Anatomy of a Song

The Oral History of 45 Iconic Hits That Changed Rock, R&B and Pop

Author: Marc Myers

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802189652

Category: Music

Page: 336

View: 9512

Every great song has a fascinating backstory. In Anatomy of a Song, based on the ongoing Wall Street Journal column, writer and music historian Marc Myers brings to life five decades of music through oral histories of forty-five transformative songs woven from interviews with the artists who created them. Bringing readers inside the making of a hit, Anatomy of a Song includes the Isley Brothers' memorable song "Shout," Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love," Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz," and R.E.M's "Losing My Religion." After receiving his discharge from the army in 1968, John Fogerty does a handstand and reworks Beethoven's Fifth Symphony to come up with "Proud Mary." Joni Mitchell remembers living in a cave on Crete with the "mean old daddy" who inspired her 1971 hit "Carey." Elvis Costello talks about writing "(The Angels Wanna War My) Red Shoes" in ten minutes on the train to Liverpool. And Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart, the Clash, Jimmy Cliff, Roger Waters, Stevie Wonder, Keith Richards, Cyndi Lauper, and many other leading artists reveal the emotions, inspirations, and techniques behind their influential works. Anatomy of a Song is a love letter to the songs that have defined generations of listeners.

A French Song Companion

Author: Graham Johnson,Richard Stokes

Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199249664

Category: Music

Page: 530

View: 2717

'flicking through the lovingly enthusiastic writing in this Companion is a rewarding experience. Johnson has excelled on every level and his experience as an accompanist transforms this book into a precious insider's account. What could easily have turned out to be a dry catalogue is in fact a lively, witty and informative journey.' -Francis Carlin, The Singer'A great deal of thought has obviously gone into the presentation of the enormous number of facts to be found here... Furthermore, the book is a delight to handle.' -GramaphoneThe French Song Companion is an indispensable guide to French song. 150 composers and 700 song translations make this the ideal handbook both for the seasoned enthusiast, and the newcomer to this endlessly fascinating repertory. Graham Johnson, one of the world's busiest accompanists, brings his wide experience to the biographical commentaries, and Richard Stokes, renowned for his translations of German Lieder, provides line-by-line translations of some of the greatest poems ever set to music.

The Song of Songs

Commentary and Homilies

Author: Origen

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809102617

Category: Religion

Page: 385

View: 8590

Origen's Commentary, the first great work of Christian mysticism, is characterized by extraordinary richness of thought and depth of mystical conception. The Homilies seem to have been written only a few years after the Commentary-probably before 244.

Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song-book

The First Collection of English Nursery Rhymes : a Facsimile Edition with a History and Annotations

Author: Andrea Immel,Brian Alderson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615678764

Category: History

Page: 121

View: 2499

One of the most famous of children's books, Tommy Thumb's Pretty Song-Book (1744) contains some thirty-nine charmingly illustrated rhymes, many still current today.

The Song of the Earth

Author: Jonathan Bate

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674001688

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 335

View: 1147

As we enter a new millennium ruled by technology, will poetry still matter? The Song of the Earth answers eloquently in the affirmative. A book about our growing alienation from nature, it is also a brilliant meditation on the capacity of the writer to bring us back to earth, our home. In the first ecological reading of English literature, Jonathan Bate traces the distinctions among "nature," "culture," and "environment" and shows how their meanings have changed since their appearance in the literature of the eighteenth century. An intricate interweaving of climatic, topographical, and political elements poetically deployed, his book ranges from greenhouses in Jane Austen's novels to fruit bats in the poetry of Les Murray, by way of Thomas Hardy's woodlands, Dr. Frankenstein's Creature, John Clare's birds' nests, Wordsworth's rivers, Byron's bear, and an early nineteenth-century novel about an orangutan who stands for Parliament. Though grounded in the English Romantic tradition, the book also explores American, Central European, and Caribbean poets and engages theoretically with Rousseau, Adorno, Bachelard, and especially Heidegger. The model for an innovative and sophisticated new "ecopoetics," The Song of the Earth is at once an essential history of environmental consciousness and an impassioned argument for the necessity of literature in a time of ecological crisis.

Sensibility and English Song

Critical Studies of the Early Twentieth Century

Author: Stephen Banfield

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521230858

Category: Music

Page: 619

View: 8263

The history of English song from the late nineteenth century to the Second World War.

