A Journey in North Korea

Author: Guy Delisle

Publisher: Random House


Category: Art

Page: 192

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Famously referred to as part of the 'Axis-of-Evil', North Korea remains one of the most secretive and mysterious nations in the world today. A series of manmade and natural catastrophes have also left it one of the poorest. When the fortress-like country recently opened the door a crack to foreign investment, cartoonist Guy Delisle found himself in its capital Pyongyang on a work visa for a French film animation company, becoming one of the few Westerners to witness current conditions in the surreal showcase city. Armed with a smuggled radio and a copy of 1984, Delisle could only explore Pyongyang and its countryside while chaperoned by his translator and a guide. But among the statues, portraits and propaganda of leaders Kim Il-Sung and his son Kim Jong-Il - the world's only Communist dynasty - Delisle was able to observe more than was intended of the culture and lives of the few North Koreans he encountered. His astute and wry musings on life in the austere and grim regime form the basis of this remarkable graphic novel. Pyongyang is an informative, personal and accessible look at an enigmatic country.

See You Again in Pyongyang

A Journey into Kim Jong Un's North Korea

Author: Travis Jeppesen

Publisher: Hachette UK


Category: History

Page: 320

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A "close-up look at the cloistered country" (USA Today), See You Again in Pyongyang is American writer Travis Jeppesen's "probing" and "artful" (New York Times Book Review) chronicle of his travels in North Korea--an eye-opening portrait that goes behind the headlines about Trump and Kim, revealing North Koreans' "entrepreneurial spirit, and hidden love of foreign media, as well as their dreams and fears" (Los Angeles Times). In See You Again in Pyongyang, Travis Jeppesen culls from his experiences traveling and studying in North Korea to create a multifaceted portrait of the country and its idiosyncratic capital city. Jeppesen challenges the notion that Pyongyang is merely a "showcase capital" where everything is staged for the benefit of foreigners, as well as the idea that Pyongyangites are brainwashed robots. Jeppesen introduces readers to an array of fascinating North Koreans, from government ministers with a side hustle in black market Western products to young people enamored with American pop culture. Revealing a complex society, rife with contradictions, See You Again in Pyongyang is an essential addition to the literature about one of the world's most fascinating places.

Burma Chronicles

Author: Guy Delisle



Category: Burma

Page: 272

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Guy Delisle's newest travelogue revolves around a year spent in Burma (also known as Myanmar) with his wife and son. Burma is notorious for its use of concealment and isolation as social control: where scissor-wielding censors monitor the papers, the de facto leader of the opposition has been under decade-long house arrest, insurgent-controlled regions are effectively cut off from the world, and rumour is the most reliable source of current information. An impressive and moving work of comics journalism from the author of Pyongyang and Shenzen.

North Korean Cinema

A History

Author: Johannes Schönherr

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Performing Arts

Page: 224

View: 340

"This volume chronicles the history of North Korean cinema from its beginnings to today, examining the obstacles the film industry faced as well as the many social problems the films themselves reveal. It provides detailed analyses of major and minor films and explores important developments in the industry within the context of the concurrent social and political atmosphere"--Provided by publisher.

The Footnotes

Author: Ray Stickle

Publisher: FeetMustFollow Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 316

View: 236

There was the thin man up the beach walking with a noticeable limp, pinched eyeglasses perched on his nose, a pair of white slacks and a billowing white shirt, his Korean face further hidden by a low-worn white sun hat. Galden had been following the man for more than a week. An easy job for a beach bum. But a trip to South Korea soon changes things. Because the thin man on the beach has a history steeped in the shadows of the country he served, the country he fled: North Korea. Galden soon finds himself involved with a sociopathic gangster hell-bent on uncertain ends, an ex-military elite on a mission of vengeance spurred on by his traumatized wife, a beautiful woman who hides her identity behind a slowly crumbling façade, and, perhaps most threatening of all, his own alcohol-addled conscience’s attempt to grapple with hard decisions. How Galden navigates the kidnappings, explosions, and betrayals will determine whether he has an impact on the outcome or becomes nothing more than just a footnote to the affair.

The Rise and Reason of Comics and Graphic Literature

Critical Essays on the Form

Author: Joyce Goggin

Publisher: McFarland


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 244

View: 577

These 15 essays investigate comic books and graphic novels, beginning with the early development of these media. The essays also place the work in a cultural context, addressing theory and terminology, adaptations of comic books, the superhero genre, and comic books and graphic novels that deal with history and nonfiction. By addressing the topic from a wide range of perspectives, the book offers readers a nuanced and comprehensive picture of current scholarship in the subject area.


A Travelogue from China

Author: Guy Delisle

Publisher: Random House


Category: Graphic novels

Page: 152

View: 334

The follow-up graphic novel to the acclaimed "Pyongyang: A Journey to North Korea" "Shenzhen "is entertainingly compact, with Guy Delisle's observations of life in a cold urban city in southern China that is sealed off from the rest of the country by electric fences and armed guards. With a dry wit and a clean line, Delisle makes the most of his time spent in Asia overseeing outsourced production for a French animation company. By translating his fish-out-of-water experiences into accessible graphic novels, Delisle is quick to find the humor and point out the differences between Western and Eastern cultures. Yet he never forgets to relay his compassion for the simple freedoms that escape his colleagues by virtue of living in a Communist state.

