Revolution in Rojava

Democratic Autonomy and Women's Liberation in the Syrian Kurdistan

Author: Michael Knapp,Ercan Ayboga,Anja Flach

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780745336640


Page: 272

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Given the widespread violence and suffering in Syria, it's not unreasonable that outsiders look at the situation as unrelentingly awful. And while the reality of the devastation is undeniable, there is reason for hope in at least one small pocket of the nation: the cantons of Rojava in Syrian Kurdistan, where in the wake of war people are quietly building one of the most progressive societies in the world today.Revolution in Rojavatells the story of Rojava's groundbreaking experiment in what they call democratic confederalism, a communally organized democracy that is fiercely anti-capitalist and committed to female equality, while rejecting reactionary nationalist ideologies. Rooted in the ideas of imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, the system is built on effective gender quotas, bottom-up democratic structures, far-sighted ecological policies, and a powerful militancy that has allowed the region to keep ISIS at bay. This first full-length study of democratic developments in Rojava tells an extraordinary and powerfully hopeful story of a little-known battle for true freedom in dark times. "

Zeitabhängige Kreditportfoliomodelle

Author: Michael Knapp

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663119017

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 229

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Michael Knapp zeigt Möglichkeiten einer zeitabhängigen, im Sinne der Baseler Terminologie "bedingten Modellierung" des Kreditportfoliorisikos auf.

Direkte Aktion

ein Handbuch

Author: David Graeber

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783894017750

Category: Anti-globalization movement

Page: 347

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Gilgameschs Erben

von Sumer zur demokratischen Zivilisation

Author: Abdullah Öcalan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783926529169


Page: 363

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Die Roadmap für Verhandlungen

Gefängnisschriften ; mit einem Vorw. von Immanuel Wallerstein

Author: Abdullah Öcalan,Immanuel Wallerstein

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783891444610


Page: 146

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Frauen, die letzte Kolonie

Author: Veronika Bennholdt-Thomsen,Maria Mies,Claudia von Werlhof

Publisher: N.A


Category: Women

Page: 212

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Gendering Nationalism

Intersections of Nation, Gender and Sexuality

Author: Jon Mulholland,Nicola Montagna,Erin Sanders-McDonagh

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319766996

Category: Social Science

Page: 388

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This volume offers an empirically rich, theoretically informed study of the shifting intersections of nation/alism, gender and sexuality. Challenging a scholarly legacy that has overly focused on the masculinist character of nationalism, it pays particular attention to the people and issues less commonly considered in the context of nationalist projects, namely women and sexual minorities. Bringing together both established and emerging researchers from across the globe, this multidisciplinary and comparison-rich volume provides a multi-sited exploration of the shifting contours of belonging and Otherness generated by multifarious nationalisms. The diverse, and context specific positionings of men and women, masculinities and femininities, and hegemonic and non-normative sexualities, vis-à-vis nation/alism, are illuminated through a vibrant array of contemporary theoretical lenses. These include historical and feminist institutionalism, post-colonial theory, critical race approaches, transnational and migration theory and semiotics.

Routledge Handbook of Postcolonial Politics

Author: Olivia U. Rutazibwa,Robbie Shilliam

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317369394

Category: Political Science

Page: 484

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Engagements with the postcolonial world by International Relations scholars have grown significantly in recent years. The Routledge Handbook of Postcolonial Politics provides a solid reference point for understanding and analyzing global politics from a perspective sensitive to the multiple legacies of colonial and imperial rule. The Handbook introduces and develops cutting-edge analytical frameworks that draw on Black, decolonial, feminist, indigenous, Marxist and postcolonial thought as well as a multitude of intellectual traditions from across the globe. Alongside empirical issue areas that remain crucial to assessing the impact of European and Western colonialism on global politics, the book introduces new issue areas that have arisen due to the mutating structures of colonial and imperial rule. This vital resource is split into five thematic sections, each featuring a brief, orienting introduction: Points of departure Popular postcolonial imaginaries Struggles over the postcolonial state Struggles over land Alternative global imaginaries Providing both a consolidated understanding of the field as it is, and setting an expansive and dynamic research agenda for the future, this handbook is essential reading for students and scholars of International Relations alike.

Cybernetics and Systems

Social and Business Decisions

Author: Sergio Barile,Raul Espejo,Igor Perko,Marialuisa Saviano

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 0429944608

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 594

View: 5777

Society is now facing challenges for which the traditional management toolbox is increasingly inadequate. Well-grounded theoretical frameworks, such as systems thinking and cybernetics, offer general level interpretation schemes and models that are capable of supporting understanding of complex phenomena and are not impacted by the passage of time. This book serves the knowledge society to address the complexity of decision making and problem solving in the 21st century with contributions from systems and cybernetics. A multi-disciplinary approach has been adopted to support diversity and to develop inter- and trans-disciplinary knowledge within the shared thematic of problem solving and decision making in the 21st century. Its conceptual thread is cyber/systemic thinking, and its realisation is supported by a wide network of scientists on the basis of a highly participative agenda. The book provides a platform of knowledge sharing and conceptual frameworks developed with multi-disciplinary perspectives, which are useful to better understand the fast changing scenario and the complexity of problem solving in the present time.

Sie bauten die ersten Tempel

das rätselhafte Heiligtum der Steinzeitjäger ; die archäologische Entdeckung am Göbekli Tepe

Author: Klaus Schmidt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783423344906


Page: 283

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