The Incredible Years

A Trouble-shooting Guide for Parents of Children Aged 2-8 Years

Author: Carolyn Webster-Stratton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781892222046

Category: Child development

Page: 320

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The Incredible Years That Defined History

Author: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472932951

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 288

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Chronologica is a fascinating journey through time, from the foundation of Rome to the creation of the internet. Along the way are tales of kings and queens, hot air balloons, comets...and monkeys in space. Travel through 100 of the most incredible years in world history and learn why being a Roman Emperor wasn't always as good as it sounds, how the Hundred Years' War didn't actually last for 100 years and why Spencer Perceval holds a rather unfortunate record. Chronologica is an informative and entertaining glimpse into history, beautifully illustrated and full of incredible facts. While Chronologica tells the stories of famous people in history such as Thomas Edison and Alexander the Great, this book also recounts the lives of lesser-known individuals including the explorer Mungo Park and sculptor Gutzon Borglum. This historical compendium is certain to entertain readers young and old, and guaranteed to present even the biggest history buff with something new! Chronologica is compiled by the team behind Whitaker's Almanack, an extraordinary reference book jam-packed with facts and figures, which has been published annually since 1868.

Die Unsterblichkeit der Henrietta Lacks

Die Geschichte der HeLa-Zellen

Author: Rebecca Skloot

Publisher: Irisiana

ISBN: 3641051754

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

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Dieses Buch betrifft uns alle Sie waren notwendig, um Fortschritte gegen Krebs und AIDS zu erzielen. Klonen und Genforschung wäre ohne sie nicht möglich gewesen. Kurz: Die größten Erfolge der Medizin der letzten Jahrzehnte basieren auf der Entdeckung der HeLa-Zellen. Hinter dem Kürzel verbirgt sich eine Frau namens Henrietta Lacks. Die Afroamerikanerin aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen starb 1951 jung an Gebärmutterhalskrebs. Zuvor wurden ihr ohne ihr Wissen Zellproben entnommen, die sich überraschenderweise vermehrten. Damit war der entscheidende Durchbruch in der Zellkulturforschung geschafft. Die prämierte Wissenschaftsjournalistin Rebecca Skloot stellt in ihrem brillant verfassten Buch wichtige Jahrzehnte der Medizingeschichte vor und wirft dabei immer wieder ethische Fragen auf. Sie erzählt die tragische Familiengeschichte der Lacks’, die von Rassismus und mangelnden Bildungschancen geprägt ist. Ihr Buch ist eine gekonnte Mischung aus Biografie, Medizingeschichte, Debattenbuch und beachtlichem Enthüllungsjournalismus.

Das Ja-Experiment – Year of Yes

Wie ein kleines Wort dein Leben ändern kann!

Author: Shonda Rhimes

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641203759

Category: Social Science

Page: 320

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Shonda Rhimes schreibt Drehbücher für die erfolgreichsten Serien: Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice und How to Get Away with Murder sind auch hierzulande Publikumsrenner. Bloß beim Drehbuch für ihr eigenes Leben fehlt ihr der nötige Schwung: Privat ist sie schüchtern, ängstlich, menschenscheu. Bis sie eines Tages beschließt, sich zu ändern. Mit einem fi lmreifen Trick: einfach ein Jahr lang zu allem Ja sagen. Ebenso witzig und selbstironisch wie ihre TV-Serien und zugleich schonungslos ehrlich beschreibt Rhimes die große Wirkung eines kleinen Wortes, das aus ihr einen neuen Menschen macht – glücklich, selbstbewusst und 60 Kilo leichter. Die wahrscheinlich unterhaltsamste und motivierendste Aufforderung, das eigene Leben mutiger zu gestalten!

Delinquency in Society

Author: Regoli,John D. Hewitt,Matt DeLisi

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1284112950

Category: Medical

Page: 418

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Delinquency in Society, Tenth Edition provides a comprehensive and systematic overview of juvenile delinquency, criminal behavior, and status-offending youths.

