The Eagles

An American Band

Author: Andrew Vaughan

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9781402777127

Category: Music

Page: 288

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Profiles the rise of the Eagles, "the most popular rock band in American pop music history ... they pioneered the incredibly popular Southern California country rock sound." -- p. 6. Describes the group as "remarkable artists who bridged the gap betweenthe musical idealism of the sixties and the more cynical seventies in which rock music was fast becoming Big Business" -- dust jacket. A Solo discography is provided for Don Felder, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner, Timothy B. Schmit, and Joe Walsh.

War of the Eagles

Author: Eric Walters

Publisher: Orca Book Publishers

ISBN: 1551430991

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 224

View: 2268

During World War II near Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Jed comes to better understand and take pride in his British and native Tsimshian ancestry through caring for an injured eagle at a military fort and losing his Japanese Canadian best friend to aninternment camp.

Flight Of The Eagles

Author: Gilbert L Morris

Publisher: Moody Publishers

ISBN: 157567971X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 192

View: 4756

Josh Adams, 14, awakes from a 50-year sleep. Ancient prophecy commands him and the other Sleepers to unite in battle against the evil priests, and combat the doubt that threatens their faith.

The Eagles Encyclopedia

Author: Ray Didinger,Robert S. Lyons

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592134540

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 324

View: 2099

The first comprehensive history of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Rise of the Eagles

Volume One of the Eagles' Saga

Author: Bryan Rice

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595283357

Category: Fiction

Page: 358

View: 9465

The Eagles are rising... Following a nighttime auto accident, Keith Brandon awakens to find himself nearly two hundred years into the future. His former life and world mysteriously destroyed, Keith teams up with Outlanders Jason Dodger and Cindy Sawyer. They venture into the world of the Global Empire, intent on avenging the death of Cindy's father and his tribe. The three encounter a number of malcontents and exiles on their journey. Keith finds his plans for personal revenge altered into a quest to free his new world from the clutches of Dr. Luther Von Jade, self-proclaimed emperor of Earth. Amid the discovery of new allies and potential traitors, the fledgling rebel group will face the terrifying war machines of the Global Empire. The Eagles must persevere to save humanity from an uncertain future.

The Music of Eagles Made Easy for Guitar

Author: Eagles

Publisher: Hal Leonard Corporation

ISBN: 9780769259697

Category: Music

Page: 48

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(Easy Guitar). Easy guitar arrangements of: Hotel California * New Kid in Town * Life in the Fast Lane * Wasted Time * Victim of Love * After the Thrill Is Gone * Desperado * Lyin' Eyes * One of These Nights * Take It Easy * Take It to the Limit * Tequila Sunrise * Witchy Woman * Heartache Tonight * Long Run * I Can't Tell You Why * Peaceful Easy Feeling * Already Gone * The Best of My Love.

Iron for the Eagles

The Iron Industry of Roman Britain

Author: David Sim,Isabel Ridge

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing (SC)


Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 159

View: 4567

The invasion of AD 43 began the Romans' settlement of Britain. The Romans brought with them a level of expertise that raised iron production in Britain from small localised sites to an enormous industry. Rome thrived on war and iron was vital to the Roman military establishment as well as to the civil population. In their pioneering work, David Sim and Isabel Ridge combine current ideas of iron making in Roman times with experimental archaeology. This book stretches far beyond dry theory and metallurgy alone; it covers all the stages of this essential process from prospecting to distribution and describes the whole cycle of iron production. Clear photographs and line drawings illustrate the text well enough to allow keen readers to reproduce the artefacts for themselves. Fascinating to the general reader and all those with an interest in Roman history, this book is invaluable to students of archaeology and professional archaeologists alike.

Mistress of the Eagles

Author: Elona Malterre

Publisher: Dell Books

ISBN: 9780440503088


Page: 409

View: 2044

Arrah O'Donnell runs away to sea to escape an arranged marriage in fifteenth-century Ireland, becomes captain of a pirate ship, but cannot forget the attractions of Seaghan MacNamara

Tales from the Eagles Sideline

Author: Gordon Forbes

Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1596701536

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 177

View: 5663

Even in their worst of seasons, the Philadelphia Eagles maintained their tradition of toughness. This toughness is exemplified by the greats who have put on the Eagles uniform-from legends like Chuck Bednarik and Steve Van Buren to modern-day heroes like Reggie White and Donovan McNabb.In Tales from the Eagles Sidelines, veteran football writer Gordon Forbes profiles the individuals who have thrilled Philadelphia fans since the team's inception in 1933 through its recent return to glory with McNabb at the helm. Forbes details how these men become legendary heroes, not only because of the championships they won but because of their hard-knocking style.They were relentless athletes playing in a city that has always appreciated hard, tough performers more than fancy steppers. And when the winter winds arrive and the Eagles are playing for something more than their paychecks, there is a wonderful love affair that spirals in the frosty air between the fans and their "iggles," as the team is called.Tales from the Eagles Sidelines recalls the great players and some of the not-so-great characters told in the form of flashbacks to another time. Some of the stories, like Vince Papale's Rocky-like adventures, are stirring to the soul. Others, like Fred Hill's courageous fight to save his leukemia-stricken daughter, sadden the mind. All of the individual tales, however, share a common bond. They are all about Eagles who wore the green, silver, and white and played in a very special city.

