Konflikte und Kriege

Simulationstechnik und Spieltheorie

Author: Albert A. Stahel

Publisher: vdf Hochschulverlag AG


Category: War

Page: 188

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Operations Research Proceedings 2002

Selected Papers of the International Conference on Operations Research (SOR 2002), Klagenfurt, September 2–5, 2002

Author: Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 550

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This proceedings volume contains a selection of papers presented at the International Conference on Operations Research (SOR 2002).The contributions cover the broad interdisciplinary spectrum of Operations Research and present recent advances in theory, development of methods, and applications in practice. Subjects covered are Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Production, Marketing and Data Analysis, Transportation and Traffic, Scheduling and Project Management, Telecommunication and Information Technology, Energy and Environment, Public Economy, Health, Agriculture, Education, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Risk Management, Continuous Optimization, Discrete and Combinatorial Optimization, Stochastic and Dynamic Programming, Simulation, Control Theory, Systems Dynamics, Dynamic Games, Game Theory, Auctioning and Bidding, Experimental Economics, Econometrics, Statistics and Mathematical Economics, Fuzzy Logic, Multicriteria Decision Making, Decision Theory.

Vertical Cooperative Advertising in Supply Chain Management

A Game-Theoretic Analysis

Author: Gerhard Aust

Publisher: Springer


Category: Business & Economics

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In this book methods from Operations Research and Game Theory are used to determine companies’ profit-maximizing strategies related to pricing and (cooperative) advertising. It considers different supply chain structures as well as various distributions of power, making it possible to analyze both inter-echelon and intra-echelon dependencies between the companies’ decisions. Additionally, an approach based on fuzzy set theory is presented in order to compensate for incomplete or missing data on market characteristics. Vertical cooperative advertising is an essential element of partnerships between manufacturers and retailers, allowing manufacturers to financially support their retailers’ advertising efforts so as to increase sales for the entire supply chain. Given that such programs not only make up a considerable part of many companies’ advertising budgets, but are also a controversial subject in many business relations, their correct design is of particular importance.

An investigation of strategic decision making in Swedish and German companies based on Game Theory

Author: Anke Steinmetz

Publisher: diplom.de


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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: Game theory was established by the mathematician John von Neumann (1903 to 1957) and the economist Oskar von Morgenstern (1902 to 1977), who in 1944 published a - among game theorists - very well known work of literature called Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. However, in his book Spieltheorie und ökonomische (Bei)spiele, Werner Güth regards game theory not exclusively as an economic discipline, although fundamental concepts of game theory have been inspired by economic questions and have been developed by economists. Regarding game theory, there are numerous applications in the areas theoretical economy, operations research, statistical decision theory, marketing, politic and military science, insurance mathematics, sociology and psychology. Aim of the dissertation is to give a general overview on game theory and especially to answer the following questions by analysing the Swedish and German replies of the questionnaire: 1. Do strategic deciders of large companies know about game theory and do they use it as a strategic tool? 2. What is the percentage of managers who are able to give correct answers when they are confronted with certain game situations? 3. Are there any links between the characteristics of the manager and their ability to give correct answers to the game situations? 4. Is it possible to find any differences between German and Swedish manag ers regarding 1,2 and 3? The dissertation does not contain all parts of game theory. Only aspects the authors think to be the most important in connection with economy will be discussed. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.INTRODUCTION1 2.THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK2 2.1FUNDAMENTAL DEFINITIONS2 2.2ECONOMIC RELEVANCE3 2.3FORMAL REPRESENTATION OF GAMES4 2.4SOLUTION CONCEPTS12 2.5STRATEGIC MOVES26 2.6HISTORICAL OVERVIEW OF GAME THEORY27 3.THE PRISONERS' DILEMMA (PD)31 3.1THE STORY31 3.2COOPERATION32 3.3THE REPEATED PD33 4.EXAMPLES FOR INTERESTING ECONOMIC GAMES38 4.1MARKET ENTRY GAME38 4.2COVER STORY WAR40 4.3THE OPEC GAME42 4.4CRAZY EDDIE44 4.5FOOTBALL LEAGUE45 4.6TECHNOLOGY RACE47 5.THE QUESTIONNAIRE49 5.1THE INTERVIEWED PERSONS49 5.2EXPLANATION OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE49 6.EVALUATION OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE67 6.1THE EVALUATED COUNTRIES67 6.2THE EVALUATION OF THE QUESTIONNAIRE70 7.REVIEW120

IHS- journal

Zeitschrift des Instituts für Höhere Studien, Wien




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Management and Marketing

Encyclopedic Dictionary, English-German : Management und Marketing : Enzyklopädisches Wörterbuch, Englisch-Deutsch

Author: Wolfgang J. Koschnick

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 859

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This comprehensive encyclopedia is designed to serve as a problem solver. Unlike many other technical dictionaries, these volumes do not confine themselves to giving translations of technical terms, but also provide definitions and explanations wherever this seems necessary and helpful for understanding the underlying meaning of the terms. Thus, the book fulfills the dual function of both a language and a technical dictionary. On over 850 pages, the English-German volume lists more than 10,000 entries, including all key terms of management and marketing, and features a large number of illustrations, charts and tables. The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Management and Marketing has been compiled to provide academics, research workers, professionals, and students as well as business practitioners with a reliable and complete reference work.