Rolling with the Stones

Author: Bill Wyman,Richard Havers

Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

ISBN: 9780789499981

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

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The longtime bass player for the Rolling Stones combines firsthand reminiscences with personal memorabilia to provide an insider's look at four decades or rock 'n' roll history.

Mick Jagger

Die Biographie

Author: Philip Norman

Publisher: Droemer eBook

ISBN: 3426429772

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 720

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Mick Jagger ist der größte Star der Rockgeschichte. Viele Millionen Fans weltweit bewundern ihn. Mit seiner markanten Stimme und der wilden, aufreizenden Bühnenshow bringt er auch heute noch ganze Stadien zum Kochen. Songs wie "Satisfaction", "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" und "Street Fighting Man" sind ewige Rock-’n’-Roll-Hymnen – voller Sex und Rebellion. Philip Norman hat mit vielen engen Weggefährten von Mick Jagger gesprochen und liefert uns nun die grandiose Lebensschau des berühmten Musikers. Er erzählt von Jaggers Jugend, wie er schon früh den Rhythm & Blues entdeckte und dann 1962 mit Keith Richards und Brian Jones die Rolling Stones gründete. Er berichtet von den gigantischen Welttourneen, von den wüsten Drogenexzessen und den Eskapaden des skandalträchtigen Womanizers, dessen Privatleben seit Jahrzehnten die Medien beschäftigt. Das authentische Porträt des Mannes, der mit seiner Musik die Welt veränderte.

The Rolling Stones - 50

mit über 1000 Abbildungen

Author: Mick Jagger,Keith Richards,Charlie Watts,Ronnie Wood

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783791347172

Category: Rock groups

Page: 351

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Author: Keith Richards

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641051746

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 736

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Ein großes Leben – der Rolling Stone erzählt Bei den Rolling Stones erschuf Keith Richards die Songs, die die Welt veränderten. Sein Leben ist purer Rock’n’Roll. Jetzt endlich erzählt er selbst seine atemberaubende Geschichte inmitten eines »crossfire hurricane«. Und er tut dies mit einer entwaffnenden Ehrlichkeit, die bis heute sein Markenzeichen geblieben ist. Die Geschichte, auf die wir alle gewartet haben – unverwechselbar, kompromisslos und authentisch. Wie er als Kind in England die Platten von Chuck Berry und Muddy Waters rauf und runter hörte. Wie er Gitarre lernte und mit Mick Jagger und Brian Jones die bis heute größte Rockband aller Zeiten gründete – die Rolling Stones. Er berichtet von dem frühen Ruhm und den berüchtigten Drogen-Razzien, die ihm sein Image als ewiger Rebell und Volksheld einbrachten. Wie er die unsterblichen Riffs zu Songs wie »Jumpin’ Jack Flash« oder »Honky Tonk Women« erfand. Die Beziehung mit Anita Pallenberg und der tragische Tod von Brian Jones. Die Flucht vor der Steuerfahndung nach Frankreich, die legendären Konzerte und Tourneen in den USA. Isolation und Sucht. Die Liebe zu Patti Hansen. Streitereien mit Mick Jagger und die anschließende Versöhnung. Heirat, Familie, die Soloalben und die Xpensive Winos – und das, was am Ende bleibt.

Rolling Stones

40 X 20

Author: Chris Murray,Richard Harrington

Publisher: Bpi Communications


Category: Music

Page: 128

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Twenty photographers present photographs of the Rolling Stones and its members, on stage and off, taken throughout the band's career, and recount their experiences while taking the pictures.

Memoirs of the Original Rolling Stone

Author: Andy Anderson,Erika Celeste

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1449082688

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 126

View: 8169

Long before the days of the popular British rock band, a group of boys from Mississippi started the original Rolling Stones. In those days the music they played was so new, it was difficult to find records of it or hear it on the radio. Each time they composed a tune they were creating a new sound, which would become known as rockabilly. These were the godfathers of rock & roll and this is their story.

Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

Author: Editors Rolling Stone

Publisher: Touchstone

ISBN: 9780743201209

Category: Music

Page: 1136

View: 7260

Completely updated with new entries and extensive revisions of the previous 1,800, The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia Of Rock & Roll is the authoritative volume on the world's music makers -- from the one-hit wonders to the megastars. In 1983, Rolling Stone Press introduced its first Rock & Roll Encyclopedia. Almost two decades later, it has become the premier guide to the history of rock & roll, and has been selected by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame & Museum as its official source of information. Giving full coverage to all aspects of the rock scene, it tells the story of rock & roll in a clear and easy reference format, including complete discographies, personnel changes for every band, and backstage information like date and place of birth, from Elvis Presley to Eminem. Since the last edition, the music scene has exploded in every area, from boy-bands to hip-hop, electronica to indie rock. Here, the Encyclopedia explores them all -- 'NSync, Notorious B.I.G., Ricky Martin, Radiohead, Britney Spears, Blink-182, Sean "Puffy" Combs, Portishead, Fatboy Slim, Fiona Apple, Lil' Kim, Limp Bizkit, Oasis, Outkast, Yo La Tengo, TLC, and many, many more. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, Third Edition includes all the facts, phenomena, and flukes that make up the history of rock. Accompanying the biographical and discographical information on the nearly 2,000 artists included in this edition are incisive essays that reveal the performers' musical influences, first breaks, and critical and commercial hits and misses, as well as evaluations of their place in rock history. Filled with hundreds of historical photos, The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia is more than just a reference book, it is the bible of rock & roll.

The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones

Author: Stanley Booth

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 0857863525

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 576

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'Sounding like one instrument, a wild whirling bagpipe, the Stones chugged to a halt. But the crowd didn't stop, we could see Hells Angels spinning like madmen, swinging at people. By stage right a tall white boy with a black cloud of electric hair was dancing, shaking, infuriating the Angels by having too good a time.' The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones is not just the greatest book about the greatest rock 'n' roll band, it is one of the most important books about the 1960s capturing its zeitgeist - that uneasy mix of excess, violence and idealism - in a way no other book does. Stanley Booth was with the Rolling Stones on their 1969 U.S. tour, which culminated in the notorious free concert at Altamont. But this book is much more than a brilliant piece of journalism. It gives a history of the Rolling Stones from their early rhythm 'n' blues days in west London clubs to the end of the 1960s; and it interweaves with mastery the two tragic stories of the decline and death of Brian Jones and the terrifying Altamont concert itself, where the Hells Angels, supposedly providing security, ran amok and murdered a member of the audience. Although it took nearly fifteen years to write, the book that emerged has been rightly acclaimed as 'the one authentic masterpiece of rock 'n' writing'.

Up and Down with The Rolling Stones - My Rollercoaster Ride with Keith Richards

Author: Tony Sanchez

Publisher: John Blake Publishing

ISBN: 1857826892

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

View: 2569

This insider's account of the lives of Brian Jones, Keith Richard, and Mick Jagger in the sixties and seventies has become legendary in the years since its first publication in 1979. Tony Sanchez worked for Keith Richard for eight years - buying drugs, running errands, and orchestrating cheap thrills - and he records unforgettable accounts of the Stones' perilous misadventures: racing cars along the Cote d'Azur; murder at Altamont; nostalgic nights with the Beatles at the Stones-owned nightclub Vesuvio; frantic flights to Switzerland for blood changes; and the steady stream of women, including Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull, and Bianca Jagger. Here the Stones as never seen before, cavorting around the world, smashing Bentleys, working black magic, getting raided, having children, snorting coke, and mainlining heroin. Sanchez tells the whole truth, sparing not even himself in the process. With hard-hitting prose and candid photographs, he creates an invaluable primary source for anyone interested in the world's most famous rock and roll band.

Stones Touring Party

A Journey Through America with the Rolling Stones

Author: Robert Greenfield

Publisher: Aurum Press Limited

ISBN: 1781311994

Category: Music

Page: 352

View: 1442

DIV ‘A compelling account of the Stones trashing America during 1972… Greenfield was allowed the kind of access journalists can only dream of today’ The Times The Stones’ 1972 tour of the States was perhaps their best – and certainly most notorious – ever. Their previous visit in 1969 had ended in the nightmare of Altamont; now, three years later, they had just recorded their two finest albums, Sticky Fingers and Exile on Main Street, and were musically in their prime – if also personally at their most dissolute and debauched. Robert Greenfield, one of America’s finest writers, went along for the ride and came back with a riveting account of high living, excess and rock & roll fury, from the Playboy Mansion to the jail cells of Rhode Island. This was an extended tour Party, capital P, to which all America’s hip, rich and glitzy were invited, from Truman Capote to Stevie Wonder, Annie Liebowitz to Hugh Hefner. The result has been acclaimed as one of the all-time classic music books. Published for some years by Helter Skelter under the title A Journey Through America with the Rolling Stones, it is now reissued by Aurum under its original title with a new introduction by the author. Robert Greenfield is also the author of Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones and biographies of Timothy Leary and Jerry Garcia. He lives in California. /div

The Rolling Stones

A Musical Biography

Author: Murry R. Nelson

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0313380341

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 159

View: 6029

This comprehensive book documents the nearly half-century-long story of The Rolling Stones—the group many regard as the most eminent rock band ever. * A clear timeline of key events in the life of the band that encompasses over 40 years * Images of the band members and their performances across time * Print and nonprint resources for student research * Appendices of albums, awards, film appearances, and more

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll: Thirty Years with a Rolling Stone

Author: Jo Wood

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007458487

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

View: 4268

When young model and mother Jo met rock star Ronnie Wood, she had no idea what her brief flirtation with this brilliant, charismatic musician would become. This is a moving and candid memoir from the woman who married the most controversial member of the Rolling Stones, and had the strength and courage to bounce back from heartbreak.

