Noble Satyr

A Georgian Historical Romance

Author: Lucinda Brant

Publisher: Sprigleaf

ISBN: 0980801303

Category: Fiction

Page: 339

View: 8047

Winner of the $10,000 Woman's Day/Random House Romantic Fiction Prize. Eighteenth century romance alive with the sexual intrigues of the aristocracy in mid-1700's England and France. Blending accurate history, wit, and a page-turner style in the tradition of regency romances by Georgette Heyer, Mary Balogh, Anne Gracie and Julia Ross '¿¿

Midnight Marriage

A Georgian Historical Romance

Author: Lucinda Brant

Publisher: Sprigleaf

ISBN: 0980801311

Category: Fiction

Page: 290

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Lucinda Brant's sweeping family sagas are a perfect reminder of why I fell in love with historical romance —Cheryl Bolen, NY Times bestselling author Roxton Family Saga Book 1: Julian and Deb’s Happily Ever After 1760s England and France: Based on real events, a hasty midnight marriage establishes a dynasty. Just twelve years old, and drugged with laudanum to make her compliant, Deborah Cavendish is woken in the middle of the night and married off to a distraught boy not much older than herself. Years later, Deb stumbles across a wounded duelist in the forest, and it is love at first sight. Deb has no idea the wounded duelist is in truth her noble husband Julian Hesham, Marquess of Alston, returned to England after years in exile to claim his wife. Remaining incognito, Julian is determined Deb will fall in love with him, not his title, and sets out to woo her before she can be seduced by a persistent suitor with ulterior motives. Their marriage, and the future of the Roxton dukedom depend upon it. Set in the opulent world of the aristocracy and inspired by real events, Lucinda Brant delivers another lavish 18th century experience in her trademark style—heart-wrenching drama with a happily ever after. Readers’ Favorite Audiobook Silver Medalist, Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Medalist, and B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree. Character-driven romantic adventure Non-explicit, mild sensuality Story length 100,000 words (not including bonus material)

Autumn Duchess

A Georgian Historical Romance

Author: Lucinda Brant

Publisher: Sprigleaf

ISBN: 0980801354

Category: Fiction

Page: 362

View: 3660

Brant's writing is incredibly evocative, emotional, and a treat for the senses —Annette Blair, NY Times bestselling author Roxton Family Saga Book 2: Antonia and Jonathon’s Happily Ever After 1770s England: Treat, the ancestral home of the dukes of Roxton. Antonia, Dowager Duchess of Roxton, has mourned the loss of her duke for three long years. Her grief is all-consuming. Then into her life steps a most unconventional man. Jonathon Strang, East India merchant and widower, lets nothing stand in the way of success, in business or in pleasure. On spying Antonia, Jonathon is immediately smitten. He sees a beautiful woman who has not only lost the love of her life, and her exalted position in society, but is bullied, badgered, and totally misunderstood. She needs someone to talk to and a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Antonia’s opinion of Jonathon is less charitable. Insufferably arrogant. Overbearing. Dangerous. She must keep her distance. Better still, she will ignore him and pretend they had never been introduced. Widely regarded a classic and a rule breaker, Autumn Duchess is a rare example of a much-loved heroine’s second chance at love in the autumn of her life. Deeply emotional and uplifting, this stand-alone story takes the Roxton Family saga into the bold new future of the next generation, led by Antonia’s son, the 6th Duke of Roxton. Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Finalist, RONE Awards Finalist, and B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree. Character-driven romantic adventure Non explicit (mild sensuality) Story length 131,000 words (not including bonus material)

