Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art

Author: Timothy Clark

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780714124766

Category: Art

Page: 536

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Discover Japanese art like no other. Originally created by the artists of the ukiyo-e school of the floating world to advertise brothels in 17th-century Yoshiwara, these popular spring pictures (shunga) transcended class and gender in Japan for almost 300 years. These tender, humorous and brightly coloured pieces celebrate sexual pleasure in all its forms, culminating in the beautiful, yet graphic, work of iconic artists Utamaro, Hokusai and Kunisada. This catalogue of a major international exhibition aims to answer some key questions about what shunga is and why was it produced. Erotic Japanese art was heavily suppressed in Japan from the 1870s onwards as part of a process of cultural modernisation that imported many contemporary western moral values. Only in the last twenty years or so has it been possible to publish unexpurgated examples in Japan and this ground-breaking publication presents this fascinating art in its historical and cultural context for the first time. Within Japan, shunga has continued to influence modern forms of art, including manga, anime and Japanese tattoo art. Drawing on the latest scholarship and featuring over 400 images of works from major public and private collections, this landmark book sheds new light on this unique art form within Japanese social and cultural history. Shunga: sex and pleasure in Japanese art is published to accompany an exhibition at the British Museum from October 2013 to January 2014.


Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art

Author: Timothy Clark,C. Andrew Gerstle,Aki Ishigami,Akiko Yano

Publisher: Hotei Pub

ISBN: 9789004263260

Category: Art

Page: 536

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Drawing on the latest scholarship from the leading experts in the field and featuring over 400 images of works from major public and private collections, this landmark book looks at painted and printed erotic images produced in Japan during the Edo period (1600–1868) and early Meiji era (1868–1912).This title is only available through Hotei Publishing in the United States of America, Canada and the Philippines.

Japanese Erotic Art

The Hidden World of Shunga

Author: Ofer Shagan,Mark Halpern

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500291177

Category: Art

Page: 472

View: 8893

The definitive book on Japanese erotic art or shunga

Sex and the Floating World

Erotic Images in Japan 1700-1820 - Second Edition

Author: Timon Screech

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 9781861894328

Category: Art

Page: 320

View: 1521

During the Edo period in eighteenth-century Japan, erotic paintings and prints known today as shunga were popular among both men and women. Yet, prior to Tim Screech’s definitive study, Sex and the Floating World, no one had attempted to situate these overtly sexual images within the contexts of the sexual, gender, or class tensions of the time. Newly revised and expanded, this second edition of Sex and the Floating World examines how and why these images were made and used. Along the way, Screech illuminates a provocative world of sexual fantasy in Edo Japan. ‘With concern, proportion, wit and a bit of levity, the author of this authoritative and invaluable contribution to scholarship has given us the book for which we have long waited.”—Japan Times “Screech provides a fascinating and informative introduction to the social and sexual habits of pre-modern Japan, copiously illustrated and full of witty anecdotes as well as solid scholarly research. The ideal bedtime read?”—Insight Japan


The Essence of Japanese Pillow-Book Eroticism

Author: Bret Norton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789654941440

Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

View: 4127

Stories, terms and extracts of illustrated scrolls, known as pillow books, that reflect the atmosphere of Shunga or Japanese eroticism.

Masterclass: Understanding Shunga

A Guide to Japanese Erotic Art

Author: Majella Munro

Publisher: ER Books

ISBN: 1904989543

Category: Art

Page: 159

View: 8169

This sumptous guide explains the cultural forces behind Shunga images and why the Japanese find them so erotic. It also reveals the influence of Shunga on great Western art movements such as Impressionism. Exquisitely and abundantly illustrated, this is the most comprehensively informative book ever to be written on the subject - truly a 'masterclass'.


Erotic Art in Japan

Author: Rosina Buckland

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781468306989

Category: Art

Page: 175

View: 8946

Showcases top-selected examples of Japanese erotic art created between 1600 and 1900 including pieces by Kitagawa Utamaro and Katsushika Hokusai, demonstrating how the form reflects multiple perspectives, fantasy scenarios, opulent materials and special printing effects.


