Say You're Sorry

Author: Melinda Leigh

Publisher: Center Point

ISBN: 9781683248729

Category: Fiction

Page: 500

View: 5936

"After losing her husband in Iraq, former prosecutor Morgan Dane returns to Scarlet Falls, seeking the comfort of her hometown. Then her neighbor's son, Nick, is accused of murdering Morgan's babysitter. Believing he's innocent, Morgan and Lance Kruger, an ex-cop turned private eye, search for the real killer. Uncovering secrets that rock the community, they become targets"--

Horror in the outskirt ( Horror thriller books for teens, thriller horror books new releases, suspense thriller books, thriller suspense, thriller and mysteries, thriller horror books)

Author: Federico Calafati

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 8827545778

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 8236

A thriller / horror book ! Patrizia is a teenager with a goal: conquering the most handsome boy in the school, Fabio aspiring reporter and experienced footballer. Anyway, during her attempts to seduce him, she will discover together with him an upsetting secret, connected with some mysterious disappearances happened in her town. Federico Calafati was born in Maglie (LE) on 29/06/1990. He awarded the diploma at Liceo Scientifico in Gallipoli and undertakes his career as a writer. In 2013, he debuts with the collection of short-stories “Storie di Soglia” (“Stories of Threshold,) and then in 2016 he continues with the novel “Sesso, erba e disastri vari” (“Sex, weed and various disasters”) and in 2017 with the horror story “La crepa nel buio” (“The crack in the darkness”). "I like a lot of suspence in thriller books, and i was not disappointed reading this. It has a mixture of horror and mysteries, which made me crazy about it. The story is set in the suburbs of a town, which seems so calm until they found that there are very very evil people there. I liked it, so i advise it to young people, expecially teens, to read this book if they like suspence and thrillers !" Lolita Maggiano horror books for teens, horror books teens, thriller books new releases, suspence thriller books, thriller suspence, thriller and mysteries, thriller books "I loved this ebook, it got the taste of an horror ebook, which i absolutely love! I like when characther development leads to knowing everything about them, and it happened while i was reading this. Patrizia got all my sympathy when she was fighting for her life, and i appreciated the circle of suspence that this horror book had. Very nice!" Lilian Green Top in Thriller books italian new releases "Suspence and mysteries in one great thriller" Horror books of the month in October horror books for teens, horror books teens, thriller books new releases, suspense thriller books, thriller suspense, thriller and mysteries, thriller books, horror ebooks, thriller ebooks

Her Last Goodbye

Author: Melinda Leigh

Publisher: Montlake Romance

ISBN: 9781542047968

Category: FICTION

Page: 334

View: 3391

Young mother Chelsea Clark leaves the house for a girls' night out--and vanishes. Her family knows she would never voluntarily leave her two small children. Her desperate husband--the prime suspect--hires Morgan Dane to find his wife and prove his innocence. As a single mother, Morgan sympathizes with Chelsea's family. She wants to track down the criminal--unaware she's his next target.

Crossing the Rubicon

The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

Author: Michael C. Ruppert

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 1550923188

Category: History

Page: 512

View: 1051

The long-awaited expose of 9/11 and Peak Oil - by the "Godfather of 9/11 research."

Susie's Story

Author: Myra Duffy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781786103352

Category: Fiction

Page: 194

View: 6479

How has Susie come to inherit the Victorian house at Ettrick Bay on the Isle of Bute? There is a mystery and Susie is determined to discover the answer.

The Red Ledger: 1

Author: Meredith Wild

Publisher: Waterhouse Press

ISBN: 1642630225

Category: Fiction

Page: 120

View: 3058

He’s death for hire… Some people measure life in hours. Days. Weeks. I measure mine in kills. A covert military mission gone wrong robbed me of my memory and any link to my past. This is my existence now. I execute and survive. Nothing more, nothing less. I was ready to write Isabel Foster’s name in my ledger of unfortunate souls until she uttered the one word that could stop the bullet meant for her. My name. She knows my face. She knows me. She’s the key to the memories I’m not sure I want back. Now nothing is simple. I still have a job to do, and my soul isn’t worth saving. I’m not the man she thinks I am. I can’t love her. And sparing her life puts us both in the crosshairs.

