The Lentil Cookbook

Make the Most of the Powerhouse Pulse, with 100 Healthy and Delicious Recipes

Author: Lorenz Books

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780754832119


Page: 128

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The small ingredient that packs a super-sized nutritional punch, the humble lentil is a superfood that is endlessly versatile. It can lend itself to all kinds of dishes, from comforting bakes to spicy soups and succulent falafels. It can be used to thicken casseroles, add substance to salads and stuffings, and made into herby kofte balls. This book contains a wonderful selection of recipes from around the world, including Lentil and Pasta Soup, Puy Lentil and Cabbage Salad, Lentil Dhal, and Haddock with Spicy Puy Lentils. With a guide to all the different types of lentils available and how to cook and enjoy them, the book is a must for every healthy kitchen bookshelf.

Lentil Underground

Renegade Farmers and the Future of Food in America

Author: Liz Carlisle

Publisher: Avery

ISBN: 1592409563

Category: Agricultural development projects

Page: 298

View: 9633

For the past four decades, third-generation Montana farmer David Oien has been seeding a revolution against corporate agribusiness in the belly of the beast, the American grain belt. They have replaced their wheat and barley with a seemingly odd new crop, the lentil, a legume that has been part of the human diet since Neolithic times, but, until Oien's work, was never grown on Montana farms. In this eye-opening narrative, journalist and food scientist Liz Carlisle chronicles Oien's unlikely emergence as the leader of this agricultural upheaval.

A Fistful of Lentils

Syrian-Jewish Recipes from Grandma Fritzie's Kitchen

Author: Jennifer Felicia Abadi

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 1558322191

Category: Cooking

Page: 372

View: 1129

The author shares125 recipes from her Syrian-Jewish grandmother, featuring a wide array of meat and vegetable dishes flavored with cumin, cinnamon, and other exotic spices.

The Pea and Lentil Cookbook

From Everyday to Gourmet

Author: Randall Duckworth

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780756730789

Category: Cooking

Page: 238

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Take a gastronomic journey to ancient cultures where peas, lentils, and chickpeas have been enjoyed for thousands of years. This cookbook offers an exhilarating collection of more than 150 versatile, full-flavored recipes from around the world. Its 240 pages are filled with: beautiful color photography; easy basic cooking instructions for peas, lentils, and chickpeas; complete nutritional information for each recipe and health facts; mail-order sources; description of pea and lentil varieties and their special qualities; tips and trivia about ingredients, terms, and a bit of history, and much more. This one-of-a-kind cookbook will help you experience the delicious, natural goodness of dry peas, lentils and chickpeas for main dishes, side dishes, and baked goods.

Easy Beans

Fast and Delicious Bean, Pea and Lentil Recipes

Author: Trish Ross

Publisher: Big Bean Pub

ISBN: 9780969816232

Category: Cooking

Page: 139

View: 6486

Building on the success of the best-selling 'Easy Beans', this fully revised and updated edition includes over 100 fast, healthy and delicious bean, pea and lentil recipes. Enjoy traditional favourites like Classic Black Bean Soup, exotic cuisine such as Tapenade, and contemporary offerings like Santa Fe Lentil Wrap. This edition also contains: Over 20 new recipes for appetisers, soups, salads & main dishes; Nutritional analysis for each recipe; New shorter cooking times for all varieties of beans, peas & lentils; Up-to-date nutritional information; Canned equivalents for making those last-minute meals.

