RealWorld Evaluation

Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and Political Constraints

Author: Michael Bamberger,Jim Rugh,Linda Mabry

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1412979625

Category: Social Science

Page: 666

View: 6191

This book helps practicing evaluators design and conduct competent evaluation studies, while explicitly considering resource and data constraints. The book is organized around a seven-step model developed by the authors, and which has been tested and refined in workshops that cater to a broad spectrum of evaluation practitioners. Vignettes from practice and case studies, representing evaluations from a variety of geographic regions and sectors, demonstrate adaptive possibilities for small projects with budgets of a few thousand dollars, or timelines as brief as a few days, to large-scale, long-term evaluations with multi-million-dollar budgets. The text is specifically designed to incorporate quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method designs.

RealWorld Evaluation

Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and Political Constraints

Author: Michael Bamberger,Jim Rugh,Linda Mabry

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1483306984

Category: Social Science

Page: 712

View: 5977

This book addresses the challenges of conducting program evaluations in real-world contexts where evaluators and the agencies face budget and time constraints and where critical data is missing. The book is organized around a seven-step model developed by the authors, which has been tested and refined in workshops. Vignettes and case studies—representing evaluations from a variety of geographic regions and sectors—demonstrate adaptive possibilities for small projects with budgets of a few thousand dollars to large-scale, long-term evaluations. The text incorporates quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method designs and this Second Edition reflects important developments in the field over the last five years.

RealWorld Evaluation

Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and Political Constraints

Author: Michael Bamberger,Jim Rugh,Linda Mabry

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9781412909464

Category: Social Science

Page: 468

View: 4649

RealWorld Evaluation: Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and Political Constraints is the only textbook that provides specific guidance on how to conduct evaluations when working under resource and/or data constraints. Authors Michael Bamberger, Jim Rugh, and Linda Mabry illustrate options for addressing each constraint through practical examples from both developed and developing countries to show how adapting to different types of exigencies can lead to successful evaluations.

Dealing With Complexity in Development Evaluation

A Practical Approach

Author: Michael Bamberger,Jos Vaessen,Estelle Raimondo

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483344258

Category: Social Science

Page: 480

View: 9189

Recognizing that complexity calls for innovative, conceptual, and methodological solutions, Dealing with Complexity in Development Evaluation by Michael Bamberger, Jos Vaessen, and Estelle Raimondo offers practical guidance to policymakers, managers, and evaluation practitioners on how to design and implement complexity-responsive evaluations that can be undertaken in the real world of time, budget, data, and political constraints. Introductory chapters present comprehensive, non-technical overviews of the most common evaluation tools and methodologies, and additional content addresses more cutting-edge material. The book also includes six case study chapters to illustrate examples of various evaluation contexts from around the world.

Ethics in Health Services and Policy

A Global Approach

Author: Dean M. Harris

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470940679

Category: Medical

Page: 400

View: 3449

This comprehensive textbook analyzes the ethical issues of health and health care in global perspective. Ideal for students of public health, medicine, nursing and allied health professions, public policy, and ethics, the book helps students in all these areas to develop important competencies in their chosen fields. Applying a comparative, or multicultural, approach, the book compares different perspectives on ethical issues in various countries and cultures, such as informed consent, withholding or withdrawing treatment, physician-assisted suicide, reproductive health issues, research with human subjects, the right to health care, rationing of limited resources, and health system reform. Applying a transnational, or cross-border, approach, the book analyzes ethical issues that arise from the movement of patients and health professionals across national borders, such as medical tourism and transplant tourism, ethical obligations to provide care for undocumented aliens, and the “brain drain” of health professionals from developing countries. Comprehensive in scope, the book includes selected readings which provide diverse perspectives of people from different countries and cultures in their own words. Each chapter contains an introductory section centered on a specific topic and explores the different ways in which the topic is viewed around the globe. Ethics in Health Services and Policy is designed to promote student participation and offers methods of activity-based learning, including factual scenarios for analysis and discussion of specific ethical issues.

Public Communication Campaigns

Author: Ronald E. Rice,Charles K. Atkin

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1412987709

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 376

View: 5571

In this new, fully revised and expanded Fourth Edition, Rice and Atkin provide readers with a comprehensive, up-to-date look into the field of public communication campaigns. The subject of campaigns has become increasingly high profile in the academic world in the decade since the last edition, and hundreds of new studies on campaign theory and practice have been published since 2001. Moreover, the rise of new media has expanded the array of strategies for designing and implementing campaigns. Largely rewritten to reflect the latest theories and research, this text continues in the tradition of ongoing improvement and expansion into new areas, including sun protection, organ donation, human rights, social norms, corporate social responsibility, use of condoms, ocean sustainability,fear messages, and digital games. Classic chapters are updated, on topics such as campaign history, theoretical foundations, formative evaluation, systems approaches, input-output persuasion matrix, design and evaluation, meta-analysis, and sense-making methodology.

