The Fairytale Hairdresser and the Princess and the Frog

Author: Abie Longstaff

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141389214

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 695

The Fairytale Hairdresser is styling her fairytale friends for an animal-themed parade to celebrate Prince Freddie's coronation. But Prince Freddie is nowhere to be seen - could his mysterious uncle be behind the disappearance? And who is the funny little frog in Kittie's salon? Together with her new friend Princess Lily, and armed with all her hairdressing skills, Kittie sets out to solve the mysteries and bring order back to Fairy Land.

The Fairytale Hairdresser

Author: Abie Longstaff

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 055256186X

Category: Children's stories

Page: 32

View: 7450

Kittie Lacey is the best hairdresser in all of fairyland. From Red Riding Hood to the Seven Dwarves, she thinks she's seen it all - until one day she meets a wicked witch with a big hairy problem!

The Mummy Shop

Author: Abie Longstaff

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN: 1407171356

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 9196

Does your mummy tell you off for jumping on your bed? Does she make you eat vegetables when you don't want to? Then call The Mummy Shop, and we will help you find the perfect new mummy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed! When a little boy grows tired of his mummy, he calls The Mummy Shop for help. But after a number of mishaps and misunderstandings, he starts to think he may have made a big mistake... A laugh-out-loud tale of one boy's quest to find the perfect mummy... his own!

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 0552575194


Page: N.A

View: 5853

Crazy Hair Day

Author: Barney Saltzberg

Publisher: Candlewick Press

ISBN: 9780763619541

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7914

Stanley is excited about Crazy Hair Day at his school, until he discovers that he has gotten the date wrong and it is actually Class Picture Day, but his classmates come to his rescue in a show of solidarity. Jr Lib Guild. 15,000 first printing.

Fantastically Great Women Who Made History

Author: Kate Pankhurst

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1526601141

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 8971

Fantastically Great Women Who Made History is the eagerly anticipated follow up to Kate Pankhurst's hugely successful, Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World, number one best-selling children's non-fiction title. This beautiful title looks at the stories, accomplishments and adventures of many more brilliant women from throughout history. Travel through the Underground Railroad with the brave and courageous Harriet Tubman, turn the pages of the hauntingly brilliant Frankenstein with the incredibly talented Mary Shelley and prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through history with these and many other remarkable women. Overflowing with vibrant and beautiful illustrations, and wonderfully engaging text, Fantastically Great Women Who Made History is a celebration of just some of the inspirational women who put their mark on the world we live in. Written by the incredibly talented Kate Pankhurst, prepare to be inspired. List of women featured: Elizabeth Blackwell, Qiu Jin, Boudicca, Flora Drummond, Pocahontas, Noor Inayat Khan, Harriet Tubman, Valentina Tereshkova, Ada Lovelace, Sayyida al-Hurra, Hatshepsut, Josephine Baker, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley

How to Catch a Witch

Author: Abie Longstaff

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 1407170341

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 240

View: 5377

Charlie and her family have moved from the big city to a small country village, and everything feels wrong. Their cottage is old and creepy. Anxiety about her new school is causing Charlie's stutter to return. And the villagers are just plain weird. Not least, Agatha, who may not have a broomstick or a cauldron, but is definitely a witch...

The Snow Princess and the Winter Rescue

Author: Holly Webb

Publisher: Scholastic UK

ISBN: 1407165305

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 4017

An enchanting new SNOW PRINCESS tale from bestselling author Holly Webb. When Princess Amy finds a little bird with a broken wing she takes it back to the palace. As the little bird grows stronger, Princess Amy learns that if you love something you have to set it free. A magical picture book with a sparkly glittery cover!

The Snow Princess

Author: Holly Webb

Publisher: Scholastic Picture Books

ISBN: 1407158023

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7654

An enchanting new picture book from bestselling author Holly Webb. What would you wish for if you already had everything? As Princess Amy nears her tenth birthday, the queen says she must have a gift grander than any before. No one in the palace talks about anything but cakes and dresses and presents. But Princess Amy has just one birthday wish: that it would snow. All she wants is to spend the day building snowmen with her best friend, Bella. This tale of friendship and sharing will melt hearts everywhere. A magical picture book with a sparkly glittery cover!

