Pretty Poison

Author: Joyce and Jim Lavene

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101010518

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

View: 3230

Meet Peggy Lee: botanist, detective’s widow, and owner of The Potting Shed, an urban gardener’s paradise in downtown Charlotte. Mild winters keep the store thriving all year round, but at least one person in the city has colder intentions. It’s another busy fall day for Peggy. First she gives a quick café lecture on African violets, then has a minor bike accident involving a good-looking Saturn driver…and finally reaches her shop only to find a dead man sprawled face down across one of her seasonal displays, apparently done to death with a garden shovel. He’s Mark Warner, one of the wealthiest men in town—and also one of the biggest philanderers. The police have a local homeless man pinned for the suspect, but Peggy has her doubts. Soon her efforts to exonerate him have her raking through the evidence and digging up secrets—and somebody’s not happy about it. And then there’s the enormous Great Dane who seems determined to adopt her—and Peggy doesn’t even like dogs. Good thing that Saturn driver is also a veterinarian… Gardening Tips Included!

Pretty Poison

The Tuesday Weld Story

Author: Floyd Conner

Publisher: Barricade Books Incorporated

ISBN: 9781569800157

Category: Actors

Page: 256

View: 7476

Although she had modeled and worked as an actress in a few rock and roll teen films, it was the role of Thalia Menninger, on TV's The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis, that introduced the public to Tuesday Weld. Pretty Poison is a fascinating account of a woman who has often been as exciting in her pe rsonal life as she has been on the screen. Photos.

Pretty Poison

Author: Kim Vantrease

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780615607436

Category: Hijacking of ships

Page: 230

View: 4646

To escape the hateful landscape of her hometown, Linda Wilson accepts a crew position on a yacht where she plans to finalize her merciless schemes of revenge against the town that blames her for someone else's prank gone wrong. But before she's able to do so, the yacht is overtaken by pirates and everyone is thrown onto a sinking boat except for Linda who is not known to be below deck. Scared and alone, she launches an assault against the evil marauders in hopes of saving her friends.

Pretty Poison

Author: Lynne Barron

Publisher: Booktrope Editions

ISBN: 9781620158975


Page: 310

View: 6196

What's an American heiress to do when a pair of britches, a plunge into a pond in the dead of winter and a broken betrothal force her to set sail across the ocean to an arranged marriage with a fortune-hunting Englishman? With her hopes and dreams sinking to the bottom of the sea like so much lost treasure, Emily Calvert falls into the pretty poison she finds in a little blue bottle. Can Nicholas Avery, a charming aristocrat with a faulty memory for names and a family in dire need of financial salvation, convince the wounded lady that the blessed oblivion she finds in his arms is sweeter than laudanum?

Pretty Poison

Author: Yutta Narukami

Publisher: Aurora Publishing

ISBN: 9781934496381

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 192

View: 508

Riyako's dream of a happy marriage is shattered when her 'true love' cheats on her. Heartbroken, she finds herself seduced by the beautiful young Shougo, ending in a night of heated passion. However, what seemed like a spontaneous act turns out to be much more as Shougo and her ex-lover are somehow connected! In her confusion, Riyako can't help becoming more addicted to the seductive poison that knows just what buttons to push to convey innocence or evil (and sometimes, both), and a suspenseful and dangerous love affair ensues.

Pretty Poison

Author: Kari Gregg

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781494386634

Category: Fiction

Page: 152

View: 4336

Deadly poison...or exquisite cure? Noah fell from an eighth story balcony as a toddler, cracking open his skull and shattering his body. The accident would've killed a human, but even shifter blood can't heal some damage. After the pack recommended a mercy killing, Noah's family ran. But there's no outrunning the mating pact formed before Noah's birth. Wade, the new alpha, chooses an adult Noah to fulfill the pact. Wade believes the previous alpha was a fool to reject Noah as a weak and inferior wolf, but Noah's family was wrong to hide him and starve his wolf, too. Human doctors with human medicines are poison to shifter physiology. Now that Noah is fully grown, halting his shift to retain the pins, plates, and bars holding him together hurts rather than helps him, and for Wade, more than Noah's recovery is at stake. Noah's family sacrificed everything to keep him alive. Noah will do whatever it takes to save them-including mate with the alpha who is determined to correct past mistakes and defeat old prejudices contaminating the shifter community. Too bad some still believe Noah is the true poison...and should be culled from the pack for good. Content Warnings: Dubious consent, shifter knotting/tying, and Nerf gun assassination attempts. Ereaders (and you) may spontaneously combust--Don't say I didn't warn you.

