Mythical Beasts

An Artist's Field Guide to Designing Fantasy Creatures

Author: 3dtotal Publishing

Publisher: 3dtotal Publishing

ISBN: 9781909414488


Page: 320

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Learn to draw mythical and fantasy beasts with 3dtotal Publishing's essential compendium of 30 different fantasy creatures.

Dracopedia The Bestiary

An Artist's Guide to Creating Mythical Creatures

Author: William O'Connor

Publisher: IMPACT

ISBN: 9781440325243

Category: Art

Page: 160

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Unleash the Beasts! For millennia historians, artists and scientists have chronicled their ideas and discoveries of mythological and magical monsters in encyclopedias known as bestiaries. From Asia to America, Japan to the jungles of South Africa, the vast menagerie of exotic and legendary creatures has populated the imaginations of all cultures for centuries. Beautifully illustrated and fantastically detailed, Dracopedia: The Bestiary is a modern, but no less unsettling reimagining of the ancient version. It is an A-to-Z artist's guide to animals of the legendary world. Some, like the griffin and yeti, may be familiar to you. Others--like the enigmatic questing beast and ferocious manticore--may seem new and strange. Some may even haunt your dreams. Inside the bestiary, you will find: Secrets of each animal's evolution--origins, habitat, anatomy, diet and more. Fantastic illustrations created using pencil sketches and digital coloring. Four-stage demonstrations taking you from concept and design to under-painting and finishing details. &break;By drawing on the forms and features of more pedestrian animals, you'll learn how to give shape to the bizarre creatures that roam the depths of your imagination, adding to the bestiary of the ages.


How to Draw Fantastic Fantasy Creatures

Author: Steve Miller

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications

ISBN: 9780823016624

Category: Art

Page: 144

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Presents a how-to drawing guide that offers in-depth instructions for creating unique and bizarre anthropomorphic fantasy creatures.

The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures

Author: Emily Fiegenschuh

Publisher: IMPACT

ISBN: 9781440308352

Category: Art

Page: 144

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If you're looking for an escape from ordinary life, the adventure starts here. The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures brings to light a fantastic realm of creatures so elusive and remote, they can be found only in myths, nightmares, and the work of artists like you. With years of perilous creature-drawing adventures behind her, Emily Fiegenschuh leads you step by step through the entire process, from expressive gesture drawings to beautifully detailed artwork, right down to all the gruesome details--like how to draw the leathery wings of dragons, the Minotaur's impressive physique, and the brilliant plumage of the Hook-Legged Bodeo. 25 step-by-step demonstrations for creating a bevy of beasts that roam air, land and sea Important basics of drawing, proportion and perspective to help you bring believability to your creatures Instruction for adding living, breathing color to finished sketches Expert tips on finding inspiration, developing personalities, designing costumes, and more. Grab your sketchbook, and venture forth, if you dare. Bring to life the creatures within these pages, as well as those lurking in the shadows of your own imagination.

How to Draw Griffins, Unicorns, and Other Mythical Beasts

Author: A. J Sautter

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 1491480254

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 2017

Creatures in fantastic tales have captured people?s imaginations for hundreds of years. Now fantasy fans can bring their imaginations to life and discover their inner artist by learning to draw their favorite fantastic creatures. Simple, step-by-step instructions teach readers to draw griffins, unicorns, minotaurs, and several other mythical beasts.

Animals Real and Imagined

Author: Terryl Whitlatch

Publisher: Titan Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780857681089

Category: Animals in art

Page: 144

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From skeletons, to musculature, to the finished creature, this book is a feast for the eyes of creature enthusiasts and art buffs.

