She Comes First

The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman

Author: Ian Kerner

Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 240

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As women everywhere will attest, men are "ill-cliterate." Most guys know more about what's under the hood of a car than under the hood of a clitoris. But in the world of She Comes First, the mystery of female satisfaction is solved and the tongue is proven mightier than the sword. According to sex therapist (and evangelist of the female orgasm) Ian Kerner, oral sex isn't just foreplay, it's coreplay: simply the best way to lead a woman through the entire process of arousal time and time again. Can you say "viva la vulva"? Fun and informative, She Comes First is a virtual encyclopedia of female pleasure, detailing dozens of tried-and-true techniques for consistently satisfying a woman and ensuring that sexual fulfillment is mutual.

Summary of Ian Kerner’s She Comes First by Milkyway Media

Author: Milkyway Media

Publisher: Milkyway Media


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She Comes First: The Thinking Man’s Guide to Pleasuring a Woman (2004) is a complete and detailed guidebook for performing cunnilingus. Author and sex counselor Ian Kerner argues that women require prolonged and consistent clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, which can best be provided through oral sex… Purchase this in-depth summary to learn more.

She Comes First - Reclaim Your Power! - a Guide for Sassy Women Who Want to Get Back in Control of Their Life

An Empowering Book About Standing Your Ground While Dating, in Marriage, in Your Career and Anywhere Else.

Author: Brian Nox

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform



Page: 172

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An empowering book about standing your ground while dating, in marriage, in your career, and anywhere else. As an author and a coach who has been helping women for more than a decade, I noticed some women were in trouble. Not just in their relationships, some had unfulfilling jobs, didn't get paid what they were worth, had always dreamt of starting their own business but never did, felt lonely even though they had a husband and kids... the list goes on and on. So many women try to be the perfect girlfriends, wives, mothers, friends, sisters, colleagues, business owners, bosses, and more. They love to serve and want to succeed in the many roles they have to play. They are compliant, even to the people who don't really deserve that kind of treatment. They give it all they have, every single day. Regardless of their tremendous efforts, some women get little in return. They feel used. They get men that keep flaking out, careers that don't feel meaningful, and possibly a body that starts to feel and look more and more tired. Did you ever notice that burnout tends to afflict women much more often than men? There's a reason for that, as you'll learn. This should stop. Some women seem to have found a loophole, a backdoor in the current system. There are women out there who have designed the life they live. I call these women the high-value women. This value has nothing to do with money. It turns out the high-value woman follows a set of strategies and principles. I'll share them with you throughout this book. You might have seen and met her. She's the woman who is self-employed, doing the thing she loves, and making a living off of it. She's the woman who might have decided to have a normal career, with a twist. It's the type of career she enjoys and she is actually appreciated for the hard work and hours she puts into it. When she speaks, others listen, even the men in her office with over-inflated egos. Her job almost never feels like work and is deeply fulfilling. It doesn't cost her energy; she gets energy from it. When she wakes up, she can't wait to get started with her day. She is the woman who has found and created herself a loving relationship with a man she loves. She is also the woman who is happily single, the woman who doesn't need a man to be happy. She has a supportive circle of great friends, and she has the time to hang out with them, even when she has kids. She knows how to set the world to her hand, so it seems, and some women wonder how she does it. That's what this book is about, I'll uncover her strategies. I've been studying and interviewing her for so long now that I can't wait to share everything with you. We'll dive in what to do in your romantic relationships, in your career, in your personal life, and most importantly, in your own mind. I'm sure you already are a high-value woman in many ways. Some parts of the book will reaffirm that you're on the right track; others will provide a new way of thinking to take you to the next level. Are you curious to find out how the high-value woman does it all? Then hit the buy button at the top of this page and start your high value woman journey right away!

She Comes First

(solo female erotica with toys)

Author: Cindy Cumby

Publisher: Dirty Eros


Category: Fiction


View: 651

WARNING: 3800+ WORD HARDCORE EROTICA - ADULTS ONLY What's a girl to do when she's left alone and frustrated by her sexless boyfriend? It's time to call on the services of Big Boy and Little Guy once again... EXCERPT: Who needed Matt anyway? Not me. He could go and find a prissy, stuck-up girl to marry for all I care. Especially after the lavish treatment I’d given him tonight. I expected a lot more from him. I began to cheer up. There was nothing to do now but go to bed. It was getting late, and I had work the next day. I remembered that the dishes were still unwashed, piled up in the sink, but left them. I was going to stay here in my bed, warm, comfortable and with all my toys...


