Surgical Critical Care


Author: Mazyar Kanani,Simon Lammy

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316381501

Category: Medical

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Surgical practice has changed enormously since the first edition of Surgical Critical Care Vivas, as shown by the introduction of the MRCS Part B OSCE. This landmark book has been fully updated to reflect the latest NICE and SIGN guidelines and common ALS principles in critical care patients, as well as current ATLS® and CCrISP® guidelines (such as CT scanning in trauma). The alphabetical format of the previous edition is replaced by an ABCDE chapter format, incorporating an escalating level of diagnostic and management complexity in conjunction with a concise mini-bibliography in each chapter, enabling the reader to rapidly access the required information. Covering both non-ICU-based patients and basic fundamentals of ICU care, the chapters introduce standard definitions, pathological processes and diagnostic features, before discussing common investigations and suggested management plans. A must-have revision guide for all surgical trainees, from final year medical students through to junior surgical registrars.

Septische Knochen-und Gelenkchirurgie

Author: Christian Hendrich,Lars Frommelt,Jochen Eulert

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 364259302X

Category: Medical

Page: 220

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Osteomyelitis, Gelenkempyeme, Spondylodiscitis und periprothetische Infektionen - septische Krankheitsbilder sind in der Orthopädischen Chirurgie gefürchtet. Nur wenige Zentren haben große Erfahrung, so dass Arzt und Patient häufig gleichermaßen verunsichert sind. Dabei bietet die Kombination von speziellen Operationstechniken mit gezieltem Antibiotikaeinsatz in den meisten Fällen gute Erfolgsaussichten. Voraussetzung dafür ist es, die verschiedenen Behandlungsmöglichkeiten zu kennen und in der jeweiligen Situation konsequent einzusetzen. In diesem Buch sind die Therapiekonzepte führender deutschsprachiger Experten zusammengestellt. Der Leser findet einen Überblick von den Grundlagen bis zu speziellen Therapieempfehlungen für die schwersten Komplikationen am Bewegungsapparat.

How to Pass the MRCS OSCE

Author: Pradip K. Datta,Chris Bulstrode,Vasha Kaur

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199582998

Category: Medical

Page: 576

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This is the only guide trainee surgeons will need to help them pass the MRCS Part B OSCE exam. It includes comprehensive revision notes on all the areas covered in the exam, practice scenarios and model answers laid out as in the exam, and essential exam techniques.

OSCEs for the MRCS Part B: A Bailey & Love Revision Guide

A Bailey & Love Revision Guide

Author: Jonathan Fishman,Vivian A Elwell,Rajat Chowdhury

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1466585641

Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 1941

This book is designed to help the candidate in preparation for the newly revised oral examination or OSCE, the concluding element required to pass the MRCS examination. Success requires a solid working knowledge and a well-rehearsed examination technique. A precise, structured and systematic routine is paramount. This technique, as outlined in this book, ensures key steps of the clinical examination are not accidentally omitted and under the pressure of the examination it provides the candidate with a starting point and framework for any case that one may encounter. Based on the highly successful Insider Medical MRCS Examination Clinical Course, this book facilitates the pathway for a novice clinician to pass this challenging examination. College-approved, systematic, coherent and well-rehearsed examination routine for all the main systems are included. As well as providing examination routines approved by many college examiners, the chapters also provide insider tips on how to pass the examination and identify mistakes commonly made by many candidates. OSCEs for the MRCS Part B prepares future surgeons for the challenges of clinical practice, through solid examination techniques and communication skills.

DrExam Part B MRCS OSCE Revision Guide Book 1

Applied Surgical Science and Critical Care, Anatomy and Surgical Pathology, Surgical Skills and Patient Safety

Author: Kamil Asaad,Professor Peter Butler,Ben Miranda

Publisher: Libri Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781907471056

Category: Medical

Page: 340

View: 1952

Presented in a structured question-and-answer format, the first book of this comprehensive reference addresses the revised syllabus of the Membership of the Royal College Surgeons’ (MRCS) Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Beneficial to MRCS OSCE candidates as well as to surgeons, doctors, and medical practitioners, this didactic guide covers the important aspects of surgical radiology, applied surgical science, critical care, anatomy, surgical pathology, operative surgery, surgical skills, principles of surgery, and patient safety. Chapters on communication skills, ethics, and history-taking skills are also included.

MRCS Revision Guide: Limbs and Spine

Author: Mazyar Kanani,Khaled M. Sarraf

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521139767

Category: Medical

Page: 176

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Detailed model questions-and-answers highlighting essential knowledge for core surgical trainees studying for the MRCS in a busy clinical environment.