Evaluation for the Real World

The Impact of Evidence in Policy Making

Author: Colin Palfrey,Paul Thomas,Ceri Phillips

Publisher: Policy Press

ISBN: 1847429149

Category: Political Science

Page: 248

View: 528

Evaluation research findings should be a key element of the policymaking process, but in reality, they are often disregarded. Evaluation for the Real World examines the use--and nonuse--of evaluation research by decision makers. Analyzing the frameworks and criteria of various evaluation procedures, it highlights the impact evaluation has on public policy with an emphasis on the real world of decision making in the public sector and the political and economic pressures it faces. Assessing the work of influential academics in both the United States and UK, the authors formulate strong arguments for the adoption of a different approach to evaluation.

Essentials of Utilization-Focused Evaluation

Author: Michael Quinn Patton

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 1483306976

Category: Social Science

Page: 488

View: 7932

Based on Michael Quinn Patton's best-selling Utilization-Focused Evaluation, this briefer book provides an overall framework and essential checklist steps for designing and conducting evaluations that actually get used. The new material and innovative graphics present the utilization-focused evaluation process as a complex adaptive system, incorporating current understandings about systems thinking and complexity concepts. The book integrates theory and practice, is based on both research and professional experience, and offers new case examples and cartoons with Patton's signature humor.

e-Study Guide for: RealWorld Evaluation : Working Under Budget, Time, Data, and Political Constraints by Michael J. Bamberger, ISBN 9781412909464

Author: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

Publisher: Cram101 Textbook Reviews

ISBN: 1467227803

Category: Education

Page: 8

View: 1703

Never Highlight a Book Again! Just the FACTS101 study guides give the student the textbook outlines, highlights, practice quizzes and optional access to the full practice tests for their textbook.

Games in Economic Development

Author: Bruce Wydick

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139468014

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 314

View: 5588

Games in Economic Development examines the roots of poverty and prosperity through the lens of elementary game theory, illustrating how patterns of human interaction can lead to vicious cycles of poverty as well as virtuous cycles of prosperity. This book shows how both social norms and carefully designed institutions can help shape the 'rules of the game', making better outcomes in a game possible for everyone involved. The book is entertaining to read, it can be accessed with little background in development economics or game theory. Its chapters explore games in natural resource use; education; coping with risk; borrowing and lending; technology adoption; governance and corruption; civil conflict; international trade; and the importance of networks, religion, and identity, illustrating concepts with numerous anecdotes from recent world events. Comes complete with an appendix, explaining the basic ideas in game theory used in the book.

The Relentlessly Practical Guide to Raising Serious Money

Proven Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations

Author: David Lansdowne

Publisher: Emerson & Church, Publishers

ISBN: 9781889102191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 237

View: 9048

Why of all the hundreds of fund raising books available did Americorps Vista, with offices throughout the United States, single out The Relentlessly Practical Guide to Raising Serious Money as the premier book on the subject and provide a copy to thousands of its staff?

Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement

An Introduction to Practice

Author: James C. McDavid,Irene Huse,Laura R. L. Hawthorn

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 145228959X

Category: Social Science

Page: 560

View: 1379

Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement: An Introduction to Practice, Second Edition offers an accessible, practical introduction to program evaluation and performance measurement for public and non-profit organizations, and has been extensively updated since the first edition. Using examples, it covers topics in a detailed fashion, making it a useful guide for students as well as practitioners who are participating in program evaluations or constructing and implementing performance measurement systems. Authors James C. McDavid, Irene Huse, and Laura R. L. Hawthorn guide readers through conducting quantitative and qualitative program evaluations, needs assessments, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analyses, as well as constructing, implementing and using performance measurement systems. The importance of professional judgment is highlighted throughout the book as an intrinsic feature of evaluation practice.

The Economics of Education

Human Capital, Family Background and Inequality

Author: Daniele Checchi

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139449370

Category: Political Science

Page: 292

View: 7055

In an important contribution to educational policy, Daniele Checchi offers an economic perspective on the demand and supply of education. He explores the reasons why, beyond a certain point, investment in education has not resulted in reductions in social inequalities. Starting with the seminal work of Gary Becker, Checchi provides an extensive survey of the literature on human capital and social capital formation. He draws on individual data on intergenerational transmission of income and education for the USA, Germany and Italy, as well as aggregate data on income and educational inequality for a much wider range of countries. Checchi explores whether resources spent in education are effective in raising students' achievement, as well as analysing alternative ways of financing education. The Economics of Education thus provides the analytical tools necessary to understand the complex relationships between current income inequality, access to education and future inequality.

Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health

Methods and Technologies

Author: W. Douglas Evans

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190606452

Category: Medical

Page: 304

View: 8323

Like all aspects of society, public health practice has been fundamentally changed by the emergence of electronic and social media as centerpieces of human communication and connection. More than ever, public health practitioners rely on these new marketing and communications technologies to promote longstanding goals like disease prevention and fostering social responsibility. Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health offers proven guidelines for crafting campaigns that work in public health. It equips readers with tools pioneered by corporate marketers to increase the efficacy of public health interventions in any setting. It also provides practical advice to practitioners seeking to assess their interventions, along with examples for effective outreach to promote smoking cessation, financial literacy, and other social goods. Combining overviews of marketing theory and methodology with practical chapters specific to public health, Social Marketing Research for Global Public Health provides a crucial and holistic understanding for this new imperative in the field.