Arzee the Dwarf

Author: Chandrahas Choudhury

Publisher: New York Review of Books

ISBN: 1590177533

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

View: 2992

Arzee the dwarf had a dream, and now that dream has come true. Arzee has just been crowned as head projectionist at the Noor, the Bombay cinema where he has been working since his teens. The Noor's vast, encircling darkness, the projection room's invisible perch above the vault of the cinema on one side and the bustle of south Bombay on the other, the grand illusion-making of the great beam: these riches are what give Arzee the power and the heft that his own body does not possess. Arzee is sure that the worst of his troubles are behind him, and that he can now marry and settle down -- even if his wife is someone his fond mother has had to scout for him. But not for the first time, Arzee has it all wrong! The Noor is about to be closed down, taking away to its grave all his hopes of this world and his walls against it. A new darkness threatens, more sinister than the comforting womb-night of the Noor. Arzee knows he will be crushed by that new cycle of rage and impotence, all these added to the perpetual indignity of walking face-to-face with "the crotches and asses of this world". Arzee the Dwarf follows Arzee over two weeks, setting off Arzee's frenzied plotting and pleading against the beating and pulsing of the great city around him. The narration vividly brings to life not just the protagonist, but also a host of characters to whom Arzee turns in his hour of need: the departing head projectionist Phiroz, the sneering faux-gangster Deepak, the poetical taxi-driver Dashrath Tiwari, the enigmatic hairdresser Monique, and the garrulous and homely Shireen. Can Arzee fight off all the forces that menace his world, or will the vast city that he loves succeed in crushing him? Chandrahas Choudhury's bittersweet comedy, selected by World Literature Today as one of 60 essential works of modern Indian literature in English, is a novel about the strange beauty of human dreaming.

Hans Christian Andersen

The Life of a Storyteller

Author: Jackie Wullschlager

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226917474

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 489

View: 3330

Describes Andersen's turbulent and difficult life, from his birth in 1805, through his success as a writer in mid-nineteenth-century Europe, to his desperate search for love, ambition, and meaning.

Fairies of Blossom Bakery: Plum and the Winter Ball

Author: Mandy Archer

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448172926

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7960

Plum and the fairies of Blossom Bakery are looking forward to Princess Crystal's Winter Ball but who will be crowned the Snow Belle? Plum has been working hard to get better at skating but on the day of the ball it's all going horribly wrong. Will her fairy friends be able to bring some festive cheer? A gorgeous new series about fairies, friendship and baking!

Night Night Spot!

Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers

ISBN: 9780723271642

Category: Bedtime

Page: 12

View: 1640

I Love Spot Baby Books is a brand new publishing strand for babies aged 0-18 months. This range features a fresh new cover look with vibrant colour type on a crisp white background. The books on the list are selected to encourage baby's understanding of the world and love of books. Night, Night Spot is a lovely bedtime padded board book featuring everyone's favourite puppy, Spot! Perfect for little hands to hold, babies will recognise and enjoy the routine of Spot's bedtime.

The Pink Hotel

A Novel

Author: Anna Stothard

Publisher: Picador

ISBN: 1250026814

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 5930

LONGLISTED FOR THE ORANGE PRIZE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW EDITORS' CHOICE "This book moved and provoked me in ways I can't fully articulate....Extraordinary."—Anna Paquin (True Blood) A seventeen-year-old girl pieces together the mystery of her mother's life and death among the bars and bedrooms of Los Angeles in this dazzling debut novel. A raucous, drug-fueled party has taken over a boutique hotel on Venice Beach—it's a memorial for Lily, the now-deceased, free-spirited proprietress of the place. Little do the attendees know that Lily's estranged daughter—and the nameless narrator of this striking novel—is among them, and she has just walked off with a suitcase of Lily's belongings. Abandoned by Lily many years ago, she has come a long way to learn about her mother, and the stolen suitcase—stuffed with clothes, letters, and photographs—contains not only a history of her mother's love life, but perhaps also the key to her own identity. As the tough, resourceful narrator tracks down her mother's former husbands, boyfriends, and acquaintances, a risky reenactment of her life begins to unfold. Lily had a knack for falling in love with the wrong people, and one man, a fashion photographer turned paparazzo, has begun to work his sinuous charms on the young woman. Told with high style and noirish flare, Anna Stothard's The Pink Hotel is a powerfully evocative debut novel about wish fulfillment, reckless impulse, and how we discover ourselves.