Stages of Desire

Author: Honolulu Museum of Art,Shawn Eichman,Stephen Salel,Stephen Jost

Publisher: Skira

ISBN: 9780847843794

Category: Art

Page: 312

View: 1904

A gorgeous presentation devoted to the art of Japanese eroticism, drawn from the Honolulu Museum of Art’s rare and distinguished collection. The Japanese paintings and prints called shunga (literally "spring pictures") reflected the thriving sexual culture of early modern Japan and depicted with sensitivity and nuance the private lives of various social types, from courtesans and Kabuki actors to ordinary townspeople. Organized around a series of exhibitions at the Honolulu Museum of Art, this sumptuous volume presents art from the museum’s vast holdings of ukiyo-e prints, woodblock-printed books, and paintings, particularly those originating from the collections of scholar Richard D. Lane and famed author James A. Michener. These fascinating works, dating from the seventeenth through the twentieth centuries, explore Japan’s sexual culture (including issues of gender and the country’s ever-evolving sex industry) with humor as well as a surprisingly sophisticated literary and art-historical approach. Sure to become a collector’s item, this gorgeously designed publication offers stunning color plates showcasing numerous and unusual examples of exquisite Japanese erotica. Texts by leading scholars of shunga and ukiyo-e complete this treasure album of a book.


Art and Encounter

Author: Lissant Bolton,Nicholas Thomas,Elizabeth Bonshek,Julie Ann Adams,Ben Burt

Publisher: British Museum Publications Limited

ISBN: 9780714125961

Category: Social Science

Page: 362

View: 3364

The British Museum's collection is pre-eminent among early collections from Melanesia, and the 20,000 items it comprises are core to understanding the cultures of the western Pacific. The extraordinary art styles represented, from groups such as New Guinea, New Ireland and the Solomon Islands and relating to ancestors, family and clan, houses, feasting and festivals, for instance, are of interest not only in themselves but also for the way they have influenced European artists since the nineteenth century. This book surveys and responds to the collection from the point of view not only of the anthropologist but also of the people responsible for its creation, with contributions from a wide range of international scholars, anthropologists, indigenous peoples and artists, and illustrated with up to 300 colour images of objects and contextual photographs. This is the first time this important collection has been documented - the book is not only a visual feast but also a key reference work.


Author: Timothy Clark

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500094068


Page: 352

View: 8259

A major publication on Hokusai's remarkable late work, incorporating fresh scholarship on the sublime paintings and prints the artist created in the last thirty years of his life

Neo Shunga

An Introduction to Japanese Pop Erotica

Author: Cocoro Books

Publisher: Cocoro Books

ISBN: 9781932897555

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 80

View: 2742

Japan's shunga woodblock prints were originally created to advertise the facilities of the Edo-era pleasure quarters, including tea houses, restaurants and theaters, as well as the brothels. But this new art form quickly took on a life of its own, portraying every imaginable form of sexual activity from straight heterosexual acts through sodomy, bestiality and a wide range of fetishes. Today, these images of sex, many of which are grossly caricatured with outrageously proportioned genitalia, are highly sought after by collectors of art and erotica the world over. Neo Shunga, introduced here as part of the current Japanese trend of restyling traditional fashions for the 21st century, brings together in one volume some of the most fascinating images to come out of the shunga movement. These include acts of voyeurism, masturbation, menage a trios, group sex, and even bestiality with an octopus. Contains graphic sexual imagery

Japanese Erotic Prints

Shunga by Harunobu & Koryūsai

Author: Inge Klompmakers

Publisher: Hotei Publishing

ISBN: 9789074822374

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 6641

This publication offers the reader a ravishing selection of erotic prints ("shunga") by the first full-color woodblock-print masters: Suzuki Harunobu (c. 1725-70) and Isoda Kory{sai (act. c. 1764-88). It is based on a private collection of prints of remarkable quality, their radiant colors perfectly preserved by the albums in which they were kept. The first volume in a popular series on erotic prints by famous Japanese woodblock-print artists, this book contains a detailed general introduction to the genre of "shunga." In addition to a description of the historical and cultural settings of the prints, it focuses in particular on the locations and interiors where the erotic action takes place.

