Taming His Rebel Lady

Author: Jane Godman

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

ISBN: 9781619231498

Category: Fiction

Page: 218

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Can the heat of passion burn too bright? The Georgian Rebel Series, Book 2 In the six months since the Jacobites met defeat at Culloden, the English have ruthlessly routed the remaining rebels. Now Sir Edwin Roxburgh rides to claim Cameron House, his reward for his loyalty to the king. His welcome comes at the point of a sword. It's only after a fierce fight that Edwin discovers that underneath the banned tartan, the "boy" he's just wounded is none other than the lady of the house. If the crown thinks Lady Iona Cameron will allow an English soldier to turn her out of her own home, the crown is sadly mistaken. She never thought her desperate attempt to defy authority would send her to a traitor's death-unless she agrees to marry Roxburgh. Edwin quickly realizes he has his hands full trying to control the fiery, rebellious widow-and trying to control his own desire to fill his arms with her beautiful body. But he has a dark past that makes love not only impossible, but dangerous-especially if Iona manages to slip past his guard. Warning: Contains a rebellious heroine with a secret identity, and a hero with a secret past who's determined to tame her wild ways. Be warned: his methods are erotically unusual.

His Rebel Countess [Challenging the Ton 1]

Author: Peri Elizabeth Scott

Publisher: Siren-BookStrand

ISBN: 1632592223

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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[BookStrand Historical Romance, HEA] Oliver Birmingham, Earl of Leith, is an aristocrat - albeit socially minded - and in the market for a bride. Beautiful, intelligent Abigayle Windsor is a commoner, one the Earl is impossibly drawn to, and when he accidentally compromises her, he insists they wed. Despite her misgivings, Abby agrees to marry Oliver and their honeymoon lays the foundation for a loving, wonderful marriage. But back in London, Oliver is again the Earl, and Abby finds herself adrift and uncertain, unable to fit in, and she garners considerable attention from the gentlemen of the ton. Frustrated with Abby's apparent refusal to adapt, and driven wild with jealousy he refuses to acknowledge, Oliver disciplines his bride one fateful night. He then decrees that if she won't act the part of his Countess, providing him heirs will suffice, and effectively breaks her heart. Have Oliver's actions cost him Abby's love? Or can he leave his father's influence behind, and make it up to her? ** A BookStrand Mainstream Romance

Rebel Lady, Convenient Wife

Author: June Francis

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 142682792X

Category: Fiction

Page: 288

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Driven from her home by accusations of witchcraft, Lady Anna Fenwick embarks on a dangerous quest. Her reluctant protector is darkly brooding Jack Milburn, a merchant venturer with a shadowed past. Jack exists only to exact his revenge on the man who killed his lover and their son, but Anna slowly teaches him how to feel again. So when fate returns Jack's son to him, miraculously alive and well, marriage seems the answer. But will Anna ever be more to Jack than his convenient bride?

His Rebel Bride

Author: Helen Dickson

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1426807058

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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'Break as many hearts as you please, Marcus, but you'll not break mine.'In the dark days of rebellion against King James, a woman is wagered on a turn of the cards.... Marcus, Lord Reresby, is the loser. Now he must marry the daughter of the man he hates. Her beauty, spirit and fortune will be some small recompense—and he has never found it difficult to tame women before.... But passionate Catherine will not be tamed. She makes no secret of her hatred or her dangerous political beliefs, and Marcus comes to realize that he has let a rebel into his house...and his heart!

Rebel Girl

Author: Ann Clancy

Publisher: Momentum

ISBN: 1760301469

Category: Fiction

Page: 770

View: 5069

Can love exist where there can be no forgiveness? Crushed at Culloden, driven from their Highland crofts and transported to Australia, the Douglas family knows injustice. Encounter Bay, on the wild, windswept southern coast of Australia, is at the very edge of civilisation, but at least Bonnie Douglas and her father have their freedom. However, their life on the frontier is about to change forever. Sergeant Rowan Elliott is determined to bring this lawless outpost under his control, and imprisons Bonnie's father on the charge of murder. Penniless and desperate, Bonnie is driven to bushranging, and she takes to it with relish, fighting injustice and taunting the troopers at every turn. Pursued relentlessly by Sergeant Elliott across trackless lands, Bonnie escapes to the wilderness of the Coorong, where no white woman has been before. Beneath her determination to right this injustice, and alongside every vengeful thought she has had about Rowan, there lies an attraction that neither can deny. But how can she love this man she cannot forgive? Justice, forgiveness, or love – where do her true allegiances lie? This historical romance is perfect for readers of Judy Nunn, Diana Gabaldon and Colleen McCollough.

