3 Minute Journal

Create a Happier You in Just 3 Minutes a Day for Men and Women

Author: 3 Minute Journal 2017,CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

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3 Minute Journal 2017. This 3 Minute Journal for women and men, is great for keeping a daily log quickly and easily to start your day off the right happy way. The gratitude journal fits perfectly by your bed side table of even on the go with you through the day. This gratitude journal book will help improve your overall happiness and has been shown to help both men and women of all ages improve their lives and well being. This 3 Minute Journal 2017 is 6" x 9" and has over 112 pages to keep you inspired. Getting this Gratitude Journal will be one of the best decisions you've made all year. Simply scroll up and click the BUY button to get your copy of this fantastic 3 Minute Journal 2017 now!

The Five Minute Paperback Journal

Author: Moran Journals

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The Five Minute Paperback Journal With this Journal our goal is to help make Journaling effortless and effective for you. Filling in this journal will take less than five minutes. The prompts are designed to help you advance towards your goals while being in a state of gratitude. All the latest research shows that success comes much faster when you have an exciting vision for the future and you live in a grateful state. This Journal will help you achieve that. Take action now and Buy this Journal

The Positive Journal

5 Minutes a Day Toward a Happier Life

Author: Nancy F. Clark

Publisher: Sterling

ISBN: 9781454925026


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With 365 days of guidance, inspiration, and journaling, you can stay positive all year--and become the best possible you! Using science-backed research and positive psychology, this five-minutes-a-day journal offers motivational tips, prompts, and exercises to guide you to long-term happiness and fulfillment. Learn how to mindfully savor the moments, build friendships and confidence, handle challenges and emotions, and realize your personal potential.

The Five Minute Positive Focus Daily Journal

What you think about...You Bring About

Author: Sandra Selby

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452551081

Category: Self-Help

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What is it that you want? More financial serenity, healthy relationships, excitement, travel? What you think about is what you get more of. Wouldn’t you like it to be more of what you want? With just five minutes a day, you will learn to focus consistently on your heart’s desires. Then, sit back and watch as your desires and dreams turn into possibilities and realities with the Positive Focus Journal! “After just one month of journaling, doors began to open in ways I previously couldn’t imagine. Energy moved through home renovation projects that had been stuck in the mud for a year. I found the ‘right and perfect people’ to guide me through painting and home repairs at a reasonable price. So many things got checked off my to-do list that I manifested a trip to Sedona! I’d recommend this system to anyone who’s ready to engage in a powerful manifestation process the ‘Positive Focus’ way.” - C. Nyhoff, MA Berkeley, California

The 5-minute Mindfulness Journal

Daily Practices for a Calmer, Happier You

Author: Noah Rasheta

Publisher: Althea Press

ISBN: 9781641523059

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Take 5 minutes for a happier, calmer life with daily mindfulness practices from The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal. A few minutes is all it takes to transform your day. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal helps you live mindfully with quick, thought-provoking practices and writing prompts to bring peace, calm, and happiness to your day. Designed to take five minutes or less, these short and accessible exercises allow you to experience mindfulness no matter where you are or how much time you have. From gaining self-acceptance to cultivating lovingkindness, this journal takes you on a transformative personal journey to be present every second, every minute, and every day. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal includes: 5-minute prompts and exercises that seek to encourage positive thoughts, promote self-confidence, find peace, practice gratitude, and give lovingkindness. Space to reflect that offers plenty of room to record your mindfulness journey and reflect on writing prompts. Insightful quotes that inspire your journaling with positive, life-affirming wisdom. The you who begins writing now is not the same you who will finish this journal and reread it down the line. Let yourself grow, transform, and practice mindfulness with The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal.

Paperback Journal

A Five Minute Journal

Author: F. Journal

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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In just five minutes a day harness the power of your own happiness and become the best version of yourself. All your relationships and goals will be seemingly effortless after mastering your own mindfulness. Boost happiness and increase your IQ with over 100 quotes.