Kitagawa Utamaro

Woodblock Prints from the British Museum

Author: Utamaro Kitagawa,Julian Opie,Timothy Clark,Julie Nelson Davis,British Museum,Ikon Gallery

Publisher: Ikon Gallery

ISBN: 9781904864660

Category: Color prints, Japanese

Page: 135

View: 9842

Exhibition held at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, 22 Sept.-14 Nov. 2010.

Erotic Japonisme

The Influence of Japanese Sexual Imagery on Western Art

Author: Ricard Bru

Publisher: Hotei Pub

ISBN: 9789004258327

Category: Art

Page: 182

View: 5861

Erotic Japonism is the first monograph on the collecting practices of shunga (Japanese erotic prints) in Europe at the turn of the 19th century, most of all among the most renowned artists, and their use as a source of inspiration for them. The publication will take a new look at commonly held perceptions about history of art, revealing surprising dialogues among greatly talented artists such as Rodin, Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas, Beardsley, Sargent, Klimt, Utamaro, Hokusai or Kuniyoshi, as well as many others. -- Publisher.

A Different Sky

Author: Meira Chand

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 140900063X

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 576

Singapore - a trading post where different lives jostle and mix. It is 1927, and three young people are starting to question whether this inbetween island can ever truly be their home. Mei Lan comes from a famous Chinese dynasty but yearns to free herself from its stifling traditions; ten-year-old Howard seethes at the indignities heaped on his fellow Eurasians by the colonial British; Raj, fresh off the boat from India, wants only to work hard and become a successful businessman. As the years pass, and the Second World War sweeps through the east, with the Japanese occupying Singapore, the three are thrown together in unexpected ways, and tested to breaking point. Richly evocative, A Different Sky paints a scintillating panorama of thirty tumultuous years in Singapore's history through the passions and struggles of characters the reader will find it hard to forget.

Jokes and Targets

Author: Christie Davies

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253223024

Category: Social Science

Page: 314

View: 6412

Jokes and Targets takes up an appealing and entertaining topic—the social and historical origins of jokes about familiar targets such as rustics, Jewish spouses, used car salesmen, and dumb blondes. Christie Davies explains why political jokes flourished in the Soviet Union, why Europeans tell jokes about American lawyers but not about their own lawyers, and why sex jokes often refer to France rather than to other countries. One of the world's leading experts on the study of humor, Davies provides a wide-ranging and detailed study of the jokes that make up an important part of everyday conversation.

Poem of the Pillow

Author: Gian Carlo Calza

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9780714871578

Category: Art

Page: 464

View: 2462

A comprehensive and beautifully illustrated study of traditional Japanese erotic art. Poem of the Pillow and Other Stories examines the artistic developments of Japanese erotic art from the ukiyo-e period, dating from the mid-seventeenth century to the end of the nineteenth century. Known by the delicate euphemism of Shunga or ‘spring images’, these pictures were hugely popular and admired, and are today highly collectable works of art. This book illustrates major Shunga works from important ukiyo-e masters such as Utamaro, Hokusai, Harunobu, Kunisada, Kuniyoshi and many others. World-renowned scholar Gian Carlo Calza defines these fascinating erotic works in their social, historical and artistic context, providing a broad overview of a subject that is extremely nuanced and intriguing. Beautifully illustrated with over 300 images, including woodblock prints, scrolls and paintings, this book is a perfect introduction to ukiyo-e erotic art.

Eastern Erotica

Chinese, Indian, and Japanese Eroticism in Art and Literature

Author: Bret Norton

Publisher: Astrolog

ISBN: 9789654941549

Category: Social Science

Page: 144

View: 9747