Diary of a Colonial Rebel(Lady) 1775, Jan 1 to Apr 15 !--Diary of a Colonial Rebel(Lady) 1775 Jan 1 - Apr 15 Diary of a Colonial Rebel (Lady) 1775, Jan 1 to Apr 15--

January 1 to April 15

Author: Barbara Kesser

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465333908

Category: Fiction

Page: 279

View: 9301

Late in the evening of Sunday, January 1, 1775, Faith Kaylore of Endaportal sits before the fireplace in her room and on the first page of her latest diary she writes: HUZA! HUZZA! Hugh is coming home! Uncle Elias has released him from his apprenticeship and Endaportal will have its own printer and newspaper soon!" In the margin, she adds a postscript to ask her brother about Billy William, the British soldier working with him in their uncles print shop in Boston, who has decorated her new diary with a strong and bold letter drawn in the corner of each page. The post riders praise and obvious liking of this Kings Grenadier with merry eyes and a smile of good teeth makes Faith curious about the man further described to her as: Sort of handsome with a pleasant style about him and a real help in the print shop. Within a few weeks, Billy William suddenly and dramatically enters her life when she investigates a wisp of smoke coming from a house in Old Drowned Town which is not ready yet for either printing press or human habitat. Hughs request for a road chopped through two-miles of heavy forest between Endaportal and Enda, a town abandoned years earlier after a flood, is accomplished by recruiting Captain Edward Homer and his crew from the SEA JULE, all wintering in Lower Town while their ship is in dry-dock until spring at Middletown. Each day,life without dependence upon Englands imports grows nearer because of these beached sailors. The road they build brings with it new industries, the newspaper, a dress shop, and a very necessary convenience The Transportation Line - which not only ties the two towns together but actually causes them to merge into one. Faiths Diary also chatters about her twin sisters Emily, soon to marry Ben Dwyer, a Captain in Endaportals newly formed MinuteMen and Anne, waiting for Rafe Marbury to return from England for a planned double-wedding. Rafe is also to be the new customs inspector at Endaportal and Anne is devastated by the effigies of him that begin hanging along Hughs Road shortly before his arrival. When the abominations are toasted uproariously by the road crew who usually end their working day with a meal at the Kaylore Inn, neither Faith nor Emily can console her. Captain Homer thoughtfully sends his ships cook, Freeman, to help Faith with the huge daily meals and his cooking expertise soon enables the black man to take over the kitchen completely, releasing Faith who revels in her new freedom. She begins to plan how she can write and work with her brother and his mysterious friend on the Endaportal Gazette with its 1775 masthead declaring boldly: "United now, alive and free, Firm on this basis Liberty shall stand, And, thus supported, ever bless our land, till Time becomes Eternity." Those loyal to King George 111 are enraged. Those wanting to be free of Englands rule are elated. In this warm and real Diary of Faith Kaylor with its peek into her dreams and loungings, she also gives meaning to the days and events in the lives of family and friends in Endaportal, the people "on the home front" as the British Colonies begin the heartbreak which will lead to Liberty and Freedom and a new nation - the United States of America.

Rebel Lady

Author: Dawn Lindsey

Publisher: Signet

ISBN: 9780451173478

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 1134

Turned off by Sir Sebastian Hillard's wealth, power, and arrogance, Scottish noblewoman Skye Crawford is nonetheless taken in when he holds her hostage in his London mansion, determined to hurt her brother. Original.

Rebel Women

Achievements Beyond the Ordinary

Author: Linda Kupecek

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Company Limited

ISBN: 9781551539911

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 115

View: 1422

The story of lesser known rebels, those who lived with passion, individuality and courage, and dared to follow their own path.