Buy a Bullet

An Orphan X Short Story

Author: Gregg Hurwitz

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 1250141281

Category: Fiction

Page: 16

View: 8790

The Nowhere Man is a figure shrouded in secrecy—a near legendary figure who helps those lucky few who are given the means to reach out to him. Before he was the Nowhere Man, Evan Smoak was a highly trained government operative known to a few as Orphan X. This is the story of Smoak's first outing as the Nowhere Man, where after a gear run to Northern California, he happens to spot a young woman at a coffee shop. Brutalized and under the control of a very powerful, unscrupulous man, she knows her life is in danger if she doesn't escape. And the only person who can help her do that is a man with the background and skills of the Nowhere Man. From New York Times bestselling author Gregg Hurwitz comes an electrifying story. Also contains an extended excerpt from the Orphan X thriller—The Nowhere Man.

Celebrating The Rag: Austin's Iconic Underground Newspaper

Author: Alice Embree,Thorne Dreyer,Richard Croxdale


ISBN: 1365390543

Category: History

Page: 316

View: 3325

Celebrating The Rag tells the remarkable story of the legendary underground newspaper that sparked a political and cultural revolution and helped make Austin weird. The book features more than 100 articles from The Rag's 11-year history plus contemporary essays and eye-popping vintage art and photography. This collection captures the radical politics and subversive humor that marked the pages of this upstart newspaper between 1966 and 1977.

Swords in the Hands of Children

Reflections of an American Revolutionary

Author: Jonathan Lerner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781944869472


Page: 213

View: 9050

"It is a must read for anyone -- young or old -- inclined to see the Weatherman as right on, or badass, or as pioneers of a form of political struggle useful for the United States's future. Lerner was there. He now sees the weather very differently."--Los Angeles Review of Books This crisp, contemplative memoir of an American radical arrives at a moment of surging activism and rage. It is essential reading for progressives struggling with how to act and survive in the Age of Trump. Against the vividly evoked chaos and conflicts of the Vietnam Era, Jonathan Lerner probes the impulses that led a small group of educated, privileged young Americans to turn to violence as a means of political change. Beyond that, he tells the true story of an intellectually adventurous but insecure gay man immersed in the macho, misogynistic and physically confrontational environment of the Weathermen. Variously known as the Weather Underground, the Weathermen, or Weatherman, the group unleashed a series of bombings across the United States, attacking the Pentagon, the Capitol Building, and the U.S. State Department, among many other places. At its height, the organization consisted of several hundred people, all committed to violent change and toe-to-toe battles with the police. Inventing himself first as "minister of propaganda" for a movement -- and along the way participating in the Venceremos Brigade in Cuba and observing the Native American uprising at Wounded Knee -- and then reinventing himself as high-rolling gay hustler, Lerner recounts a wild and utterly American journey from idealism to destruction and beyond. Other Weatherpeople have written memoirs; none has explored the painful history of the consequential group with such penetrating honesty.

Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics

Author: Rajeev Bansal

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1420007246

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 416

View: 7098

Electromagnetics is too important in too many fields for knowledge to be gathered on the fly. A deep understanding gained through structured presentation of concepts and practical problem solving is the best way to approach this important subject. Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics provides such an understanding, distilling the most important theoretical aspects and applying this knowledge to the formulation and solution of real engineering problems. Comprising chapters drawn from the critically acclaimed Handbook of Engineering Electromagnetics, this book supplies a focused treatment that is ideal for specialists in areas such as medicine, communications, and remote sensing who have a need to understand and apply electromagnetic principles, but who are unfamiliar with the field. Here is what the critics have to say about the original work "...accompanied with practical engineering applications and useful illustrations, as well as a good selection of references ... those chapters that are devoted to areas that I am less familiar with, but currently have a need to address, have certainly been valuable to me. This book will therefore provide a useful resource for many engineers working in applied electromagnetics, particularly those in the early stages of their careers." -Alastair R. Ruddle, The IEE Online "...a tour of practical electromagnetics written by industry experts ... provides an excellent tour of the practical side of electromagnetics ... a useful reference for a wide range of electromagnetics problems ... a very useful and well-written compendium..." -Alfy Riddle, IEEE Microwave Magazine Fundamentals of Engineering Electromagnetics lays the theoretical foundation for solving new and complex engineering problems involving electromagnetics.

