Photoshop for Artists

A Complete Guide for Fine Artists, Photographers, and Printmakers

Author: Sylvie Covey

Publisher: Watson-Guptill


Category: Art

Page: 304

View: 574

ENRICH, ENHANCE, AND TRANSFORM YOUR ART WITH THE MAGIC OF PHOTOSHOP® For artists, Adobe® Photoshopâ offers an exciting entry into a new world of limitless color, textures, and effects that can be applied with just the touch of a keyboard or click of a mouse. Intended for serious artists -- painters, photographers, and printmakers ‑- Photoshop for Artists provides a comprehensive series of detailed tutorials, cataloging the various tools, techniques, and methods for producing an infinite variety of creative imagery with Photoshop. With thirty tutorials divided into sections for fine artists, photographers, and printmakers, this book contains easy-to-follow step-by-step examples that include all the information serious professional artists need to master the digital art techniques of Photoshop. Each tutorial features screenshots and detailed directions, so artists can see exactly how the specific effects are achieved and applied to artwork. Featuring stunning and dramatic imagery produced by the author and other accomplished artists, Photoshop for Artists is essential reading for artists looking to take their work to the next digital level.

Photoshop for Games

Creating Art for Console, Mobile, and Social Games

Author: Shawn Nelson

Publisher: New Riders


Category: Computers

Page: 304

View: 999

Most game artists use Photoshop to work out idea as much as to create a final product that can be used in a game. There are many ways to work efficiently in the program that can be tapped for a workflow that keeps artists productive and sane. This book takes an approach to creating assets in Photoshop that both beginners and intermediates will find refreshing. Where other books focus on Photoshop lessons or on the basics of drawing, Photoshop for Games gives you many hands-on lessons for developing artwork that can be adapted for many purposes. Full of inspiring projects , readers will find examples from comic, realistic, graphic styles, and more. Downloadable project files and videos accompany some of the tutorials so that readers can dive deeper on topics. Whether they are developing games for consoles, mobile devices, or the Web, game artists from all backgrounds will learn the best practices to game art creation in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop for VFX Artists

Author: Lopsie Schwartz

Publisher: Course Technology


Category: Computers

Page: 315

View: 166

A straightforward visual approach to Photoshop targeted specifically for the 3D artist includes helpful hints, tips, and sidebars from industry professionals in the texture and matte painting field. Original. (Advanced).

Digital Painting in Photoshop

Author: Susan Ruddick Bloom

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Category: Design

Page: 256

View: 565

Have you ever considered using Photoshop to create fine art? Photoshop is usually used for enhancing photos, but this extremely powerful software package is capable of so much more. Every feature, from brushes to background, can be customised and optimised for artistic effect. With a little guidance from a pro, your photoshop results can go from competent retouching of images to visually stunning re-interpretations of them, turning everyday pictures into breathtaking works of art. In this beautiful and inspiring book, acclaimed artist, author and lecturer Susan Bloom shows you how to do just that. Starting with the fundamentals: creating your own artistic brushes and textured papers virtually, she goes on to demonstrate how to create a variety of classic artistic styles in Photoshop, with chapters on watercolours, pastels, charcoal and oil. Further chapters cover illustration techniques in photoshop, and using third-party software to create painterly effects. While the results are highly polished and realistic, this is not a book written specifically for artists. The techniques are aimed squarely at the Photoshop user looking to broaden their pallette, with emphasis on altering photographs to create artwork, rather than creating artwork from scratch. Beautifully written, clearly laid out, and guaranteeing inspiring results, this book is a must-have for every Photoshop user.

Beyond Photoshop

Advanced techniques using Illustrator, Poser, Painter, and more

Author: Derek Lea

Publisher: CRC Press


Category: Design

Page: 376

View: 338

In his best-selling book Creative Photoshop, award-winning artist Derek Lea has already shown the digital art world how to create stunning, sophisticated works of art using Photoshop. Now, he goes one step further in this all-new book to demonstrate his unique methods for using Photoshop in conjunction with other software packages. Derek's first-class images will inspire you to think creatively about the ways in which you can use Photoshop alongside other popular programs such as Illustrator and Poser to take your own art to the next level. In addition to invaluable advice on how to create static works of art, Derek's also included plenty of material on creating motion-oriented art using Photoshop with programs like Flash and After Effects. Whether you are a digital artist, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic artist, designer, or serious hobbyist working for print or the web, this fantastic new book will open your eyes to a whole new world of digital art that's never before been uncovered. Challenge yourself and discover the more artistic aspects of these programs with one of the world's best teachers by your side. Be sure to visit for more information including all of the sample images from the book to work with, a reader forum, and more.

Designer Photoshop

Author: Rob Day

Publisher: Random House Information Group


Category: Adobe Photoshop

Page: 250

View: 588

The first authoritative book on Adobe's Photoshop for designers and illustrators by renowned expert and trainer Rob Day. A comprehensive guide to this powerful software, as well as a real-world reference for using a personal computer for graphics creation and manipulation.

Photoshop F/x

Mac Ed

Author: Cathy Abes

Publisher: Ventana Communications Group


Category: Art

Page: 335

View: 811

Push PhotoShop's creative limits! Full-color throughout and showing step-by-step progressions, PhotoShop f/x takes users through an impressive gallery of professional artists' illustrations. Chapters include techniques for using PhotoShop and third party filters, customizing filters, masking advanced channels, 3D programs and more. CD contains third-party filters from Kai's Power Tools, Andromeda, and more, plus demos, photos, and software. (Desktop Publishing)