The Empowered Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man

Author: Ian Kerner

Publisher: Harper Collins


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 224

View: 688

Transform Yourself from "Passion Victim" to Passionista! In the smash hit She Comes First, Ian Kerner singlehandedly waged battle against male sexual "ill-cliteracy," and women everywhere benefited from his "viva la vulva" philosophy of female pleasure. Now, in Passionista, it's time to learn all about what turns men onand makes them stay on. In this point-by-point, "blow-by-blow" guide, Kerner makes giving as much fun as receiving as he covers every angle of male sexuality, unlocks the secrets of satisfaction, and offers knowledgeable answers to the questions every woman wonders about. His advice is the closest you'll ever come to waking up in a guy's skin and knowing what truly makes him sexually tick. Written in the same witty, insightful, and utterly readable voice that has made She Comes First and Be Honest so popular, Passionista is the empowered woman's guide to enjoying sex to the fullest

The 69 Best Tips for New Fathers

Author: Guy Fee




Page: 221

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A great gift for relatives or loved ones who are expecting. This is a MUST READ if you are about to become a dad. From Scottish writer Guy Fee, this easy-to-read guide slices through the do's and don'ts of becoming a new father - from saving your child's life to recruiting babysitters to staying in control in the delivery room. In 69 fantastically clear and amusing steps, the author transforms you from panic attack victim to crisis manager as you step from baby facilitator to regulator. THE 69 BEST TIPS FOR NEW FATHERS is a funny and sensitive exploration of the humbling journey from man to father.

The Dad Who Is There

My Journey to Becoming a Plus-side Father

Author: Greg Schillo

Publisher: Tate Publishing


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

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Dad, ever wondered how you're doing as a father? Feeling as if you could do better? Wondering whether it is too late to do it right or even make corrections? Concerned that your time came and went, and you blew the shot? Take heart; you're not alone in asking yourself whether you are on the plus or minus side as a dad and being afraid of the answer. In The Dad Who is There: My Journey to Becoming a Plus-side Father Greg Schillo gives encouragement to all dads to keep up the effort, no matter where you are in your fathering. He lets you know it's never too late, you'll be glad you stayed with it, and you may even be doing better than you knew!

Becoming a Real-World Samurai

Author: Brent C. Magnussen

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing


Category: Self-Help

Page: 154

View: 163

Calling all aspiring warriors! Men who crave the difficult task, who are bored senseless and feel wholly unchallenged, who want to be pushed both mentally and physically. Brent C. Magnussen’s Becoming a Real-World Samurai is the Massive Action Plan you’ve been waiting for! This smart, sharp, no-bull guide is for men who are serious about living life to the fullest and will teach you everything you need to know to take your life to the next level. In twenty-eight days, you can achieve: • A Samurai mindset through a simple and effective morning routine • Unbreakable confidence through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu • Lose fat forever with a new eating lifestyle, not another fad diet • Give her the most life changing orgasms ever • Cook world class Italian meatballs in less than 30 minutes. • Set and crush your goals effectively and live life on your terms • Master your 30 second elevator pitch. Own the room and get the girl • Enhance your mental game through floating. Yes floating • Speak another language in 28 days. Magnussen’s been-there-done-that insight and take-no-prisoners attitude will show how to push the capabilities of your mind and body to the max—to face the suck factor in your life, embrace it, own it, and crush it. Are you in? “ Regardless of where you come from, where you’re at or where you want to go, this book can be applied. Brent has a great way to convey how this “Samurai” mentality can be applied to every walk of life. A fantastic read.” Kevin Ross – Former WBC Muay Thai World Champion and Bellator Kickboxing Featherweight World Champion “ Brent has such a passion for Jiu Jitsu, and goes deep into not just the popular sport BJJ, but the self-defense, philosophy, breathing, and amazing lifestyle that Jiu Jitsu gives us all. He gives you a real world introduction to this unbelievable martial art that has changed my life and my family’s life forever. Jiu Jitsu lifestyle brothers. OSS”! Luiz Claudio -- 3X Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and 4th Degree Black Belt under the legendary Rickson Gracie

The Memory of Running

Author: Ron McLarty

Publisher: Penguin


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 110

Every decade seems to produce a novel that captures the public’s imagination with a story that sweeps readers up and takes them on a thrilling, unforgettable ride. Ron McLarty’s The Memory of Running is this decade’s novel. By all accounts, especially his own, Smithson "Smithy" Ide is a loser. An overweight, friendless, chain-smoking, forty-three-year-old drunk, Smithy’s life becomes completely unhinged when he loses his parents and long-lost sister within the span of one week. Rolling down the driveway of his parents’ house in Rhode Island on his old Raleigh bicycle to escape his grief, the emotionally bereft Smithy embarks on an epic, hilarious, luminous, and extraordinary journey of discovery and redemption.