The Best of Pathways of Song

High Voice

Author: Frank LaForge,Will Earhart

Publisher: Alfred Music Publishing

ISBN: 9780769210643

Category: Music

Page: 128

View: 6984

The Pathways of Song series offers concert songs in easy vocal ranges for the voice student, by composers such as Schubert, Brahms, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Haydn. The series includes representative repertoire, with English translations and piano accompaniment.

Bird Songs

250 North American Birds in Song

Author: Les Beletsky

Publisher: becker&mayer! Books

ISBN: 0760363269

Category: Nature

Page: 368

View: 7270

In Bird Songs, ornithologist Les Beletsky profiles 250 birds alongside colorful illustrations, and includes a digital audio player that provides the corresponding song for each of the 250 birds. Drawing from the collection of the world-renowned Macaulay Library at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Bird Songs presents the most notable North American birds—including the rediscovered ivory-billed woodpecker—in a stunning format. Renowned ornithologist Les Beletsky provides a succinct description of each of the 250 birds profiled, with an emphasis on their distinctive songs. Lavish full-color illustrations accompany each account, while a sleek, built-in digital audio player holds 250 corresponding songs and calls. In his foreword, North American bird expert and distinguished natural historian Jon L. Dunn shares insights gained from a lifetime of passionate study. Complete with the most up-to-date and scientifically accurate information, Bird Songs is the first book to capture the enchantment of these beautiful birds in words, pictures, and song.

Gender and Song in Early Modern England

Author: Professor Katherine R Larson,Professor Leslie C Dunn

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1472443438

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 236

View: 3498

Song offers a vital case study for examining the rich interplay of music, gender, and representation in the early modern period. This collection engages with the question of how gender informed song within particular textual, social, and spatial contexts in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century England. Bringing together ongoing work in musicology, literary studies, and film studies, it elaborates an interdisciplinary consideration of the embodied and gendered facets of song, and of song’s capacity to function as a powerful-and flexible-gendered signifier. The essays in this collection draw vivid attention to song as a situated textual and musical practice, and to the gendered processes and spaces of song's circulation and reception. In so doing, they interrogate the literary and cultural significance of song for early modern readers, performers, and audiences.

Song Means

Analysing and Interpreting Recorded Popular Song

Author: Allan F. Moore

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 9781409438021

Category: Music

Page: 395

View: 454

Analyse en interpretatie van een groot aantal liedjes op het gebied van populaire muziek uit de twintigste en eenentwintigste eeuw.

The Song of Roland

Author: Dorothy Leigh Sayers

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780140440751

Category: Poetry

Page: 206

View: 7635

Presents the classical epic, glorifying the heroism of Charlemagne in the 778 battle between the Franks and the Moors. Bibliogs

A Theological Commentary to the Midrash: Song of Songs Rabbah

Author: Jacob Neusner

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 9780761819868

Category: Religion

Page: 304

View: 1904

This theological commentary to the Rabbinic Midrash explores a simple proposition, in three parts. I. The reading of Scripture by principal parts of the Rabbinic Midrash is formed by compositions and composites that are animated by a cogent theological system. II. These primary components of the Midrash-compilations, further, are in part aimed at systematic demonstrations of theorems of a theological character. III. While forming a principal part of a large theological structure and system, each document is unique. This commentary in its concluding chapter presents what is common to the animating theology of Rabbinic Judaism in all its documentary components and what is unique to Song of Songs Rabbah.

