Mending a Shattered Heart

Author: Stefanie Carnes,Christopher Gallegos


ISBN: 0983271356

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 9342

When your partner betrays, what are the first steps to picking up the pieces of your shattered heart? Many unsuspecting people wake up every day to discover their loved one, the one person whom they are supposed to trust completely, has been living a life of lies and deceit because they suffer from a disease-sex addiction. This is a disease shrouded in secrecy and shame. This is your go-to-guide for what to do when you discover your partner is a sex addict. Each chapter is based on frequently asked questions by partners such as: Should I Stay or Should I Go? Is This Going to Get Better? How Do I Set Boundaries and Keep Myself Safe? and What Should I Tell the Kids?

Shattered Heart

Author: Mary Ann Jackson-Baker

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1684098548

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 150

View: 3814

“How do you forgive the unthinkable? How do you begin to wrap your mind around closure to the deep-rooted memory of such a devastating incident?” “I worked my fingers to the bone to give my son a future, but that boy didn’t have a chance in the world. It wasn’t Lima that killed him, but I still hate being there now. Christians are suppose to be able to forgive, but I can’t let it go. I have searched the depths of my soul for some shred of forgiveness to extend in his direction, but God has not granted me that grace…” “Forgiveness is not about letting injustice reign. It means walking bravely into the future with every scar and callous you’ve incurred along the way.” “My prayer is to one day forgive the murderer of my only child because with God all things are possible.”

The Healer of Shattered Hearts

A Jewish View of God

Author: David J. Wolpe

Publisher: Penguin Group USA

ISBN: 9780140147957

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 1448

In a work of remarkable clarity and wisdom, Rabbi Wolpe confronts a central dilemma of modern Judaism, combining his deep knowledge of ancient tradition with modern sensibilities to show contemporary Jews that God still speaks to them--to their daily struggles, angers, fears, and needs, offering comfort and inspiration.

Forever Ours

A Young Adult Coming of Age Romance

Author: Trisha Leigh

Publisher: Evermore Publishing


Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 3144

Book one of the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts Series, re-edited and re-released for a young adult audience. After years of being tossed from one foster home to another, Claire arrives at the home of Jackie Knight and her son, tattooed guitarist Chris Knight. Chris becomes Claire’s first friend and first love. But Chris's dreams of musical stardom and Claire’s need for a stable home put their love at odds. Chris struggles with his plans for the future, entirely reluctant to leave Claire behind; until Claire does something that may break their love — and the only home she’s ever known — forever.

Don't Die, My Love

Author: Lurlene McDaniel

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 0385743793

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 250

View: 1825

Falling in love with Luke, a talented football player with a promising future, Julie Ellis encourages him to see a doctor when he falls ill, and she is horrified when he is diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Shattered Hearts Restored Lives

Author: Lleslie M Johnson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781484033371

Category: Fiction

Page: 280

View: 3696

Freedom Vengeance and Liberty Abuse are the Victorious sisters. They are two half-sisters forced to grow up in foster care. Confronted by decisions made prior to their birth the sisters are born into challenging lifestyles. Their environment and personal choices add to the turmoil and mishap they learn to call life. Shattered Hearts Restored Lives provide the reader with a simultaneous narrative of the intricate and integral backstory of both blood lines. The reader is simultaneously given insight to biological and spiritual DNA of the Victorious sisters. Hearts are shattered through acts of racism, murder, hatred, rape, rejection, pride, greed, lust and a barrage of diagnosis from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Sexual perversion and distorted relationships are introduced to both blood lines through the act of rape. Spiritual warfare is waged against these two unsuspecting warriors as they battled iniquities of the past combined with their own personal transgressions. The Victorious sisters experience life like paupers with a precious jewel hidden in their robe. Flowing through their maternal and parental bloodlines are great grandparents with a powerful legacy of blessings. A foundation of prayer and right relationship with God was firmly established for generations to come. The author puts a spin on the concept of emotions, behaviors and clinical labels by personifying with the use of capitalization and italicized bold words. The identifying fonts aid the reader in distinguishing the characters from the personified attributes. Our Heroines are the fourth generation. Lawlessness, Perversion, Infirmity and Rebellion take root as Freedom encounters sexual abuse, eating disorder, foster care, homosexuality and gang association. Through her journeys she experienced numerous emotional and behavioral labels. Liberty is raised by Anointed Believer until Death intervenes opening the door for Rage, Anger Distortion. Confusion enters when Liberty is placed in the foster home of Tolerance and Acceptance Compelled. They are the sibling children of Pastor Addiction and First Lady Gossip. Tolerance's appetite for horror opens spiritual doors. Liberty develops a love for the dark side and begins to explore the occult. No prayer goes unanswered. Strategically placed in the midst of their battle are Redeemed, Purchased, Faith, Wisdom, Bride and Elijah. Hearts that were once shattered become restored. The two sisters are reunited and on fire for the Lord. Freedom and Liberty learn the true meaning of unconditional love. They learn they can do all things with Christ who strengthens them. Shattered Hearts Restored Lives is a book for anyone who has had to overcome abuse, guilt, grief, behavioral labels and dysfunction. The most important things are not what happened to you in life. What really matters is how you choose to deal with the things that happen. The Victorious sisters choose Jesus. They learn to love themselves and others. What was once their misery becomes their ministry. These two girls are free at last. Born into bondage they have walked perilous roads and emerged victorious. They know what it is to have their hearts shattered and their lives restored. Their mission is to help others traveling a perilous road. The Victorious sisters bring the message of restoration through Christ redeeming power.