Very Little Sleeping Beauty

Author: Teresa Heapy

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 1328684075

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7012

Very Little Sleeping Beauty is adorably re-cast as a very little precocious toddler in this modern retelling of the classic tale. Once upon a bedtime, a certain little girl isn't very sleepy at all—tomorrow is her birthday, and she is reeling with excitement. From lullaby to stories to tickles to dancing, Daddy tries just about everything to get this little toddler to go to bed. Will Very Little Sleeping Beauty finally fall asleep to rest up for her big day? Look for all three books in this must-have read-aloud series: Very Little Red Riding Hood, Very Little Cinderella, and Very Little Sleeping Beauty.

The Trapdoor Mysteries

Author: Abie Longstaff

Publisher: Orion Children's Books

ISBN: 9781510104242


Page: 160

View: 4967

The third book in The Trapdoor Mysteries, a series about Tally, a code-breaking, animal-loving servant girl and her best friend, a squirrel named Squill, who solve mysteries with the help of a secret library... Orphan Tally is the servant girl at Mollett Manor - and she's also the Secret Keeper of the magical library hidden beneath a trapdoor, underneath the manor's grounds. Along with Squill the squirrel, she uses the enchanted books to solve crimes. So when a mysterious ghostly creature visits the Manor in the middle of the night, leaving barely a trace, it's up to Tally and Squill to figure out what it is and why it's there...with a little help from the library, of course!

Giant Dinosaurs

Author: Naray Yoon

Publisher: Campbell Books

ISBN: 9781509877041


Page: 10

View: 7811

A fun, fact-filled introduction to dinosaurs with thirty flaps, a wheel to turn, and a giant fold-out page. First Facts and Flaps: Giant Dinosaurs features popular dinosaurs such as tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, and diplodocus. Find out how much meat t-rex ate in one sitting, why stegosaurus had plates on its back, how diplodocus used its tail, and much, much more!Pairing bold, colourful scenes with rhyming text, and a page full of further information, this is the perfect book for children just starting to find out more about the world around them.With amazing and funny facts (all checked by a subject-specific consultant), bright infographics, and a mixture of novelties, including thirty flaps, First Facts and Flaps: Giant Dinosaurs is accessible, visual, and loads of fun!


Author: Cerrie Burnell,Laura Ellen Anderson

Publisher: Scholastic Picture Books

ISBN: 1407139150

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 8560

Mia has come to live with her Grandma in a land of forests and snow. It isn't at all like her old life in the city, and at first she feels very different from the new children she sees. But when she watches the snow falling around her one night, Mia realises that she is just like one of the snowflakes - unique and perfect in her own way. A beautiful story about new beginnings and making friends by CBeebies presenter Cerrie Burnell.

The Royal Heart

Author: Greg McGoon

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781612862750


Page: 32

View: 2306

Once upon a time in a faraway land, an heir to the throne is born. The King has a son to follow in his footsteps. But life might not be quite as it appears for this Royal Family. All will be revealed on their child's 16th birthday. Family love triumphs over doubt and together they grow stronger. Join this Royal Family on the path of discovery, acceptance, and celebration.

Shear Heaven

Author: Katy Regnery

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781944810177


Page: N.A

View: 4772

From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery comes a new twist on a beloved fairytale. In this modern-retelling of Rapunzel, hair stylist Bella Capelli, who works in a salon at the top of the New York Metro Tower Hotel, falls hard for His Serene Highness, Prince Nico De'Medici, in town for the wedding of his twin sister. But Bella isn't really princess material and Nico is promised to another. When a week of romance quickly turns into love, Bella and Nico will have to figure out if a country girl and a prince can mesh two different worlds into one happily-ever-after.