Proceedings of the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science

Author: American Statistical Association. Section on Bayesian Statistical Science



Category: Bayesian statistical decision theory

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Proceedings of the Section on Bayesian Statistical Science

Papers Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association, Anaheim, California, August 10-14, 1997, The International Society for Bayesian Analysis, 4th World Meeting, University of Cape Town, South Africa, December 17-20, 1996, The International Society for Bayesian Analysis, 5th World Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, August 16-18, 1997

Author: American Statistical Association. Annual meeting (




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Constrained Statistical Inference

Order, Inequality, and Shape Constraints

Author: Mervyn J. Silvapulle

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons


Category: Mathematics

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An up-to-date approach to understanding statistical inference Statistical inference is finding useful applications in numerousfields, from sociology and econometrics to biostatistics. Thisvolume enables professionals in these and related fields to masterthe concepts of statistical inference under inequality constraintsand to apply the theory to problems in a variety of areas. Constrained Statistical Inference: Order, Inequality, and ShapeConstraints provides a unified and up-to-date treatment of themethodology. It clearly illustrates concepts with practicalexamples from a variety of fields, focusing on sociology,econometrics, and biostatistics. The authors also discuss a broad range of otherinequality-constrained inference problems that do not fit well inthe contemplated unified framework, providing a meaningful way forreaders to comprehend methodological resolutions. Chapter coverage includes: Population means and isotonic regression Inequality-constrained tests on normal means Tests in general parametric models Likelihood and alternatives Analysis of categorical data Inference on monotone density function, unimodal densityfunction, shape constraints, and DMRL functions Bayesian perspectives, including Stein’s Paradox,shrinkage estimation, and decision theory

Propensity Score Analysis

Statistical Methods and Applications

Author: Shenyang Guo

Publisher: SAGE Publications


Category: Social Science

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Fully updated to reflect the most recent changes in the field, the Second Edition of Propensity Score Analysis provides an accessible, systematic review of the origins, history, and statistical foundations of propensity score analysis, illustrating how it can be used for solving evaluation and causal-inference problems. With a strong focus on practical applications, the authors explore various strategies for employing PSA, discuss the use of PSA with alternative types of data, and delineate the limitations of PSA under a variety of constraints. Unlike existing textbooks on program evaluation and causal inference, this book delves into statistical concepts, formulas, and models within the context of a robust and engaging focus on application.

Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications

Proceedings of the VIIth Biennial Australian Pattern Recognition Society Conference, DICTA 2003

Author: Changming Sun



Category: Technology & Engineering

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Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications is the premier biennial conference in Australia on the topics of image processing and image analysis. This seventh edition of the proceedings has seen an unprecedented level of submission, on such diverse areas as: Image processing; Face recognition; Segmentation; Registration; Motion analysis; Medical imaging; Object recognition; Virtual environments; Graphics; Stereo-vision; and Video analysis. These two volumes contain all the 108 accepted papers and five invited talks that were presented at the conference. These two volumes provide the Australian and international imaging research community with a snapshot of current theoretical and practical developments in these areas. They are of value to any engineer, computer scientist, mathematician, statistician or student interested in these matters.

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A union list of serials commencing publication after Dec. 31, 1949.

Statistical Sciences and Data Analysis

Proceedings of the Third Pacific Area Statistical Conference

Author: Kameo Matsushita

Publisher: VSP


Category: Architecture

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The Third Pacific Area Statistical Conference was held under the auspices of the Pacific Statistical Institute and with the support and cooperation of the Foundation for Advancement of International Science, the Japan Statistical Society and the Institute of Statistical Mathematics. The main theme of the conference was ''Statistical Sciences and Data Analysis''. The purpose was to bring together researchers in statistics and related fields to exchange results and problems in topics of mutual interest. The papers in this volume have been presented at the conference and have been carefully refereed and edited before their inclusion in the proceedings.

Reminiscences of a Statistician

The Company I Kept

Author: Erich L. Lehmann

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media


Category: Mathematics

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This relatively nontechnical book is the first account of the history of statistics from the Fisher revolution to the computer revolution. It sketches the careers, and highlights some of the work, of 65 people, most of them statisticians. What gives the book its special character is its emphasis on the author's interaction with these people and the inclusion of many personal anecdotes. Combined, these portraits provide an amazing fly-on-the-wall view of statistics during the period in question. The stress is on ideas and technical material is held to a minimum. Thus the book is accessible to anyone with at least an elementary background in statistics.

The SAGE Handbook of Innovation in Social Research Methods

Author: Malcolm Williams

Publisher: SAGE


Category: Social Science

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Social research is a bourgeoning field. Of course it has many traditions and approaches, but there is a high premium upon thinking differently and thinking anew because social life is never static or wholly predictable. The Handbook, edited by internationally recognized scholars, provides a comprehensive, pitch-perfect critical assessment of the field. The main features of the Handbook are: Clear organization into 4 parts dealing with The Social Context of Research; Design and Data Collection; Integrating The Analysis of New Data Types; Sampling, Inference and Measurement Clear, cutting edge chapters on Objectivity; Causation; Organizing Social Research; Correspondence Analysis; Grounded Theory; Conversational Surveys; Mixed Methods; Meta-Analysis; Optimal Matching Analysis; GIS Analysis; Quantitative Narrative Analysis; Longitudinal Studies; SEM; MLM; Qualitative Comparative Analysis; Respondent Driven Sampling Brings together a glittering assembly of the key figures working in the field of research methods Demonstrates the continuities and productive tensions between classical traditions and real world research. The result is a superbly organized text which will be required reading for anyone interested in the routes and future of social research. It is an unparalleled teaching resource and a 'must have' for serious social researchers.