Nester's Microbiology: A Human Perspective

Author: Sarah Salm,Deborah Allen,Eugene Nester,Denise Anderson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 0077730933

Category: Science

Page: 896

View: 9165

Perfect for the non-major/allied health student (and also appropriate for mixed majors courses), this text provides a rock solid foundation in microbiology. By carefully and clearly explaining the fundamental concepts and offering vivid and appealing instructional art, Microbiology: A Human Perspective draws students back to their book again and again! The text has a concise and readable style, covers the most current concepts, and gives students the knowledge and mastery necessary to understand advances of the future. A body systems approach is used in the coverage of diseases.


A Human Perspective

Author: Denise Gayle Anderson,Sarah Salm,Deborah (Senior Lecturer Allen, Oxford Brookes University Oxford UK),Eugene W. Nester

Publisher: College Ie Overruns

ISBN: 9781259252020

Category: Microbiology

Page: 815

View: 1033

Microbiology Experiments: A Health Science Perspective

Author: Kleyn Et Al

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780077315542

Category: Science

Page: 320

View: 5688

All experiments are correlated to Nester's Microbiology: A Human Perspective, 7e, but can be used with any non-majors/allied health microbiology textbook.


a human perspective

Author: Eugene W. Nester

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780072318784

Category: Science

Page: 820

View: 2732

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2

Build a Secret Agent Arsenal

Author: John Austin

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 1569769516

Category: Science

Page: 256

View: 5739

Culling common household items to create an uncommon arsenal of miniature gadgets and sidearms, this guidebook provides do-it-yourself spy enthusiasts with 35 different surveillance tools and weapons. From a mini-catapult in a breath-mint tin to milk-jug cap blow-dart wristwatches, this handbook details how to achieve clandestine ends practically and inexpensively. In addition to creating weapons such as periscopes, bionic ears, and grappling hooks, spies-to-be will find ideas on how to hide their stash—a deck of cards, a false-bottom soda bottle, or a cereal box-brief case—and tips for target practice. Clear diagrams and instructions make construction simple, while easy-to-follow safety tips help ensure DIY builders avoid injuries. Projects include a paper throwing star, a bowler hat launcher, and a Q-pick blow gun.

Basic Microbiology Techniques

Author: Susan G. Kelley,Frederick J. Post

Publisher: Star Publishing Company (Belmont, CA)

ISBN: 9780898631982

Category: Science

Page: 358

View: 8822

BASIC MICROBIOLOGY TECHNIQUES, by Susan G. Kelley, M.D., Ph.D. & Frederick J. Post, Ph.D. A comprehensive laboratory manual for introductory college microbiology classes. Designed to allow great flexibility in lab sequence by an instructor. Covers fundamental to advanced topics in 46 creative exercises. Does not assume students have had prior courses in college biology or chemistry. Unprecedented clarity in presenting the laboratory procedures helps student perform the laboratory experience without confusion or instructor intervention. Proven, tested & carefully developed laboratory experiences. Enhanced by color photographs of colonies & reactions, plus photomicrographs. Beautiful full-color illustrations help students understand the concept of the exercise, the procedures & interpret their results. Developed by authors with academic, clinical, research, & industrial experience. (New 4TH Edition) 0-89863-198-X) (Also available -- MICROBIOLOGY WITH HEALTH CARE APPLICATIONS, by Isaiah A. Benathen, ISBN: 0-89863-215-3). Star Publishing Company, P.O. Box 68, Belmont, CA 94002. Phone (650) 591-3505; fax (650) 591-3898; email [email protected]

A Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory

Author: Michael J. Leboffe,Burton E. Pierce

Publisher: Morton Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617310077

Category: Science

Page: 264

View: 4831

Intended to act as a supplement to introductory microbiology laboratory manuals. This full-color atlas can also be used in conjunction with your own custom laboratory manual.

Microbiology Fundamentals

A Clinical Approach

Author: Marjorie Kelly Cowan

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 1259293858

Category: Science

Page: 736

View: 662

Cowan’s Microbiology Fundamentals: A Clinical Approach is The Perfect Fit to align with your course. Here's why: •The author team includes a practicing nurse to help students see how the content fits in their lives and relates to their future career on every page.

