As-Saqiya A1, Arabic Language - Student Book

Author: Alejandro Garcia Castillo




Page: 98

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This course is aimed at any learner who wants to learn Arabic in a communicative way. The speakers in the audios of the book, lesson by lesson, use Standard Modern Arabic to communicate in daily life situations. The characters in the book belong to different Arab countries; so that the learner is able to get used to listening and understanding several accents. Moreover, a distinction has been made between printed Standard Modern Arabic, which is used, even for oral communication, by broadcasters on the media and Standard Relaxed Arabic, which is used by any literate Arabic speaker, who cares about using the right language structure but who does not decline and maintains local language variaties.

ألوان الحيوانات

Author: Brian Wildsmith

Publisher: Star Bright Books


Category: Animals

Page: 16

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Wildsmith's signature illustrations of animals are so expressive and vibrant they jump off the page. A wonderful way to teach children colors.