Philosophy of Mathematics

Selected Writings

Author: Charles S. Peirce

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253004691

Category: Philosophy

Page: 336

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The philosophy of mathematics plays a vital role in the mature philosophy of Charles S. Peirce. Peirce received rigorous mathematical training from his father and his philosophy carries on in decidedly mathematical and symbolic veins. For Peirce, math was a philosophical tool and many of his most productive ideas rest firmly on the foundation of mathematical principles. This volume collects Peirce's most important writings on the subject, many appearing in print for the first time. Peirce's determination to understand matter, the cosmos, and "the grand design" of the universe remain relevant for contemporary students of science, technology, and symbolic logic.

The Philosophy of Peirce

Selected Writings

Author: Justus Buchler

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317829735

Category: Philosophy

Page: 404

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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Continuity of Peirce's Thought

Author: Kelly A. Parker

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 9780826512963

Category: Philosophy

Page: 268

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In The Continuity of Peirce's Thought, Kelly Parker shows how the principle of continuity functions in phenomenology and semeiotic, the two most novel and important of Peirce's philosophical sciences, which mediate between mathematics and metaphysics. Parker argues that Peirce's concept of continuity is the central organizing theme of the entire Peircean philosophical corpus. He explains how Peirce's unique conception of the mathematical continuum shapes the broad sweep of his thought, extending from mathematics to metaphysics and in religion. This new book should appeal to all who seek a fuller, unified understanding of the career and overarching contributions of Peirce, one of the key figures in the American philosophical tradition.

The Essential Peirce, Volume 1

Selected Philosophical Writings? (1867–1893)

Author: Charles Sanders Peirce,Nathan Houser,Christian J.W. J. W. Kloesel

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253207215

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 448

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"... a first-rate edition, which supersedes all other portable Peirces.... all the Peirce most people will ever need." —Louis Menand, The New York Review of Books "The ?Monist essays are included in the first volume of the compact and welcome ?Essential Peirce; they are by Peirce's standards quite accessible and splendid in their cosmic scope and assertiveness." —London Review of Books A convenient two-volume reader's edition makes accessible to students and scholars the most important philosophical papers of the brilliant American thinker Charles Sanders Peirce. This first volume presents twenty-five key texts from the first quarter century of his writing, with a clear introduction and informative headnotes. Volume 2 will highlight the development of Peirce's system of signs and his mature pragmatism.

Charles S. Peirce, Selected Writings

Author: Charles S. Peirce

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486122948

Category: Philosophy

Page: 480

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Science, material, idealism, pragmaticism, history of scientific thought. With Buchler's book, best way to approach notoriously cryptic philosopher. Features 24 selections including "The Place of Our Age in the History of Civilization."

A General Introduction to the Semiotic of Charles Sanders Peirce

Author: James JakÃ3b Liszka

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253116116

Category: Literary Criticism & Collections

Page: 168

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"This definitive text is the single best work on Peirce's semeiotic (as Peirce would have spelled it) allowing scholars to extrapolate beyond Peirce or to apply him to new areas..." -- Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy Newsletter "... indispensable introduction to Peirce's semiotics." -- Teaching Philosophy "Both for students new to Peirce and for the advanced student, this is an excellent and unique reference book. It should be available in libraries at all... colleges and universities." -- Choice "The best and most balanced full account of Peirce's semiotic which contributes not only to semiotics but to philosophy. Liszka's book is the sourcebook for scholars in general." -- Nathan Houser Although 19th-century philosopher and scientist Charles Sanders Peirce was a prolific writer, he never published his work on signs in any organized fashion, making it difficult to grasp the scope of his thought. In this book, Liszka presents a systematic and comprehensive acount of Peirce's theory, including the role of semiotic in the system of sciences, with a detailed analysis of its three main branches -- grammar, critical logic, and universal rhetoric.

The Normative Thought of Charles S. Peirce

Author: Cornelis De Waal,Krzysztof Piotr Skowroński

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 0823242447

Category: Philosophy

Page: 321

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Proceedings of a conference held June 26-30, 2007 at Opole University, Poland.