Pretty Poison

Lead and Ceramic Ware

Author: Chris Lecos

Publisher: N.A


Category: Ceramic materials

Page: 4

View: 6509

Dark Dreams 2.0

A Psychological History of the Modern Horror Film from the 1950s to the 21st Century

Author: Charles Derry

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786456957

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 447

View: 3585

Greatly expanded and updated from the 1977 original, this new edition explores the evolution of the modern horror film, particularly as it reflects anxieties associated with the atomic bomb, the Cold War, 1960s violence, sexual liberation, the Reagan revolution, 9/11 and the Iraq War. It divides modern horror into three varieties (psychological, demonic and apocalyptic) and demonstrates how horror cinema represents the popular expression of everyday fears while revealing the forces that influence American ideological and political values. Directors given a close reading include Alfred Hitchcock, Brian De Palma, David Cronenberg, Guillermo Del Toro, Michael Haneke, Robert Aldrich, Mel Gibson and George A. Romero. Additional material discusses postmodern remakes, horror franchises and Asian millennial horror. This book also contains more than 950 frame grabs and a very extensive filmography.

Lonely Planet Reiseführer Bali & Lombok

mit Downloads aller Karten

Author: Ryan Ver Berkmoes,Adam Skolnick

Publisher: Mair Dumont DE

ISBN: 357544000X

Category: Travel

Page: 464

View: 3981

Lonely Planet E-Books für dein Smartphone, Tablet oder E-Book Reader! Spare Gewicht im Gepäck und nutze viele praktische Feature auf deiner nächsten Reise: - Navigiere schnell und einfach im E-Book mit unseren hilfreichen Links - Weblinks führen dich direkt zu weiteren Infos - Offline-Karten (inkl. Zoom) + Google Map Links zeigen dir den Weg NEU: Karten mit einem Klick downloaden, ausdrucken, mitnehmen oder speichern – vermeide Roaming im Ausland! - Durchsuche den Text in Sekunden nach beliebigen Stichworten - Mache Notizen und Lesezeichen und erstelle dir einen individuellen Reiseplan E-Book basiert auf: 4. Auflage 2017 Mit dem Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok auf eigene Faust auf den Inseln im Indischen Ozean! Etliche Monate Recherche stecken im Kultreiseführer. Auf rund 450 Seiten geben die Autoren sachkundige Hintergrundinfos zum Reiseland, liefern Tipps und Infos für die Planung der Reise, beschreiben alle interessanten Sehenswürdigkeiten und präsentieren ihre persönlichen Entdeckungen und Tipps. Bali bietet mit seinen Küsten und Riffs schöne Tauch- und Schnorchelreviere sowie die besten Wellen zum Surfen. Vulkanische Gebirgszüge, üppige Landschaften mit grünen Reisterrassen und prächtige Tempelanlagen laden zum Wandern ein - wer es ruhiger angehen lassen möchte, erholt sich an einem der Sandstrände, genießt eine Massage oder belegt einen balinesischen Kochkurs. Gute Gründe gibt es für einen Besuch auf der Insel Lombok, der eindrucksvolle Mount-Rinjani-Nationalpark bietet Ursprünglichkeit, weiße Sandstrände und kleine Buchten. Die 17 Highlights, die Sie auf den Inseln auf keinen Fall versäumen sollten, sind in einem farbigen Kapitel zusammengefasst, machen Lust auf Land und Leute und bringen den nötigen Background. Für jedes Reiseziel gibt es eine Auswahl an Unterkünften und Restaurants für jeden Geschmack und Geldbeutel. Der Lonely-Planet Reiseführer Bali & Lombok ist ehrlich, praktisch, witzig geschrieben und liefert inspirierende Eindrücke und Erfahrungen.

Hex and the City


Author: Simon R. Green

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848669496

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 4600

Lady Luck wants to hire John Taylor to investigate the Nightside itself . . . this case is going to get personal. John Taylor is a private detective with a supernatural gift for finding things, but his latest case is different. Lady Luck has hired him to investigate the origins of the Nightside, the shadowy heart of London where it's always 3 a.m. But the further he delves into the history of the Nightside, the more Taylor realises the case might be related to the greatest mystery in his own life: exactly who - or what - his mother is. He's been warned: when it comes to his mother, the truth could be dangerous. In fact, it could be downright catastrophic - and not just for the Nightside, but for all of Existence. But John Taylor is an investigator: finding things is in his very nature. And now he's close to discovering the truth, nothing can stop him. No matter what the consequences. Hex and the City is the fourth title in Simon R. Green's New York Times bestselling Nightside series.