Dair Devil

A Georgian Historical Romance

Author: Lucinda Brant

Publisher: Sprigleaf

ISBN: 0980801370

Category: Fiction

Page: 422

View: 1831

The Roxton Family Saga is unsurpassed Georgian romance —Cheryl Bolen, NY Times bestselling author Roxton Family Saga Book 3: Dair and Rory’s Happily Ever After 1770s London and Hampshire. Alisdair ‘Dair’ Fitzstuart, hero of the American Revolutionary war and heir to an earldom, known by all as a self-centered womanizing rogue. But his dashing and rugged façade hides a vulnerable man with a traumatic past. He will gamble with his life, but never his heart, which remains his own. Aurora ‘Rory’ Talbot, is a spinster and pineapple fancier who lives on the periphery of Polite Society. An observer but never observed, her fragile beauty hides conviction and a keen intelligence. Ever optimistic, she will not be defined by disability. One fateful night Dair and Rory collide—the attraction is immediate, the consequences profound. Both will risk everything for love. Romance. Drama. Intrigue. Family secrets. There’s never a dull moment for the 18th Century’s first family. RONE Award Winner: Best Historical Novel (Post Medieval), Chatelaine Award First in Category Winner: Outstanding Works in Romantic Fiction, The Chatelaine Book Awards for Romantic Fiction: Official Finalist, and B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree. Character-driven romantic adventure Non-explicit, mild sensuality Story length 148,000 words (not including bonus material)

Salt Bride

A Georgian Historical Romance

Author: Lucinda Brant

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781925614008


Page: 360

View: 4484

Another delicious Georgian gem from Lucinda Brant: High drama, deep emotion, and witty prose, all deftly sprinkled with historical detail to keep you mesmerized from beginning to end. Immerse yourself in the romance and opulence of her eighteenth century aristocratic world. When the Earl of Salt Hendon marries squire's daughter Jane Despard, Society is aghast. But Jane and Salt share a secret past of heartache and mistrust. They are forced into a marriage neither wants; the Earl to honor a dying man's wish, Jane to save her stepbrother from financial ruin. Beautiful inside and out, the patient and ever optimistic Jane believes love conquers all; the Earl will take some convincing. Enter Diana St. John, who has been living in a fool's paradise believing she would be the next Countess of Salt Hendon. She will go to extreme lengths, even murder, to hold Salt's attention. Can the newlyweds overcome past prejudices and sinister opposition to fall in love all over again? As the plot develops and darkens you realize the imagery is spectacular. If you've never met true evil just wait 'till you meet Diana St. John; definitely made me a fan. --SWurman: 5 STAR TOP PICK Night Owl Reviews. A love story that fans of historical romance will relish. The rakish and raucous character of the period is contrasted superbly with the sophistication of the age. --Fiona Ingram: 5 STARS Readers' Favorite. Brant's talent is undeniable and dare I admit... I enjoyed Salt Bride more than many of Georgette Heyer's own beloved works and that is high praise indeed. --Courtney Webb: Stiletto Storytime. 2015 B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree, 2011 Australian Romance Readers Awards Finalist. Full-length novel (117,000 words, about 460 standard pages). Parental Guidance Recommended (mild sensuality). Classic romance with a modern voice, similar to Regency noir.

Greek Vases in the J. Paul Getty Museum

Volume 4

Author: The J. Paul Getty Museum

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 0892361506

Category: Art

Page: 190

View: 7342

The manufacture, decoration, and use of terracotta vessels in antiquity is explored throughout this volume, which includes studies of iconography, individual painters, provenance, function, and inscriptions. The fourteen articles are organized by fabric and by chronology. Authors: Jaques Heurgon, Herbert Hoffmann, Carina Weiss, J. Alan Shaprio, Donna Kurtz, William Biers, Beth Cohen, Mary Moore, Brian Shefton, Shirley Schwarz, and Susan Matheson.

The Praxiteles Marble Group in Olympia

Author: Oscar Antonsson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1107662974

Category: Art

Page: 244

View: 4968

First published in 1937, this book is a critical examination of the Hermes and Dionysos of Praxiteles. Antonsson suggests a hypothesis on the original arrangement of the statuary group in the light of red figure vases, numismatic images, later imitations and reconstructions of varying quality, as well as analyzing the methods and techniques used to create the sculpture. This book will be of value to classicists and anyone with an interest in art history and ancient sculpture.