Microbiology: Laboratory Theory and Application

Author: Michael J. Leboffe,Burton E. Pierce

Publisher: Morton Publishing Company

ISBN: 1617314188

Category: Science

Page: 896

View: 8795

Designed for major and non-major students taking an introductory level microbiology lab course. Whether your course caters to pre-health professional students, microbiology majors or pre-med students, everything they need for a thorough introduction to the subject of microbiology is right here.

Introduction to Diagnostic Microbiology for the Laboratory Sciences

Author: Maria Dannessa Delost,Professor and Director of Clinical Laboratory Programs Youngstown State University Youngstown Ohio Maria E Delost

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 1284032329

Category: Medical

Page: 552

View: 6775

Introduction to Diagnostic Microbiology for the Laboratory Sciences provides a foundation in microbiology that is essential for a career as a medical laboratory technologist/technician (MLT). A key text for students and a helpful reference for practitioners, it reviews the microorganisms most commonly encountered in clinical settings and clearly explains basic laboratory procedures. This text provides a concise overview of topics and facilitates comprehension with learning objectives, key terms, case studies, and review questions. In addition, the text includes laboratory exercises, eliminating the need for a separate laboratory manual. Covering content required in the MLT curriculum and featured on the certification exam, this accessible text will help prepare students for a career in laboratory science. Key Features Reviews the microorganisms most important in clinical practice Explains basic laboratory procedures, such as specimen collection and staining Includes laboratory exercises in the text no need for a separate manual Serves as a helpful on-the-job reference for laboratory practitioners Provides practice questions to help students prepare for the medical technology certification exam CHAPTER PEDAGOGY: Chapter Outline, Key Terms, Learning Objectives, Procedures, Laboratory Exercises, Case Studies, Review Questions INSTRUCTOR RESOURCES: Image Bank with 247 photos and illustrations; PowerPoint Presentations per chapter; Laboratory Exercise Worksheets; and a Test Bank with 450 multiple choice questions and a 225-question exam. Introduction to Diagnostic Microbiology for the Laboratory Sciences is on the recommended reading list to prepare for the ASCP MLT exam. (American Society for Clinical Pathology, Medical Laboratory Technician exam)"

Microbiological Applications

Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology

Author: Harold J. Benson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Science, Engineering & Mathematics

ISBN: 9780072318883

Category: Science

Page: 478

View: 7487

The classic resource for undergraduate microbiology laboratory courses just keeps getting better. The self-contained, clearly illustrated exercises and four-color format make Benson's Microbiological Applications: A Laboratory Manual in General Microbiology the ideal lab manual. Appropriate for either a majors or non-majors lab course, Benson assumes no prior organic chemistry course has been taken.

Foundations in Microbiology

Author: Kathleen Park Talaro

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education

ISBN: 0077732472

Category: Science

Page: 928

View: 3691

Talaro/Chess: Foundations in Microbiology is an allied health microbiology text for non-science majors with a taxonomic approach to the disease chapters. It offers an engaging and accessible writing style through the use of tools such as case studies and analogies to thoroughly explain difficult microbiology concepts. The newest of these features includes the Secret World of Microbes and Quick Search. We are so excited to offer a robust learning program with student-focused learning activities, allowing the student to manage their learning while you easily manage their assessment. Revised art and updated photos help concepts stand out. Detailed reports show how your assignments measure various learning objectives from the book (or input your own!), levels of Bloom's Taxonomy or other categories, and how your students are doing. The Talaro Learning program will save you time while improving your students success in this course.

Bergey's Manual of Determinative Bacteriology

Author: John G. Holt

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

ISBN: 9780683006032

Category: Medical

Page: 787

View: 4191

Covers the nature of bacterial identification schemes, the differentiation of procaryotic from eucaryotic microorganisms, and major categories and groups of bacteria.