The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Lentils the Indian Way

#5 in the Cooking In A Jiffy Series

Author: Prasenjeet Kumar



Category: Cooking

Page: 197

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Presenting 58 Tastiest Ways to Cook Lentils as Soups, Curries, Snacks, Full Meals and hold your breath, Desserts! As only Indians can. From the author of # 1 Amazon Best seller “Home Style Indian Cooking In A Jiffy” **BONUS Link inside: For a Limited Time Only: The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Rice the Indian Way Available at NO COST if you purchase this book** This is simply the ultimate vegetarian protein cookbook. We all know that as the cheapest and most versatile sources of protein available to mankind, lentils have been cultivated and consumed from the time immemorial. Lentils are mentioned in religious books such as the Bible, Quran and the Vedas. Lentils were so important for those long sea voyages that the Romans named their emperors after the most common legumes: Lentulus (lentil), Fabius (fava), Piso (pea), and Cicero (chickpea). And yet, lentils came to be almost forgotten in the modern post-20th century world with easy availability of red meat and the rise of fast food joints. Now thanks to scientists and expert bodies like the Mayo Clinic, we know that lentils are actually better than meat. Lentils are actually the “Healthiest Food” in the World. * Lentils are good for a Healthy Heart: Lentils contain significant amount of folate and magnesium, both doing wonders for your heart. * Lentils replenish Iron Needed for Energy: Lentils are rich in Iron, which is a vital component of energy production and metabolism in the body. * Lentils are low in cholesterol: Lentils, unlike red meat, are low in fat, calories and cholesterol. They are also somewhat lower in oxalic acid and similar chemicals which cause stone formation in kidneys and result in gout, a painful affliction of joints caused by the deposition of crystals. * Lentils are rich in fibre: If you are looking for ways to reduce constipation, try Lentils as they contain a high amount of dietary fibre, both soluble and insoluble. ˃˃˃ The way Indians cook lentils is unmatched by any other cuisine on Planet Earth. No one can cook lentils the way Indians do. This is because almost every Indian meal has to have a lentil dish, as dal (soup), curry, snack or dessert. So they have centuries of expertise in turning lentils in whichever way you want. On the other hand, most western cook books would, at the most, recommend baking lentils with cheese, putting them in hamburgers, having them with sausages and casseroles or making lentils stew. One is, of course, not counting the lentils sprouts salad or the famous students’ dorm dish of baked beans (straight from the can) as well as the West Asian “sauce” hummus, without which no Lebanese meal can be termed complete. There is nothing wrong if you want to have your lentils this way. ˃˃˃ But if you want to experiment, and wish to embark upon a roller coaster culinary adventure, you must look at Indian cuisine. “The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Lentils the Indian Way” lets you savour, in this background, as many as twenty most popular “Home Style” dal recipes; ten curries; six lentil dishes cooked with rice; eleven snacks; three kebabs; three lentil stuffed parathas; and five desserts. ˃˃˃ It is said that without carrying Sattu or roasted chickpea flour with them, for sustenance on those long and arduous treks, Buddhist monks from Bihar could NOT have spread Buddhism to far off places from Afghanistan and Tibet to Korea! Still don’t believe about India’s robust lentil tradition? Scroll up and grab a copy today. Other Books in the Cooking In A Jiffy Series How to Create a Complete Meal in a Jiffy (Free) (Book 1) The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Rice the Indian Way (Book 2) The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Fish the Indian Way (Book 3) How to Cook In A Jiffy Even If You Have Never Boiled An Egg Before (Book 4) Keywords: Lentil curries, lentil soups, lentils recipes, lentil cookbook, healthy pressure cooker recipes, indian recipes, indian food, indian cookbook, quick and easy indian cooking, cooking with lentils recipes, easy recipe for lentils, recipe for cooking lentils, recipe for lentil, cooking lentils recipe, cooked lentil recipes, arhar dal, toor dal, moong dal, masoor dal, chhola, chick pea curry, parathas, idlis, dosa, khichdi, halwa, ladoo, curry recipes, pressure cooking cookbook, high protein vegetarian cookbook, brown lentils, red lentils, green lentils, split red lentils, rajma, kidney beans, healthy lentil recipes, why are lentils good for you, lentils cooking time, food with lentils, cooking lentils in a pressure cooker, classic indian cooking, indian vegetarian cooking cookbook

The Bean, Pea & Lentil Cookbook

Author: Maria Luisa Scott,Jack Denton Scott,Consumer Reports Books

Publisher: Mount Vernon, N.Y. : Consumer Reports Books

ISBN: 9780890433638

Category: Cooking

Page: 216

View: 9246

Provides recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, vegetable dishes, side dishes, and main dishes that feature legumes.