A Shattered Hearts Series Novel

Author: Cassia Leo

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781502392039


Page: 232

View: 9492

Adam Parker, sexy surfer with a heart of gold, is back to tell his story in RIPPED, a novel from the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts series. Adam has had his heart ripped out before. But there's nothing he and Lindsay haven't been able to overcome. Nothing that could tear them apart... until now. After nine years of being back on the competition circuit, Adam is at the top of his game in the surf world. But troubles at home have forced him to consider retiring earlier than expected. With the possibility of a final competition in his future, the pressure is on Adam to perform; to leave on a high note. Long hours practicing at the beach and weeks away from his family at exotic locations only causes more turmoil between him and Lindsay. Until finally, the stress reaches a boiling point and someone gets burned.


A Young Adult Coming of Age Romance

Author: Trisha Leigh,Cassia Leo

Publisher: Evermore Publishing

ISBN: 1521157545

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 253

View: 4858

Book two of the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts Series. Claire Nixon is a twenty-year-old college dropout with a secret. To Claire, Adam Parker is just another flirty customer at the cafe, until a chance encounter and seemingly innocent comment spurs a bet between them. The bet is simple: If Adam can get Claire to reveal the secret that made her drop out of college, she has to re-enroll. If he doesn’t succeed, she gets to keep her secret and he has to stop stalking her at the cafe. Claire thinks she has this one in the bag. She’s perfected the art of forgetting her past. But she isn’t prepared for Adam’s relentless pursuit or for him to share his own secrets. And she’s definitely not prepared for her rockstar ex Chris Knight, and her secret, to come charging into her life one year later.


Author: Cassia Leo

Publisher: Gloss Publishing

ISBN: 1492998214

Category: Fiction

Page: 238

View: 6016

This gritty spin-off of the New York Times bestselling Shattered Hearts Series follows mysterious and sexy Tristan as he attempts to abandon his demons in the name of love. A steady stream of meaningless sex is all Tristan has left when he discovers the grandmother who raised him is dying and his best friend is getting married. He is lost; and the dark secrets in his past keep coming back to remind him of this. Until Tristan has an idea that will change his life and fulfill his dying grandmother’s wishes: Abandon his playboy ways and settle down. And who better to do it with than Senia, the girl who has occupied his thoughts since their scorching hot tryst in the back of his sports car. The girl who makes him laugh and feel like a kid again. But when his world begins to crumble around him, the pain Tristan is hiding finds its way to the surface. Will Tristan finally learn to trust again? Or will he abandon Senia when she needs him the most? AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book is a spin-off of the Shattered Hearts Series. It can be read as a stand-alone or after BRING ME HOME. This book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Bring Me Home

Author: Cassia Leo

Publisher: Gloss Publishing

ISBN: 1491072032

Category: Fiction

Page: 388

View: 4128

The breath-taking continuation of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling series. "Sometimes, letting someone go is the ultimate act of love." Claire Nixon is a college student with a past full of secrets and heartbreak. She was saved once by her first love, and rock star, Chris Knight. But when she encouraged Chris to leave town to pursue his dreams, both Claire and Chris didn’t realize it would be the biggest mistake of their lives. After a devastating year apart and thousands of miles of distance between them, Claire met sexy surfer Adam Parker. With his awful jokes and profound patience, he helped Claire pick up the shattered pieces of her broken heart for the second time. But now Chris has returned and he is willing and determined to make Claire’s dreams come true—the same way she did for him when she let him go. With Adam’s former girlfriend in the picture, Claire finds herself torn between the new, passionate love she shares with Adam and the love and family she shares with Chris. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Due to strong language, drug use, and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Pieces of You