The End of Loyalty

The Rise and Fall of Good Jobs in America

Author: Rick Wartzman

Publisher: PublicAffairs

ISBN: 1586489151

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

View: 5513

Having a good, stable job used to be the bedrock of the American Dream. Not anymore. In this richly detailed and eye-opening book, Rick Wartzman chronicles the erosion of the relationship between American companies and their workers. Through the stories of four major employers--General Motors, General Electric, Kodak, and Coca-Cola--he shows how big businesses once took responsibility for providing their workers and retirees with an array of social benefits. At the height of the post-World War II economy, these companies also believed that worker pay needed to be kept high in order to preserve morale and keep the economy humming. Productivity boomed. But the corporate social contract didn't last. By tracing the ups and downs of these four corporate icons over seventy years, Wartzman illustrates just how much has been lost: job security and steadily rising pay, guaranteed pensions, robust health benefits, and much more. Charting the Golden Age of the '50s and '60s; the turbulent years of the '70s and '80s; and the growth of downsizing, outsourcing, and instability in the modern era, Wartzman's narrative is a biography of the American Dream gone sideways. Deeply researched and compelling, The End of Loyalty will make you rethink how Americans can begin to resurrect the middle class. Finalist for the Los Angeles Times book prize in current interestA best business book of the year in economics, Strategy+Business

Sister Sable

Author: T. Mountebank

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781517645175


Page: 468

View: 9606

THE FIRST TENET OF THE WIND: Do not get caught.Sister Sable has lived by the first tenet for seven years, but when an unexpected accident reveals the runaway nun to the clergy, she is forced to embrace the remaining four.THE SECOND TENET OF THE WIND: Win by any means.With the King's spymaster committed to killing her, and his general regretting he didn't, Sable enters a deadly game.THE THIRD TENET OF THE WIND: The purpose of picking up a blade is to cut the enemy.Scaring them is discretionary. THE FOURTH TENET OF THE WIND: Have no preferred weapon.Even so, she likes the axe. THE FIFTH TENET OF THE WIND: Know the way of all professions.Prophet, pilot, assassin, spy, Sable will need to call upon all she has learned to protect the King's future from the past.

Red Russia

Author: T. A. Thompson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781370068876

Category: Fiction

Page: 234

View: 6963

Red Russia is the story of two Americans in Russia, of business, lies, and deception, of fortunes bought and told.

Last To Die

Number 2 in series

Author: Kate Brady

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0748134018

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 1670

She'll charm you, punish you, then kill you... Mia Kettering is a ruthless killer who hides in plain sight. Indeed, no one believes that a beautiful, wealthy socialite could be capable of murder. But now she's begun her master plan that will leave six women dead, punished for their dark pasts. Detective Dani Cole is determined to track down a serial killer whose victims include a young woman she pulled out of a life of crime. Her investigation leads her to Mitch Sheridan, who once saved her life but then disappeared. With danger hot on their heels, Dani and Mitch unearth a deathly chain of deception that leads to a killer who is closer than they think - and more terrifying than they imagine...

Rafferty's Rules

A Rafferty P.I. Mystery

Author: W. Glenn Duncan

Publisher: d squared publishing

ISBN: 0648037002

Category: Fiction

Page: 228

View: 2473

The Stolen

Author: Tobsha Learner

Publisher: Sphere

ISBN: 9780751550580

Category: Conspiracies

Page: 512

View: 4246

Zurich, 1983. A Roma gypsy lies dead in front of a smart watchmaker's window. His sacrifice will lead to the discovery of a remarkable treasure, kept hidden by the Nazis for decades. But this mysterious artefact is much more than it seems - and its power will not be contained... Widowed physicist Matthias von Holindt has been lost in his own world for far too long. But when his estranged father is implicated in the murder, Matthias is forced on a desperate hunt for the truth. Fighting against a secret, sinister cabal, he must race to save the artefact from their evil grasp. But the quest will have profound and devastating consequences for Matthias himself - and threaten those he loves the most. Heart-stopping adventure, rich history and a deep, hidden mystery - The Stolen is a compelling and hugely satisfying thriller from the bestselling author of Sphinx.