Tomb Song

A Novel

Author: Julián Herbert

Publisher: Graywolf Press

ISBN: 1555979890

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 7928

An incandescent new voice from Mexico, for readers of Ben Lerner and Rachel Cusk Sitting at the bedside of his mother as she is dying from leukemia in a hospital in northern Mexico, the narrator of Tomb Song is immersed in memories of his unstable boyhood and youth. His mother, Guadalupe, was a prostitute, and Julián spent his childhood with his half brothers and sisters, each from a different father, moving from city to city and from one tough neighborhood to the next. Swinging from the present to the past and back again, Tomb Song is not only an affecting coming-of-age story but also a searching and sometimes frenetic portrait of the artist. As he wanders the hospital, from its buzzing upper floors to the haunted depths of the morgue, Julián tells fevered stories of his life as a writer, from a trip with his pregnant wife to a poetry festival in Berlin to a drug-fueled and possibly completely imagined trip to another festival in Cuba. Throughout, he portrays the margins of Mexican society as well as the attitudes, prejudices, contradictions, and occasionally absurd history of a country ravaged by corruption, violence, and dysfunction. Inhabiting the fertile ground between fiction, memoir, and essay, Tomb Song is an electric prose performance, a kaleidoscopic, tender, and often darkly funny exploration of sex, love, and death. Julián Herbert’s English-language debut establishes him as one of the most audacious voices in contemporary letters.

Song of Songs

A Commentary

Author: J. Cheryl Exum

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: 9780664221904

Category: Religion

Page: 263

View: 7599

This original commentary foregrounds at every turn the poetic genius of the Song of Songs, one of the most elusive texts of the Hebrew Bible. J. Cheryl Exum locates that genius in the way the Song not only tells but shows its readers that love is strong as death, thereby immortalizing love, as well as in the way the poet explores the nature of love by a mature sensitivity to how being in love is different for the woman and the man. Many long-standing conundrums in the interpretation of the book are offered persuasive solutions in Exum's verse by verse exegesis. The Old Testament Library provides fresh and authoritative treatments of important aspects of Old Testament study through commentaries and general surveys. The contributors are scholars of international standing.

Song of the Sparrow

Author: Lisa Ann Sandell

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 0439918499

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 394

View: 4144

In fifth-century Britain, Elaine, who lives with her family in the military encampments of Arthur's army, describes her perceptions of war and the people around her as she becomes involved in the struggle against the Saxons.

Of Poetry and Song

Approaches to the Nineteenth-century Lied

Author: Jürgen Thym

Publisher: University Rochester Press

ISBN: 1580460550

Category: Music

Page: 450

View: 1370

Interdisciplinary studies of some of the greatest examples of German art song by major scholars in musicology and German literature.

The Song of Songs

Author: Dianne Bergant,David W. Cotter,Jerome T. Walsh,Chris Franke

Publisher: Liturgical Press

ISBN: 9780814650691

Category: Religion

Page: 123

View: 8209

This commentary views the Song of Songs as a collection of love poems that pays tribute to mutual love, and it carefully examines features of Hebrew poetry in order to uncover the delicacy of their expression. It is unique in the attention that it gives to the obvious feminine perspective of the poems and to their ecosensitive character. Whether it is the woman in awe of the strength and splendor of her lover or the man praising her physical charms, the descriptions all call on elements from the natural world to characterize the feature being described.

New Song in the Andes

Author: John Maust

Publisher: William Carey Library

ISBN: 9780878082193

Category: Chimborazo (Ecuador)

Page: 143

View: 3618

Weavers of Song

Polynesian Music and Dance

Author: Mervyn McLean

Publisher: Auckland University Press

ISBN: 9781869402129

Category: Music

Page: 543

View: 7628

This book covers in its first part regional music and dance, exploring the musical traditions of twenty specific areas. In the second part McLean describes the musical instruments and the uses, performance, composition, teaching and structure of music across the entire region. He studies the impact of European music on traditional music and includes a chapter on modern music and dance. he finally examines the cultural connections and the diffusion of styles throughout the Polynesian Pacific. Weavers of Song is illustrated with 165 photographs and over 80 musical examples. it is accompanied by a CD sampler containing songs, dance-songs and instrumental music from areas studied in the book. --From publisher's description.

Burt Bacharach: Song By Song

Author: Serene Dominic

Publisher: Schirmer Trade Books

ISBN: 0857122592

Category: Music

Page: 349

View: 8415

Best known as the composer of such hits as Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By," Dusty Springfield's "The Look of Love," and the Carpenters' "Close to You," Burt Bacharach wrote the music for over 700 published songs and has been recorded by some 2,000 artists - from Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley to the Beatles and the Supremes. Song By Song is a witty, cheeky song-by-song journey through Bacharach's vast recorded oeuvre, from Nat "King" Cole's little-known 1952 version of 'Once in a Blue Moon" to Burt's recent collaborations with Elvis Costello, Lyle Lovett and Chicago.