The 5 Second Journal

The Best Daily Journal and Fastest Way to Slow Down, Power Up, and Get Sh*t Done

Author: Mel Robbins

Publisher: Confidence Project Press

ISBN: 9781682617229

Category: Business & Economics

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The most powerful journal on the planet. In the international bestseller The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins inspired millions to 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1...take action, get results, and live a more courageous life! Now, in The 5 Second Journal, Mel guides you step-by-step through a simple research-backed daily journaling method that will help you become the most productive, confident, and happiest you. It is the most powerful journal on the planet because it uses science to unlock the greatest force in the universe...YOU. Using this journal, you will: GET SH*T DONE You won’t just get more done–you’ll do it in half the time. Your life is way too important to spend it procrastinating. Invest a little time in here every day and in return you’ll get the best tools psychology, organizational behavioral, and neuroscience have to offer. KISS OVERWHELM GOODBYE Stop being ruled by your to-do list and start getting the important work done. Filling your days with menial tasks will not lead to a meaningful life. This journal will keep your focus on what’s most important, even in between conference calls and running errands. CULTIVATE ROCKSTAR CONFIDENCE Confidence is a skill YOU can build. Yes, you. And it’s not as difficult as you may think. Every day this journal will give you a chance to step outside your comfort zone so you can feel proud of yourself and watch your self-confidence grow. AMP YOUR PASSION Want to live a more passionate life? Stop focusing on sh*t that drains you. Seriously. This journal will show you a cool way to power up your energy levels and tap into that inner zen that knows exactly what fuels your fire. GET CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE If you get to the end of the day and wonder where it all went, it’s time to take stock. Using research from Harvard Business School, you’ll learn one simple mindset trick that keeps you present to what matters most, which is the secret to being in control. BE THE HAPPIEST YOU Science proves that your mood in the morning impacts your entire day. That’s why this journal is designed to boost your mood first thing, so you can become a happier, smarter, and more positive person all day. The fact is, happier people get sh*t done.

Five Minutes in the Morning

Author: Aster

Publisher: Aster

ISBN: 9781912023127

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

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Getting lost and feeling found... "I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." John Muir, John of the Mountains Walking is medicine for the mind. It helps us slow down and think things through. It also helps us perk up and generate new ideas. There are few activities as readily available and revitalising as a brisk walk, or as soothing and stimulating as a long walk. Discover the wonderful things that can happen when you set out on two feet. Studies show a strong link between the mental state while walking and innovative ideas or strokes of insight. From Aristotle's strolls with his students to Steve Jobs's famous walking meetings, walking not only inspires creativity but also attention, presence and perspective. Taking your mind for a walk nourishes connection with yourself, it allows exploration of the self and the world around us and invigorates all of our senses. Walk to welcome the day "An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day." - Henry David Thoreau Walk to get some perspective "I'd walk and think about my entire life. I'd find my strength again, far from everything that had made my life ridiculous." - Cheryl Strayed Walk to become more present "Suddenly I came out of my thoughts to notice everything around me again-the catkins on the willows, the lapping of the water, the leafy patterns of the shadows across the path." - Rebecca Solnit

The 5 Minute Mindfulness Journal

Author: Mindfulness Matters

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781986399258


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The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal is a three month journal designed to mindfully cultivate and execute the 3 Gs: Goals, Gratitude, and Growth. Developed based on scientific research, studies have shown that spending a few minutes a day reflecting on even the little things we are grateful for helps significantly improve one's mood, and has even proven to assist in many cases of depression. Studies have also shown that writing down incremental goals increases one's chance of accomplishing them by 80%. Practicing these simple mindful techniques are very beneficial for both the mind and the body, and help nurture true inner peace and happiness by focusing on what we have in the present, what fulfills us, and implementing this. The 5-Minute Mindfulness Journal was strategically created to be individual to every user, and includes: - a daily positive quote to start the day - three things you're grateful for that day - two things that would make the day great - two daily morning affirmations - one simple daily goal - three nightly day reflections - one small improvement thought for the following day - two daily evening affirmations Go at a pace that is comfortable for you - we only encourage consistency!

The Bingo Theory

A Revolutionary Guide to Love, Life, and Relationships

Author: Mimi Ikonn

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780995460409

Category: Man-woman relationships

Page: 276

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The Bingo Theory unites us all. Men are not from Mars and Women are not from Venus. We are all from Planet Earth. The traditional view of masculine and feminine energy is very black and white. If you are a woman, you are considered to be feminine, and similarly if you are man- you are considered to be masculine. This outdated and inadequate mindset has lead to a tremendous imbalance both internally in our lives, as well as externally in our world. The Bingo Theory breaks through this traditional gender-polarized idea of man and woman, by providing a new fresh view and understanding of masculine and feminine energies and the important role both of these energies play in our lives. Every single human on this planet has two energies living within them: the masculine and the feminine.The masculine energy helps us to operate in the outer world; it makes us strong, independent, and confident. The feminine energy, on the other hand, helps us love and connect to others. It's what makes us creative and intuitive. In this book you will learn how to balance the masculine and feminine energies within you so that you can be a Bingo. What is a Bingo? A Bingo is a winning combination of both of masculine and feminine energies. This inner balance is crucial in order to have a better relationship with yourself, attract your perfect romantic partner, improve your existing relationship, as well as have a fulfilling career. In this book you will: - Discover the groundbreaking medical research that has proven that, biologically, we are all a blend of masculine and feminine strengths. - Take a quiz that helps you to determine if your strength energy is masculine or feminine. This alone is a huge eye opener. It will allow you to see clearly what amazing strengths you posses and will also highlight the areas you need to work on. - Learn simple, actionable tips to help you balance your energies. - Learn how to attract a Bingo relationship if you are single. - Learn how to transform your existing relationships (whether romantic or otherwise) using the principles of masculine and feminine energies.

