Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets of Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Great Health

Author: Dr. James DiNicolantonio,Dr. Joseph Mercola

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 140195636X

Category: Health & Fitness

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New York Times best-selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola teams up with cardiovascular expert Dr. James J. DiNicolantonio to cut through the confusion about how dietary fats affect our bodies--and set the record straight on how to eat for optimal health. Should you cook with coconut oil or vegetable oil? Eat butter, cream, or olive oil? Supplement with fish oil or flax oil? Sometimes it seems as if everyone has a different opinion on these crucial questions--but this book holds real answers. Best-selling author and teacher Dr. Joseph Mercola teams up with cardiovascular expert Dr. James DiNicolantonio to cut through the confusion about how dietary fats affect our bodies and set the record straight on how to eat for optimal well-being. Dr. DiNicolantonio, an internationally known and respected scientist, has spent nearly a decade studying the effects of different fats on the body. Dr. Mercola is one of the world's leading authorities on natural health. In Superfuel, they've gathered a wealth of information and insight in a form that's both impeccably researched and highly accessible. You'll read about: * The many health problems supposedly caused by saturated fat--that actually aren't * Why the so-called healthy vegetable oils are actually making you sick and fat * The optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in your diet * Foods that help resolve inflammation, increase longevity, and fight or prevent chronic illness * A cyclical ketogenic eating plan that keeps your body burning fat as healthy fuel * Supplemental fats such as fish oil, krill oil, and flax oil--what to take and how to choose * Which oils you should cook with, how to use them, and why * And much more Drawing on Dr. DiNicolantonio's firsthand research at Saint Luke's Mid America Heart Institute, as well as hundreds of groundbreaking studies from the medical literature, Superfuel will give you the facts you need to optimize your fats and your health.


Thorium, the Green Energy Source for the Future

Author: Richard Martin

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 0230341918

Category: Science

Page: 272

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A riveting look at how an alternative source of energy is revoluntionising nuclear power, promising a safe and clean future for millions, and why thorium was sidelined at the height of the Cold War In this groundbreaking account of an energy revolution in the making, award-winning science writer Richard Martin introduces us to thorium, a radioactive element and alternative nuclear fuel that is far safer, cleaner, and more abundant than uranium. At the dawn of the Atomic Age, thorium and uranium seemed to be in close competition as the fuel of the future. Uranium, with its ability to undergo fission and produce explosive material for atomic weapons, won out over its more pacific sister element, relegating thorium to the dustbin of science. Now, as we grapple with the perils of nuclear energy and rogue atomic weapons, and mankind confronts the specter of global climate change, thorium is re-emerging as the overlooked energy source as a small group of activists and outsiders is working, with the help of Silicon Valley investors, to build a thorium-power industry. In the first book mainstream book to tackle these issues, Superfuel is a story of rediscovery of a long lost technology that has the power to transform the world's future, and the story of the pacifists, who were sidelined in favour of atomic weapon hawks, but who can wean us off our fossil-fuel addiction and avert the risk of nuclear meltdown for ever.

Superfoods: Nutrient-Dense Foods to Superfuel Your Body

Author: Meryl Joseph

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 1614645914

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 39

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If your body was a machine, wouldn't you want it to run on the best fuel available? Food is the body's fuel. By opting for a premium fuel source, you promote healing, rejuvenation, and growth. On the flipside, if you are a hot product. Superfoods have been recommended to promote heart health, prevent cancer, fight signs of aging, jump start weight loss, propel energy levels, and put an end to aches and pains. Readily available, for the most part, and most likely affordable - superfoods will turn your kitchen into a clinic. Prevention is the best medicine and superfoods are a super start to a super new you.

Reaktionen in Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheidern bei Zufluss von Bioethanol- und Ethyltertiärbutylether-Benzin-Gemischen