Rolling Stone

Author: Sumohan Banerjee

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 1642490113

Category: Fiction

Page: 264

View: 980

If life is a river, then we are rolling stones in it. Krish moves on like a rolling stone. He loves observing the things and life around him. He loves exploring rustic people living at the lap of nature. His obsession with observation makes him a vagabond in the way of life. He gets involved in different childish adventures. He gets friends and loses them too. In Lalpahari, he gets reunited with his childhood friend Nita who in turn falls in love with him, but he falls in love with Koli. What happened after that? Did the rolling stone lose its mobility? To explore the unknown but colorful rustic Indian life in pre-digital era, take a stroll with Krish, the rolling stone.

50 Licks

Myths and Stories from Half a Century of the Rolling Stones

Author: Pete Fornatale,Bernard M. Corbett

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408833824

Category: Rock groups

Page: 288

View: 8852

The illustrated, memorable, and rock-and-roll stories of the Rolling Stones, as they tour for the 50th year - featuring never-before-seen interviews with the band.

Just a Shot Away

Peace, Love, and Tragedy with the Rolling Stones at Altamont

Author: Saul Austerlitz

Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

ISBN: 1250083206

Category: Music

Page: 304

View: 9077

“The most blisteringly impassioned music book of the season.” —New York Times Book Review A thrilling account of the Altamont Festival—and the dark side of the ‘60s. If Woodstock tied the ideals of the '60s together, Altamont unraveled them. In Just a Shot Away, writer and critic Saul Austerlitz tells the story of “Woodstock West,” where the Rolling Stones hoped to end their 1969 American tour triumphantly with the help of the Grateful Dead, the Jefferson Airplane, and 300,000 fans. Instead the concert featured a harrowing series of disasters, starting with the concert’s haphazard planning. The bad acid kicked in early. The Hells Angels, hired to handle security, began to prey on the concertgoers. And not long after the Rolling Stones went on, an 18-year-old African-American named Meredith Hunter was stabbed by the Angels in front of the stage. The show, and the Woodstock high, were over. Austerlitz shows how Hunter’s death came to symbolize the end of an era while the trial of his accused murderer epitomized the racial tensions that still underlie America. He also finds a silver lining in the concert in how Rolling Stone’s coverage of it helped create a new form of music journalism, while the making of the movie about Altamont, Gimme Shelter, birthed new forms of documentary. Using scores of new interviews with Paul Kantner, Jann Wenner, journalist John Burks, filmmaker Joan Churchill, and many members of the Rolling Stones' inner circle, as well as Meredith Hunter's family, Austerlitz shows that you can’t understand the ‘60s or rock and roll if you don’t come to grips with Altamont.

A Prince Among Stones

That Business with The Rolling Stones and Other Adventures

Author: Prince Rupert Loewenstein

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408821222

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 9010

In 1968 Mick Jagger couldn't understand why the Rolling Stones had no money. The man he asked to help was a German prince, a merchant banker. They forged an unlikely alliance which re-invented the business of rock'n'roll. As a youthquake shook the Establishment, Prince Rupert Loewenstein thrived in both worlds, never relinquishing his elegance or decorum. For nearly forty years Prince Rupert worked with the Stones as 'a combination of bank manager, psychiatrist and nanny', usually enthralled but often bemused and exasperated. Coolly impartial, dryly humorous, this is a refreshingly different take on the rock'n'roll world from within its inner sanctum.

The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll

Author: Patricia Romanowski Bashe,Patricia Romanowski,Holly George-Warren,Jon Pareles

Publisher: Touchstone


Category: Music

Page: 1120

View: 1487

Selected by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as its official source of information, this authoritative volume, first published in 1983, once again tops the charts with its full coverage of every aspect of the rock scene. Accompanying the more than 2,200 performer profiles are essays that reveal the artists' musical influences, first breaks, hits and misses, and more.

The New Rolling Stone Album Guide

Author: Nathan Brackett,Christian David Hoard

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9780743201698

Category: Music

Page: 930

View: 3902

A reference guide to the decade's top trends, performers, and sounds, reviews the most influential albums, provides biographical overviews of key artists, and considers how technology and the Internet have impacted the industry.