The Fabrics of Fairytale

Stories Spun from Far and Wide

Author: Tanya Robyn Batt,Rachel Griffin


ISBN: 9781846860898

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 80

View: 4493

A collection of tales from around the world--including China, Armenia, Indonesia, and Sweden--which involve treasured, sacred, and magical garments and textiles.

Fabrics of Fairytale, the PB W/cd

Author: Tanya Robyn Batt

Publisher: Barefoot Books

ISBN: 9781846860881

Category: Children's stories, New Zealand

Page: 80

View: 8622

The weaving of fabulous worlds, with words and with fabrics, has occupied humans from all countries and cultures for thousands of years. This collection brings you the best of these yarns, spun through the ages by communities near and far.

Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tales

Twelve Timeless Treasures

Author: Mary Engelbreit

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0060885831

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 128

View: 4130

With twelve beloved stories meant for reading aloud and more than one hundred glorious illustrations, Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tales is destined to become a family favorite! Every turn of the page brings fresh delight as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid, and others come to life as only Mary Engelbreit could have imagined them. Images of Rapunzel alone in her tower, Cinderella’s pumpkin becoming a golden carriage, and Thumbelina's search for a home are unforgettable. Richly sparkling art in splendid colors, warm humor, and all of the charm found in Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tales make it a treasure with immediate appeal and long-lasting value. You’ll want to share it with those you love.

Mister Finch

Living in a Fairy Tale World

Author: Mister Finch,Justine Hand

Publisher: Glitterati

ISBN: 9780991341979

Category: Art

Page: 224

View: 4456

This first book by famous textile artist Mister Finch is a gorgeous collection of the artist's fantastical, one-of-a-kind creatures. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, as well as British folklore, Finch mingles fairytales and reality to create a magical world all his own. Peek inside Finch's Yorkshire studio, a place brimming with buttons and scraps of fabric, where spindly-legged spiders keep watch over mischievous hares and carpet-winged moths perch majestically atop bookshelves. Finch's critters have been called "wonderfully peculiar and completely charming," "a joy for the eye and the soul." Many of these pieces were born of treasures lost and forgotten: velvet curtains from an old hotel, a threadbare wedding dress and a vintage apron become birds and beasts, looking for new owners and adventures. The pages of this book are strewn with creatures who prove that anything is possible in the fairytale world of Mister Finch.

Princess Furball

Author: Charlotte Huck

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0688131077

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 3687

Once upon a time a cruel King decided to betroth his motherless daughter to an Ogre in exchange for fifty wagons filled with silver. When the Princess learns what her father has done, she is horrified. But she is as clever as she is beautiful. Quickly, the Princess devises a plan to escape and, relying on her own spunk and good sense, ultimately marries the man she chooses for herself.

The Faerie's Gift

Author: Nicoletta Ceccoli

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781846862304

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 7812

Every day the woodcutter would swing his axe over his shoulder and head into the forest.

Tilda's Fairytale Wonderland

Over 25 Beautiful Sewing and Papercraft Projects

Author: Tone Finnanger

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN: 9781446303313

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

View: 7918

A beautiful collection of brand new Tilda projects, featuring seasonal designs in Tone Finnanger's quirky style. Each chapter is themed on a classic children's story, such as Pinocchio, Bambi, The Nutcracker and The Princess and the Pea. Projects include new doll designs (ballerinas, princesses, soldiers and various animals), as well as gifts and decorations using the latest range of Tilda fabrics and products.

The Princess and the White Bear King

Author: Tanya Robyn Batt,Nicoletta Ceccoli

Publisher: Barefoot Books

ISBN: 9781846860942

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 40

View: 9833

A girl travels east of the sun and west of the moon to free her beloved prince from a magic spell.

A Fairy-Tale Christmas

Creating Magical Celebrations Inspired by an Enchanted Castle

Author: Karen Anderson

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang

ISBN: 9781584795308

Category: Cooking

Page: 160

View: 1928

An inspirational how-to guide to innovative holiday decorating and entertaining journeys to the Hudson Valley village of Tarrytown, New York, to visit Lyndhurst, one of America's finest Gothic Revival mansions, to view the unique decorations, created by designer Bob Pesce, who adorns each of the main rooms in the style of a different children's story.