Author: Brügging, Elmar

Publisher: kassel university press GmbH

ISBN: 3862197387

Category: Biomass energy

Page: 138

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Die durch europäische Richtlinien geforderte Einführung von Biokraftstoffen zur Substitution von Erdölraffinaten wird in Deutschland durch das Biokraftstoffquotengesetz umgesetzt. Mit dem Vertrieb von alternativen Kraftstoffen an Tankstellen ändert sich dort jedoch die gesetzliche Situation. Die bestehenden und geltenden Normen gelten explizit nicht für die Behandlung von Leichtflüssigkeiten pflanzlichen Ursprungs. Es wird daher nicht berücksichtigt, dass Biokraftstoffe, wie Bioethanol oder Ethyl-Tertiär-Butyl-Ether (ETBE) den herkömmlichen Mineralölkraftstoffen beigemischt werden. Insbesondere die Fragestellung, ob die Biokraftstoffanteile zu erhöhten Kohlenwasserstoffbelastungen in der Wasserphase von Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheidern führen, wurde bislang nicht ausreichend untersucht. Im Rahmen der vorliegenden Arbeit wurde mit Hilfe von Standversuchen mit einer Versuchsdauer von einem Jahr, das Verhalten von Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheidern bei Zufluss von Bioethanol- und Ethyl-Tertiär-Butyl-Ether (ETBE), bzw. Methyl-Tertiär-Butylether (MTBE) Benzin-Gemischen im Labormaßstab untersucht. Der Kohlenwasserstoff-Index, analysiert nach DIN EN ISO 9377-2 (H 53), ist der festgeschriebene Überwachungsparameter für Leichtflüssigkeitsabscheider bei Indirekteinleitung. Die durchgeführten Analysen haben gezeigt, dass der behördlich vorgeschriebene Grenzwert von 20 mg/l sowohl bei der Untersuchungsreihe mit MTBE als auch bei der Untersuchungsreihe mit ETBE eingehalten wird. Zusätzlich wurden im Rahmen der Arbeit gezielt relevante Kohlenwasserstoffkomponenten mit weniger als 10 Kohlenstoffatomen (Hauptkomponenten des Super-Kraftstoffes) untersucht, die mit der gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Messmethode nicht erfasst werden. Ein Schwerpunkt lag dabei auf der Analyse der Konzentrationen von Benzol,Toluol, Ethylbenzol und Xylolen (BTEX). Die BTEX-Konzentration der Wasserphasen, die mit Leichtphasen beaufschlagt wurden, die bis zu 10 % Ethanol (E 10) enthielten, waren vergleichbar mit den Konzentrationen von Super-Kraftstoff ohne Ethanolbeimischung. Bei hohen Ethanolgehalten (85 %) wurden jedoch auch besonders hohe BTEX-Konzentrationen nach 4 Tagen Versuchsdauer (ca. 375 mg/l (SBME85) und ca. 400 mg/l (SBEE85) in der Wasserphase analysiert. Somit konnte nachgewiesen werden, dass Ethanol als Lösungsvermittler für in Super-Kraftstoff enthaltene Kohlenwasserstoffe fungiert. Es wird empfohlen auf der Grundlage der Ergebnisse dieser Arbeit weitergehende Untersuchungen in Bezug auf den Einfluss von Ethanol als Lösemittel für in Super-Kraftstoff enthaltene Kohlenwasserstoffe durchzuführen. Insbesondere sollten Untersuchungen mit zusätzlichen Kraftstoffgemischen, wie beispielsweise Super-Kraftstoffe mit unterschiedlichen Ethanolbeimischungen in Verbindung mit Mineraldiesel-Biodiesel-Gemischen durchgeführt werden. Die Begleitung der skizzierten Untersuchungen durch einen Normenausschuss, würde die Möglichkeit eröffnen, die Forschungsergebnisse in eine entsprechende Norm einfließen zu lassen und auf diese Weise die aktuell bestehende gesetzliche Lücke zu schließen.

Primal Fat Burner

Live Longer, Slow Aging, Super-Power Your Brain and Save Your Life With a High-Fat, Low-Carb Paleo Diet

Author: Nora Gedgaudas

Publisher: Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1952535867

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: N.A

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Popular nutritionist Nora Gedguadas returns with advice that may sound counterintuitive: eat fat to burn fat. In Primal Fat Burner she explains the benefits and science behind a ketogenic (or fat-burning) diet, which switches your metabolism from a dependence on sugar to running on healthy fats. As Gedgaudas reveals, numerous studies in recent years refute the long-promoted anti-saturated fat and anti-cholesterol agenda. Now Gedgaudas explains the science that fat isn't a 'no-no' but rather a 'yes-yes' - if you know the right kinds of fats to eat. In her accessible, enjoyable style, she also lays out a practical meal plan with recipes. When you follow a ketogenic diet, you consume fewer calories overall! Author of the bestselling Grain Brain, Dr. David Perlmutter writes in his foreword that Primal Fat Burner is 'wonderfully actionable, compassionately taking the reader from "why" to "how."' On this diet, you efficiently and effectively metabolise fat (ketones and free fatty acids) as your primary source of fuel, rather than glucose from carbs, starches and sugars. Because fat is so satisfying, you naturally wind up eating less - without feelings of hunger or deprivation. And natural dietary fat is ultimately key to optimum health and longevity. Gedgaudas communicates a real appreciation for and understanding of the central role that dietary fat plays in your body and brain, and explains how you can eat to feel better, look better, think clearer and live longer.

