The Complete Book of Parakeet Care

Expert Advice on Proper Management, 160 Fascinating Color Photos, Tips on Parakeet Care for Children

Author: Annette Wolter,Monika Wegler

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated

ISBN: 9780812016888

Category: Pets

Page: 142

View: 9595

Explains how to select, feed, care for, and breed parakeets.

Budgie Care

The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Budgies As Pets (Budgerigars, Parakeets, Shell Parakeets and Parrots)

Author: Pet Care Professionals

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537005829


Page: 38

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Budgie Care: The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Budgies as Pets Here at Pet Care Professionals we are passionate about pet care. As a brand we have a strong idea of what makes up a good pet care book. We consult with multiple experts in each animals field to allow us to create a book filled with cumulative opinions and best practices. The experts we consult range from veterinarians to every day pet keepers who have had years of experience caring for the specific animal each book is on. Our aim, and mission, is to produce the best possible pet care books that are a great value for money. The budgerigar (scientifically known as the 'Melopaittacus undulatus') is a species of parrot that is characterised by its small body, long tail and seed based diet. Budgerigars are also commonly known as budgies, parakeets and shell parakeets. The species originates throughout the drier regions of Australia but has become a very popular house hold pet in recent years. The budgerigar has survived the harsh, dry and hot conditions of Australia for the last 5 million years! In the wild the budgies colouring is primarily green and yellow with black scalloped markings on their nape, wings and back. However due to their popularity as pets the budgie has been selectively bred to have colourings of whites, blues, greys and oranges. Budgies are popular pets due to their interesting colour morphs, their ability to mimic human voices, their wide availability, their small size and their relatively low price. Tags: budgie, budgie care, budgie pet, budgie pet care, parakeet, parakeet pet care, parakeet pet, parakeet care, shell parakeet, shell parakeet care, shell parakeet pet, shell parakeet pet care, budgerigar, budgerigar pet, budgerigar care, budgerigar pet care, budgie training, budgerigar training, mimicry, budgie mimicry, how to teach your budgie to talk, budgie talk, parrot, parrot care, parrot pet, parrot pet care,


A Guide to Caring for Your Parakeet

Author: Angela Davids

Publisher: i5 Publishing

ISBN: 1935484974

Category: Pets

Page: 160

View: 1414

A budgie, as the common parakeet is typically called, is the subject of this Complete Care Made Easy pet guide that presents new and experienced bird keepers with insight into every aspect of selecting, caring for, and maintaining well-behaved happy pet birds. Angela Davids has written an ideal introductory pet guide, with chapters on the characteristics of the irresistible budgie, the history of budgies in the wild, selection of a healthy, typical pet bird, housing and care, feeding, training, and health care. The selection chapter offers potential owners excellent advice about selection of the color and sex, suitability of the delicate budgie with families, children, and other pets. In the chapter on housing and care, the author discusses selection of the right cage, placement of the cage, and the purchase of toys, cups, perches, and more. A bird’s diet is critical to its ongoing health, and the chapter devoted to feeding the budgie gives the reader all the info he or she needs about choosing the best diet, different types of seeds, greens, fruits, veggies, grit, as well as human foods to avoid. The chapter “Training Time” addresses finger training, towel training, perch training, and offers an easy-to-follow primer on teaching a budgie to talk. The final two chapters of the book will be useful for bird fanciers interested in learning more about the breeding and the basic color variations and genetics of this perfect beginner’s bird. The book concludes with an appendix of bird societies, a glossary of terms, and a complete index.

Irish Setters

Author: Joe Stahlkuppe,Matthew M. Vriends

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780812046632

Category: Pets

Page: 77

View: 4464

Describes the special characteristics of Irish setters, discusses selection and care, and includes information about breeding and common health concerns


Everything about Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Behavior, and Training

Author: Hildegard Niemann

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764138973

Category: Pets

Page: 63

View: 1084

"With a special chapter: Budgerigars in distress"--Cover.

Together Again

The Life and Travels of Carlos and Angelina

Author: George Griffith

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1491712961

Category: Fiction

Page: 60

View: 8017

TOGETHER AGAIN is a tale of the journey of two early-bonded then separated parakeets, Carlos and Angelina, and two bonded caretakers who also become separated. With both birds and humans following their hearts, this love drama is another bird book to take under one’s wing.


