Successes, Limitations, and Frontiers in Ecosystem Science

Author: Michael L. Pace,Peter M. Groffman

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461217245

Category: Science

Page: 499

View: 1810

Ecosystem research has emerged in recent decades as a vital, successful, and sometimes controversial approach to environmental science. This book emphasizes the idea that much of the progress in ecosystem research has been driven by the emergence of new environmental problems that could not be addressed by existing approaches. By focusing on successes and limitations of ecosystems studies, the book explores avenues for future ecosystem-level research.

The Bully Society

School Shootings and the Crisis of Bullying in America’s Schools

Author: Jessie Klein

Publisher: NYU Press

ISBN: 1479860948

Category: Education

Page: 318

View: 2481

Argues that the rise in school violence is the consequence of a society that promotes and encourages aggressive and competitive behavior, and proposes ways to transcend these destructive trends and stress compassion over bullying.

What Current Research Says to the Middle Level Practitioner

Author: Judith L. Irvin,National Middle School Association

Publisher: National Middle School Association

ISBN: 9781560901204

Category: Education

Page: 370

View: 2553

This volume provides recent research findings on important topics related to the still-expanding middle school movement. They are divided into seven parts, addressing teaching/learning, curriculum, teacher education, social context, organization, leaderships, and issues and future directions. Following an introduction to middle level education research, by Irvin and Hough, the chapters are: (1) "Young Adolescent Development" (Eccles and Wigfield); (2) "Enhancing Self-Concept/Self-Esteem in Young Adolescents" (Lipka); (3) "Motivation and Middle School Students" (Anderman and Midgley); (4) "The Effects of Interdisciplinary Teaming on Teachers and Students" (Arhar); (5) "Teaching with Time on Your Side: Developing Long-Term Relationships in Schools" (McLaughlin and Doda); (6)"Middle Level Discipline and Young Adolescents: Making the Connection" (Bennett); (7) "Ability Grouping: Issues of Equity and Effectiveness" (Mills); (8) "Differing Perspectives, Common Ground: The Middle School and Gifted Education Relationship" (Rosselli); (9) "Inclusion" (Hines and Johnston); (10) "A Multifaceted Approach to Teaching Limited Proficiency Students" (VanNess and Platt); (11) "Assessment" (Stowell and McDaniel); (12) "Middle Level Competitive Sports Programs" (Swaim and McEwin); (13) "Middle Level Curriculum's Serendipitous History" (Toepfer); (14) "Effects of Integrative Curriculum and Instruction" (Vars); (15) "Curriculum for Whom?" (Brazee); (16) "Curriculum for What? The Search for Curriculum Purposes for Middle Level Students" (Beane); (17) "Current Issues and Research in Middle Level Curriculum: On Conversations, Semantics, and Roots" (Powell and Faircloth); (18) "Middle Level Teacher Preparation and Licensure" (McEwin and Dickinson); (19) "Multicultural Issues in Middle Level Teacher Education" (Hart); (20) "Improving Urban Schools: Developing the Talents of Students Placed at Risk" (Mac Iver and Plank); (21) "Service Learning and Young Adolescent Development: A Good Fit" (Schine); (22) "Home-School Partnerships: A Critical Link" (Brough); (23) "Organizational Trends and Practices in Middle Level Schools" (Valentine and Whitaker); (24) "A Bona Fide Middle School: Programs, Policy, Practice, and Grade Span Configurations" (Hough); (25) "Components of Effective Teams" (Trimble); (26) "Transition into and out of Middle School" (Mizelle and Mullins); (27) "Collaboration and Teacher Empowerment: Implications for School Leaders" (Clark and Clark); (28) "Women in Leadership Roles" (Clark and Clark); (29) "The Middle Level Principalship" (Valentine, Trimble, and Whitaker); and (30) "Setting a Research Agenda" (Hough and Irvin). Each chapter contains references. (HTH)

Reading Instruction for Diverse Classrooms

Research-Based, Culturally Responsive Practice

Author: Ellen McIntyre,Nancy Hulan,Vicky Layne

Publisher: Guilford Press

ISBN: 1609180569

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 300

View: 373

This practical, teacher-friendly book provides indispensable guidance for implementing research-based reading instruction that is responsive to students' diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Structured around the “big five” core topics of an effective reading program—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—the book explains tried-and-true teaching strategies for fostering all students' achievement. Key topics include engaging diverse students in classroom discussion, involving families in learning, and assessing and teaching new literacies. Numerous classroom examples demonstrate a wide range of easy-to-implement lesson ideas and activities for students at different grade levels, including struggling learners. Issues specific to English language learners are woven throughout the chapters.