Essential Organic Chemistry, Global Edition

Author: Paula Yurkanis Bruice

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781292089034


Page: 704

View: 2007

NOTE You are purchasing a standalone product; MasteringChemistry does not come packaged with this content. If you would like to purchase both the physical text and MasteringChemistry search for 032196747X / 9780321967473 Essential Organic Chemistry 3/e Plus MasteringChemistry with eText -- Access Card Package: The access card package consists of: 0321937716 / 9780321937711 Essential Organic Chemistry 3/e0133857972 / 9780133857979 MasteringChemistry with PearsonKey Benefits: MasteringChemistry should only be purchased when required by an instructor." For one-term Courses in Organic Chemistry. " A comprehensive, problem-solving approach for the brief Organic Chemistry course. Modern and thorough revisions to the streamlined, " Essential Organic Chemistry f"ocus on developing students' problem solving and analytical reasoning skills throughout organic chemistry. Organized around reaction similarities and rich with contemporary biochemical connections, Bruice's Third Edition discourages memorization and encourages students to be mindful of the fundamental reasoning behind organic reactivity: electrophiles react with nucleophiles. Developed to support a diverse student audience studying organic chemistry for the first and only time, Essentials fosters an understanding of the principles of organic structure and reaction mechanisms, encourages skill development through new Tutorial Spreads and emphasizes bioorganic processes. Contemporary and rigorous, Essentials addresses the skills needed for the 2015 MCAT and serves both pre-med and biology majors. Also Available with MasteringChemistry(R) This title is also available with MasteringChemistry - the leading online homework, tutorial, and assessment system, designed to improve results by engaging students before, during, and after class with powerful content. Instructors ensure students arrive ready to learn by assigning educationally effective content before class, and encourage critical thinking and retention with in-class resources such as Learning Catalytics(TM). Students can further master concepts after class through traditional and adaptive homework assignments that provide hints and answer-specific feedback. The Mastering gradebook records scores for all automatically graded assignments in one place, while diagnostic tools give instructors access to rich data to assess student understanding and misconceptions. MasteringChemistry brings learning full circle by continuously adapting to each student and making learning more personal than ever--before, during, and after class.

Prescott's Microbiology

Author: Joanne M. Willey,Linda M. Sherwood,Christopher J. Woolverton

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789813151260

Category: Microbiology

Page: 980

View: 3548

This edition of Microbiology provides a balanced, comprehensive introduction to all major areas of microbiology. The text is appropriate for students preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry, nursing and allied health, as well as research, teaching and industry.


An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, Global Edition

Author: Karen C. Timberlake

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781292228860


Page: 720

View: 2306

For one-semester courses in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry A friendly, engaging text that reveals connections between chemistry, health, and the environment Chemistry: An Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry, 13th Edition is the ideal resource for today's allied health students. Assuming no prior knowledge of chemistry, author Karen Timberlake engages students with her friendly presentation style, revealing connections between the structure and behaviour of matter and its role in health and the environment. Aiming to provide a better teaching and learning experience for instructors and students, the text highlights the relevance of chemistry through real-world examples. Activities and applications throughout the program couple chemistry concepts with health and environmental career applications to help students understand why course content matters. The text also fosters development of problem-solving skills, while helping students visualise and understand concepts through its engaging figures, sample problems, and concept maps. The 13th Edition expands on Karen Timberlake's main tenets: relevance, a clinical focus, educational research, and learning design. New applications added to questions and problem sets emphasise the material's relevance, while updated chapter openers with follow-up stories help students form a basis for making decisions about issues concerning health and the environment. New problem-solving tools in this edition, including Try It First and Connect, urge students to think critically about problem-solving while learning best practices.


A Laboratory Manual

Author: James Cappuccino,Natalie Sherman

Publisher: Benjamin-Cummings Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780321863669

Category: Science

Page: 560

View: 3277

This edition features the exact same content as the traditional text in a convenient, three-hole-punched, loose-leaf version. Books a la Carte also offer a great value for your students--this format costs 35% less than a new textbook. Versatile, comprehensive, and clearly written, this competitively priced laboratory manual can be used with any undergraduate microbiology text--and now features brief clinical applications for each experiment, and a new experiment on hand washing. Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual is known for its thorough coverage, descriptive and straightforward procedures, and minimal equipment requirements. A broad range of experiments helps to convey basic principles and techniques. Each experiment includes an overview, an in-depth discussion of the principle involved, easy-to-follow procedures, and lab reports with review and critical thinking questions. Ample introductory material and laboratory safety instructions are provided.