The Pennsylvania Weather Book

Author: Ben Gelber

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813530567

Category: History

Page: 269

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The weather has always been a favorite topic of conversation. Undoubtedly, someone must have said to Noah, "I thought they said it was supposed to let up on Tuesday." Over a century ago, American essayist Charles Dudley Warner wrote in the HartfordCourant, "Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it." And now with the advent of the 24-hour Weather Channel and high-tech radar and satellite imagery, we have more information about the weather at our disposal than ever before. But what about weather in the past? Is the climate changing? Are the summers hotter now than ever before? Were winters colder when our grandparents were children? In The Pennsylvania Weather Book, meteorologist Ben Gelber provides the first comprehensive survey of 250 years of recorded weather in this state. He reports on noteworthy weather happenings by category (snowstorms, rainstorms, cold and heat waves, thunderstorms, and tropical storms) and places them in historical context. Throughout the book, Gelber clearly defines meteorological terms and explains what creates weather events. The book features appendices and tables containing useful references for average temperatures, precipitation, snowfall, and climate data. It also provides a brief history of the weather watchers who contributed to the state's meteorological records since the late eighteenth century. This volume will serve as a valuable resource for weather professionals, amateurs, and local enthusiasts alike.

The Philadelphia Area Weather Book

Author: Jon Nese

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592133918

Category: History

Page: 230

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For anyone wondering about the weather and climate from the Poconos and Philadelphia to Southern New Jersey and the Jersey Shore to Delaware, here are such facts as the hottest summer, snowiest winter, strongest tornado, and signs of global warming.

Birds of Essex

Author: Simon Wood

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408133075

Category: Nature

Page: 680

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The County Avifaunas are a growing series giving full details of the status and range of every species recorded in the county in question. Each title covers all species on the county list, with a detailed breakdown of rarity records, and each has introductory sections describing the county's general ecology, climate, weather patterns, its ornithological history and conservation record. Essex is of national and international importance to many migrating and wintering wildfowl and waders, which can be found on the estuaries. Further inland, the Lea Valley harbours important populations of several species within the complex of reservoirs and gravel-pits. Elsewhere, the diverse habits of woodland and parkland, heaths and commons, agricultural land and urban areas mean that at all times of year there is the opportunity to see upwards of 100 species in a day with little effort. This book analyses and summarises all the data collated and documented over the last 200 years and includes available records to the end of 2004. Introductory chapters discuss the geology and habitats of Essex and the amazing fossil bird record. The individual accounts provide an up-to-date status of each species and patterns of occurrence within Essex. A distribution map is included for most breeding species. A breakdown and analysis are provided for all county rarities. Superb line drawings and photographs illustrate the book, all by talented local artists and photographers. This book is an essential reference for anybody who has watched birds in this amazing county.

Weathervanes of New England

Author: Glenn A. Knoblock,David W. Wemmer

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476664560

Category: Architecture

Page: 296

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First used as a real tool to gauge New England's ever-changing weather, and now viewed as a classic part of American Folk Art, weathervanes historic and unusual have been a part of the region's skyline for over 300 years. In the most comprehensive work to come out on the subject in the last forty years, this book tells of the evolution of the weathervane both in form and function from colonial times down to the present. Highlights include the many photographs of historic and unusual vanes from all states in New England and the stories that stand behind their symbolism and choice of subject matter. Equally important are the weathervane makers throughout the region whose careers are here documented, including well-known companies, individual tradesmen, and even some women, and whose works are still flying today above countless buildings. While many notable museum weathervanes are discussed, the main focus is on those weathervanes that can still be seen today on New England public buildings such as churches, historic meetinghouses, and town halls, making this book an invaluable guide to both the armchair tourist and those who want to visit these unique pieces of folk art in person.

Seedtime & harvest

the diary of an Essex farmer, William Barnard of Harlowbury, 1807-23

Author: Joyce Jones

Publisher: N.A


Category: Agriculture

Page: 56

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Kent: 1925-1949

Author: Bob Ogley

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 200

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The East Anglian

Or, Notes and Queries on Subjects Connected with the Counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cambridgeshire (England)

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Essex Journal

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Essex (England)

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The East Anglian

Or, Notes and Queries on Subjects Connected with the Counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk

Author: Samuel Tymms,Charles Harold Evelyn White

Publisher: N.A


Category: Cambridgeshire (England)

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Willkommen auf Skios


Author: Michael Frayn

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446240632

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Eine schwindelerregende Verwechslungskomödie: Auf einer Ferieninsel in Griechenland bereiten sich die Gäste einer amerikanischen Stiftung auf die Ankunft des diesjährigen Gastredners vor. Dr. Norman Wilfred, Autorität auf dem Gebiet der Szientometrie, erweist sich als erstaunlich jung und gutaussehend und ist alles andere als ein verknöcherter Gelehrter. Das findet insbesondere Nikki, die attraktive rechte Hand von Mrs. Toppler, der Mäzenin. Als Nikkis leichtsinnige Freundin Georgie auf einem anderen Teil der Insel auf einen kahlen, missmutigen und orientierungslosen Mann namens Dr. Norman Wilfred trifft, bricht der nackte Wahnsinn aus.

Sophie Storme

Author: John Hosken

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781456775971

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 268

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Sophie Storme is a girl who can change the weather. An ancestor was accused of being a witch. When Sophie is angry and when in danger.. WAIT FOR WEATHER! In the mystic Celtic land of Cornwall, Sophie with her friend Julie and their brilliant dog Sherlock face many dangers from smugglers, wreckers and a mad lord with a castle possessed of a deep dungeon. Sophie Storme's talent with REAL STORMS saves the girls WHEN DREADFUL THREATS LOOM! But brave Sherlock proves to be the real hero!