Capital Cities around the World: An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture

An Encyclopedia of Geography, History, and Culture

Author: Roman Adrian Cybriwsky

Publisher: ABC-CLIO


Category: Science

Page: 367

View: 641

This informative resource is a fascinating compilation of the history, politics, and culture of every capital city from around the world, making this the only singular reference on the subject of its kind.

طريق الصين: رحلة في مستقبل قوة صاعدة

China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power

Author: Rob Gifford

Publisher: العبيكان للنشر


Category: Political Science

Page: 408

View: 479

الطريق 312 هو الطريق الصيني 66. وهو ينساب ممتداً مسافة ثلاثة آلاف ميل من الشرق إلى الغرب، ماراً عبر مدن المصانع من المناطق الساحلية، وعبر القلب الريفي للصين، ثم صعوداً إلى داخل صحراء غوبي، حيث يندمج هناك مع طريق الحرير القديم. ويشهد هذا الطريق العام كل جزء من الثورة الاجتماعية والاقتصادية التي تقلب الصين عاليها سافلها. وفي هذا الكتاب المدهش على نحو كامل، والشخصي على نحو عميق، يرتحل مراسل الراديو الوطني العام روب غيفورد الجدير بالثناء، والمتحدث بطلاقة بلغة الماندرين، في هذه الرحلة المؤثرة على طول الطريق 312 من بدايته في مدينة الازدهار شنغهاي إلى نهايته على الحدود من كازاخستان. ويكشف غيفورد الفسيفساء الغنية للحياة الصينية الحديثة في كل تناقضاتها، وهو يطرح الأسئلة الحرجة التي نسألها جميعنا عن الصين: هل ستكون فعلاً القوة العظمى الكونية التالية؟ هل هي صلبة وقوية مثلما تبدو من الخارج؟ ومن هم الشعب الصيني العادي، الذين يفترض أن ينتمي إليهم القرن الحادي والعشرون؟ وغيفورد ليس وحيداً في رحلته، فإن أضخم هجرة في التاريخ الإنساني تحدث الآن على طول الطرق العامة مثل الطريق 312، وعشرات الملايين من الناس يغادرون بيوتهم بحثاً عن العمل. وهو يرى علامات ازدهار الاقتصاد الحضري في كل مكان، ولكنه يكشف الغطاء أيضاً عن الكثير من مواطن الضعف في البلاد، وعن بعض المشكلات المستحكمة التي يمكنها أن تُخرِج صعود الصين عن مساره. والمغامرة الآسرة للانتباه مرويَّة كلها من خلال جماعة من أصحاب الشخصيات الفياضة بالألوان الذين يقابلهم غيفورد: من مذيعين ثرثارين ناجحين من شباب حضر ممتهنين طموحين من مقدمي برامج المقابلات، ومن فلاحين مفقَّرين ونساء ساقطات مأساويات، ومن باعة أجهزة الهاتف الجوال، ومن مرضى الإيدز، ومن رهبان التيبت. وهو يركب مع أعضاء من نادي سيارات الجيب في شنغهاي، ويركب مجاناً بإيقاف السيارات عبر صحراء غوبي، ويغني الكارايوكي وهي أغان شعبية وفق موسيقى مسجلة مع العمال المهاجرين في شاحنات تتوقف على طول الطريق. وروب غيفورد، وهو يروي رحلاته على طول الطريق 312، يعطي وجهاً لبلاد كانت تاريخياً، بالنسبة إلى الغربيين، بلاداً بلا وجه، وينفخ الحياة في أمة أحيلت في الكثير من الأحيان إلى إحصاءات اقتصادية. وأخيراً، فهو يصدر الصوت بالتحذير من أن الأمور ليست كلها على ما يرام في قلب الأرض الصينية، وأن مشكلات جدية تنتظر أمامها، وأن مستقبل الغرب قد صار مستقبلا مرتبطاً ارتباطاً لا يمكن فكاكه مع مصير 1.3 بليون نسمة من الشعب الصيني. العبيكان للنشر

A Journey through North Korea

Author: Ronny Mintjens

Publisher: Trafford Publishing


Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 920

Intriguing. Absorbing. A truly eye-opening glimpse into the world s most mysterious and fascinating country. North Korea is a land of unrivalled natural beauty with more than 5,000 years of history and culture. From the top of mythical Mount Paekdu to the lush valleys and the incredible rock formations of stunning Mount Kumgang, and from the white beaches of the East Sea to the hidden getaways on the West coast, the DPRK s natural attractions are now finally starting to be recognized. This resilient land has lived through many periods of historical significance, yet its people have always maintained their dignity and humility. The veil that has until now shrouded places such as Pyongyang, Mount Myohyang, Kuwol and Nampo has been lifted, and the imagery that is being revealed will astonish the mind of even the most experienced travellers. The power of each image carefully challenges the way in which we look at this land and its people. For many of us, this is the first time we see the North Korean people as they truly are. The only question remaining is, why was such an insightful photographic record not published much earlier ?