Oedipus Rex

Author: Sophocles

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Searching for Oedipus

How I Found Meaning in an Ancient Masterpiece

Author: Kenneth Glazer

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0761870466

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 278

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In Searching for Oedipus, attorney Ken Glazer recounts his decades-long quest to answer the Riddle of Oedipus: why Oedipus Rex, after 2,500 years, still wields such enormous power. Along the way he slices through the scholarly debate, laying bare the many ways this ancient masterpiece still speaks to us today.

The Theban Plays

Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone

Author: Sophocles

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 048611497X

Category: Drama

Page: 176

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The stirring tale of a legendary royal family's fall and ultimate redemption, the Theban trilogy endures as the crowning achievement of Greek drama. Essential reading for English and classical studies majors.

Oedipus at Colonus

Author: Sophocles,Sir George Young

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486406598

Category: Drama

Page: 56

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Blamed for the discord within his former kingdom and banished by its citizens, Oedipus wanders for years in lonely exile until he finds a haven in a sacred olive grove at Colonus. Part of the trilogy that includes Oedipus Rex and Antigone; considered the great playwright's crowning achievement. Sir George Young translation.


The Meaning of a Masculine Life

Author: Thomas Van Nortwick

Publisher: Oklahoma Up


Category: Drama

Page: 185

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Drawing on ancient mythical patterns & modern psychology, this book explores the rich & mysterious interplay between life & art. Thomas Van Nortwick examines two masterpieces of Greek tragic poetry, Sophocles' Oedipus Rex & Oedipus at Colonus, as symbolic representations of the masculine life cycle. Tracing Oedipus' painful voyage of self-discovery in the first play, Van Nortwick suggests that was has been seen as a record of heroic self-destruction can also be viewed as the first step toward rebirth, & that this journey can help us to understand the passage of modern men into middle age. Seen from this perspective, the Greek hero's defiance of limits represents the young man's determination to will himself past the barriers imposed by forces beyond his control - his genetic inheritance, the passage of time, & the larger rhythms of the universe. The parts of himself Oedipus attempts to deny reappear, & his heroic dream of self-creation dissolves in the harsh light of truth, but comes from a new understanding of who he is. Rather than defying the limits of human existence, he becomes the embodiment of divine gifts that nourish his adopted city, Athens. This new vision is affirmed in Oedipus at Colunus, which tells the story of the aged Oedipus's final day on earth & mysterious union with the gods. So modern men, faced with the inexorable march of time, must let go of youthful dreams of invincibility & face their own limits. Doing so, Van Nortwick argues, can free them to explore new ways of understanding themselves & their place in the world.

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Books in print is the major source of information on books currently published and in print in the United States. The database provides the record of forthcoming books, books in-print, and books out-of-print.

The Oedipus Cycle

A New Translation

Author: Sophocles

Publisher: Harper Perennial

ISBN: 9780062119995

Category: Drama

Page: 448

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The most celebrated plays of ancient Athens in vibrant new translations by award-winning poet Robert Bagg Sophocles' three great masterpieces, gathered here in one volume, dramatize the inexplicable animosity directed at three generations of Thebes' royal family by Apollo, the inscrutable god who terrifies and deceives his victims into acts of incest, betrayal, and kin murder. These fifth-century BCE family dramas—Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Kolonos, and Antigone—are fraught with horrific crises, confrontations, and excruciating choices, all of which still rivet theatergoers and readers in the twenty-first century. Bagg's translations are modern in idiom while faithful to the Greek. They preserve the complexity of Sophocles' characters and their dialogue (whether searingly raw, subtly inflected, or infused with humor) and render Sophocles' choral odes in resonant poetry. The three plays of The Oedipus Cycle, already proven stageworthy, refresh and clarify Sophocles' narratives for a new generation about to discover timeless sources of pleasure and illumination in classical Greek drama.

Reading "The Waste Land"

Modernism and the Limits of Interpretation

Author: Jewel Spears Brooker,Joseph Bentley

Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press

ISBN: 9780870238031

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 239

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This study of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land guides the reader through the poem line by line, taking into account a number of previous interpretations.

The Death and Life of Drama

Reflections on Writing and Human Nature

Author: Lance Lee

Publisher: University of Texas Press

ISBN: 0292709641

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 258

View: 5807

What makes a film “work,” so that audiences come away from the viewing experience refreshed and even transformed in the way they understand themselves and the world around them? In The Death and Life of Drama, veteran screenwriter and screenwriting teacher Lance Lee tackles this question in a series of personal essays that thoroughly analyze drama's role in our society, as well as the elements that structure all drama, from the plays of ancient Athens to today's most popular movies. Using examples from well-known classical era and recent films, Lee investigates how writers handle dramatic elements such as time, emotion, morality, and character growth to demonstrate why some films work while others do not. He seeks to define precisely what “action” is and how the writer and the viewer understand dramatic reality. He looks at various kinds of time in drama, explores dramatic context from Athens to the present, and examines the concept of comedy. Lee also proposes a novel “five act” structure for drama that takes account of the characters' past and future outside the “beginning, middle, and end” of the story. Deftly balancing philosophical issues and practical concerns, The Death and Life of Drama offers a rich understanding of the principles of successful dramatic writing for screenwriters and indeed everyone who enjoys movies and wants to know why some films have such enduring appeal for so many people.

