Charles S. Peirce's Method of Methods

Author: Roberta Kevelson

Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

ISBN: 902723289X

Category: Philosophy

Page: 180

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In all disciplines there are specifiable basic concepts, our universes of discourse, which define special areas of inquiry. Semiotics is that 'science of sciences' which inquires into all processes of inquiry, and which seeks to discover methods of inquiry. Peirce held that semiotics was to be the method of methods. An account of semiotic method should distinguish between the way the term 'sign' is used in semiotics and the various ways this term was meant in nearly all the traditional disciplines. In this monograph Roberta Kevelson minutely explores Charles S. Peirce's method of methods.

The Continuity of Peirce's Thought

Author: Kelly A. Parker

Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press

ISBN: 9780826512963

Category: Philosophy

Page: 268

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In The Continuity of Peirce's Thought, Kelly Parker shows how the principle of continuity functions in phenomenology and semeiotic, the two most novel and important of Peirce's philosophical sciences, which mediate between mathematics and metaphysics. Parker argues that Peirce's concept of continuity is the central organizing theme of the entire Peircean philosophical corpus. He explains how Peirce's unique conception of the mathematical continuum shapes the broad sweep of his thought, extending from mathematics to metaphysics and in religion. This new book should appeal to all who seek a fuller, unified understanding of the career and overarching contributions of Peirce, one of the key figures in the American philosophical tradition.


Author: Lutz Danneberg

Publisher: Duncker & Humblot

ISBN: 9783428466924


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Peirce, Pragmatism, and the Logic of Scripture

Author: Peter Ochs

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521604499

Category: Philosophy

Page: 372

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This is the first study of Charles Peirce's philosophy as a form of writing and the first study of his pragmatic writings as a critique of the modern attempt to change society by writing philosophy. According to Ochs, Peirce concluded that his own pragmatism displayed the errors of modernity, attempting to recreate rather than repair modern philosophy. His self-critique - which he called pragmaticism - refashions pragmatism as what Ochs calls a 'pragmatic method of reading': a method of, first, uncovering the conflicting beliefs that generate modern philosophies and, second, recommending ways of repairing these conflicts. Redescribing Peirce's pragmatism as 'the logic of scripture', Ochs suggests that Christians and Jews may in fact re-read pragmatism as a logic of Scripture: that is, as a modern philosopher's way of diagramming the Bible's rules for repairing broken lives and healing societal suffering.

Charles S. Peirce's Philosophy of Signs

Essays in Comparative Semiotics

Author: Gerard Deledalle

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253108357

Category: Philosophy

Page: 216

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[Note: Picture of Peirce available] Charles S. Peirce's Philosophy of Signs Essays in Comparative Semiotics Gérard Deledalle Peirce's semiotics and metaphysics compared to the thought of other leading philosophers. "This is essential reading for anyone who wants to find common ground between the best of American semiotics and better-known European theories. Deledalle has done more than anyone else to introduce Peirce to European audiences, and now he sends Peirce home with some new flare." -- Nathan Houser, Director, Peirce Edition Project Charles S. Peirce's Philosophy of Signs examines Peirce's philosophy and semiotic thought from a European perspective, comparing the American's unique views with a wide variety of work by thinkers from the ancients to moderns. Parts I and II deal with the philosophical paradigms which are at the root of Peirce's new theory of signs, pragmatic and social. The main concepts analyzed are those of "sign" and "semiosis" and their respective trichotomies; formally in the case of "sign," in time in the case of semiosis. Part III is devoted to comparing Peirce's theory of semiotics as a form of logic to the work of other philosophers, including Bertrand Russell, Wittgenstein, Frege, Philodemus, Lady Welby, Saussure, Morris, Jakobson, and Marshall McLuhan. Part IV compares Peirce's "scientific metaphysics" with European metaphysics. Gérard Deledalle holds the Doctorate in Philosophy from the Sorbonne. A research scholar at Columbia University and Attaché at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, he has also been Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Philosophy Department of the universities of Tunis, Perpignan, and Libreville. In 1990 he received the Herbert W. Schneider Award "for distinguished contributions to the understanding and development of American philosophy. In 2001, he was appointed vice-president of the Charles S. Peirce Society. Contents Introduction -- Peirce Compared: Directions for Use Part I -- Semeiotic as Philosophy Peirce's New Philosophical Paradigms Peirce's Philosophy of Semeiotic Peirce's First Pragmatic Papers (1877-1878) The Postscriptum of 1893 Part II -- Semeiotic as Semiotics Sign: Semiosis and Representamen -- Semiosis and Time Sign: The Concept and Its Use -- Reading as Translation Part III -- Comparative Semiotics Semiotics and Logic: A Reply to Jerzy Pelc Semeiotic and Greek Logic: Peirce and Philodemus Semeiotic and Significs: Peirce and Lady Welby Semeiotic and Semiology: Peirce and Saussure Semeiotic and Semiotics: Peirce and Morris Semeiotic and Linguistics: Peirce and Jakobson Semeiotic and Communication: Peirce and McLuhan Semeiotic and Epistemology: Peirce, Frege, and Wittgenstein Part IV -- Comparative Metaphysics Gnoseology -- Perceiving and Knowing: Peirce, Wittgenstein, and Gestalttheorie Ontology -- Transcendentals "of" or "without" Being: Peirce versus Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas Cosmology -- Chaos and Chance within Order and Continuity: Peirce between Plato and Darwin Theology -- The Reality of God: Peirce's Triune God and the Church's Trinity Conclusion -- Peirce: A Lateral View