Rebel's Mistress

Author: Kathy Jones

Publisher: Zebra Books

ISBN: 9780821735701

Category: Fiction

Page: 395

View: 3824

Abolitionist and Union spy Carrie Blackwell wins the trust of the Confederacy by selling them much-needed salt at a reduced rate, while continuing her work with the underground railroad, but her plans are endangered when she meets rebel soldier Rance Fletcher, whose rugged good looks set her soul on fire

A Rebel's Recollections

Author: George Cary Eggleston

Publisher: Digital Antiquaria

ISBN: 1580573274

Category: History

Page: 103

View: 9358

Originally published in 1875, George Cary Eggleston's memoir, which proved immensely popular among readers throughout the country, is a nostalgic, often amusing collection of essays based on the author's Civil War experiences. Eggleston describes life in Virginia before the war, offers glowing assessments of the men who made up the Confederate army and the women who stood behind them, satirizes the Confederacy's finances and its army's red tape, and recollects the war's end. He provides compelling portraits of his heroes from the war, lavishing praise on Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and especially Jeb Stuart. By 1905, "A Rebel's Recollections" had gone through four editions, suggesting how well it reflected the mood of the nation, which by then wanted to forget angry sectionalism and glorify the soldiers of both sides in an idealized view of the war.

Women of the American South

A Multicultural Reader

Author: Christie Farnham

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 9780814726549

Category: History

Page: 319

View: 8924

WITH A NEW POSTSCRIPT Situated between Greece on the south, the former Yugoslavia on the north and east, and the Adriatic Sea on the west, Albania is the country the world forgot. Throughout this century, Albania has been perceived as primitive and isolationist by its neighbors to the west. When the country ended fifty years of communist rule in 1992, few outsiders took interest. Deemed unworthy of membership in the European Union and overlooked by multinational corporations, Albania stands today as one of the poorest and most ignored countries in Europe. Miranda Vickers and James Pettifer take us behind the veil of former President Enver Hoxha's isolationist policies to examine the historic events leading up to Albania's transition to a parliamentary government. Beginning with Hoxha's death in 1985, Albania traces the last decade of Albania's shaky existence, from the anarchy and chaos of the early nineties to the victory of the Democratic Alliance in 1992 and the programs of the current government. The authors provide us with an analysis of how the moral, religious, economic, political and cultural identity of the Albanian people is being redefined, and leave no question that the future of Albania is inextricably linked to the future of the Balkans as a whole. In short, they tell us why Albania matters.

Das Geheimnis des Highlanders

Author: Terri Brisbin

Publisher: CORA Verlag

ISBN: 3733768485

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 2568

Der Preis für die Freiheit ihres Bruders ist hoch: Lady Jocelyn soll den gefürchteten Connor MacLerie heiraten, um den sich düstere Gerüchte ranken. Nur Jocelyn kann einfach nicht glauben, dass ihr künftiger Gemahl tatsächlich seine erste Frau umgebracht haben soll! Wird sie einen Weg finden, seine Unschuld zu beweisen und sein verbittertes Herz zu heilen?

Selection Storys – Liebe oder Pflicht

Author: Kiera Cass

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag

ISBN: 3733600657

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 272

View: 437

Für alle ›Selection‹-Fans, die sehnsüchtig auf Band 3 der Bestseller-Serie warten Bevor America zum Casting antrat, um die Hand des Prinzen von Illéa zu erobern, gehörte ihr Herz einem anderen. Dass dieser andere nun ihr Leibwächter am Königshof ist, macht America die Entscheidung für einen der beiden nicht eben leichter. Doch wie erleben Prinz Maxon und Americas Jugendliebe Aspen eigentlich das Casting? Gab es in Maxons Leben noch andere Mädchen? Und was spricht der Prinz mit den anderen Bewerberinnen, wenn er gerade kein Date mit America hat? Was ist Aspens schlimmster Alptraum? Vor allem aber: Welche Fäden zieht Maxons Vater, der König, hinter den Kulissen? Spannende Hintergrund-Informationen für alle, die wissen wollen, wie es in Prinz Maxon und Aspen wirklich aussieht ...