Wholesome Kitchen

Delicious Recipes Beans, Lentils, Grains, and Other Natural Foods

Author: Ross Dobson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781849750356

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 2702

In a feel-good cookbook that includes mostly legume- and grain-based recipes that utilize seasonal, locally grown food and simple cooking techniques, the author shares such delectable dishes as Smoky Paprika Hummus, Tuscan Beans With Sage, Slow-Cooked Miso Pork Belly With Soy Beans, Honey Couscous With Figs and Rosewater and much more.

Grown & Gathered

Author: Lentil Purbrick,Matt Purbrick

Publisher: Plum

ISBN: 1925483835

Category: Cooking

Page: 352

View: 6461

In Grown & Gathered, Matt and Lentil Pubrick's first book, they tell you all that they know about growing, gathering, nurturing and cooking your own food. The first part of the book is Matt and Lentil's guide to producing your own food. The information, advice and projects can be used whether you have a 3-acre block or a courtyard with planter boxes. The Grow chapter shows you how to grow vegetables and fruit in whatever space you have, using the most earth-friendly practices; Gather explains how to forage for things like mushrooms, native greens and wild fruits; Nurture provides guidance on raising your own animals, from chickens and bees to cows. The second part of the book features over 100 delicious, nourishing and creative wholefood recipes. There's a host of staples, everything from how to prepare and sprout grains in a traditional way, to making and maintain a sourdough culture, and techniques and recipes for preserving and pickling. Other super tasty dishes include greens and kimchi pancakes; sweet and spicy turnips; fig, bacon and zucchini pizzas; duck ramen; and carrot crepes with burnt oranges and labne. This is a specially formatted fixed-layout ebook that retains the look and feel of the print book.


truly modern recipes for beans, chickpeas and lentils, to tempt meat eaters and vegetarians alike

Author: Jenny Chandler

Publisher: Pavilion Books

ISBN: 1909815144

Category: Cooking

Page: 300

View: 9092

At last pulses are ditching their 70s hippie label and are back in vogue. Pulses are incredibly economical and healthy and, increasingly, people are looking for new sources of protein as meat eating goes on the wane (for both environmental and economical reasons). The time is ripe for a truly modern look at preparing these under-exploited ingredients. Including a guide to pulses, this exhaustive volume will also cover all you need to know to buy, prepare and cook pulses, and how to store them. 180 recipes are divided into dips and purees, fritters, croquettes and patties, soups, salads, formal starters, sides, vegetarian mains, and 'the full monty' (hearty mains, including meat). Jenny Chandler has collected a mouthwatering range of recipes that are truly international in flavour and will provide plenty of tips for everyday catering. With modern, crisp photography and an elegant design this is a book to update every foodies bookshelf and will be a go-to book for years to come.

The Better Bean Cookbook

More Than 160 Modern Recipes for Beans, Chickpeas, and Lentils to Tempt Meat-Eaters and Vegetarians Alike

Author: Jenny Chandler

Publisher: Sterling Epicure

ISBN: 9781454911616

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

View: 447

Collects recipes for dishes with legumes, including dips, salads, soups, and salsas, with an illustrated guide to dried beans, chickpeas, and lentils, and advice on buying and cooking them to achieve maximum flavor and nutrition.