Making Sense of Global Health Governance

A Policy Perspective

Author: Kent Buse,Wolfgang Hein,Nick Drager

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 9780230209923

Category: Political Science

Page: 352

View: 881

The Millennium ushered in renewed interest and investment in global health, in part because of concerns that globalization would intensify the risks of ill-health. But are we taking advantage of emerging opportunities? This book shines a light on the central actors, institutions and mechanisms involved and proposes an agenda for meaningful action.

A Guide to Assessing Needs

Essential Tools for Collecting Information, Making Decisions, and Achieving Development Results

Author: Ryan Watkins,Maurya West Meiers,Yusra Visser

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821389017

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 316

View: 3336

Making informed decisions is the essential beginning to any successful development project. Before the project even begins, you can use needs assessment approaches to guide your decisions. This book is filled with practical strategies that can help you define the desired results and select the most appropriate activities for achieving them.

Effective Multicultural Teams: Theory and Practice

Author: Claire B. Halverson,S. Aqeel Tirmizi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 140206957X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 292

View: 8992

Multicultural and multinational teams have become an important strategic and structural element of organizational work in our globalized world today. These teams are demonstrating their importance from the factory floors to the boardrooms of contemporary organizations. The emergence of multicultural teams is evident across a variety of organizations in the private, public, and civil society sectors. These developments have led to an increasing interest in the theory and practice of multicultural teams. Management educational and training programs are giving increasing attention to these developments. At the same time, there is emerging interest in research about and study of multicultural teams. This book emerged from our teaching, research, and consulting with multic- tural and diverse teams in multiple sectors over the last several years. In particular, we have developed and refined our ideas about the concepts in this book from teaching an advanced course called Effective Multicultural Teams in the Graduate Program at the School for International Training (SIT) in Vermont. We have learned from the rich background of students who are from, and have worked in, six con- nents, and who are, or plan to be, working in the public, educational, not-for-profit, and for-profit sectors. Additionally, we have engaged with a variety of teams through our consulting and training, providing consultation to teams in a variety of sectors and continents as they struggled to become more effective.

Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough

How to Produce Measurable Improvements for Customers and Communities

Author: Mark Friedman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781516971626

Category: Evaluation research (Social action programs)

Page: 202

View: 4619

This is the 10th Anniversary Edition of Mark Friedman's acclaimed book about Results-Based Accountability (RBA) also known in parts of the UK as Outcomes-Based Accountability (OBA). This is a "how to" book for government and nonprofit agencies working at the city, county, state, and national levels to improve community quality of life and the performance of program services. RBA is a common sense approach that replaces all the overly-complex and jargon-laden methods foisted on us in the past. The methods can be learned and applied quickly. And all the materials are free for use by government and non-profit organizations. In addition to providing practical methods, the book also makes a contribution to social theory by explaining the contribution relationship between program performance and community quality of life. As such it is a valuable tool for both program administrators and evaluators. The RBA framework has been used in over 40 U.S. states and numerous countries around the world. Additional information about RBA can be found on the FPSI website and in the soon-to-be-released RBA Companion Reader. (For those who already have the 2009 edition of Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough, please note that there is no change in the basic message and structure of RBA, and the 2009 and 2015 editions can be used concurrently.) A complete inventory of changes in the 2015 edition can be found on the FPSI website.

The Future of Success

Working and Living in the New Economy

Author: N.A

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 0375725121

Category: Social Science

Page: 289

View: 5921

The former Secretary of Labor and author of The Work of Nations takes a close-up look at the new economy and its impact on American life, discussing the vast opportunities and challenges of the Internet marketplace and its implications in terms of jobs and job stability, stress, economic and social stratification, the loss of leisure, family relationships, and more. Reprint. 50,000 first printing.

Actionable Evaluation Basics

Getting Succinct Answers to the Most Important Questions [Minibook]

Author: William Shakespeare,E. Jane Davidson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781480102699

Category: Evaluation

Page: 64

View: 1695

Avoid getting lost in indicators, measures, and analysis methods; use this guide to get clear, well-reasoned, insightful answers to your most important questions about quality and value. Great tips for reporting that is succinct and straight-to-the-point without falling into the trap of oversimplification. This easy-to-read, informative minibook provides an overview of the six elements essential for actionable evaluation, as covered in Dr. Jane Davidson's popular workshops on Actionable Evaluation: (1) a clear purpose for the evaluation; (2) the right stakeholder engagement strategy; (3) important, big picture evaluation questions to guide the whole evaluation; (4) well-reasoned answers to the big picture questions; (5) succinct, straight to the point reporting that doesn't get lost in the details; and (6) answers and insights that are actionable.