The Ideal Man

Author: Julie Garwood

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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A woman’s life and love are compromised in this pulse-pounding new thriller by #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood... Dr. Ellie Sullivan has witnessed the shooting of an FBI agent in pursuit of a ruthless modern-day Bonnie and Clyde known as the Landrys. The only person to see the shooter’s face, Ellie is suddenly thrust into the center of a criminal investigation spearheaded by the no-nonsense, by-the-book, and tantalizingly handsome agent Max Daniels. With the Landrys captured, she’ll be called to testify. But the Landrys have been caught before, and each time the witnesses are scared into silence—or disappear. Now Max vows to be Ellie’s shadow, promising never to leave her side until the trial. But that could be dangerous for both of them, and it isn’t long before the sparks—and the bullets—fly.

The Ideal Man

Author: James Conrad

Publisher: James Conrad



Page: 318

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Twenty-nine-year-old Grace Watts is feeling stifled in her marriage to David Watts, a successful real estate agent. He is financially secure, but is insensitive, unimaginative, sexually inept and sometimes cruel. As Grace seeks meaning in her life, David becomes annoyed at what he considers "erratic behavior" and frustrated that his wife refuses to let anybody dominate her. Furthermore, he is tempted by the affections of Lana Dyson, his colleague from the real estate agency who is waiting for his increasingly fragile marriage to disintegrate so that she can have him all to herself. However, Grace remains with him because she has a fear of being alone. Grace crosses paths with Anthony Parris, an artist who opts for one-night stands because of a fear of intimacy. She becomes disgusted when she sees him in the arms of many different women, but when she unwittingly attends one of his exhibitions, she becomes increasingly drawn to him herself. In turn, Anthony learns that Grace is a dependable confidant. As David begins to let Grace down more and more, Anthony proves - much to her surprise - to be a strong ally. But will he believe her when she expresses her feelings for him?

Garfield, the Ideal Man

Author: Julius Orrin Converse




Page: 60

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Garfield, the Ideal Man is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1882. Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and expeditions, cooking and nutrition, medicine, and other genres. As a publisher we focus on the preservation of historical literature. Many works of historical writers and scientists are available today as antiques only. Hansebooks newly publishes these books and contributes to the preservation of literature which has become rare and historical knowledge for the future.

Who Makes the Ideal Man ?

On Mr. Darcy's Masculinity in Pride and Prejudice and Movie Adaptations

Author: Po-Yu Wei




Page: 100

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The Ideal Life

Author: Henry Drummond

Publisher: Jazzybee Verlag


Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 580

Professor Drummond's influence on his contemporaries is not to be measured by the sale of his books, great as that has been. It may be doubted whether any living novelist has had so many readers, and perhaps no living writer has been so eagerly followed and so keenly discussed on the Continent and in America. In the long series of addresses he delivered all over the world he brought about what may at least be called a crisis in the lives of innumerable hearers. He received more of the confidences of people untouched by the ordinary work of the Church than any other man of his time. Men and women came to him in their deepest and bitterest perplexities. The addresses which make up this volume were written by Professor Drummond between the years 1876 and 1881.

Adolescent Identity

Evolutionary, Cultural and Developmental Perspectives

Author: Bonnie Lynn Hewlett

Publisher: Routledge


Category: Psychology

Page: 332

View: 523

As our world becomes increasingly permeable, and as human populations are rapidly converging and transitioning within a global interconnectedness, it is vital that we look to, and learn from, those most adept at the adaptation, creation, and contesting of culture: adolescents. This text is designed to bridge critical gaps in the understanding of the daily lives, identity development, and experiences of adolescents in diverse cultures around the world. Cultural context is predictive of developmental uniqueness; comparisons provide insights into how social structures and relationships influence the manifestation of individual patterns of development and experience. In quantitative and qualitative detail, the contributors relate the nature of adolescent life to cultural, biological, ecological, demographic, and social variables. The findings of this book will be relevant not only to other social anthropologists, but also to sociologists and developmental/educational psychologists.

The Ideal Woman

Author: Roy Espiritu

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 308

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Pearl's mother, Aurora, immigrated to the United States to meet her American suitor. As a Filipina, she struggled to be accepted into her new culture. Although, she was quick to learn the foreign ways of her new country; she continued to honor her culture, a knowledge she passes on to her daughter, Pearl. Once Pearl grows up, she decides it is time to see her mother's birthplace. As soon as Pearl lands in the Philippines, she feels at home. She feels as though she learned about her home country through her mother's stories. She is at ease in the warm breeze, surrounded by the sound of the native tongue. She immerses herself in the culture and catches the eye of a wealthy local matriarch. The older woman thinks Pearl would make a perfect wife for her grandson. Pearl is soon spoiled and courted by the whole family, but a tragedy steals her dreams. She is cast out and must now find a way to still love the country of her mother's birth--the country that hurt her. Aurora was a strong woman in a foreign place; her daughter can be too.

The Son of Man Debate

A History and Evaluation

Author: Delbert Burkett

Publisher: Cambridge University Press


Category: Religion


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The expression 'Son of Man', used in the Gospels almost exclusively by Jesus, has been the object of intensive study since the Protestant Reformation, yet scholars have come to no agreement on its origin or meaning. Research in this area has been described as 'a veritable mine field' and 'a can of worms'. Because of the scope and complexity of the literature, no comprehensive survey of the subject has been written in the twentieth century. Delbert Burkett's book fills this need. It provides a comprehensive historical overview of the debate from the patristic period to 1996, and gives an evaluation of that research and a summation of the present state of the question. Burkett concludes that despite nineteen centuries of 'Son of Man' study there is no consensus concerning the meaning or origin of the expression; the debate is therefore a prime example of the limits of New Testament scholarship.

The Ideal Gay Man

The Story of Der Kreis

Author: Hubert Kennedy

Publisher: Routledge


Category: History

Page: 229

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Discover the deliciously succulent homosexual world of the early 1900s! The Ideal Gay Man: The Story of Der Kreis gives you the history of the influential international gay journal Der Kreis, published in Switzerland from 1932--1967. You’ll gain fascinating insight into the journal’s origins, its development, and the reasons for its demise. Entertaining and informative, this book points out how the events of the day relating to the gay movement were reflected in and influenced by Der Kreis. Der Kreis was the world’s most important journal promoting the legal and social rights of gay men. Literary historians, gay theory scholars, and general readers will be intrigued by the generous selection of articles from the English section of the journal, as well as the English translations from the French and German sections. The Ideal Gay Man is a fascinating collection of history and entertainment. Some topics you’ll explore are: the beginning of the publication Der Kreis why Der Kreis stopped publication sections on the English writers, French writers, and German writers of Der Kreis articles on morality and the public’s changing perceptions of homosexuality man and boy love and the differences between leading and seduction The Ideal Gay Man studies this amazingly influential gentlemen’s journal and provides you with a flattering and long overdue inclusion into gay studies material. You will explore the homosexual world during a turbulent time of intolerance and discover how the events relating to the gay movement were reflected in and influenced by Der Kreis.