Sophocles And the Greek Language

Aspects on Diction, Syntax and Pragmatics

Author: Irene J. F. De Jong,Albert Rijksbaron

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004147527

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 267

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This volume offers an overview of the ways in which Sophocles' use of the Greek language is currently being studied. The book is divided into three sections, which deal with aspects of diction, syntax, and pragmatics.

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Author: Karl Ove Knausgård

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag

ISBN: 3641055083

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

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Das eigene Leben offen, schonungslos und radikal zum Gegenstand des Schreibens zu machen – dies ist das Konzept, zu dem sich Karl Ove Knausgård in einem furiosen Mammutprojekt entschlossen hat. Radikal ehrlich und mit unglaublicher sprachlicher Kraft nähert er sich in »Sterben«, dem ersten Roman einer sechsbändigen Serie, seinem schwierigen Verhältnis zum Vater, das ihn grundlegend geprägt hat. Als dieser stirbt und er sich mit seinem Bruder daran macht, den Nachlass zu ordnen, bietet sich beiden ein Bild des Grauens. Während sie das Haus reinigen und die Beerdigung vorbereiten, kommen Erinnerungen hoch. Nach und nach entsteht so das Porträt eines Mannes, über den sich in der Kindheit das Gleichgewicht der Familie definierte und den die beiden Söhne unsäglich zu hassen lernten. So sehr hat dieser Vater einen Schatten auf das Leben der Brüder geworfen, dass sie den Bestatter bitten, die Leiche sehen zu dürfen. Erst dann, so sind sich beide einig, werden sie glauben können, dass er wirklich tot ist. Der Sog, der von Knausgårds direkter Art des Erzählens schon mit den ersten Sätzen ausgeht, macht seinen Roman zu einer faszinierenden und erschütternden Lektüre. Gerade weil er so radikal persönlich schreibt, gewinnt sein Text eine schmerzliche Allgemeingültigkeit. Selten ist in einem Stück Literatur so greif- und fühlbar geworden, was jeder Mensch ist: ein einmaliger und unerschöpflicher innerer Kosmos.

Meienbergs Tod / Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern / Der Bus


Author: Lukas Bärfuss

Publisher: Wallstein Verlag

ISBN: 3835327763

Category: Drama

Page: 220

View: 1502

Dieser Band präsentiert die drei bislang wichtigsten Stücke des jungen Dramatikers. »Mit »Die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern" stürmt Lukas Bärfuss die deutschen Bühnen", schrieb »Die Welt"; und das Schweizer Radio feierte das Stück als »Sternstunde des Theaters". 2015 kam der Film »Dora oder die sexuellen Neurosen unserer Eltern" (Regie: Stina Werenfels) in die Kinos. Der Autor, der seit 1998 Theaterstücke schreibt und mit der freien Gruppe »400asa", die sich in der Tradition der dänischen Dogma-Filmemacher sieht, für Furore sorgte, nahm das gelassen und bekannte, ihn interessiere das Theater gerade »als eine besonders unvollkommene Kunst. Alles knirscht. Ich selber knirsche, die Schauspieler knirschen, sogar die alten Sessel." In gewissem Sinne ist in »Die sexuellen Neurosen ..." die geistig zurückgebliebene Dora solch ein Sand im Getriebe der guten, der liberalen Gesellschaft - nicht, solange sie die Rolle der nur Bemitleidenswerten ausfüllt, aber sofort, wenn sie eigene Ansprüche stellt und nicht länger als Projektionsfläche allen Toleranzgeschwafels dient. Hinter dem Gerede zu den wirklichen Dingen zu kommen und nicht zuletzt aus der schelmischen Infragestellung von Autoritäten komische Wirkungen zu schlagen, das interessierte den jungen Schweizer Autor auch schon in seinem 2001 uraufgeführten Stück »Meienbergs Tod". Komplettiert wird der Band durch Bärfuss' neuestes Stück »Der Bus", über eine äußerst merkwürdige Pilgerreise nach Tschenstochau. 2005 wurde es am Thalia Theater Hamburg uraufgeführt.


Author: Aristoteles,Heinrich Knebel

Publisher: N.A



Page: 207

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