Start Where You Are

A Journal for Self-Exploration

Author: Meera Lee Patel

Publisher: Particular Books

ISBN: 9781846149191


Page: 128

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Every answer is inside you. This thoughtful journal pairs insightful quotes with prompts that spark reflection through writing, drawing, list making, and more. Wherever you're headed, these pages will help you get there - and gain a deeper understanding along the way.

The Five Minute Gratitude Journal

A More Happier and Successful Life in 5 Minutes a Day, Have a Happy Mood from Morning to Night, 365 Days Gratitude Journal (Reflect /Record/Gratitude)(Yearly Journal /Notebook)

Author: Jessie Rose

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781722794187


Page: 186

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The Five Minute Gratitude Journal It's a great thing for everyone to start a new day with gratitude and thankful heart. Your attitude in life will have a huge impact on yourself. What are the things that you are most thankful for in your life? What can you do to change your life and heart? You can use this journal to write down and record them everyday from morning to night. It is a deliberate attempt to remind yourself of the good things. If you do so, you will find it's really an effective and inspirational tool for breaking free of negative thinking and having a happy and meaningful life. The journal size is 8x10 inches. Details: 1. 365 Days of Gratitude Journal. 2. 8x10 Inches. 3. Matte Cover. 4. Paperback Cover. Click on "Look Inside" to find out more and Grab a copy for yourself and a friend today!

Gratitude Journal: a Daily 5 Question, 5 Minute Journal

A Daily Journal, Gratitude Book to Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety and Obtain Peace and Joy

Author: Help Journals

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781983829475


Page: 106

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Are you ready to start a Gratitude Journal Happy Planner in 2018? Nurturing an inspirational journal and a grateful attitude harvests many benefits: physical, mental and spiritual benefits, to name a few. This is not just one of those journals to write in. There's more to it. There are 5 specific questions to answer, on a day-to-day basis. 1. What have you learned today? 2. How do you feel versus how did you made others feel today? 3. What stressed you out versus what made you smile today? 4. What were you grateful for today? And 5. How will you be better tomorrow? By following this happy guide, you will be able to identify patterns of stress and happiness, teaching you to complain less and appreciate more. By keeping a daily record of life's big stresses and little blessings with this keepsake gratitude journal filled with insightful prompts, inspiring quotes, and plenty of room for reflecting on all the things that make your life great, we hope you will turn those big stresses into little stresses and those little blessings into incredible blessings. Our goal is that this ends up as your go to Happy Journal! * EACH DAY, FILL OUT OUR 5 QUESTION, 5 MINUTE JOURNAL ENTRY: Call it what you want to call it, this is the gratitude journal that is similar to others, but in our opinion, more effective. We strategically set up our gratitude journal notebook to allow you to answer five primary questions on a daily basis, within 5 minutes. * LEARN: Remember what you learn on a daily basis. Frequently go back and study these findings. * REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY: By taking the 5 minutes to answer our daily questions within this gratitude book, you will be able to effectively analyze your stresses and make positive changes to eliminate them going forward. * INCREASE PEACE AND JOY: By the same logic from the bullet above, your positive changes will help reduce stress levels and anxiety. * GRATEFUL JOURNAL: Capture moments where you feel extremely grateful and revisit those moments frequently. * GET BETTER EACH DAY: We know you are a badass. However, take each learning moment and better yourself each day. Start where you are and begin designing your life around your experiences. Our journal gives you the flexibility to write down the dates of entry without feeling guilty if you miss a day. We even have a unique write in table of contents that allows you to organize your entries, to make it easier to find your previous journal entries. Not just a gratitude journal for women, this is also a gratitude journal for men. Heck, it is even a great gratitude journal for kids, to show them the importance of being grateful at an early age. Featuring inspiring quotes from writers, artists, and other visionaries paired with open-ended questions and prompts, with plenty of room for writing and reflecting, this appealing full-color book cover will make a perfect gift and keepsake as well as being a powerful tool for positive change. This interactive journal was designed to help readers cultivate originality, mindfulness, and self-motivation, identify confusion and chaos of daily life with simple reminders, get to know oneself, and appreciate the world around us, so we can reach for the stars and achieve our dreams.

10 Minutes to Happiness

A Daily Journal That Will Change Your Life

Author: Sandi Mann

Publisher: Robinson

ISBN: 9781472141231


Page: 256

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Ten Minutes to Happiness is a therapeutic self-help programme based on a six-step formula designed to lift your mood and improve your mental health. Dr Mann's six steps are underpinned by psychological principles and have been tried and tested amongst many of her clients at The MindTraining Clinic in Manchester. By spending just 10 minutes completing your happiness journal each day, you will build up a record of your experiences in six simple areas: - Pleasure: Things that were enjoyed that day - Positive Strokes: Praise or feedback received during the day - Lucky Me: Good fortune you encountered that day - Achievements: Reasons to say 'well done me', however small - Gratitude: Blessings to be counted - Random Acts of Kindness: Kind acts you have performed that day The more you use this journal, the more your mood will benefit and the happier you will be, by appreciating the positive aspects of your life, rather than dwelling on the negative.