Ketone Power

Superfuel for Optimal Mental Health and Ultimate Physical Performance

Author: Cristian Vlad Zot

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781499534863

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 193

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In Ketone Power, Cristi Vlad, self-experimenter and avid researcher outlines a common denominator in terms of nutrition, health, and physical performance. After all, human DNA is 99% exactly the same. So, there should be a prescription (Rx) that should work for the majority of us. Cristi himself, fed up with not being able to lose the last few pounds of his belly fat, has started studying and experimenting with ketogenic nutrition and ketosis. Ketosis is the metabolic state where your body uses fat and ketone bodies (by-products of fat) as a main source of fuel and it is achieved by drastically eliminating sugar from the diet. Long-term constant ketosis leads to keto-adaptation. Keto-adaptation brought various improvements in Cristi Vlad's existence, such as: fat loss, elimination of hunger, elimination of cravings for high-carbohydrate food, improved mental performance, ultra-high energy levels, less sleep required per night, better sleep, enhanced aerobic performance and strength training performance, and probably the most important: ability to eat chocolate every day. In Ketone Power, Cristi Vlad, inspired by his mentors and armed with extensive research and personal experience talks about: 1. How he lost 10 pounds of fat in 2 months eating 70% of his calories from fat and consuming 2,000-3,000 kcals per day. His exercising routine was reduced from 5-6 times/week to 1-2 times/week. Before/after photos are included. 2. How the human body works differently when being on a fat metabolism compared to a carbohydrate metabolism (that which most of the people are in). 3. How his 2 month experiment became his new lifestyle due to the extensive benefits of keto-adaptation. 4. How ketogenic nutrition is a powerful therapeutic approach to diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and other health issues. 5. Protocols for strength training and endurance training. 6. His shopping list and the foods he consumes daily to support keto-adaptation. Fat-bombs included. 7. His virtual academy consisting of mentors, websites, courses, MOOC sites, and Youtube channels all of which helped him achieve knowledge with respect to ketogenic nutrition and human biochemistry. All of what Cristi Vlad did and keeps doing does not include fancy and expensive gadgets, neither pockets full of cash. It only requires willingness to improve one's existence and enjoy life every second that passes. You can do this for yourself as well. This book is the prescription.

Northrop P-61 Black Widow Pilot's Flight Manual

Author: Film Com Periscope Film Com


ISBN: 1411689003

Category: Transportation

Page: 94

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The heavily armed P-61 Black Widow was the U.S. Army Air Force's first dedicated night fighter. Equipped with radar, four .50 caliber machine guns and four 20mm. cannons, the Widow was a fearsome adversary. It flew as both an intruder and interceptor in Europe and the Pacific. Originally printed by Northrop in 1945, the YP-61 Pilot's Flight Operating Manual taught pilots everything they needed to know before entering the cockpit. Originally classified "Restricted," the manual was declassified long ago and is here reprinted in book form. This affordable facsimile has been reformatted, and color images appear as black and white. Care has been taken however to preserve the integrity of the text.

Body After Baby

A Simple, Healthy Plan to Lose Your Baby Weight Fast

Author: Jackie Keller

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781583332801

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 354

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The founder of NutriFit presents a day-by-day nutrition and workout program designed for even the busiest of new mothers.

Gas Age

Author: N.A

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Category: Electric lighting

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Includes summaries of proceedings and addresses of annual meetings of various gas associations.


Author: N.A

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Category: California

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Petroleum Times

Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Petroleum industry and trade

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Transport Phenomena in combustion

Author: International Symposium on Transport Phenomena in Combustion

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781591690023


Page: 883

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Paleo - Die Steinzeitdiät

Gesund abnehmen und natürlich leben - Über 100 leckere und schnelle Rezepte

Author: Keris Marsden,Matt Whitmore

Publisher: Goldmann Verlag

ISBN: 3641144221

Category: Cooking

Page: 272

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Paleo – der Megatrend aus den USA! Steinzeitmenschen waren nicht dick. Warum? Sie aßen hauptsächlich Fisch, Fleisch und Gemüse. Das können sie auch: schnell und unkompliziert Abnehmen mit der Paleo-Diät, basierend auf einer naturbelassenen, weizen- und glutenfreien Ernährung. Die Rezepte – von kreativen Frühstücksideen, einfachen Blitzgerichten bis zu verführerischen Desserts – machen richtig Lust, sofort loszulegen!


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Category: Combustion

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Ernährung für Körper und Seele

Gesund essen mit guten Gedanken

Author: Louise Hay,Ahlea Khadro,Heather Dane

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783957360380


Page: 352

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Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften

I: Die Antike

Author: Olaf Breidbach

Publisher: Springer Spektrum

ISBN: 9783642418457

Category: Science

Page: 397

View: 3908

Die Grundlagen und Voraussetzungen unserer modernen Wissenschafts- und Wissenskonzeptionen wurden in der Antike gelegt. Dieser erste Band einer Geschichte der Naturwissenschaft macht das Gefüge der uns heute leitenden, uns ausrichtenden und auch der von uns verdrängten Konzeptionen in seinen wesentlichen historischen Schritten erkennbar. Stufen der Problembearbeitung und des Problemverstehens werden in ihren jeweils eigenen Horizonten beschrieben und in den daraus folgenden Anregungen und den dabei immer wieder neu eingestellten Rahmenbedingungen dargestellt. Die hier erzählte Genese unserer Wissenschaftskultur setzt mit den ersten Versuchen einer Systematisierung von Wissen ein, der Notation der Zahlen, und führt über den Vorderen Orient, Griechenland und Rom bis in die Spätantike.​