Power Hungry

Strategic Investing in Telecommunications, Utilities, and Other Essential Services

Author: Roger S. Conrad

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471442950

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 310

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The best strategies for investing in the utilities industry With the deregulation of the utility industry, the entire landscape of the power economy has greatly changed. This has had a dramatic impact on consumers, corporations, and especially investors. The only book focused on investing within the energy, communications, and water industries, Power Hungry offers a comprehensive look at the considerable opportunities arising from these industries. Along with providing one–of–a–kind investment strategies for investing in utilities and other essential services, Power Hungry provides a framework for readers to construct their own model portfolio of stocks, commission–free, so they can reap the rewards of a field with enormous profit potential. Established companies may no longer hold the lion′s share of the marketplace, but this book corners the market on investing in these profitable industries.

Power Hungry

Author: Howard Weinstein

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743420861

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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Sent to deliver emergency famine relief to the planet Thiopa -- the Federation's only allies in a critically important sector of space -- the crew finds a brutal dictatorship -- one more concerned with preserving its own powers than protecting its citizens, or the world they all share. Captain Picard is hesitant about turning over the supplies to the corrupt goernment: he fears they may never reach their intended destination. But can he convince the ruling council to change their ways, before it is too late -- for the government, and Thiopa itself?

Power Hungry

Author: Shaneekqua Bell

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1387445235

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Sasha and family have been through tons of changes. I wonder how things turned out for them? Guess I won't know until I read this book. Book# 6 Power Hungry

Power Hungry

The Myths of ""Green"" Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future

Author: Robert Bryce

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1610390431

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 448

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The promise of "green jobs" and a "clean energy future" has roused the masses. But as Robert Bryce makes clear in this provocative book, that vision needs a major re-vision. We cannot--and will not--quit using carbon-based fuels at any time in the near future for a simple reason: they provide the horsepower that we crave. The hard reality is that oil, coal, and natural gas are here to stay. Fueling our society requires that we make good decisions and smart investments based on facts. In Power Hungry, Bryce crushes a phalanx of energy myths, showing why renewables are not green, carbon capture and sequestration won't work, and even--surprise!--that the U.S. is leading the world in energy efficiency. Power Hungry delivers a clear-eyed view of what's needed to transform the gargantuan global energy sector.

Summary: Power Hungry

Review and Analysis of Robert Bryce's Book

Author: BusinessNews Publishing

Publisher: Primento

ISBN: 2511001470

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 44

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The must-read summary of Robert Bryce's book: “Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future”. This complete summary of "Power Hungry" by Robert Bryce, a prominent American journalist, presents his argument that green energy in the US is a myth, as renewables are not in fact particularly green, and carbon capture and sequestration is unlikely to ever work. He states that the only feasible and workable energy strategy for the US would have to be to built on harnessing natural gas and nuclear power to generate electricity, which he believes are the real fuels of the future. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Understand the energy sector in America and globally • Expand your knowledge of American politics and culture To learn more, read "Power Hungry" and discover how the renewable energy sector may not be as promising as it seems, and what some realistic alternatives may be.

The Leadership Paradox

A Challenge to Servant Leadership in a Power-Hungry World

Author: Denny Gunderson

Publisher: YWAM Publishing

ISBN: 9781576583791

Category: Religion

Page: 206

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Challenges the traditional models of effective leadership and offers insights into the servant leadership of Jesus through the eyes of those who experienced his example first hand.

Power Hungry

The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook

Author: Camilla V. Saulsbury

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781891105548

Category: Cooking

Page: 150

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Provides recipes for protein bars, granola bars, and endurance gels using natural ingredients.

Energy Tips

Coping with Energy Problems in a Power Hungry Culture

Author: Ralph W. Ritchie,Fern J. Ritchie

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780939656523

Category: House & Home

Page: 186

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We are in a power crunch and you need help. It is not going to go away. Fuel costs, population increases, or the need to reduce air pollution will all keep us in a power hungry situation. Either we cannot afford it, can no longer breathe it, or there will not be enough. The purpose of this book is to ease the problem. Better start learning now.Experience is the best teacher, but you need help before you can acquire experience on your own.Next best is to benefit from anotherżs experience. This book collects the relevant material from most of the authorsż over 50 books. They were written for people who want to help themselves. Does that include you?This book contains over 50 years of ways we have used to conserve energy. We started early: The message of energy shortages to come wasnżt widely publicized, although itżs coming was announced and published in the 1950's.We hope that rolling blackouts are the most with which we will have to cope. In todayżs culture, even that is a minor disaster. Electricity is the hinge upon which our lives swing. Most of us canżt even tell time without electricity, or when it comes back on, how do we reset the clocks? In fact, every floating automatic device in the house will need resetting.We depend upon electricity for all the niceties of living. What about the necessities?Food Preservation and SpoilageHeatLight- both to see and for securityWater-. No hot water without electricity. City and Rural water is supplied by electric pumps.Enjoy air conditioning? A hot tub, Hot water? These are things we can live without if we must, although there are energy efficient ways to have these things. Otherwise, either the cost of having them or the need to use a minimum of electricity may make them unavailable. Solar Energy will heat your home and provide hot water. It will even heat a hot tub.We use what is in this book ALL the time.

