author: Ch. Perelman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400994826

Category: Philosophy

Page: 180

View: 7024

Modern logic has Wldergone some remarkable developments in the last hun dred years. These have contributed to the extraordinary use of formal logic which has become essentially the concern of mathematicians. This has led to attempts to identify logic with formal logic. The claim has even been made that all non-formal reasoning, to the extent that it cannot be formalized, no longer belongs to logic. This conception leads to a genuine impoverishment of logic as well as to a narrow conception of reason. It means that as soon as demonstrative proofs are no longer available reason will no longer dominate. Even the idea of the 'reasonable' becomes foreign to logic and such expres sions as 'reasonable decisions', 'reasonable choice' or 'reasonable hypotheses' would be put aside as meaningless. The domain of action, including method ology and everything that is given over to deliberation or controversy - i.e., foreign to formal logic - would become a battleground where necessarily the reason of the strongest would always prevail.