Dionysos in Classical Athens

An Understanding through Images

Author: Cornelia Isler-Kerényi

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004270124

Category: Religion

Page: 312

View: 4528

Dionysos, with his following of satyrs and women, was a major theme in a big part of the figure painted pottery in 500-300 B.C. Athens. As an original testimonial of their time, the imagery on these vases convey what this god meant to his worshippers. It becomes clear that - contrary to what is usually assumed - he was not only appropriate for wine, wine indulgence, ecstasy and theatre. Rather, he was present in both the public and private sphere on many, both happy and sad, occasions. In addition, the vase painters have emphasized different aspects of Dionysos for their customers inside and outside of Athens, depending on the political and cultural situation.

Proud Mary

A Georgian Historical Romance

Author: Lucinda Brant

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781925614022


Page: 476

View: 9275

Lucinda Brant's writing is evocative, emotional, and a treat for the senses --Annette Blair, New York Times bestselling author Roxton Family Saga: Mary and Christopher's Happily Ever After 1770s Gloustershire and Hampshire. Widowed and destitute, Lady Mary Cavendish is left with only her pride. Daughter of an earl and great-granddaughter to a Stuart king, expectations demand she remarry. But not just any man will do; her husband must rank among the nobility. As always, Mary will do her duty and ignore her heart. Country squire Christopher Bryce has secretly loved his neighbor Mary for many years. Yet, he is resigned to the cruel reality they are not social equals and thus can never share a future together. Never mind that his scandalous past and a heartbreaking secret make him thoroughly unworthy of such a proud beauty. But with the help of a family ghost, and the never ordinary members of the Roxton family, a happily ever after might just be possible. "I was totally captivated. Another superb book to add to an equally superb series. If you have not yet read these books, then you have many hours of wonderful storytelling to look forward to..." --Carol Cork Rakes And Rascals HIGHLY RECOMMENDED STELLAR 5 STARS "While Proud Mary can be read as a standalone, there is much more pleasure to be had by reading the series and learning to know and love this family as much as I and many other readers have. Each book has been a joy to read, and I cannot recommend them highly enough." --Lady Wesley Romantic Historical Reviews, Rated 5 STARS "A love story of unrequited love and passion. If we've learned anything in the previous Roxton Family tales, love has a way of conquering all stereotypes and norms. PROUD MARY carries on the tradition of endearing and engaging works of art by Lucinda Brant."--SWurman, Night Owl Reviews 5 STARS TOP PICK Romance. Drama. Family secrets. There's never a dull moment for the 18th Century's first family... 152,000 words Non-explicit, mild sensuality Connecting Books Many readers enjoy Lucinda Brant's books as part of a wider series since her characters inhabit the same meticulously-researched 18th Century world with people and events cross-referenced throughout. Should you wish to read each series in chronological order, here is the sequence: Roxton Family Saga 1740s NOBLE SATYR (Renard and Antonia) 1760s MIDNIGHT MARRIAGE (Julian and Deb) 1770s AUTUMN DUCHESS (Antonia and Jonathon) 1770s DAIR DEVIL (Dair and Rory) 1770s PROUD MARY (Mary and Christopher) 1780s SATYR'S SON (Henri-Antoine and Lisa) ETERNALLY YOURS: Roxton Letters Volume One FOREVER REMAIN: Roxton Letters Volume Two Salt Hendon Series 1763 SALT BRIDE (Magnus and Jane) 1767 SALT REDUX (Antony and Caroline) SALT HENDON COLLECTION -- with bonus novella SALT ANGEL Alec Halsey Mysteries Spring 1763 DEADLY ENGAGEMENT (Country house mayhem) Autumn 1763 DEADLY AFFAIR (The mysterious Miranda) Winter 1763 DEADLY PERIL (Bloody intrigue abroad) Summer 1764 DEADLY KIN (Coming soon)

The Island of Dr. Moreau

Author: Herbert George Wells

Publisher: N.A


Category: Animal experimentation

Page: 249

View: 9909

Mad surgeon-turned-vivisectionist performs ghoulish experiments that transform animals into men. Early Wells personification of the scientific quest to control the natural world and, ultimately, human nature.