Analysis and Synthesis in Mathematics

History and Philosophy

Author: Michael Otte,Marco Panza

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792345701

Category: Mathematics

Page: 440

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The book discusses the main interpretations of the classical distinction between analysis and synthesis with respect to mathematics. In the first part, this is discussed from a historical point of view, by considering different examples from the history of mathematics. In the second part, the question is considered from a philosophical point of view, and some new interpretations are proposed. Finally, in the third part, one of the editors discusses some common aspects of the different interpretations.


An Investigation on the Borderlines of Phenomenology, Ontology, and Semiotics

Author: Frederik Stjernfelt

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1402056524

Category: Philosophy

Page: 508

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Diagrammatology investigates the role of diagrams for thought and knowledge. Based on the general doctrine of diagrams in Charles Peirce's mature work, Diagrammatology claims diagrams to constitute a centerpiece of epistemology. This book reflects Peirce's work on the issue in Husserl's contemporaneous doctrine of categorical intuition and charts the many unnoticed similarities between Peircean semiotics and early Husserlian phenomenology.

Uber Die Klarheit Unserer Gedanken / How to Make Our Ideas Clear

Author: Charles S. Peirce

Publisher: Verlag Vittorio Klostermann

ISBN: 9783465043362


Page: 178

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Charles S. Peirce (1839-1914) ist der Begrunder der Philosophie des Pragmatismus. Das Interesse fur Zeichen und deren Betrachtung unter dem Aspekt ihrer praktischen Konsequenzen im Handeln, das den Ansatzpunkt seiner Philosophie bildet, ist fur pragmatisches Denken bis heute verbindlich geblieben. Mit diesem Ansatz wurde Peirce auch zum Begrunder der Semiotik und der Relationenlogik. Sein Handlungsbegriff bildet bis heute eine wesentliche Grundlage handlungstheoretischer Diskussionen. Der Aufsatz "How to Make Our Ideas Clear", den dieser Band im Original und in deutscher Ubersetzung bringt, formuliert die entscheidenden Argumente, die zur Theorie des Pragmatismus gefuhrt haben. Die Ausgabe enthalt Einleitung, Ubersetzung und einen ausfuhrlichen Kommentar von Klaus Oehler und ein neues Nachwort von Edward Craig.

Philosophical Writings of Peirce

Author: Charles S. Peirce

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486121976

Category: Philosophy

Page: 416

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Arranged and integrated to reveal epistemology, phenomenology, theory of signs, other major topics. Includes "The Fixation of Beliefs," "How to Make Our Ideas Clear," and "The Criterion of Validity in Reasoning."

Charles S. Peirce, Selected Writings

Author: Charles S. Peirce

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486122948

Category: Philosophy

Page: 480

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Science, material, idealism, pragmaticism, history of scientific thought. With Buchler's book, best way to approach notoriously cryptic philosopher. Features 24 selections including "The Place of Our Age in the History of Civilization."

Principia Mathematica.

Author: Alfred North Whitehead,Bertrand Russell

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Category: Logic, Symbolic and mathematical

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Earth Sciences History

Journal of the History of the Earth Sciences Society

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Category: Earth sciences

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Critical Theory Since Plato

Author: Hazard Adams,Leroy Searle

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780155055049

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 1545

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CRITICAL THEORY SINCE PLATO is a chronologically-arranged anthology that presents a broad survey of the history and development of literary criticism and theory in Western culture. Written by two well-known scholars in the field of literary study, this well-respected text puts an emphasis on the individual contributors to the development of literary criticism, from Plato and Aristotle to the present.

Gesetze der Form

Author: George Spencer-Brown

Publisher: Joh. Bohmeier Verlag

ISBN: 9783890943213

Category: Algebraic logic

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