Author: Cassia Leo

Publisher: Gloss Publishing

ISBN: 148398527X

Category: Fiction

Page: 372

View: 9877

The story that began in the USA Today bestseller RELENTLESS continues.In Relentless, college student Claire Nixon and surfer Adam Parker each had a painful past too heavy to carry alone. Claire tried to push Adam away, but Adam's relentless pursuit of her heart and her secrets made her walls come crumbling down.Though their hearts will never be whole again, Claire and Adam now know they are stronger together than they are apart.But now Claire's attending college a hundred miles away from Adam. With their relationship already hanging by a thread, Adam is sent to Hawaii on business.And rock star Chris Knight is back in Claire's life.Chris wants his ex-girlfriend back and he knows just how to get her: only he has the power to mend the final missing piece of Claire's broken heart. Now Claire must choose between a long-distance relationship with Adam and a second chance at love, family, and home.


Author: Nicole Banks,Carol Ann Johnson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

ISBN: 9781482529364

Category: Fiction

Page: 238

View: 3926

He was finally home. But guilt weighed heavily on his soul. She's been broken, running from a past she can't seem to escape. Two childhood friends, beaten down by life, find their way back to each other after years of pain and torment. As passion and desire rises, can Jasmine and Angel find solace in each other's arms? Or, are the shattered pieces of their lives too much for either of them to put back together? Join them on an intoxicating ride through life. With ups and down, laughs and tears, they've survived for this long being broken. Can they survive it just a little longer to find their own happy ending?

The Crossing

My journey to the shattered heart of Syria

Author: Samar Yazbek

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473527945

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 8834

'ONE OF THE FIRST POLITICAL CLASSICS OF THE 21st CENTURY'- Observer 'EXTRAORDINARILY POWERFUL, POIGNANT AND AFFECTING. I WAS GREATLY MOVED' Michael Palin FOREWORD BY CHRISTINA LAMB Journalist Samar Yazbek was forced into exile by Assad's regime. When the uprising in Syria turned to bloodshed, she was determined to take action and secretly returned several times. The Crossing is her rare, powerful and courageous testament to what she found inside the borders of her homeland. From the first peaceful protests for democracy to the arrival of ISIS, she bears witness to those struggling to survive, to the humanity that can flower amidst annihilation, and why so many are now desperate to flee.

Shattered Hearts

Author: Stacy Lynn Carroll

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780990804178


Page: N.A

View: 2246

Sara Dunkin's life was perfect until that fateful day when she walked in on her husband's secret addiction. The lies begin to unravel, and she wonders if her marriage is even worth saving. Thrown into the world of pornography, therapy, and support groups, Sara must find a way to forgive before she drowns in betrayal and despair. Never having religion in her life before, she finds hope in the most unlikely places. With the help of a mysterious friend, Sara just might be able to piece back together the life, and the love, she and her husband once shared.

Shattered Hearts

Author: Lee Ryder

Publisher: Ryder Publishing

ISBN: 1495398471

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 4228

Jess lost her family when the plagues came, but gained a new one when she married Ian. Pregnant with another man’s baby, Jess and her new family travel through the vast labyrinth of cemeteries searching for the Promised Land. Surrounded by the unknown will they get there before the baby arrives?