The Incredible Years Basic Parent Program for Preschoolers at Risk for Developmental Disabilities in the Hong Kong Community Setting

Author: Mo-Yee Maureen Kong,江慕儀

Publisher: Open Dissertation Press

ISBN: 9781361373514


Page: N.A

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This dissertation, "The Incredible Years Basic Parent Program for Preschoolers at Risk for Developmental Disabilities in the Hong Kong Community Setting" by Mo-yee, Maureen, Kong, 江慕儀, was obtained from The University of Hong Kong (Pokfulam, Hong Kong) and is being sold pursuant to Creative Commons: Attribution 3.0 Hong Kong License. The content of this dissertation has not been altered in any way. We have altered the formatting in order to facilitate the ease of printing and reading of the dissertation. All rights not granted by the above license are retained by the author. Abstract: Parents of children with developmental disabilities experience a greater level of stress than parents of typically developing children. Parental stress disrupts parental functioning, setting a vicious cycle of coercive parent-child interactions and further stress. The current study aims to break this vicious cycle by evaluating the effectiveness of the Incredible Years Basic Parent Training (IYPT) for Chinese preschoolers at risk for developmental disabilities in a community clinic setting in Hong Kong. Fifty-two parents of children with developmental delays (age 3-6 years) were randomly assigned to either a parenting program (EXP) or a waitlist-control (WLC) condition. Multi-informants and multi-measures of child and parenting behaviors were taken before and after the 12-week intervention. Medium intervention effects were found in primary-caregiver parents' self-reported parental stress index. Medium-to-large intervention effects were found in both primary-caregiver parent-report and spouse-report measures of children's oppositional behaviors. While primary-caregiver parents did not report a significant change in their parenting practices, their kins/spouses nonetheless reported improvements of a small effect size in the primary-caregiver parents' parenting practices. Blinded observations of parent-child interactions during a structured play activity indicated significant short-term effects on positive parenting and coaching. Parents had a high attendance rate and reported high satisfaction with the program. Treatment effects did not seem to correlate with demographic and other characteristics of the parents, suggesting that the treatment effect was robust across different profiles of parents. Preliminary results suggest that the Incredible Years Basic Parent Training is an effective and feasible intervention in the community settings for Chinese preschoolers at risk for developmental disabilities and their parents in Hong Kong. DOI: 10.5353/th_b5435578 Subjects: Parents of children with disabilities - Services for - China - Hong Kong

Evidence-based Parenting Education

A Global Perspective

Author: James J. Ponzetti, Jr.

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131766115X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 342

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This is the first book to provide a multidisciplinary, critical, and global overview of evidence-based parenting education (PEd) programs. Readers are introduced to the best practices for designing, implementing, and evaluating effective PEd programs in order to teach clients how to be effective parents. Noted contributors from various disciplines examine evidence –based programs from the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, as well as web-based alternatives. The best practices used in a number of venues are explored, often by the developers themselves. Examples and discussion questions encourage application of the material. Critical guidance for those who wish to design, implement, and evaluate PEd programs in various settings is provided. All chapters feature learning goals, an introduction, conclusion, key points, discussion questions, and additional resources. In addition to these elements, chapters in Part III follow a consistent structure so readers can easily compare programs—theoretical foundations and history, needs assessment and target audience, program goals & objectives, curriculum issues, cultural Implications, evidence-based research and evaluation, and professional preparation and training issues. The editor has taught parenting and family life education courses for years. This book reviews the key information that his students needed to become competent professionals. Highlights of the book’s coverage include: Comprehensive summary of evidence-based PEd training programs in one volume. Prepares readers for professional practice as a Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) by highlighting the fundamentals of developing and evaluating PEd programs. Exposes readers to models of parenting education from around the world. The book opens with a historical overview of PEd development. It is followed by 20 chapters divided in four parts. The initial six chapters focus on fundamentals of parenting education --program design, implementation, evaluation, the role of mediators and moderators, as well as the U.S. Cooperative Extension Parent Framework. The three chapters in Part II review the latest status of parenting education in Europe, Asia, and web-based alternatives. Part III presents ten stellar, evidence-based parenting programs offered around the world. In addition to the learning goals, introduction, conclusion, key points, discussion questions, and additional resources that are found in all chapters, those in Part III also consider theoretical foundations and history, needs assessment and target audience, program goals & objectives, curriculum issues, cultural Implications, evidence based research and evaluation, and professional preparation and training issues. Part IV reviews future directions. Ideal for advanced undergraduate or graduate courses in parent education, parent-child relations, parenting, early childhood or family life education, family therapy, and home, school, and community services taught in human development and family studies, psychology, social work, sociology, education, nursing, and more, the book also serves as a resource for practitioners, counselors, clergy members, and policy makers interested in evidence based PEd programs or those seeking to become CFLEs or Parent Educators.



Author: Georgia Byng

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423621724


Page: 362

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Die spannende Geschichte von Molly Moon, die eines Tages bemerkt, dass sie hypnotisieren kann. Ab 10.