MRCS Revision Guide: Trunk and Thorax

Author: Mazyar Kanani,Leanne Harling

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139503820

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

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The new MRCS structure replaces the vivas and clinical style examinations with an OSCE-based system. This revision guide - the first in a series - fully reflects this new format and provides a structured, systems-based approach to revision. Key aspects of anatomy, physiology, critical care, surgical pathology and operative care are combined whilst focusing on the questions commonly asked in the exam. The material is presented in a practical, question-and-answer based format to help readers retain details whilst providing all of the essential information needed for examination success. MRCS Revision Guide: Trunk and Thorax is a concise, clear pocketbook that reduces the need for bulky textbooks by providing a quick reference guide for busy surgical trainees. If you are studying for the MRCS examination, you need this book.

OSCEs for the MRCS Part B

A Bailey & Love Revision Guide, Second Edition

Author: Jonathan M. Fishman,Vivian A. Elwell,Rajat Chowdhury

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1315352192

Category: Medical

Page: 338

View: 8557

This is a fully updated edition of the hugely successful OSCEs for the MRCS Part B: A Bailey and Love Revision Guide. The content has been revised in line with recent changes to the examination, such as the introduction of microbiology and applied surgical sciences and changes from patient safety to clinical and procedural skills.Popular with trainee surgeons preparing for the oral element of the MRCS (the objective structured clinical examination, or OSCE), this revision guide will maximise the chances of success in surgical examinations.

Atlas der Padiatrischen Dermatologie

Author: Ulrike Blume-Peytavi,Helga Albrecht-Nebe,Kathrin Hillmann,Wolfram Sterry

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 3527337741

Category: Medical

Page: 655

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Einfuhrung Klinische Erscheinungsform physiologischer Veranderungen, angeborener Fehlbildungen und von Erkrankungen der Haut bei Neugeborenen Genodermatosen Hautsymptome bei neurokutanen und anderen Syndromen GefaSStumoren, GefaSSanomalien, vaskulare Malformationen Naevi Hypo- und Hyperpigmentierungen Hauttumoren und Tumorsyndrome Epizoonosen und Hautreaktionen durch Insekten Infektionsbedingte Hauterkrankungen Infektionsbedingte und andere Exantheme Urtikaria, Angioodem und Arzneimittelexantheme Kutane Mastozytosen Histiozytosen Ekzeme und Dermatitiden Erythematose, erythematosquamose und papulose Dermatosen Chronische Bindegewebserkrankungen Photodermatosen und Erythropoetische Protoporphyrie Blasenbildende Erkrankungen Aphthose Mundschleimhauterkrankungen BlutgefaSSerkrankungen und klinische Erscheinungsformen der Purpura Granulomatose Hauterkrankungen und Pannikulitis Talg- und SchweiSSdrusenerkrankungen Erkrankungen der Haare Nagelveranderungen Artefakte, andere artifiziell bedingte Hautveranderungen einschlieSSlich Misshandlungen sowie Hautschmuck und seine Folgen

Applied Surgical Science and Pathology Osces

Surgical OSCE Cases for Surgical Examinations

Author: Alexander Logan

Publisher: MD+ Publishing

ISBN: 9780993113871


Page: N.A

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Applied Sciences and Pathology OSCEs for the MRCS Part B Exam focuses on pure practise cases for the applied science and pathology domains of the MRCS Part B OSCE. Featuring images, practical tips, data interpretation and realistic clinical cases as they are examined for the MRCS Part B. Applied Sciences and Pathology OSCEs for the MRCS Part B Exam is the ultimate revision aid for testing your surgical pathology and applied science knowledge. Test your interpretation of clinical findings together with your knowledge of follow up questions that are asked by examiners. Each station is based on realistic cases that are tested at the MRCS Part B examination and feature microbiology, physiology, critical care and surgical pathology questions and comprehensive answers and insider tips. Applied Sciences and Pathology OSCEs for the MRCS Part B Exam is designed to be realistic and questions become progressively harder to differentiate the best candidates. Questions and answers can be practised individually or in groups to aid revision. Features Realistic Surgical Exam Questions: As asked by examiners at the MRCS Part B examination 40 Unique OSCE Station Briefs: Physiology, pathology, critical care, imaging and microbiology questions Comprehensive Explanations: Example answers, insider tips and summaries Revise Alone Or In Pairs: The question and answer format allows you to prepare in groups or alone Revise Alone Or In Pairs: The question and answer format simulates the viva-style exam with candidate briefs and answers analysed.


Symptome, Diagnose und Therapien

Author: Franz Raulf,Prof. Dr. med. Volker Wienert,Dr. med. Horst Mlitz

Publisher: epubli

ISBN: 3844227822

Category: Medical

Page: N.A

View: 5219

Die Analfissur wird basierend auf der internationalen Literatur und eigener jahrzehntelanger Erfahrungen der Autoren dargestellt. Ziel des Buches ist es, Proktologen, Chirurgen, Gastroenterologen, Allgemeinärzten, Dermatologen, Urologen und Gynäkologen die wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse gebündelt zu vermitteln. Besonderer Wert wurde auf die Darstellung der unterschiedlichen Methoden der konservativen und operativen Therapie gelegt. Jedes einzelne Verfahren wird ausführlich besprochen und, wenn möglich, auch evaluiert.