Vegan Richa's Indian Kitchen

Traditional and Creative Recipes for the Home Cook

Author: Richa Hingle

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 1941252109

Category: Cooking

Page: 256

View: 5843

From delicious dals to rich curries, flat breads, savory breakfasts, snacks, and much more, this vegan cookbook brings you Richa Hingle’s collection of plant-based Indian recipes inspired by regional cuisines, Indian culture, local foods, and proven methods. Whether you want to enjoy Indian cooking, try some new spices, or add more protein to your meals using legumes and lentils, this book has got it covered. You’ll explore some well-known and new Indian flavor profiles that are easy to make in your own kitchen. Learn the secrets of eclectic Indian taste and textures, and discover meals in which pulses and vegetables are the stars of the dish. And once you taste Richa’s mouth-watering desserts, they will likely become your new favorites. Within these pages you will find recipes to please all the senses, including: • Mango Curry Tofu • Whole Roasted Cauliflower in Makhani Gravy • Baked Lentil Kachori Pastries • Quick Tamarind-Date Chutney • Avocado Naan • Fudgy Cardamom Squares The recipes have been designed to simplify complex vegan cooking procedures, and Richa’s workflow tips incorporate modern appliances and techniques from other cuisines to reduce cooking times. Replacement spices are indicated wherever possible, and Richa also provides alternatives and variations that allow people to be playful and creative with the Indian spices called for in the recipes. The restaurant-quality vegan recipes are ideal to make for yourself, for family, and for entertaining guests.

The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

Author: Michael Anthony,Dorothy Kalins

Publisher: Clarkson Potter

ISBN: 0307888339

Category: Cooking

Page: 351

View: 7111

One of the best New York restaurants, a culinary landmark that has been changing the face of American dining for decades, now shares its beloved recipes, stories, and pioneering philosophy. Opened in 1994, Gramercy Tavern is more than just a restaurant. It has become a New York institution earning dozens of accolades, including six James Beard awards. Its impeccable, fiercely seasonal cooking, welcoming and convivial atmosphere, and steadfast commitment to hospitality are unparalleled. The restaurant has its own magic—a sense of community and generosity—that's captured in these pages for everyone to bring home and savor through 125 recipes. Restaurateur Danny Meyer's intimate story of how Gramercy was born sets the stage for executive chef-partner Michael Anthony's appealing approach to American cooking and recipes that highlight the bounty of the farmer's market. With 200 sumptuous photographs and personal stories, The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook also gives an insider look into the things that make this establishment unique, from the artists who have shaped its décor and ambience, to the staff members who share what it is like to be a part of this close-knit restaurant family. Above all, food lovers will be inspired to make memorable meals and bring the warmth of Gramercy into their homes.

Bean by Bean

Author: Crescent Dragonwagon

Publisher: Workman Publishing

ISBN: 0761132414

Category: Cooking

Page: 370

View: 1758

Presents over one hundred recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, entrâees, and desserts that feature beans as the main ingredient.

Eat – The Little Book of Fast Food

Author: Nigel Slater

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007526164

Category: Cooking

Page: 464

View: 2232

From the BBC One presenter and author of ‘The Kitchen Diaries’, this beautiful and easy-to-use book contains over 600 recipe ideas and is your essential go-to for what to cook every day.

Out of the Pod

Delicious Recipes That Bring the Best Out of Beans, Lentils and Other Legumes

Author: Vicky Jones

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781849756112

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 1773

Out of the Pod embraces culinary concepts that are currently undergoing a renaissance: a return to home cooking and a love of simple, unpretentious, stress-free, and healthy food. Added to that, the key ingredients are cheap, eco-friendly, and readily available. This book features many back-to-basics recipes adapted especially for contemporary home cooks. Over half of them are vegetarianwhile the rest make creative use of modest amounts of fish, poultry, or meat. Youll find everything from light soups for springtime to sensational Street Food, such as Brazilian Shrimp and Black-eye Bean Fritters. Legumes also create a wealth of fantastic Salads, including Georgian Red Bean Salad with Walnuts and Pomegranate. Discover authentic classic Main Dishes, such as Persian Lamb and Chickpea Casserole with Barberries. The Vegetarian Main Dishes offer familiar favorites with a twist, like Lentil Moussaka, while Side Dishes and Dips pack a sensational flavor punch, such as Keralan Coconut Moong Dal. Finally, dig into heavenly Desserts including Sweet Sicilian Chickpea Pastries.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure

Author: Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. M.D.