How to Take Care of Them and to Understand Them

Author: H. Sundstrom,Mary O. Sundstrom,Fredric L. Frye

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780812018752

Category: Pets

Page: 95

View: 5391

With a Special Chapter : Breeding your collie.

H wie Habicht

Author: Helen Macdonald

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 384371147X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 7315

Der Spiegel-Bestseller Der Tod ihres Vaters trifft Helen unerwartet. Erschüttert von der Wucht der Trauer wird der Kindheitstraum in ihr wach, ihren eigenen Habicht aufzuziehen und zu zähmen. Und so zieht das stolze Habichtweibchen Mabel bei ihr ein. Durch die intensive Beschäftigung mit dem Tier entwickelt sich eine konzentrierte Nähe zwischen den beiden, die tröstend und heilend wirkt. Doch Mabel ist nicht irgendein Tier. Mabel ist ein Greifvogel. Mabel tötet. »Um einen Greifvogel abzurichten, muss man ihn wie einen Greifvogel beobachten, erst dann kann man vorhersagen, was er als Nächstes tun wird. Schließlich sieht man die Körpersprache des Vogels gar nicht mehr – man scheint zu fühlen, was der Vogel fühlt. Die Wahrnehmung des Vogels wird zur eigenen. Als die Tage in dem abgedunkelten Raum vergingen und ich mich immer mehr in den Habicht hineinversetzte, schmolz mein Menschsein von mir ab.« Helen Macdonald Ein Buch über die Erinnerung, über Natur und Freiheit - und über das Glück, sich einer großen Aufgabe von ganzem Herzen zu widmen. »[Macdonalds] anschaulicher Stil – verblüffend und außerordentlich präzise – ist nur ein Teil dessen, was dieses Buch ausmacht. Die Geschichte vom Abrichten Mabels liest sich wie ein Thriller. Die allmählich und behutsam anwachsende Spannung lässt den Atem stocken ... Fesselnd.« Rachel Cooke Observer * New York Times Bestseller * Costa Award für das beste Buch des Jahres 2014 * Samuel Johnson Prize

The Best Pet Name Book Ever!

Author: Wayne Bryant Eldridge

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764181337

Category: Pets

Page: 288

View: 3628

"Pet Dealer" magazine called the previous edition " a lively and humorous book packed with helpful suggestions ." New and prospective pet owners will find more than 3,000 ideas for naming dogs, cats, goldfish, hamsters, and pets of every imaginable kind. The pet names in this edition have been updated to include suggestions from recent movies and TV shows as well as sports celebrities and other public figures. This bonanza of pet name ideas is categorized to reflect a pet's appearance and personality, literary characters, terms of endearment, historical figures, names of places, and much more. Humorous line illustrations add to the pet-naming fun.

Birds For Dummies

Author: Gina Spadafori,Brian L. Speer

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118069145

Category: Pets

Page: 364

View: 8668

"Filled with the information every bird-owner...needs." Joel Murphy, DVM, ABVP, author of How to Care For Your Pet Bird Praise for Birds for Dummies(r) "Squawk about this! A lighthearted...informative book about the care and maintenance of our fine-feathered friends." - Gary A. Gallerstein, DVM, author of The Complete Bird Owner's Handbook "At last - a book that contains more than just pretty bird pictures. This was fun to read. It is clear, concise, factual, useful, and understandable." -Linda Biggi, owner, Bird Gardens Full-color guide to pet birds inside! "You will not be disappointed." Walter Rosskopf, Jr., DVM, Dipl. ABVP Certified in Avian Practice Get the word on birds! From finches and canaries to conures and macaws, this friendly guide describes the species that make the best pets, explains how to select the bird who's best for you, offers tips on bonding with your feathered friend, and provides expert advice on feeding and grooming. Discover how to: Choose the right bird for your budget and lifestyle Create a bird-friendly environment Minimize noise and mess Keep your bird groomed, fit, and healthy Bond with your bird Get smart! Register to win cool prizes Browse exclusive articles and excerpts Get a free Dummies Daily(TM) e-mail newsletter Chat with authors and preview other books Talk to us, ask questions, get answers

Talking Parakeets - Complete Manual on Their Care, Training and Breeding

Author: Milton R. North

Publisher: Read Books Ltd

ISBN: 1473355826

Category: Pets

Page: 38

View: 6715

This text contains a complete yet concise treatise on owning parakeets for beginner and advanced breeders, covering every aspect of their keeping from breeding to training, and everything in between. A great addition to any collection of avicultural literature, this text is not to be missed by parakeet enthusiasts. The chapters contained within this book include: History, Description, Training, Taming, Talking, Feeding, General Care, Breeding, and Color Breeding. Many antique books such as this are increasingly rare and costly, and we are proud to republish this book now complete with a new introduction on aviculture and in the hope that the information contained herein can be of use to discerning readers for years to come.