Das ICU-Buch

Praktische Intensivmedizin

Author: Paul L. Marino,Götz Geldner,Tilmann Müller-Wolff

Publisher: "Elsevier,Urban&FischerVerlag"

ISBN: 3437170325

Category: Medical

Page: 912

View: 5965

Ob Weiterbildungsassistent auf der Intensivstation oder erfahrener Arzt: das ICU-Buch - Praktische Intensivmedizin macht es Ihnen leicht, die oft sehr komplexen Vorgänge bei z.T. multimorbiden Patienten zu verstehen, die richtigen Prioritäten zu setzen und begründete diagnostische und therapeutische Entscheidungen zu treffen. Das Buch spannt den Bogen von der Physiologie über gebräuchliche Arbeitstechniken bis hin zu konkreten und klinisch begründeten Behandlungskonzepten bei speziellen Erkrankungen. Detaillierte Diagnostik und differenzierte Therapie werden problemorientiert dargestellt Die Interdisziplinäre Herangehensweise wird den oft vielschichtigen Erkrankungen gerecht Neu in der 5. Auflage: Komplett überarbeitet und aktualisiert unter Betonung neu erschienener Übersichtsartikel und klinischer Leitlinien 5 zusätzliche Kapitel: Gefäßkatheter, Berufsbedingte Expositionen, Alternative Beatmungsverfahren, Pankreatitis und Leberinsuffizienz sowie Nichtmedikamentöse Toxidrome Komplett in Farbe - das macht das Buch maximal lesefreundlich „Resümee" für die Praxis am Kapitelende unterstützt Sie bei der Umsetzung im Klinikalltag 246 neue Abbildungen und 199 neue Tabellen visualisieren die Inhalte und zeigen Ihnen alles Wichtige auf einen Blick Inhalte adaptiert entsprechend deutscher und europäischer Leitlinien/Empfehlungen sowie gesetzlicher Vorgaben

Chirurgische Gastroenterologie

Author: J. R. Siewert,M. Allgöwer,F. Harder,L. F. Hollender,H.-J. Peiper

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662006189

Category: Medical

Page: 1122

View: 2625

Basic Science for the MRCS E-Book

A revision guide for surgical trainees

Author: Andrew T Raftery,Michael S. Delbridge,Helen E. Douglas

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 070205125X

Category: Medical

Page: 512

View: 2947

This book is a concise revision guide to the core basic sciences – anatomy, physiology and pathology – which comprise the essential knowledge required by the trainee entering the specialty of surgery. It has been written in a style to facilitate easy learning of the essential facts, with indications of both their clinical relevance and importance. This book concentrates on those topics which tend to be recurring examination themes for initial surgical training. It will be an invaluable resource for the basic surgical trainee studying for the Intercollegiate MRCS examination, as well as proving useful for those in higher surgical training and for the surgically inclined, well-motivated student. The book covers in one volume all the essentials of the basic sciences – anatomy, physiology and pathology - to aid the candidate for the MRCS examination. In covering the applied basic science the books explains the application and clinical relevance of the three sciences The text is written in an appropriate ‘bullet-point’ style to allow easy reading and rapid exam preparation The contents concentrate on the recurring common themes of the examination, thus helping direct appropriate learning and focussing on the specific impoartnta areas of knowledge The book is illustrated with line drawings which are clearly annotated to aid learning. In this Second Edition, chapters have been updated and sections expanded to cover topics which are particularly relevant to examinations. The microbiology chapter has been rewritten, and the section on skin healing has also been extensively rewritten to include a section on burns, skin grafting and the anatomy of flaps. Each chapter has new OSCE scenario questions added to bring together the basic science and its clinical application in OSCE examinations.