Delinquency in Society

Author: Professor Emeritus University of Colorado at Boulder Robert M Regoli,Robert M. Regoli,John D. Hewitt,Associate Professor Iowa State University Matt Delisi,Matt DeLisi

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 0763787167

Category: Law

Page: 674

View: 3708

Delinquency in Society, Eighth Edition, provides a systematic introduction to the study of juvenile delinquency. This best-selling text covers the basic theories behind the cause of juvenile crimes, the sociological effects of juvenile delinquency, and the impact of juvenile crime on families, schools, and peer groups. Delinquency prevention programs and basic coverage of delinquency as it relates to the criminal justice system are also included to add context and help student comprehension. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Delinquency in Society: The Essentials

Author: Robert M. Regoli,John D. Hewitt,Matt DeLisi

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1449654568

Category: Law

Page: 547

View: 4724

Delinquency in Society: The Essentials is a concise introduction to the important topics covered by the same authors in the popular Delinquency in Society, Eighth Edition. This practical text explores how juvenile delinquency is defined, measured, and explained, as well as how the juvenile justice system deals with delinquent youth. This new Essentials text provides separate chapters focusing on the police, juvenile courts, corrections, and delinquency prevention. Important Notice: The digital edition of this book is missing some of the images or content found in the physical edition.

Die 4-Stunden-Woche

Mehr Zeit, mehr Geld, mehr Leben

Author: Timothy Ferriss

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843704457

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 352

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Warum arbeiten wir uns eigentlich zu Tode? Haben wir nichts Besseres zu tun? Und ob! - sagt Timothy Ferriss. Der junge Unternehmer war lange Workaholic mit 80-Stunden-Woche. Doch dann erfand er MBA- Management by Absence- und ist seitdem freier, reicher, glücklicher. Mit viel Humor, provokanten Denkanstößen und erprobten Tipps erklärt Ferriss, wie sich die 4-Stunden-Woche bei vollem Lohnausgleich verwirklichen lässt. Der Wegweiser für eine Flucht aus dem Hamsterrad und ein Manifest für eine neue Gewichtung zwischen Leben und Arbeiten.

Die subtile Kunst des darauf Scheißens

Author: Mark Manson

Publisher: MVG Verlag

ISBN: 3961210594

Category: Self-Help

Page: 224

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Scheiß auf positives Denken sagt Mark Manson. Die ungeschönte Perspektive ist ihm lieber. Wenn etwas scheiße ist, dann ist es das eben. Und wenn man etwas nicht kann, dann sollte man dazu stehen. Nicht jeder kann in allem außergewöhnlich sein und das ist gut so. Wenn man seine Grenzen akzeptiert, findet man die Stärke, die man braucht. Denn es gibt so viele Dinge, auf die man im Gegenzug scheißen kann. Man muss nur herausfinden, welche das sind und wie man sie sich richtig am Arsch vorbeigehen lässt. So kann man sich dann auf die eigenen Stärken und die wichtigen Dinge besinnen und hat mehr Zeit, sein Potential gänzlich auszuschöpfen. Die subtile Kunst des darauf Scheißens verbindet unterhaltsame Geschichten und schonungslosen Humor mit hilfreichen Tipps für ein entspannteres und besseres Leben. Damit man seine Energie für sinnvolleres verwendet als für Dinge, die einem egal sein können.

Praxis der Frühförderung

Einführung in ein interdisziplinäres Arbeitsfeld

Author: Martin Thurmair,Monika Naggl

Publisher: UTB

ISBN: 3825221717

Category: Education

Page: 309

View: 8697

Die interdisziplinäre Frühförderung behinderter und von Behinderung bedrohter Kinder im Alter von 0 – 6 Jahren hat sich zu einem strukturierten und professionellen Arbeitsfeld entwickelt. Das vorliegende Lehrbuch beschreibt und analysiert dieses Arbeitsfeld nach den Bereichen Diagnostik, Förderung und Therapie, Zusammenarbeit mit den Eltern und institutionelle Voraussetzungen. Die Autoren vermitteln interdisziplinäres Grundlagenwissen und wichtige wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse. Mit zahlreichen Praxisbeispielen illustrieren sie die einzelnen Arbeitsschritte des Frühförderprozesses. Für die 4. Auflage wurden die Teile zur Diagnostik dem aktuellen Stand entsprechend überarbeitet und ergänzt, einige andere Passagen aktualisiert. Das Buch richtet sich an Studierende der Sonder- und Heilpädagogik, Sozialpädagogik, Pädagogik und Psychologie, Praktiker in der Frühförderung, Leiterinnen und Leiter von Frühfördereinrichtungen.