Close Relationships

A Sourcebook

Author: Clyde Hendrick,Susan S. Hendrick

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780761916062

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 500

View: 3500

`The authors ... extend the reach of their comprehensive reviews into theoretically driven and innovating explorations. The scope of coverage across and within chapters is striking. The developmentalist, the methodologist, the feminist, the contextualist, and the cross-culturalist alike will find satisfaction in reading the chapters' - Catherine A Surra, University of Texas, Austin The science of close relationships is relatively new and complex. This volume has 26 chapters organized into four thematic areas: relationship methods, forms, processes, and threats, as well as a foreword and an epilogue.

Archaeology of Precolumbian Florida

Author: Jerald T. Milanich

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780813012728

Category: Social Science

Page: 476

View: 8485

In a richly illustrated book that will appeal to professional and avocational archaeologists, scholars, tourists, and local history buffs, Milanich introduces the material heritage of the first Floridians through the interpretation of artifacts and archaeological sites.

Handbook of Gender and Work

Author: Gary N. Powell

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761913556

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 651

View: 5702

`The structure of the book does mean chapters or sections can be read in isolation, and discrete themes investigated using the indexes. This is where it succeeds as a reference work for scholars. At the same time there is much readable material for those with a general interest in the subject' - Career Guidance The Handbook of Gender and Work is a comprehensive synthesis of current literature and knowledge regarding gender in organizations. A multinational group of leading scholars and researchers from across the disciplines examines the influence of gender (on its own and with other factors) on the conduct of work and the roles and experience of people in the workplace. Amongst the topics inclu

Coaching Basketball Successfully 3rd Edition

Author: Morgan Wootten,Joe Wootten

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 1450442447

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 291

View: 7946

Loaded with insights, instruction, drills, and do's and don'ts, this edition includes advice on managing the nuances, challenges and distractions of social media, as well as new tactics that have helped several of the author's scholastic players earn US college basketball scholarships.

Encyclopedia of Anthropology

Author: H. James Birx

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 0761930299

Category: Social Science

Page: 3128

View: 3276

This five-volume Encyclopedia of Anthropology is a unique collection of over 1,000 entries that focuses on topics in physical anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and applied anthropology. Also included are relevant articles on geology, paleontology, biology, evolution, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and theology. The contributions are authored by over 250 internationally renowned experts, professors, and scholars from some of the most distinguished museums, universities, and institutes in the world. Special attention is given to human evolution, primate behavior, genetics, ancient civilizations, sociocultural theories, and the value of human language for symbolic communication.


Author: Roberto Calasso

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 1400076129

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 327

View: 3590

The author of The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony presents an original interpretation of the work of Franz Kafka in a series of essays that looks at the meaning of Kafka's stories and what they reveal about the enigmatic author himself. Reprint.

Weeping in the Playtime of Others

America's Incarcerated Children

Author: Kenneth Wooden

Publisher: Ohio State University Press

ISBN: 9780814250631

Category: Law

Page: 264

View: 7611

From the summer of 1972 through 1975, Kenneth Wooden visited correctional facilities in thirty states where juveniles between the ages of five and sixteen were being held. During his research he uncovered an astoundingly high incidence of emotional and physical abuse, torture, and commercial exploitation of the children by their keepers, individuals who received public funds to care for them. After observing the brutal treatment of these youths, a significant number of whom were not criminals but runaways or mentally disabled, Wooden described the conditions in which these children lived in Weeping in the Playtime of Others.