A Child's Book of Faeries

Author: Tanya Robyn Batt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781841489544

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 64

View: 861

Stories, poems and snippets of faerie lore from Great Britain and Ireland.

How a Mother Weaned Her Girl from Fairy Tales

and Other Stories

Author: Kate Bernheimer

Publisher: Coffee House Press

ISBN: 1566893488

Category: Fiction

Page: 158

View: 8602

Elegant and brutal, the stories in Kate Bernheimer's latest collection occupy a heightened landscape, where the familiar cedes to the grotesque and nonsense just as often devolves into terror. These are fairy tales out of time, renewing classic stories we think we know, like one of Bernheimer's girls, whose hands of steel turn to flowers, leaving her beautiful but alone. Kate Bernheimer is the author of the short story collection Horse, Flower, Bird and the editor of My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales and the journal Fairy Tale Review.

Becoming Beauty

Author: Sarah E. Boucher

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN: 1462109551

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9147

I forced myself to remain in place and look up at him instead of scuttling backward. “What is it you want with me?” I asked, trying for boldness but sensing the quaver in my voice. “Nothing,” he replied scornfully. “I want nothing from a useless child like you.” Sent to a far-off castle as punishment, self-centered Bella has finally met her match. And he’s far more a beast than a man. As their personalities clash, Bella comes to realize that there’s more to the Beast than she could ever have dreamed if she’s willing to look beneath the surface. And then there’s Jack, the kind servant who has helped Bella adjust to her new life, someone Bella could easily fall in love with. But pursuing true love may cost Bella her dreams of wealth and beauty—and that’s a price she’s unwilling to pay. Becoming Beauty is an imaginative retelling of the classic fairy tale that’s sure to entertain readers of all ages.

Piece By Piece

Author: Stephanie Shaw

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

ISBN: 1534103031

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 6011

Drawing inspiration from the natural world around her, a weaver woman with a magical touch crafts exquisite fabrics. And from the fabric she fashions a wondrous dress, with a bodice that sparkles of starlight and lace like the foam of an ocean wave. The weaver envisions the food and clothing she will be able to buy for her children from the sale of the dress. But when she takes the dress to a local shopkeeper, the weaver is told her work is not saleable. And so she starts over again. Harkening back to the magic and lessons learned from classic fairy tales, this imaginative tale reminds readers of all ages of the importance of pursuing one's dreams and following one's heart.

Tilda's Spring Ideas

Author: Tone Finnanger

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN: 9781446302446

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 48

View: 503

This is a gorgeous collection of fresh, Spring-themed sewing projects using the latest Tilda fabrics and embellishments. You can choose from a stunning variety of sewing and papercraft designs, including bags, soft toys, fabric boxes and unique decorations. The colour palette used includes shades of red, pink, white, pale green, azure blue and cyan. Inside Tilda’s Spring Ideas you will find two chapters filled with beautiful projects inspired by springtime. In the first chapter, Garden Party, you will find new angels sporting trouser suits, denim jackets and crochet summer hats, perfect for adorning any picnic table, plus gorgeous décor ideas; cute cupcake garlands, and beautiful dog table roses, and festive bags. You will also meet Bug, a funny guy who takes care of the party’s delicacies; too busy to worry about carbs and calories! If you have a passion for needlework, in the second chapter, Sewing Workshop, you will find ideas for sewing fanatics. You are introduced to a sewing angel inspired by Marilyn Monroe, with a cheeky bright red sewing machine. There are also lovely little storage boxes, cute sewing kits and Tone’s personal favourite; the pinwheels. The projects are accompanied by clear instructions, gorgeous photographs and colour illustrations; perfect for crafters of all abilities. So with Spring in the air, why not head to your sewing workroom and create these gorgeous Spring-inspired projects for your home, garden party or as gifts for friends.

Cottages by the Sea

The Handmade Homes of Carmel, America's First Artist Community

Author: Linda Leigh Paul

Publisher: Universe Pub


Category: Architecture

Page: 223

View: 7083

Homes in Carmel, California's residential district, which contains many of the country's most charming but rarely seen cottages, are seen more advantageously in this collection of more than 250 photographs that show the uniqueness of the local architecture. Color photos.

