Rules for a Knight

Author: Ethan Hawke

Publisher: Knopf


Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 413

From Ethan Hawke, four-time Academy Award nominee—twice for writing and twice for acting—an unforgettable fable about a father's journey and a timeless guide to life's many questions. A knight, fearing he may not return from battle, writes a letter to his children in an attempt to leave a record of all he knows. In a series of ruminations on solitude, humility, forgiveness, honesty, courage, grace, pride, and patience, he draws on the ancient teachings of Eastern and Western philosophy, and on the great spiritual and political writings of our time. His intent: to give his children a compass for a journey they will have to make alone, a short guide to what gives life meaning and beauty. From the Hardcover edition.

Story of the Middle Ages

Author: Michael McHugh

Publisher: Christian Liberty Press


Category: History

Page: 140

View: 463

This book is designed to provide 5th or 6th grade level students with a solid overview of old world history.

A Righteous Story

Author: Scott Fisher



Category: Fiction

Page: 135

View: 579

After the time machine was invented in a different dimension, Judif the angel decides to go off on an adventure seeing if the time machine works, after testing the machine Glen is ready to try it. As Glen a time traveler, learns about our dimension and decides to take a trip there; his time machine goes haywire and it changes the reality he goes to. Suddenly Glen is in a reality that is not his own, surrounded by names and characters of biblical proportions; all along the Leaders in God show the importance of God and His major role in Glen's life. Each reality is actually a different time in Glen and Sarah's past together, all along looking for and finding God in unexpected places. Glen and Sarah learned how to have a good relationship with God. Although time seems jumbled up for these characters they are actually in order as Glen and Sarah revisit their past so does David their son realize the connection between their dreams and tells them what it was all about.

AS English Literature for AQA B

Author: Tony Childs

Publisher: Heinemann


Category: English literature

Page: 150

View: 573

Covering the set texts in the AQA B specification, this title helps students make a smooth transition from GCSE to AS, then up to A2. It focuses on the AQA B Assessment Objectives at AS, and includes exam and coursework tips throughout that show students how to get the best grades.

The Medieval Soldier

Author: Vesey Norman

Publisher: Pen and Sword


Category: History

Page: 288

View: 683

The author outlines the development of the undisciplined barbarian war bands of the Dark Ages into the feudal armies of the early Middle Ages. It deals with the arms and equipments of the soldier, not only from surviving specimens but also from descriptions in contemporary medieval documents. Vesey Norman covers the slow development of tactics and the transition of the warrior from a personal follower of a war leader to the knight who served his feudal overlord as a heavily armored cavalryman in return for land. He details the attitude of the Church to warfare, the rise of chivalry and the development of the knights of the military orders, the Templars, the Hospitallers and the Teutonic Knights. He answers such questions as what classes of men made up the army, who commanded them, and how they were equipped, paid and organized. Since armies frequently has to be transported by water, a brief description of contemporary ships in included.

The Life of a Knight

Author: Kay Eastwood

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 279

Describes the duties and privileges of a medieval knight in warfare and in service to a lord, and explores aspects of daily life such as clothing, apprenticeship, heraldry, and obedience to the chivalric code.

Play the Game

A Compendium of Rules

Author: Darren Bellas

Publisher: Straightforward co Ltd


Category: Indoor games

Page: 135

View: 846

An invaluable guide for all those who wish to develop their skills in a variety of games, ranging from the more complex, such as chess, backgammon, bridge and roulette, to the more common games played by individuals and families, this new edition is fully revised and updated and features seven new games. Illustrated throughout.


A Diachronic Evolutionary Approach

Author: Paul Ziff

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Philosophy

Page: 171

View: 648

This essay is the product of years of distaste for, and dissatisfaction with, the efforts of moral philosophers. It can be tiresome to attend to details, to spell out the obvious, but moral philosophy is such an abysmally difficult subject that faster than a creeping slug is breakneck reckless speed. One simply must content oneself with a slow slimy trail painfully drawn and cautiously constrained. Generally speaking, philosophy, and, in particular, moral philosophy, is too hard fot philosophers. Even though publishing is spitting in the ocean, and even though my sour sweet spittle will not alter the ocean's salinity, I am somehow inclined to publish this essay. Acknowledgments: I began this essay in 1956. During the years, I have discussed many of the topics in this volume with a great many philosophers. I am indebted to all of them, especially those with whom I disagreed and those who disagreed with me. One learns nothing from agreement, whereas disagreement provokes one to look more closely and more carefully at what is at issue: if a philosopher is to profit from discussion, someone must be disagreeable.