Where We Are, what We See

The Best Young Artists and Writers in America : a Push Anthology

Author: David Levithan

Publisher: PUSH

ISBN: 9780439736466

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 220

View: 1998

A collection of poems, stories, essays, and art drawn from the 2002, 2003, and 2004 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards showcases cutting-edge young authors and artists.

Lost Orlando

Author: Stephanie Gaub Antequino,Tana Mosier Porter,Historical Society of Central Florida

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738591734

Category: History

Page: 127

View: 2081

Orlando amounted to little more than scattered log cabins in the pine forest when Orange County established it as the county seat in 1857. One of the earliest buildings was a log hotel, indicating Orlando's future as a tourist destination. After its incorporation in 1875, wood-frame structures replaced the log cabins, and prosperous citizens built large houses around the developing government and business center. By 1900, as Orlando recovered from the economic disaster of the Great Freeze of 1894 and 1895, brick construction replaced wood frame as once pretentious houses close to the central city were torn down to make way for modern business blocks. As residences moved to less congested neighborhoods, schools and churches followed. From its beginning, people arrived in Orlando to prosper and build. Those men and their buildings are gone, but the history of the city is richer because of their presence. Orlando's story can be traced through the continuing cycle of constructing, demolishing, and rebuilding anew.

Historic Orange County

The Story of Orlando and Orange County

Author: Tana Mosier Porter Ph. D.,Cassandra Fyotek

Publisher: HPN Books

ISBN: 1893619990

Category: History

Page: 140

View: 2661

"From Apopka to Zellwood, the histories of Orange County's communities tell the history of the county itself. The communities came first, some of them when the vast unknown region was still Mosquito County. county boundaries changed, but the communities grew and multiplied. A dozen incorporated cities, and equal number of populated unincorporated towns, and innumerable smaller places make up the Orange County of today. Historic Orange County tells the story of Orange County and its communities from the time the first Spanish explorers stepped ashore to its emergence as one of the world's favorite tourist destinations. Tracing its growth from colonial and territorial days through the Seminole Wars, the book examines Orange County's slow growth before the railroads solved its transportation dilemma, its rise to the top of the citrus industry in the early years of the twentieth century, and its population explosion during the Florida Land Boom of the 1920s. The book highlights the accomplishments of the people who created the communities that make up Orange County, from Aaron Jernigan and his brother Isaac, David Mizell, Judge Speer, and other early pioneers, cattleman Jacob Summerlin, citrus innovator Dr. P. Phillips, and aerospace manufacturer Glenn Martin, to Walt Disney. Nearly two hundred years of the county's past come alive in the words and pictures of Historic Orange County."--Page 4.

The Wanderer

Author: Sharon Creech

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061972522

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 3317

"The sea, the sea, the sea. It rolled and rolled and called to me. Come in, it said, come in." Thirteen-year-old Sophie hears the sea calling, promising adventure and a chance for discovery as she sets sail for England with her three uncles and two cousins. Sophie's cousin Cody isn't sure he has the strength to prove himself to the crew and to his father. Through Sophie's and Cody's travel logs, we hear stories of the past and the daily challenges of surviving at sea as The Wanderer sails toward its destination -- and its passengers search for their places in the world.


The Second Adventist Mission in Malawi

Author: Yonah Matemba

Publisher: African Books Collective


Category: Christianity

Page: 148

View: 2981

The contribution of the Matandani mission to Adventist work between 1908 and 1989 through evangelisation and education resounded in Malawi and beyond. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, students from Botswana, Uganda and Rwanda came to attend its industrial training school. In the periphery of the mission, a number of out-schools and churches were established and new mission stations opened. This study provides material and analysis of the history of the Matandani mission, tracing its origins, development and decline. It argues that its decline represents a useful paradigm illustrating the current status of many Adventist missions in Africa since the onset of the shift towards indigenisation.

What Do the Animals Say?

Author: Jennifer Murphy-Morrical

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781945026386

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 30

View: 2111

Animals are a very special part of our world .... there are so many to love and admire What do they say to you? Explore our natural world and discover what the animals can teach us about health, love and listening to our spirit. Listen closely and you will hear the special messages meant just for you.