The Country Almanac of Home Remedies

Time-Tested & Almost Forgotten Wisdom for Treating Hundreds of Common Ailments, Aches & Pains Quickly and Naturally

Author: Brigitte Mars,Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 1592336310

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 287

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Presents a collection of popular, all-natural, traditional remedies for a variety of common ailments, ranging from backache and sunburns to ear infections and gout.

The Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques That Save You Money

Folk Wisdom for Keeping Your House Clean, Green, and Homey

Author: Richard Freudenberger

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 159233413X

Category: House & Home

Page: 256

View: 4356

In recent years, there has been a plethora of products created to clean and maintain the home. Newer, however, isn’t always better. Many of today’s products are expensive, bad for the environment and don’t work any better than Grandma’s methods that cost only pennies. The Country Almanac of Housekeeping Techniques That Save You Money teaches readers the creative housekeeping secrets of our fore-mothers for maintaining homey houses without modern day expenses. Author Richard Freudenberger has collected hundreds of formulas for effective cleaning on the cheap (and green to boot!) and ways our ancestors saved on heating bills and maintained cozy, charming homes with little besides their ingenuity. This comprehensive encyclopedia gathers the least expensive ways of taking care of everything in your house—from dishes and laundry, to healthy meals, to the best ways to get the longest life out of every household item from pots and pans to pillowcases.

The Home Reference to Holistic Health and Healing

Easy-to-Use Natural Remedies, Herbs, Flower Essences, Essential Oils, Supplements, and Therapeutic Practices for Health, Happiness, and Well-Being

Author: Quayside,Brigitte Mars,Fair Winds Press,Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Fair Winds Press (MA)

ISBN: 1592336361

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 5077

Offers a variety of herbal and therapeutic home remedies for managing stress, covering subjects ranging from aromatherapy and supplements to yoga and meditation. By the author of The Country Almanac of Home Remedies. Original.

Home Remedies Rx: DIY Prescriptions When You Need Them Most

Author: Althea Press

Publisher: Callisto Media Inc.

ISBN: 1623154138

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 320

View: 2092

Relief is just an arm’s reach away. Health ailments and injuries are bound to interrupt your day-to-day life when you least expect it. Home Remedies Rx offers safe and effective treatments when you them most. Whether you are battling insomnia, a headache, chapped lips, a bee sting, or acid reflux, Home Remedies Rx offers tried-and-true solutions to help alleviate everyday aches and pains, as well as tips for enhancing beauty and wellness. From the natural healing experts who brought you the New York Times bestseller Essential Oils for Beginners, Home Remedies Rx will help you treat today’s ailments with time-tested wisdom. Home Remedies Rx offers effective, natural remedies at your fingertips, with: • An easy-to-navigate A-to-Z reference guide to natural home remedies • Profiles of more than 60 healing foods, household products, and essential oils • Effective home remedies to treat more than 100 common ailments and address your beauty and wellness needs • DIY treatments for prenatal, infant, and child-age ailments • Natural home remedies to help your pets stay healthy too Save time, money, and trips to the doctor’s office with this handy guide to home remedies.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Natural Remedies

Author: Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101020458

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 464

View: 5221

It's amazing what a little peppermint and a couple of walnuts can do. The health conditions? Everything from heart disease, cancer, and migraines to insomnia, PMS, and allergies. The remedies? Fish oils, peppermint, lavender, blueberry yogurt, and old-fashioned vitamin C. This is a complete reference book for readers who want scientifically researched recommendations for the best all-natural treatments for specific conditions presented in an easy-to-follow format. - Covers complaints and ailments from high blood pressure to bug bites - Each treatment based on the latest scientific research - Includes natural remedies from herbs and supplements to traditional Chinese Medicine - Arranged by specific ailment or disorder

Country Wisdom Almanac

373 Tips, Crafts, Home Improvements, Recipes, and Homemade Remedies

Author: Editors of Storey Publishing's Country Wisdom Bulletins

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1603762817

Category: Reference

Page: 316

View: 2435

A follow-up to Black Dog's bestselling Country Wisdom and Know-How, the Country Wisdom Almanac provides hundreds of ideas and methods for living the good and simple life, plus information on weather, gardening, buying produce and cooking by season, holidays, frost dates, moon phases, and more. Divided into the four seasons and then organized into 373 individual tips, the Country Wisdom Almanac presents a wide variety of ways to live a simpler, more self-sustained life year round. Each season offers home-improvement ideas (wallpaper a room in the Fall or build a stone wall in the Spring), crafts (create gorgeous homemade decorations for Christmas, Halloween, or the Fourth of July), recipes (use seasonal produce to create fresh, healthy meals), gardening advice (what and when to plant in order to get the maximum results from your land), and more. Also included is year-round advice on caring for pets, creating your own health and beauty remedies, canning and preserving food, and more. Each season opens with a list of holidays and a guide to in-season produce. Appendices cover average weather by city and month, frost dates, and moon phases.