Victorian Rebels - Ein Herz voll dunkler Schatten

Author: Kerrigan Byrne


ISBN: 373630773X

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 5413

Ein Licht in seiner Dunkelheit Christopher Argent ist ein Auftragskiller, geboren und aufgewachsen im berüchtigten Newgate Prison in London. Seit er als Junge mit ansehen musste, wie seine Mutter ermordet wurde, sind ihm menschliche Empfindungen fremd. Seine Aufträge erfüllt er unbeirrt und mit kalter Präzision. Doch dann soll er die Schauspielerin Millie LeCour eliminieren. Zum ersten Mal kann er einen Auftrag nicht vollenden - denn Millie erweckt Gefühle in ihm, die ihn in tiefste Verwirrung stürzen. Er, der ihr Mörder sein sollte, wird zu ihrem Beschützer. Doch kann die Leidenschaft, die zwischen ihnen brennt, die Finsternis seiner Seele wirklich vertreiben? "Emotional, gewaltig, ein Buch, das man nicht mehr weglegen kann!" Romantic Times Band 2 der Victorian Rebels

Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama

Author: Ebenezer Cobham Brewer

Publisher: The Minerva Group, Inc.

ISBN: 9781410213341

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 588

View: 9936

Originally published in 1892, "the object of this Handbook is to supply readers and speakers with a lucid, but very brief account of such names as are used in allusions and references, whether by poets or prose writers; - to furnish those who consult it with the plot of popular dramas, the story of epic poems, and the outline of well-known tales. The number of dramatic plots sketched out is many hundreds. Another striking and interesting feature of the book is the revelation of the source from which dramatists and romancers have derived their stories, and the strange repetitions of historic incidents. It has been borne in mind throughout that it is not enough to state a fact. It must be stated attractively, and the character described must be drawn characteristically if the reader is to appreciate it, and feel an interest in what he reads." This work, an American reprint of The Reader's Handbook by E. Cobham Brewer, ..".while retaining all of the original material that can interest and aid the English-speaking student, gives also 'characters and sketches found in American novels, poetry and drama.'"

The Family Herald

A Domestic Magazine of Useful Information and Amusement ...

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A



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Eine Reise durch Australien

Author: Robyn Davidson

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644513317

Category: Travel

Page: 304

View: 7340

Robyn Davidson verwirklicht mit siebenundzwanzig Jahren einen scheinbar verrückten Traum: die australische Wüste zu durchqueren, begleitet von vier wilden Kamelen und einem Hund. Neun Monate wird es dauern, bis sie schließlich den Indischen Ozean erreicht. Neun Monate in der Wildnis, umgeben von unerträglicher Hitze, giftigen Tieren und einer Landschaft, der die Menschen gleichgültig sind. Doch im Verlauf der Reise gelingt es Robyn, ihr altes Leben mehr und mehr hinter sich zu lassen. Jenseits der Zivilisation und auf sich allein gestellt erkennt sie, was sie wirklich zum Glücklichsein braucht – bis die Begegnung mit dem Fotografen Rick sie aus der frisch gewonnenen Balance zu bringen droht ... «Eines der schönsten Bücher über das Entdecken und das Reisen.» (Doris Lessing) «Leuchtend und lebendig... Davidson ist eine wahre Abenteurerin und eine geborene Schriftstellerin.» (New Yorker) «Kein Buch für Pauschal-Touristen, auch keins für Latzhosen-Feministinnen. Aber unbedingt eines für Menschen, die unruhig geblieben sind.» (Die Zeit) «Eine packende Geschichte über Herausforderung und Mut, ein farbenprächtiges Bild Australiens, gezeichnet von einer scharfsinnigen und empfindsamen Beobachterin – und die Geschichte einer inneren Reise.» (Sydney Morning Herald)

Obsession and Culture

A Study of Sexual Obsession in Modern Fiction

Author: Andrew Brink

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838635964

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 254

View: 3989

Obsession and Culture proposes that male sexual obsessions are the driving force of culture and are most clearly seen in fiction. Examples could be multiplied many times, but the main objectives of this study are to show how the work of five male authors coheres within a framework of psychodynamic theory and to stimulate enquiry along these lines. Many twentieth-century novelists speak for a male psycho-class needing imaginative externalization of obsessive sexual fantasies of control of women. Attraction, avoidance, and guilt are powerful motivators for writers and readers alike, and the moral ambiguity of serial monogamy, as well as other forms of exploitative sexuality, prompt certain writers to construct symbolic expiation and repair in fiction. Psychobiography is combined with fantasy analysis to suggest the pervasiveness in modern fiction of the wish to conquer and to control women and to atone for the guilt.