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101215838

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

View: 6322

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease challenges conventional cardiology by posing a compelling, revolutionary idea-that we can, in fact, abolish the heart disease epidemic in this country by changing our diets. Drawing on the groundbreaking results of his twenty-year nutritional study, Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., a former surgeon, researcher, and clinician at the Cleveland Clinic, convincingly argues that a plant-based, oil-free diet can not only prevent and stop the progression of heart disease, but also reverse its effects. Furthermore, it can eliminate the need for expensive and invasive surgical interventions, such as bypass and stents, no matter how far the disease has progressed. Dr. Esselstyn began his research with a group of patients who joined his study after traditional medical procedures to treat their advanced heart disease had failed. Within months of following a plant-based, oil-free diet, their angina symptoms eased, their cholesterol levels dropped significantly, and they experienced a marked improvement in blood flow to the heart. Twenty years later, the majority of Dr. Esselstyn's patients continue to follow his program and remain heart-attack proof. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease explains the science behind these dramatic results, and offers readers the same simple, nutrition-based plan that has changed the lives of his patients forever. In addition, Dr. Esselstyn provides more than 150 delicious recipes that he and his wife, Ann Crile Esselstyn, have enjoyed for years and used with their patients. Clearly written and backed by irrefutable scientific evidence, startling photos of angiograms, and inspiring personal stories, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease will empower readers to take charge of their heart health. It is a powerful call for a paradigm shift in heart-disease therapy.

Oh She Glows Every Day

Quick and Simply Satisfying Plant-based Recipes

Author: Angela Liddon

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 069818663X

Category: Cooking

Page: 352

View: 3081

An instant New York Times bestseller! Angela Liddon’s eagerly awaited follow-up to the New York Times bestseller The Oh She Glows Cookbook, featuring more than one hundred quick-and-easy whole-foods, plant-based recipes to keep you glowing every day of the year. Angela Liddon’s irresistible and foolproof recipes have become the gold standard for plant-based cooking. Her phenomenally popular blog and New York Times–bestselling debut, The Oh She Glows Cookbook, have amassed millions of fans eager for her latest collection of creative and accessible recipes. Now, in this highly anticipated follow-up cookbook, Liddon shares wildly delicious recipes that are perfect for busy lifestyles, promising to make plant-based eating convenient every day of the week—including holidays and special occasions! Filled with more than one hundred family-friendly recipes everyone will love, like Oh Em Gee Veggie Burgers, Fusilli Lentil-Mushroom Bolognese, and Ultimate Flourless Brownies, Oh She Glows Every Day also includes useful information on essential pantry ingredients and tips on making recipes kid-, allergy-, and freezer-friendly. A beautiful go-to cookbook from one of the Internet’s most beloved cooking stars, Oh She Glows Every Day proves that it’s possible to cook simple, nourishing, and tasty meals—even on a busy schedule. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Kale & Caramel

Recipes for Body, Heart, and Table

Author: Lily Diamond

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1501123416

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

View: 4650

Born out of the popular blog Kale & Caramel, this sumptuously photographed and beautifully written cookbook presents eighty recipes for delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes featuring herbs and flowers, as well as luxurious do-it-yourself beauty products. Plant-whisperer, writer, and photographer Lily Diamond believes that herbs and flowers have the power to nourish inside and out. “Lily’s deep connection to nature is beautifully woven throughout this personal collection of recipes,” says award-winning vegetarian chef Amy Chaplin. Each chapter celebrates an aromatic herb or flower, including basil, cilantro, fennel, mint, oregano, rosemary, sage, thyme, lavender, jasmine, rose, and orange blossom. Mollie Katzen, author of the beloved Moosewood Cookbook, calls the book “a gift, articulated through a poetic voice, original and bold.” The recipes tell a coming-of-age story through Lily’s kinship with plants, from a sun-drenched Maui childhood to healing from heartbreak and her mother’s death. With bright flavors, gorgeous scents, evocative stories, and more than one hundred photographs, Kale & Caramel creates a lush garden of experience open to harvest year round.