Simbi and the Satyr of the Dark Jungle

Author: Amos Tutuola

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 0571311342

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

View: 8156

Simbi and the Satyr of the Dark Jungle is the fabulous tale of Simbi, a rich and beautiful girl with a wonderful singing voice. She tires of her comfortable lifestyle, and decides that she must come to know poverty and punishment. The story tells, with terrifying imagination and comic invention, of how she achieves this experience and how, in the end, she escapes from it. Amos Tutuola was born in Abeokuta, Nigeria, in 1920. His first novel, The Palm-Wine Drinkard, was acquired by T. S. Eliot and published by Faber in 1952.


Author: John Cournos

Publisher: N.A



Page: 431

View: 2947

Hidden Things

A Novel

Author: Doyce Testerman

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 006210814X

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 9456

A phone call from a soon-to-be-deceased ex-boyfriend launches a young woman on a bizarre road trip to a dark supernatural world hidden beneath America’s heartland in this remarkably imaginative debut novel from an electrifying new voice in contemporary fantasy. With Hidden Things, author Doyce Testerman immediately takes his place alongside Neil Gaiman, Kim Harrison, and Melissa Marr by viewing modern-day America through a glass darkly and transforming our mundane world into a place where unseen monsters and paranormal beings have long inhabited the shadows. Among the Hidden Things in Testerman’s exceptional first novel are goblins, dragons, a road-weary clown, and creatures that have never been categorized, joining a smart, tough, courageous female protagonist on a wild cross-country thrill ride that readers will never forget.

Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating

A Step-by-Step Guide for Overcoming Selective Eating, Food Aversion, and Feeding Disorders

Author: Katja Rowell,Jenny McGlothlin

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 1626251126

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

View: 345

In Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating, a family doctor specializing in childhood feeding joins forces with a speech pathologist to help you support your child’s nutrition, healthy growth, and end meal-time anxiety (for your child and you) once and for all. Are you parenting a child with ‘extreme’ picky eating? Do you worry your child isn’t getting the nutrition he or she needs? Are you tired of fighting over food, suspect that what you’ve tried may be making things worse, but don’t know how to help? Having a child with ‘extreme’ picky eating is frustrating and sometimes scary. Children with feeding disorders, food aversions, or selective eating often experience anxiety around food, and the power struggles can negatively impact your relationship with your child. Children with extreme picky eating can also miss out on parties or camp because they can’t find “safe” foods. But you don’t have to choose between fighting over every bite and only serving a handful of safe foods for years on end. Helping Your Child with Extreme Picky Eating offers hope, even if your child has “failed” feeding therapies before. After gaining a foundation of understanding of your child’s challenges and the dynamics at play, you’ll be ready for the 5 steps (built around the clinically proven STEPS+ approach—Supportive Treatment of Eating in PartnershipS) that transform feeding and meals so your child can learn to enjoy a variety of foods in the right amounts for healthy growth. You’ll discover specific strategies for dealing with anxiety, low appetite, sensory challenges, autism spectrum-related feeding issues, oral motor delay, and medically-based feeding problems. Tips and exercises reinforce what you’ve learned, and dozens of “scripts” help you respond to your child in the heat of the moment, as well as to others in your child’s life (grandparents or your child’s teacher) as you help them support your family on this journey. This book will prove an invaluable guide to restore peace to your dinner table and help you raise a healthy eater.

Catalogue of the Manuscript Library of the Late Dawson Turner, Esq. Formerly of Yarmouth

Comprising the Matchless Collection of Upwards of Forty Thousand Autograph Letters, the Unique Copy of Blomefield's History of Norfolk and Other Illustrated County Histories, Richly Illuminated Missals Etc., which Will be Sold by Auction by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson, ... on June 6, 1859, and Four Following Days

Author: Dawson Turner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Autographs

Page: 308

View: 7618