Peirce on Signs

Writings on Semiotic by Charles Sanders Peirce

Author: James Hoopes

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469616815

Category: Philosophy

Page: 294

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Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) is rapidly becoming recognized as the greatest American philosopher. At the center of his philosophy was a revolutionary model of the way human beings think. Peirce, a logician, challenged traditional models by describing thoughts not as "ideas" but as "signs," external to the self and without meaning unless interpreted by a subsequent thought. His general theory of signs -- or semiotic -- is especially pertinent to methodologies currently being debated in many disciplines. This anthology, the first one-volume work devoted to Peirce's writings on semiotic, provides a much-needed, basic introduction to a complex aspect of his work. James Hoopes has selected the most authoritative texts and supplemented them with informative headnotes. His introduction explains the place of Peirce's semiotic in the history of philosophy and compares Peirce's theory of signs to theories developed in literature and linguistics.

His Glassy Essence

An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce

Author: Charles Sanders Peirce

Publisher: N.A


Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the most important and influential of the classical American philosophers, is credited as the inventor of the philosophical school of pragmatism. The scope and significance of his work have had a lasting effect not only in several fields of philosophy but also in mathematics, the history and philosophy of science, and the theory of signs, as well as in literary and cultural studies. Largely obscure until after his death, Peirce's life has long been a subject of interest and dispute. Unfortunately, previous biographies often confuse as much as they clarify crucial matters in Peirce's story. Ketner's new biographical project is remarkable not only for its entertaining aspects but also for its illuminating insights into Peirce's life, his thought, and the intellectual milieu in which he worked.

Selected Writings (Values in a Universe of Chance)

Author: Charles Sanders Peirce

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486216348

Category: Philosophy

Page: 446

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Science, material, idealism, pragmaticism, history of scientific thought. With Buchler's book, best way to approach notoriously cryptic philosopher. Features 24 selections including "The Place of Our Age in the History of Civilization," "Questions Concerning Certain Faculties Claimed for Man," "Some Consequences of Four Incapacities," and "The Fixation of Belief."

Peirce: A Guide for the Perplexed

Author: Cornelis de Waal

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1847065163

Category: Philosophy

Page: 183

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A clear and thorough account of Peirce's life and thought, his major works and ideas, providing an ideal guide to this important and complex thinker.

Peirce's Approach to the Self

A Semiotic Perspective on Human Subjectivity

Author: Vincent Michael Colapietro

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780887068829

Category: Philosophy

Page: 141

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Based on a careful study of his unpublished manuscripts as well as his published work, this book explores Peirce's general theory of signs and the way in which Peirce himself used this theory to understand subjectivity. Peirce's views are presented, not only in reference to important historical (James, Saussure) and contemporary (Eco, Kristeva) figures, but also in reference to some of the central controversies regarding signs. Colapietro adopts as a strategy of interpretation Peirce's own view that ideas become clarified only in the course of debate.


Author: Charles Sanders Peirce

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780253372031

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 672

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The PEIRCE EDITION contains large sections of previously unpublished material in addition to selected published works. Each volume includes a brief historical and biographical introduction, extensive editorial and textual notes, and a full chronological list of all of Peirce’s writings, published and unpublished, during the period covered.

The Rule of Reason

The Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce

Author: Jacqueline Brunning,Paul Forster

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802078193

Category: Philosophy

Page: 316

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Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914), the founder of Pragmatism, was an American philosopher, logician, physicist, and mathematician. Since the publication of his collected papers in 1931, interest in Peirce has grown dramatically. His work has found audiences in such disciplines as philosophy, computer science, logic, film studies, semiotics, and literary criticism. While Peirce scholarship has advanced considerably since its earliest days, many controversies of interpretation persist, and several of the more obscure aspects of his work remain poorly understood. The Rule of Reason is a collection of original essays examining Peirce's thought by some of the best-known scholars in the field. The contributors investigate outstanding issues and difficulties in his philosophy and situate his views in both their historical and their contemporary contexts. Some of the essays clarify aspects of Peirce's philosophy, some defend its contemporary significance, and some do both. The essays explore Peirce's work from various perspectives, considering the philosophical significance of his contributions to logic; the foundations of his philosophical system; his metaphysics and cosmology; his theories of inquiry and truth; and his theories of mind, agency, and selfhood.

Peirce's Logic of Continuity

A Conceptual and Mathematical Approach

Author: Fernando Zalamea

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780983700494

Category: Mathematics

Page: 192

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Peirce's logic of continuity is explored from a double perspective: (i) Peirce's original understanding of the continuum, alternative to Cantor's analytical Real line, (ii) Peirce's original construction of a topological logic -- the existential graphs -- alternative to the algebraic presentation of propositional and first-order calculi. Peirce's general architectonics, oriented to back-and-forth hierarchical crossings between the global and the local, is reflected with great care both in the continuum and the existential graphs.