Bitter Greens

A Novel

Author: Kate Forsyth

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1466847832

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 9039

A Library Journal Best Book of 2014: Historical Fiction The amazing power and truth of the Rapunzel fairy tale comes alive for the first time in this breathtaking tale of desire, black magic and the redemptive power of love French novelist Charlotte-Rose de la Force has been banished from the court of Versailles by the Sun King, Louis XIV, after a series of scandalous love affairs. At the convent, she is comforted by an old nun, Sœur Seraphina, who tells her the tale of a young girl who, a hundred years earlier, is sold by her parents for a handful of bitter greens... After Margherita's father steals parsley from the walled garden of the courtesan Selena Leonelli, he is threatened with having both hands cut off, unless he and his wife relinquish their precious little girl. Selena is the famous red-haired muse of the artist Tiziano, first painted by him in 1512 and still inspiring him at the time of his death. She is at the center of Renaissance life in Venice, a world of beauty and danger, seduction and betrayal, love and superstition. Locked away in a tower, Margherita sings in the hope that someone will hear her. One day, a young man does. Award-winning author Kate Forsyth braids together the stories of Margherita, Selena, and Charlotte-Rose, the woman who penned Rapunzel as we now know it, to create what is a sumptuous historical novel, an enchanting fairy tale retelling, and a loving tribute to the imagination of one remarkable woman.

Mary Engelbreit's Nursery Tales

A Treasury of Children's Classics

Author: Mary Engelbreit

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0060731680

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 136

View: 3627

Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the Little Red Hen, and nine other tales are brought to life in this superb treasury. The delightful characters will become storyland friends for life for children who meet them here. Just wait until your child sees the Giant's expression as he cries, "Fee, fi, fo, fum," or the adorable Elves dancing in the Shoemaker's cottage! The Ginger-bread Boy's candy buttons and the dazzling feathers of the Ugly Duckling are among the many inviting details to discover with each new look. A collection of nursery tales so child friendly, rewarding, and full of fun could only have come from the rich and playful imagination of Mary Engelbreit.

Waking Beauty

Author: Leah Wilcox

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698198719

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 6014

When Prince Charming finds Sleeping Beauty and her fairies, he doesn't know what to do. The fairies try to tell him, but he keeps interrupting with crazy ideas of his own such as shouting, jumping on her bed, and pouring water on her. Of course none of those work, and he is mortified when he finally hears what he has to do! A hilarious twist on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, this is a companion to the hit Falling for Rapunzel.

The Little Selkie

A Timeless Fairy Tale

Author: K. M. Shea

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781519495075

Category: Selkies

Page: 318

View: 4140

Dylan-a selkie-makes a terrible mistake when she brashly chases an evil sea witch onto land. Captured and stripped of her pelt-leaving her unable to return to the sea in her sea lion body-Dylan's only chance of survival is to serve as the sea witch's tool. Instead of allowing the sea witch to use her selkie ability to control water, Dylan asks a wandering enchantress to seal her voice, rendering her unable to use her selkie magic. Stranded-with no allies and no way to contact her family-Dylan fears she will never successfully steal her pelt back.Luckily, Dylan is not alone. She is befriended by Prince Callan, a kind, human prince whose country is being pulverized by the sea witch. Combining the strength of humans and the intelligence of the selkies, the pair unites to save their people.But when the storm is over will Dylan choose to stay with Callan, or return to the sea and leave him behind...forever?

Dance Upon a Time

Movement Stories for the Feet and Tongue

Author: Tanya Robyn Batt,Peter Merrick,Juliet Hawkins,New Zealand Playcentre Federation Staff

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780908609536

Category: Dance

Page: 129

View: 397

Allow Tanya's effervescent enthusiasm and expertise to guide you through renewed thinking where dance is primarily about using the body as a means of exploration and expression and may include slumping, slithering, rolling, bouncing and jumping. Learn how to assist children to interpret the thoughts and emotions expressed in language with their bodies. Tanya's approach challenges and engages the children's creativity within the secure environment of stories, some of which may be familiar and some entirely new.