Clinical Surgery E-Book

With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access

Author: Michael M. Henry,Jeremy N. Thompson

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0702051217

Category: Medical

Page: 768

View: 1143

The previous edition won first Prize (Surgery category) at the BMA Awards 2005. The judges' comment: 'A comprehensive and attractively presented 4-colour textbook of surgery aimed primarily at medical students but also of use to junior doctors and surgical technicians. The book has two key features: firstly, it provides students with coverage of every aspect of surgery; secondly, it has been designed and written to be the 'surgical companion' to Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine. This new edition will also offer an online version to all purchasers of the book - the first surgical textbook in the UK to make an electronic version available.' A comprehensive account of surgery - students only need to buy one text Covers general issues such as wound healing and pain control in the first section. By grouping these issues into one section at the beginning, students are immediately given an overview of what makes surgery different A regional approach is adopted for the largest section - section 2 - this reflects the way in which surgeons talk about surgery to each other The third section covers surgical specialities - paediatrics, endocrinology, urology - and also includes specialities such as ophthalmology, ENT and orthopaedics. These are often omitted from competing books to save space The logical arrangement of the three sections makes the book easy to use and refer to in clinical practice The arrangement of contents is straightforward and easily understood Text boxes are used throughout to highlight and isolate important information Includes over 350 four-colour images and line drawings original to this book and greatly praised by students Also includes over 100 black and white and approximately 50 full-colour clinical photographs, X-rays and scans Designed to complement Kumar and Clark's highly successful Clinical Medicine textbook so that students can have 'matching' texts in these complementary areas Written by an expert team of contributors Your purchase of this book entitles you to online access to the text at no extra charge. This innovative web site offers you... Access to the complete text and illustrations of this book. Integration links to bonus content in other Elsevier online titles. Content clipping for your handheld. An interactive community center with a wealth of additional resources. The more Elsevier titles you buy, the more resources you can access online! New edition of a prize-winning textbook. Completely revised throughout to reflect recent changes in surgical practice. New chapter on bariatric surgery for the treatment of morbidly obese patients. Covers the increasing use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, including robotic surgery. Emphasises the increasing impact of multimodality therapy, in particular for the treatment of cancer. Covers improvements in imaging technology and impact on surgical decision making.


Author: J. Koscielny,H. Kiesewetter,F. Jung,A. Haaß

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642935060

Category: Medical

Page: 290

View: 736

Das Buch Hämodilution stellt die konservative Therapie bei Durchblutungsstörungen und den Volumenersatz mit Hydroxyäthylstärke vor. Die Informationen basieren auf langjährigen klinischen Erfahrungen. Insbesondere die Themen Kontraindikationen, mögliche Nebenwirkungen und Vorsichtsmaßnahmen werden behandelt und diskutiert. Desweiteren werden die Pharmakokinetik und die biologischen Wirkungen vorgestellt. Die eingesetzten Meßmethoden sowie Schwankungsbreite und Referenzbereiche der einzelnen Meßmethoden sind im Anhang genannt. Das Ziel ist, dem Kliniker und Praktiker bei der Anwendung der Hämodilution, unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Therapiesicherheit, kompakte Information bereitzustellen, die in kürzester Zeit nachgeschlagen werden kann.

Examination Surgery

A Guide to Passing the Fellowship Examination in General Surgery

Author: Christopher J. Young,Marc A. Gladman

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0729541487

Category: Medical

Page: 407

View: 7035

An indispensable study guide to help surgical trainees prepare and perform for their fellowship exam. Examination Surgery offers invaluable insight into the format and content of the Fellowship Examination in General Surgery. This study guide addresses the most frequently encountered topics from the last 10 years of examinations. It helps surgical trainees organise their studies and optimise their performance in what is reputedly one of the most rigorous postgraduate exams. The general surgery fellowship tests clinical wisdom, judgement, insight and safe practice, and Examination Surgery's preparation material accurately reflects what you will encounter in the exam. Arranged to mirror the exam's individual components, Examination Surgery is divided into the following sections: The written papers Clinical viva voces Surgical anatomy viva voce Operative surgery viva voce Pathophysiology and critical care and clinical reasoning viva voce This Elsevier study guide is aimed at candidates preparing for the Fellowship Examination in General Surgery of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. It is, however, also relevant for candidates in the UK, Ireland, Canada, South Africa and Hong Kong, plus all general surgeons, surgical residents and medical students. How to approach each exam Most frequently encountered topics Common questions and scenarios with 'model answers' Fellowship examination format and recommended technique Proven study strategies

Essential General Surgical Operations

Author: Raymond Maurice Kirk,Marc C. Winslet

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 0443103143

Category: Medical

Page: 418

View: 7001

This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. It has been specifically produced to meet the needs of the basic surgical trainee who is looking for a concise operative text. Adapted from the best-selling parent title, GENERAL SURGICAL OPERATIONS, it includes a straightforward description of all common major operations, together with a brief account of the less common procedures encountered during the early stages of surgical training. The highly-praised features of GENERAL SURGICAL OPERATIONS have been retained, including the clear, direct writing and illustrative style, and boxes which emphasise and give advice on how to recognise, avoid and correct difficulties. A vade mecum for every young surgeon intending to enter the operating theatre and perform safely. Outlines in simple terms the dangers and difficulties that make each operation unique. . Derived from the critically-acclaimed parent title General Surgical Operations. Edited and written by a highly respected surgical team, this book provides expert guidance for today's trainee. Fully revised from the new edition of its parent title General Surgical Operations. Completely new presentation of text and illustrations in two colour design and in a new more portable page size.