Wittgenstein and Pragmatism

On Certainty in the Light of Peirce and James

Author: Anna Boncompagni

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137588470

Category: Philosophy

Page: 311

View: 424

This book investigates the conflicts concerning pragmatism in Wittgenstein’s work On Certainty, through a comparison with the pragmatist tradition as expressed by its founding fathers Charles S. Peirce and William James. It also describes Wittgenstein’s first encounters with pragmatism in the 1930s and shows the relevance of Frank Ramsey in the development of his thought. Offering a balanced, critical and theoretical examination the author discusses issues such as doubt, certainty, common sense, forms of life, action and the pragmatic maxim. While highlighting the objective convergences and divergences between the two approaches, the volume makes links to ongoing debates on relativism, foundationalism, scepticism and objectivity. It will be of interest to anyone searching for new perspectives on Wittgenstein’s philosophy.

Conjectures and Refutations

The Growth of Scientific Knowledge

Author: Karl Popper

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135971374

Category: Philosophy

Page: 608

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Conjectures and Refutations is one of Karl Popper's most wide-ranging and popular works, notable not only for its acute insight into the way scientific knowledge grows, but also for applying those insights to politics and to history. It provides one of the clearest and most accessible statements of the fundamental idea that guided his work: not only our knowledge, but our aims and our standards, grow through an unending process of trial and error.

Pragmatism, Old and New

Selected Writings

Author: Susan Haack

Publisher: Prometheus Books

ISBN: 1615921702

Category: Philosophy

Page: 741

View: 6893

The most likely use for Haack's volume will be in introductory pragmatism courses and it is eminently appropriate for this task. However, others who would wish to speak out about pragmatism authoritatively would do well to go through the book from cover to cover. Outside of philosophy, the volume provides an introduction to a vital aspect of what philosophy has to offer to other disciplines, psychology among is hard to think what could have been done to improve upon the collection.-MetapsychologyMorris R. Cohen once described pragmatism as a philosophy for people who cannot think; and Bertrand Russell feared that pragmatism would lead philosophy into cosmic impiety. Nothing could be further from the truth. Pragmatism was one of the most fruitful philosophical movements of the late nineteenth century, and has continued to be a significant influence on some of the major figures in philosophy - F. P. Ramsey, W. V. Quine, Sidney Hook, Nelson Goodman, Hilary Putnam, and many others.Today some even speak of a remarkable renaissance of pragmatism. Very often, though, what they have in mind is not the rich heritage of the classical pragmatist tradition, but a radical self-styled neo-pragmatism that has of late transmuted the reformist aspirations of classical pragmatism into a kind of revolutionary anti-intellectualism - a radical neo-pragmatism that seems to confirm Russell's worst fears.Asking what we can learn from the older pragmatist tradition, and what we can salvage from the intellectual shipwreck of the new, Susan Haack, with the assistance of Robert Lane, has put together a wide-ranging anthology that tells the story of the evolution of pragmatism from its origins in C. S. Peirce's hopes of making philosophy more scientific and William James's of unstiffening our theories, to the radical literary-political neo-pragmatism recently popularized by Richard Rorty. Opening with a history of pragmatism from its inception to the present day, and closing with Haack's famous interview with Peirce and Rorty, the book presents a broad and diverse selection of pragmatist writings - classical and contemporary, reformist and revolutionary - on logic, metaphysics, theory of inquiry, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, aesthetics, philosophy of education, and moral, social, and political philosophy.Susan Haack (Coral Gables, FL) is Cooper Senior Scholar in Arts and Sciences, professor of philosophy, and professor of law at the University of Miami. She is the author of numerous highly acclaimed books including Defending Science-Within Reason; Philosophy of Logics; Evidence and Inquiry; Deviant Logic, Fuzzy Logic: Beyond the Formalism; and Manifesto of a Passionate Moderate: Unfashionable Essays.Robert Lane (Carrolton, GA) is assistant professor of philosophy at the University of West Georgia. He has published on American philosophy, the history of logic, and ethics.

Writings of Charles S. Peirce: 1857-1866

Author: Charles Sanders, Peirce,Charles Sanders Peirce

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253372017

Category: Mathematics

Page: 736

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The PEIRCE EDITION contains large sections of previously unpublished material in addition to selected published works. Each volume includes a brief historical and biographical introduction, extensive editorial and textual notes, and a full chronological list of all of Peirce's writings, published and unpublished, during the period covered.