Kentucky Star

Author: Kate DiCamillo,Sabine Ludwig

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423708753

Category: Animal welfare

Page: 123

View: 3115

Rob, who passes the time in his rural Florida community by wood carving, is drawn by his spunky but angry friend Sistine into a plan to free a caged tiger.

Ringneck Parakeets

The Complete Owner's Guide to Ringneck Parakeets, Including Ringneck Parakeets, Their Care, Breeding, Training, Food, Lifespan, Mutations, Talking, Cages and Diet

Author: Rose Sullivan

Publisher: Ekl Publications

ISBN: 9781909820135

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 139

View: 2341

All the facts and information you want to know about Ringneck Parakeets and more. A superb resource to answer all your questions, this book is a must have for anybody passionate about Ringneck, Rose-ringed Parakeets or Indian Ringneck Parakeets. Covering facts and information about the various mutations including blue, yellow, green, white and violet colors. In a straightforward, no nonsense fashion, Rose Sullivan covers all aspects of caring for these wonderful parrots - including training, handling, health, housing, breeding, lifespan, personality, temperament, diet, suitability as pets, the equipment you need and responsibilities as an owner. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style and is full of sound advice and answers to your questions - including some you didn't know you had!

The Complete Guide to Bird Care

Author: David Alderton

Publisher: Howell Books

ISBN: 9780876050385

Category: Pets

Page: 112

View: 5734

This is an authoritative guide to keeping birds in the home or outdoor aviary, both for the novice and the seasoned breeder.

Ringneck Parakeets

Ringneck Parakeets Facts & Information, Where to Buy, Health, Diet, Lifespan, Types, Breeding, Fun Facts and More! a Complete Ringneck Parakeet Care Guide

Author: Lolly Brown

Publisher: Nrb Publishing

ISBN: 9781941070659

Category: Pets

Page: 122

View: 3866

Ringneck Parakeets are one of the most likeable parrots among bird enthusiasts because of their appealing colors, intelligence and outgoing personalities, they have been around since ancient times and were even regarded as sacred beings! These birds have a reputation of being very sociable and interactive to people, they can adapt well in captivity and adjusts easily to a normal human lifestyle. They're also generally low maintenance compared to other birds, which makes them a very ideal pet bird. They're great longtime companions, and for that you need some guidance on how to take care of them, raise them and possibly learn how to be like them as well as teach them to be like you! Fortunately, this ultimate guide will teach you on how to be the best Ringneck Parakeet owner you can be! Inside this book, you will find tons of helpful information about Ringneck Parakeets: how they live, how to care for them and realize the great benefits of owning one! Ringneck Parakeets Facts & Information, where to buy, health, diet, lifespan, types, breeding, fun facts and more!


Author: Immanuel Birmelin

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series

ISBN: 9780764106620

Category: Pets

Page: 64

View: 4858

The budgerigar, better known in America as the parakeet or the budgie, is among the most popular birds kept as pets. Here is information on the budgerigar in its native habitat, plus expert advice on caging, feeding, breeding, health maintenance, and protecting the bird from accidents and hazards.

Die Eule, die gern aus dem Wasserhahn trank

Mein Leben mit Mumble

Author: Martin Windrow

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446443274

Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 4575

Mumble ist noch ein flauschiges Eulenküken, als Martin Windrow sie bei sich aufnimmt. 15 Jahre lang sollten die beiden unzertrennlich bleiben. Anrührend, charmant und mit unnachahmlich britischem Humor erzählt Windrow, wie die kleine Eule seinen Alltag auf den Kopf stellt. Er berichtet von Mumbles Leidenschaft, Schnürsenkel zu jagen, von ihren lausigen Landungen nach waghalsigen Flugmanövern und ihrem großen Bedürfnis nach Streicheleinheiten. Amüsiert lässt er die Reaktionen seiner irritierten Mitmenschen Revue passieren, die aber irgendwann akzeptieren: Windrow und Mumble sind Freunde geworden. Die Geschichte einer ungewöhnlichen Beziehung – die uns en passant alles über die Biologie und Mythologie der Eulen lehrt.