Echo Valley

A power hungry politician, his burning secret, and the unyielding young mother caught in the middle

Author: Jennifer Vaughn

Publisher: Waldorf Publishing

ISBN: 1945171863

Category: Fiction

Page: 350

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Beckett Brady knows bad guys; he hunts them for a living. As he dissects the odd angles of this case, he is guided by a hot-blooded yet inexplicable bond to Bo that is beyond a simple call to duty. He recruits his former mentor who has since become a surrogate father figure to both Bo and Bailey--the freshly-retired police chief of Echo Valley--to help unravel the hastily hatched operation to keep Bo quiet. As powerful forces close in, Beck joins Bo at the farm to prepare for battle, neither of them expecting the furious rush of desire that seems almost as palpable as the danger they face

The Last Days of Democracy

How Big Media and Power-hungry Government are Turning America Into a Dictatorship

Author: Elliot D. Cohen,Bruce W. Fraser

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781591025047

Category: Political Science

Page: 333

View: 6843

Argues that CNN, Fox, NBC, and other mainstream media elites, along with giant telecoms like Comcast and Verizon, are using their power, control, and wealth to strip America of its democratic way of life and establish an authoritarian state.

Die Null-Grenzkosten-Gesellschaft

Das Internet der Dinge, kollaboratives Gemeingut und der Rückzug des Kapitalismus

Author: Jeremy Rifkin

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593425165

Category: Fiction

Page: 525

View: 6844

Teilen ist das neue Besitzen Der Kapitalismus geht zu Ende? Eine gewagte These! Doch wer könnte eine solch spannende Zukunftsvision mit Leben füllen? Jeremy Rifkin - Regierungsberater, Zukunftsvisionär und Bestsellerautor. Kurz: "einer der 150 einflussreichsten Intellektuellen der Welt" (National Journal). Rifkin ist überzeugt: Das Ende des Kapitalismus kommt nicht von heute auf morgen, aber dennoch unaufhaltsam. Die Zeichen dafür sind längst unübersehbar: - Die Produktionskosten sinken. - Wir leben in einer Share Economy, in der immer mehr das Teilen, Tauschen und Teilnehmen im Fokus steht. - Das Zeitalter der intelligenten Gegenstände - das Internet der Dinge - ist gekommen. Es fördert die Produktivität in einem Maße, dass die Grenzkosten vieler Güter und Dienstleistungen nahezu null sind, was sie praktisch kostenlos macht. - Eine einst auf Knappheit gegründete Ökonomie macht immer mehr einer Ökonomie des Überflusses Platz. Ein neues Buch für eine neue Zeit Jeremy Rifkin fügt in seinem neuen Buch "Die Null-Grenzkosten-Gesellschaft. Das Internet der Dinge, kollaboratives Gemeingut und der Rückzug des Kapitalismus" die Koordinaten der neuen Zeit endlich zu einem erkennbaren Bild zusammen. Aus unserer industriell geprägten erwächst eine globale, gemeinschaftlich orientierte Gesellschaft. In ihr ist Teilen mehr wert als Besitzen, sind Bürger über nationale Grenzen hinweg politisch aktiv und steht das Streben nach Lebensqualität über dem nach Reichtum. Die Befreiung vom Diktat des Eigentums hat begonnen und mit ihr eine neue Zeit. - Wie wird dieser fundamentale Wandel unser Leben verändern? - Wie wird der Wandel unsere Zukunft bestimmen? - Was heißt das schon heute für unseren Alltag? Kein anderer könnte die Zeichen der Zeit besser für uns deuten als der Zukunftsvisionär Rifkin in seinem neuen Buch.

Rethinking Federalism

Citizens, Markets, and Governments in a Changing World

Author: Karen Knop,Sylvia Ostry,Richard Simeon,Katherine Swinton

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 9780774805001

Category: Political Science

Page: 364

View: 9464

!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN" meta name="generator" content="HTML Tidy, see www.w3.org" Federalism is at once a set of institutions -- the division of public authority between two or more constitutionally defined orders of government -- and a set of ideas which underpin such institutions. As an idea, federalism points us to issues such as shared and divided sovereignty, multiple loyalties and identities, and governance through multi-level institutions. Seen in this more complex way, federalism is deeply relevant to a wide range of issues facing contemporary societies. Global forces -- economic and social -- are forcing a rethinking of the role of the central state, with power and authority diffusing both downwards to local and state institutions and upwards to supranational bodies. Economic restructuring is altering relationships within countries, as well as the relationships of countries with each other. At a societal level, the recent growth of ethnic and regional nationalisms -- most dramatically in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, but also in many other countries in western Europe and North America -- is forcing a rethinking of the relationship between state and nation, and of the meaning and content of 'citizenship.' Rethinking Federalism explores the power and relevance of federalism in the contemporary world, and provides a wide-ranging assessment of its strengths, weaknesses, and potential in a variety of contexts. Interdisciplinary in its approach, it brings together leading scholars from law, economics, sociology, and political science, many of whom draw on their own extensive involvement in the public policy process. Among the contributors, each writing with the authority of experience, are Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and Jacques Pelkmans on the European Union, Paul Chartrand on Aboriginal rights, Samuel Beer on North American federalism, Alan Cairns on identity, and Vsevolod Vasiliev on citizenship after the breakup of the Soviet Union. The themes refracted through these different disciplines and political perspectives include nationalism, minority protection, representation, and economic integration. The message throughout this volume is that federalism is not enough -- rights protection and representation are also of fundamental importance in designing multi-level governments.

Ultra Low-Power Electronics and Design

Author: E. Macii

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402080751

Category: Computers

Page: 273

View: 5254

Power consumption is a key limitation in many high-speed and high-data-rate electronic systems today, ranging from mobile telecom to portable and desktop computing systems, especially when moving to nanometer technologies. Ultra Low-Power Electronics and Design offers to the reader the unique opportunity of accessing in an easy and integrated fashion a mix of tutorial material and advanced research results, contributed by leading scientists from academia and industry, covering the most hot and up-to-date issues in the field of the design of ultra low-power devices, systems and applications.