Ein Werwolf im Zoo

Author: Charlie Richards

Publisher: XinXii

ISBN: 3962461531

Category: Fiction

Page: 131

View: 3229

Als er seinem Bruder bei der Flucht aus dem Zoo hilft, entdeckt Rainy dort mehr als nur eine Vielzahl von Tieren. Rainy kundschaftet den Zoo aus, da er eine Rettungsmission für seinen Bruder plant, der in Wolfsgestalt von Wilderern gefangen und verkauft wurde. Dann nimmt er eine äußerst verführerische Witterung auf: Travis Carlyle, sein Gefährte. Doch Rainy findet schnell heraus, dass er, bevor er sich mit dem gutaussehenden Tierarzt verbinden kann, den davon überzeugen muss, dass Rainy es wert ist, sich für ihn zu outen. Travis führt ein ruhiges, unauffälliges Leben und meidet jegliche Situation, die ihn vor seiner Familie outen könnte. Nach so vielen Jahren des Alleinseins kann er der Liebe, Zuneigung und Akzeptanz, die Rainy ihm entgegenbringt, nur schwer widerstehen. Doch gerade als er entscheidet, dass Rainy es wert sein könnte, wegen ihm seine Sexualität zu offenbaren, findet er heraus, dass Rainy Geheimnisse vor ihm hat, und zwar eine ganze Menge: Werwölfe, Gestaltwandler und Gefährten? Als er mit eigenen Augen eine Verwandlung sieht, muss Travis die Wahrheit akzeptieren. Dumm nur, dass nicht alle begeistert sind, dass Travis sich den Wölfen anschließt, und er gerät in einen Streit zwischen Wandlern. Und dann stellt sich auch noch Travis’ Vater zwischen sie. Kann Rainy Tavis davon überzeugen, ein gefährliches, aber von Liebe erfülltes Leben mit ihm zu wählen, anstatt der bequemen, ruhigen Existenz im Kreis seiner Familie? Ein homoerotischer Liebesroman für Erwachsene mit explizitem Inhalt. Jeder Band dieser Reihe geht auf die romantische Beziehung eines anderen Paares ein. Um die gesamte Handlung sowie die Geschichte aller Figuren zu erfahren, empfiehlt es sich, alle Bände in der Reihenfolge ihres Erscheinens zu lesen. Dies ist Band 1 der Reihe. Länge: rund 32.500 Wörter

Poison Dart Frogs

Author: Cecilia Pinto McCarthy,Gail Saunders-Smith

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1429660503

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 5686

"Simple text and full-color photos explain the habitat, range, life cycle, and behavior of poison dart frogs while emphasizing their bright colors" --Provided by publisher.

Poison Dart Frogs

Author: Lisa Owings

Publisher: Bellwether Media

ISBN: 1612115586

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 2013

A poison dart frog's colorful body warns other animals to stay away. The bright colors reveal that the frog can kill with its powerful venom. In this book, young readers will learn why they should keep their distance from this small, poisonous amphibian.


Author: John Ross Bowie

Publisher: Soft Skull Press

ISBN: 159376457X

Category: Social Science

Page: 128

View: 4217

What’s your damage? In 1989, Michael Lehmann’s black comedy Heathers drew a line in the sand, rebuffing the sweetness and optimism of John Hughes’ more popular fare with darkness and death. Launching the careers of Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, Heathers became a cult classic, ranking #5 on Entertainment Weekly’s list of the 50 Best High School Movies and inspiring hoards of teen films that vastly overshadow its fame but lack its acid wit, moral complexity, and undeniable emotional punch. For the latest installment of Deep Focus, John Ross Bowie blends captivating memoir with astute analysis, tracing the rebel-teen mythology that links Columbine, heavy metal, and The Catcher in the Rye. With help from Lehmann, screenwriter Daniel Waters, and members of the cast, Bowie thoroughly unpacks the film’s peculiar resonance. Brilliant riffs on the etymology of its teen slang, the implications of its title, and its visual debt to Stanley Kubrick show how Heathers—for all its audacious absurdity—speaks volumes about the realities of high school and of life itself.

Deadly Daggers

Author: Joyce and Jim Lavene

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101442883

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 7037

Jessie Morton's latest apprenticeship at the Renaissance Faire is in service to Daisy, the master swordsmith. But when a professional dueler-and Daisy's former flame-is murdered, it's up to Jessie to keep a sharp eye out for the killer.

A Timely Vision

Author: Joyce and Jim Lavene

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110118745X

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 3869

A seaside-set paranormal mystery-from the authors of the Renaissance Faire mystery Ghastly Glass Meet Dae O'Donnell, a woman with a gift for finding lost things-and the stories behind lost lives... Dae O'Donnell is the mayor of Duck, North Carolina-and the person everyone turns to when they've lost something. One touch and Dae can find it, and missing pieces seem to find their way to her, whether she wants them to or not. When Miss Mildred asks Dae to find her missing watch, Dae finds herself looking for more than mislaid jewelry-she must prove the town matriarch isn't a cold-blooded killer.

A Finder's Fee

Author: Joyce and Jim Lavene

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110162566X

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 8442

The mayor of Duck, North Carolina, Dae O’Donnell, is a woman with a gift for finding lost things. Sometimes it leads her to lost keys or earrings—and sometimes it leads her to murder… DIRTY CAMPAIGNING Two weeks before the mayoral election, Dae gets sidetracked from her political aspirations by a spirit in need of rescuing. An antique amber necklace allows Dae to connect with Maggie Madison, a witch who wants Dae to rebury her bones so she can rest in peace. But digging leads Dae to an even bigger mystery, a forty-year-old murder with ties to Randal “Mad Dog” Wilson, her mayoral opponent. Dae wants to run a clean race, but town sentiment is mixed about whether she’s using her abilities to get the election to go her way. And when she learns that her own grandfather—the former sheriff of Dare County—might be mixed up in the long-buried tragedy, Dae will have to uncover the real killer and put Maggie to rest, before her political career ends up six feet under…