The Eagles Are Back

Author: Jean Craighead George

Publisher: Live Oak Media (NY)

ISBN: 9781430117773

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: N.A

View: 5307

Presents a tribute to the efforts of dedicated volunteers who helped save the American bald eagle from extinction, including the story of a young boy who helped hatch an eaglet.

To the Limit

The Untold Story of the Eagles

Author: Marc Eliot

Publisher: Little Brown & Company

ISBN: 9780316233705

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 370

View: 2139

A full-scale biography of the Eagles offers an unauthorized, behind-the-scenes glimpse of rock 'n' roll life, following the band from their early career, to their self-destructive, decadent fall into the excesses of the 1970s, to their remarkable comeback. 50,000 first printing. Tour.

The Eagles Encyclopedia

Author: Ray Didinger,Robert S. Lyons

Publisher: Temple University Press

ISBN: 9781592134540

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 324

View: 6115

The first comprehensive history of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Secret of the Eagles

Author: Desmond Greig

Publisher: N.A


Category: Children's stories, South African (English)

Page: 79

View: 1068

The Eagles' Cry

Author: Gracie Pearl Mahoney,Willa Charlene Nowell

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462837069

Category: Fiction

Page: 127

View: 5002

The Eagles Cry is set in Oklahoma in 1950 after decades of events that have tested the fiber of family and community strength; The Dust Bowl, the Great Depression, and World War II. As a community emerges still intact from these external adversities, they discover that an internal malevolence may be their downfall. A murderer has suddenly started killing women and children in the particularly unworldly, small town of Bugtussel. People are afraid for their families, and afraid of one another, as the only outside suspects in the case, the hobos, have spread the word to avoid Bugtussel. Now a community must look within to see who among them is trying to tear them apart. Meet colorful characters like Hobo Moses, Ole Grannie Wise Owl, Sam Snakekiller, Billy, the goat, and Ole Dolly, the horse, through the experiences of two little girls, Gracie and Willie Jones. In the tradition of To Kill a Mockingbird large social issues tested by childhood innocence become less complicated and more terrifying. With these two adventuress and imaginative little girls, though, a family and ultimately a community find out how to rise up on wings like eagles and overcome the storms. Book Excerpt Granpa Shares a Vision Gracie had awakened suddenly. She heard the front screen groan as Granpa opened and closed it. She heard the creek of protest from the porch as he let himself down on his favorite spot just to the right of the steps. She climbed out of bed trying not to wake Willie, but before she could slip her dress over her head and get out the door, Willie was beside her. They came as quietly as they could through the protesting front screen and silently crept into Granpas lap. Listen, he whispered. Watch. The eastern light turned crimson as the world became brighter around them. The rooster dutifully announced the beginning of another day. The chickens emerged clucking, milling around, scratching for the early worm, and occasionally fighting over it. Willie wriggled to get a more comfortable position. Gracie held her breath. Something about Granpa told her this was very important to her. Look. It was almost a sigh. The girls gaze followed Granpas pointing finger to the sky. They saw a small, dark spot on the horizon, appearing as if by signal from Granpa. Soon a great bird came closer. As it grew near, another approached. They are high, high, Gracie thought. Then she heard a cry from the first; an answering cry from the other. The clearness, the sharpness of the call touched something deep inside her. She heard Willies sigh of awe. Thats the eagle, Granpa said. The eagles circled, calling to each other. One came close and rose again with a cry. Gracie was lost in them. She felt their freedom and joy burst in her heart. She cried from joy. Willie held tighter to Granpa. The chicken noises faded away and the three of them were lost in the eagles. The three were eagles. They were flying in the heavens calling to each other recognition as they passed. Granpa held them close, his love like a warm comforter. When your father died, he said, I had a time of anguish and bitterness. I couldnt seem to get out of the darkness around me. Then, Jesus gave me a vision. I saw ice-topped mountains, with several eagles flyin amongst them. Each time one would pass the other, they would cry in recognition to each other. They flew high above the earth, tangled in nothin; their eyes on heaven. Granpa was quiet for awhile, then he said with compassion, Without the joy of the Lord, life is like them chickens over there. Heads close to the ground, peckin out a livin, fightin over the earth worm. I was like that rooster, risin early in the mornin and gettin lost in the earth and scratchin. Sadness was there for a moment. Then, he finished, I learned some things you jist had to turn over to the Lord, and fly with the eagles. They both hugged Granpa close. Im a

On the Eagles’ Wings

Those Who Hope in the Lord Will Renew Their Strength. They Will Soar on Wings like Eagles.


Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 149084466X

Category: Religion

Page: 198

View: 1089

On the Eagles’ Wings is a practical book that one can easily identify with, as it exposes the practical issues that affect the outcome of decisions that people make while they face different challenges in life. This book outlines the principles that individuals must pay attention to in order to make a wise choice in critical moments when they are faced with a difficult decision. It also exposes common pitfalls that could make situations worse if they are not carefully avoided, like making hasty decisions. When an individual is faced with dilemma, if the person is not strong in the Lord, he or she can easily be blown about by every wind of doctrine, easily deterring one from reaching his goal. On the Eagles’ Wings can be used as a point of reference by anyone going through difficult times or facing having to make a life-altering decision. This book is written based on biblical facts and references, as well as on true stories shared by Christians who have lived through hard times and have now shared the experiences that helped to ground them in the Lord. People go through different challenges in life. The most important thing while going through these trials is not so much the challenge itself, but instead how each individual tackles the situation—this is what makes the difference and grants the person victory. As Christians, we know that our faith is rooted in the Lord.

Between the Eagles

The Dragoons

Author: Stephen Wuensche

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 149311235X

Category: Fiction

Page: 233

View: 4612

Between the Eagles is the beginning of a Texas that might have been, as told through the eyes of a young army officer. Edward Rabb is the youngest son in a family of the first Texas settlers, Austins Old Three Hundred, ambitious and eager to find a life beyond the existence on his fathers plantation. The journey takes him through the hardest country in the Republic: old Spanish Missions, the edge of distant settlements, and the rugged deserts of northern Mexico. Assigned to a captain hardened by frontier service and paired with another lieutenant with his own ambitions, Rabb quickly learns that hostile Comanches and a vengeful Mexico are not the only threats he will face. Faced for the first time with life and death decisions, the experience will force him to decide if his lifes ambition is what he expected it to be or truly wanted.

The Eagles of Savoy

The House of Savoy in Thirteenth-Century Europe

Author: Eugene L. Cox

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400867916

Category: History

Page: 512

View: 8718

This book is the history of a very remarkable family, that of Count Thomas of Savoy, whose seven sons and two daughters rose from relative obscurity to fame, fortune, and involvement in almost every major international conflict in western Europe during the fifty years following their father's death in 1233. By tracing the careers of the Savoyards, Eugene L. Cox emerges with a pan-European view of the thirteenth century. Professor Cox describes the ways in which the members of the Savoyard family gained access to the most powerful courts in Europe, an advantage that they skillfully employed in turning their scattered Alpine dominions into a territorial state, and in making their family a powerful force in the world of high diplomacy. From Scotland and Flanders to Sicily and Rome, the author traces the influence of the Savoyard family in dealings between states, in conflicts with the papacy, and in the struggles for power within the emerging national states. Based on extensive research in both published and unpublished sources, the book pieces together widely scattered data in order to reconstruct a picture of a real-life medieval family saga. Set as it is in the era of the formation of national states and the breakdown of the Holy Roman Empire, the story is a fascinating background account of this tumultuous period in history. Originally published in 1974. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Where the Eagles are Gathered

The Deliverance of the Elect in Lukan Eschatology

Author: Steven Bridge

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0826462170

Category: Religion

Page: 193

View: 5257

Although many scholars consider Luke 17:22-37 to be "the most important eschatological passage in Luke-Acts," few agree on the precise meaning of the enigmatic proverb which forms its conclusion (Luke 17:37). Generally, Jesus' logion is taken to convey a macabre image of impending judgement. However, this study offers fresh literary, redactional, and historical evidence to suggest that Luke recast Jesus' saying in order to describe something much more glorious--the deliverance of the elect. Examination of the material elsewhere in Luke-Acts corroborates Luke's expectation of an ethereal reunion, and suggests that this hope constitutes the most characteristic feature of Lukan eschatology.

Tomb of the Eagles

Death and Life in a Stone Age Tribe

Author: John W. Hedges

Publisher: New Amsterdam Books

ISBN: 1461732689

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 9273

Isbister in the Orkneys is one of those extraordinary archaeological sites where the remains of Neolithic man and his works have been so well preserved that they give us an amazingly clear picture of the life and people of 5000 years ago. In Tomb of the Eagles John W. Hedges describes vividly the activities of a tribe which had as its totem the magnificent white-tailed sea eagle. For these people the building and use of the tomb was symbol and expression of their identity. It was here that the dead joined their ancestors–but only after the flesh had been stripped from their bones. It was here, too, that offerings were made. Here broken pots were piled; fish, eagles and joints of meat mouldered; and the hands of the living sorted the heaped bones of the dead.