Broken Beautiful Hearts

Author: Kami Garcia

Publisher: Imprint

ISBN: 1250079233

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 416

View: 2081

From #1 New York Times–bestselling author Kami Garcia comes a red-hot romance that will break your heart and put it back together again. Her heart has to break before it can open. When star soccer player Peyton Rios receives an offer from her first-choice college, senior year starts off exactly as planned. But when Peyton uncovers her boyfriend’s dark secret, she confronts him—and finds herself falling down a flight of stairs. Peyton’s knee—and maybe her dream of going pro—is shattered. Everyone is talking: Was she pushed, or did she fall? Peyton knows the truth, even if no one believes her. He has to let someone in before it’s too late. With her future on the line, Peyton goes to stay with her uncle in a small Tennessee town to focus on her recovery. Dating is the last thing on her mind—until she meets sweet, sexy Owen Law. But Peyton doesn’t trust her heart, especially when she senses that Owen is hiding something. When their secrets are finally exposed, Peyton has to decide if love is worth fighting for. An Imprint Book "Garcia has become synonymous with a certain breed of drama-filled, compulsively readable romance." —Bustle “Something wonderful happened to me as I read this—I fell in love. Genuine, shattering, deep, heart-pounding love. Thank you, Kami Garcia, for Peyton and Owen. We need their story." —Jennifer Niven, New York Times bestselling author of All the Bright Places and Holding Up the Universe “A slow burn that squeezes your heart so tightly you can’t breathe . . . until it explodes, and you’re left with a beautiful story that will draw you back again and again.”—Abbi Glines, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Field Party series and the Rosemary Beach novels “Kami Garcia knows the anatomy of the teenage heart—what makes it race, what makes it break, and what makes it mend. Sexy, gritty, and romantic—Broken Beautiful Hearts is a must-read for anyone whose heart has been broken and dared to love again.”—Danielle Paige, New York Times bestselling author of the Dorothy Must Die and Stealing Snow series “A heartbreaking novel of shattered dreams, broken hearts, and finding new paths forward. Broken Beautiful Hearts is deliciously sexy, dangerous, and heartfelt. You’ll root for Peyton to open her heart, despite the risk, and try to get all the things she wants. Kami Garcia has weaved a story that lingers in your heart long after it’s done.” —Dhonielle Clayton, coauthor of the Tiny Pretty Things series and author of The Belles “Kami Garcia never fails to impress with her amazing characters and captivating romance!" —Cora Carmack, New York Times bestselling author of Losing It "Kami Garcia knocks it out of the park with this compelling, emotionally gripping story. A strong female lead, complex characters, and a tender melt-your-heart romance make Broken Beautiful Hearts one of my favorite reads of the year!" —Elle Kennedy, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Off Campus series "With an absorbing storyline that feels both raw and real, and a compelling heroine with a backbone, Kami Garcia's Broken Beautiful Hearts kept me riveted to the very end.” —K.A. Tucker, USA Today-bestselling author of the Ten Tiny Breaths Series and Until It Fades

Shoot for the Heart: The Complete Series

Author: Cassia Leo

Publisher: Gloss Publishing LLC


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 802

In love and revenge, shoot for the heart. Our marriage was a fairy tale. Our anniversary was a nightmare. Now we’re fighting to hold on. But my sexy new neighbor is going to complicate things. Jack and I had everything. Then, in one brutal instant, the universe tilted on its side, discarding us into black nothingness. Now, I have a cocky jerk for a husband. The only way we communicate anymore is in the bedroom. With nothing left to lose, I write Jack a goodbye letter and head for Portland, where I quickly meet a neighbor who helps me find a job. My new neighbor—hot, tattooed ex-soldier Isaac Evans—is complicated. Nevertheless, we form a fast friendship, bonding over our mutual desire to create something beautiful from the wreckage of our lives. But despite the distance between us, Jack and I are still trying to make things work—fighting and playing dirtier than ever. And he doesn’t appreciate my new friendship with Isaac. Not one damn bit. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px}

Shattered Minds

A Pacifica Novel

Author: Laura Lam

Publisher: Tor Books

ISBN: 1466885750

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 1042

Laura Lam returns to the near-future SF world of False Hearts with the speculative thriller Shattered Minds. Carina used to be one of the best biohackers in Pacifica. But when she worked for Sudice and saw what the company's experiments on brain recording were doing to their subjects, it disturbed her—especially because she found herself enjoying giving pain and contemplating murder. She quit and soon grew addicted to the drug Zeal, spending most of her waking moments in a horror-filled dream world where she could act out her depraved fantasies without actually hurting anyone. One of her trips is interrupted by strange flashing images and the brutal murder of a young girl. Even in her drug-addicted state, Carina knows it isn’t anything she created in the Zealscape. On her next trip, she discovers that an old coworker from Sudice, Max, sent her these images before he was killed by the company. Encrypted within the images are the clues to his murder, plus information strong enough to take down the international corporation. Carina's next choice will transform herself, San Francisco, and possibly the world itself. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Heart Goes Last

A Novel

Author: Margaret Atwood

Publisher: Anchor

ISBN: 0385540361

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 8527

Margaret Atwood puts the human heart to the ultimate test in an utterly brilliant new novel that is as visionary as The Handmaid's Tale and as richly imagined as The Blind Assassin. Stan and Charmaine are a married couple trying to stay afloat in the midst of an economic and social collapse. Job loss has forced them to live in their car, leaving them vulnerable to roving gangs. They desperately need to turn their situation around—and fast. The Positron Project in the town of Consilience seems to be the answer to their prayers. No one is unemployed and everyone gets a comfortable, clean house to live in . . . for six months out of the year. On alternating months, residents of Consilience must leave their homes and function as inmates in the Positron prison system. Once their month of service in the prison is completed, they can return to their "civilian" homes. At first, this doesn't seem like too much of a sacrifice to make in order to have a roof over one's head and food to eat. But when Charmaine becomes romantically involved with the man who lives in their house during the months when she and Stan are in the prison, a series of troubling events unfolds, putting Stan's life in danger. With each passing day, Positron looks less like a prayer answered and more like a chilling prophecy fulfilled. From the Hardcover edition.