The Methodist Almanac

Author: David Young,Samuel Hart Wright,William Harrison De Puy

Publisher: N.A


Category: Almanacs, American

Page: N.A

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Garden of Death

Author: Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476748926

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 4854

When a local doctor is found dead in Willow McQuade’s medicinal garden, she must find the killer to clear her boyfriend’s name in this third clever book in the Natural Remedies Mystery series. Dr. Willow McQuade, owner of Nature’s Way Market & Café, has put the finishing touches on a new medicinal plant garden for Greenport’s annual Maritime Festival and is ready for the festivities to begin. But it’s not all flowers and sunshine at the grand opening, when Willow discovers the body of another contestant, Dr. Charles White, face down in her garden. Willow’s hunky boyfriend, Jackson Spade, immediately becomes a suspect due to a recent fight with Dr. White. Willow knows she has to remedy the situation, but it won’t be easy with the other applicants’ vendettas and vandals wrecking her garden at every turn. And when she finds buried treasure in her garden that just might belong to the legendary Captain Kidd, the stakes become even higher. Was Dr. White searching for that treasure? Did someone kill him to get to it first? With the help of Jackson and her eccentric ex-boyfriend, Willow follows the clues to uncover the truth that someone wants buried… But can she dig up enough evidence before she becomes the killer’s next victim?

Death Drops

A Natural Remedies Mystery

Author: Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451643624

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

View: 5948

When a holistic doctor’s beloved aunt is murdered and the valuable recipe for her skin cream stolen, Dr. Willow McQuade must find the killer before he strikes again. Dr. Willow McQuade, N.D., a twenty-eight-year-old doctor specializing in natural remedies, has decided to take sabbatical and visit her Aunt Claire, the owner of Nature’s Way Market and Cafe in idyllic Greenport, Long Island. The idea of rest and relaxation is quickly forgotten when Willow arrives from a morning meditative walk to discover her Aunt Claire dead in the store, a strange almond-like smell emanating from her mouth and a bottle of flower essences by her side. Despite her Zen nature and penchant for yoga, Aunt Claire had a knack for getting into confrontations with folks. An activist, she held weekly meetings for different causes every week in the store. The police want to believe the death is accidental—but Willow thinks she may have been poisoned. Things get worse when Aunt Claire’s valuable recipe for a new natural age-defying formula, Fresh Face, is stolen during a store break-in, and an attempt is made on Willow’s life. Desperate for a way out of the mess, she turns to a handsome young cop Jackson Spade. Together the two set about solving the case the natural way—through a combination of hard work, common sense, and a dose of luck.

Dandelion Dead

A Natural Remedies Mystery

Author: Chrystle Fiedler

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476748942

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 5415

In a cozy mystery filled with natural cures and edible plants that you will love, an organic winery becomes the backdrop for murder! Fortunately, solving crimes comes naturally to charmingly unconventional amateur sleuth and holistic doctor, Willow McQuade, as she looks for clues that will reveal a killer’s true vintage. Business is blooming at Nature’s Way Market & Café, and shop owner, holistic doctor, and amateur sleuth, Willow McQuade has never been happier. Her new medicinal herb garden is a hit, so is her new book, she’s in love with ex-cop and animal rescuer Jackson Spade, and enjoying teaching seminars about edible plants and natural remedies. But everything changes when Willow’s old boyfriend and TV producer, Simon Lewis, winemaker David Farmer, and his wife Ivy, ask her to cater a party at Pure, their new organic vineyard, to kick off North Fork’s Uncorked! week and the competition for Wine Lovers magazine’s $200,000 prize. Pure’s entry, Falling Leaves, is the favorite to win, and the wine flows freely until after Simon’s toast when smiles give way to looks of horror. Ivy’s twin sister, Amy has been murdered! Turns out, the poison that killed her was actually meant for David. But who wants him dead? A rival vintner? Or someone closer to home? This time the truth may be a bitter vintage to swallow.

Almanac of world crime

Author: Jay Robert Nash

Publisher: Anchor Books


Category: Reference

Page: 452

View: 2348

Making Gardens of Their Own

Advice for Women, 1500-1750

Author: Betty Travitsky,Anne Lake Prescott

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9780754651666

Category: Gardening

Page: 400

View: 2646

During the period 1500-1750 a general shift in gardening practice took place, from which emerged three distinct types of gardens: (traditional) subsistence or kitchen gardens, aesthetic gardens, and gendered aesthetic gardens. The gardening and husbandry manuals published during the period, typified by the texts selected for this volume, reveal how and what one planted was related to one's role in society.

The Old Farmer's Almanac 2004

Author: Robert B. Thomas

Publisher: Yankee Pub

ISBN: 9781571982957

Category: Reference

Page: 256

View: 2167

A compilation of practical advice and folklore features weather forecasts for the United States, planting tables, health remedies, horoscopes, recipes, games and puzzles, and other entertaining and useful information