Field Guide to Fantastic Creatures

Author: Giles Sparrow

Publisher: Book Sales

ISBN: 9781848660267

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

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Get ready for the most incredible safari imaginable: a journey around the globe and throughout history to discover an array of astonishing creatures that almost defy explanation. This fascinating field guide surveys the globe in search of mysterious animals in remote corners of the world, and reveals the truth behind the creatures of myth and legend that have been passed down from generation to generation. Prepare to meet Biblical beasts such as Behemoth and Leviathan, and Mediterranean monsters like the ferocious Minotaur, and Medusa with her deadly stare. In northern Europe you will encounter the famous western dragon and its close relative the wyvern, as well mischievous fairies, gremlins and pixies and, of course, the Loch Ness Monster. Investigate the evidence for sightings of Bigfoot and giant serpents in the Americas; track the mysterious Kongamoto and Ennedi tiger in Africa and do your best to not to disturb the lethal Mongolian death worm or the reclusive Yeti in Asia and beyond. Packed with spectacular computer-generated images, the very latest research and theories about each animal, and distribution maps, tracker tips and advice on how to protect yourself from these fearsome beasts, the pages of this book reveal the world of fabulous creatures and monsters as you have never seen them before.

Wildlife of Star Wars

Author: Bob Carrau,Terryl Whitlach

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 1452147663

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 176

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This field guide offers a unique look at the creatures that populate the Star Wars galaxy. Packed with hundreds of detailed and colorful illustrations of exotic entities in a wide array of habitats—from the ice fields of Hoth and the pastures of Naboo to the concrete jungle of Coruscant—this entertaining and comprehensive classic also provides information on the mating habits, feeding patterns, and defense mechanisms of these incredible beasts.

The Principles of Creature Design

Author: Terryl Whitlatch

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781624650215

Category: Art

Page: 180

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Designing a captivating creature simply for it to exist against a white background and going no further is a purely academic exercise. Designing a creature that can survive in a world, interact with its own and other species, and go on to make an impact, is designing with intent--the end goal of creature design and what you'll witness in this latest book from industry veteran Terryl Whitlach.With decades of experience in the entertainment industry, developing creatures for Star Wars: Episode 1--The Phantom Menace and Beowulf , among other projects, she offers valuable advice on how to develop otherworldly beings that are not just stunning in appearance, but also possess qualities that will endear viewers to them, or repulse, if that's the intent. For Whitlatch, there's no limit to what can be imagined with an open mind, though the journey may not always be an easy one. It's what she calls "chasing the unicorn." We will surely enjoy joining her on her journey, filled with creatures that are so vivid, whimsical, and elaborate that we will wish--or wonder if--they are real.

The Mythical Creatures Bible

The Definitive Guide to Legendary Beings

Author: Brenda Rosen

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 9781402765360

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 400

View: 6421

Presents entries on creatures and legends from around the world, featuring mythic entities including dragons, serpents, golems, banshees, nature spirits, and sacred beings.

The Compendium of Magical Beasts

An Anatomical Study of Cryptozoology's Most Elusive Beings

Author: Veronica Wigberht-Blackwater,Melissa Brinks

Publisher: Running Press Adult

ISBN: 0762464666

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 5852

From controversial cryptozoologist and explorer Dr. Veronica Wigberht-Blackwater, The Compendium of Magical Beasts is a definitive field guide that explores the history, biology, and anatomy of mythological creatures. Approaching the fantastic with a scientific eye, Dr. Wigberht-Blackwater explains the history, habits, and biology of each creature's existence with equal attention to detail. Her research is accompanied by stunning scientific illustrations of each specimen's anatomy, providing a comprehensive view of creatures most often dismissed as pure fantasy. Combining biological fact with folklore, cultural studies, and history, this volume is crucial to science both fringe and mainstream. Locked in a dusty attic for almost a century, Dr. Wigberht-Blackwater's trailblazing work was recently discovered by writer Melissa Brinks, who spent months transcribing the journals she found. Brinks joined forces with artist Lily Seika Jones to digitize the doctor's amazingly detailed anatomical diagrams in order to share these revolutionary findings with the world for the first time. The Bestiary: Mermaid, Unicorn, Wild Man, Gnome, Werewolf, Troll, Fairy, Jackalope, Winged Horse, Centaur, Minotaur, Vampire, Dragon, Sea Monsters/Loch Ness/Kraken, Goblin, Sphinx, Phoenix, Harpy, Cyclops, Banshee, Incubus/Succubus, Nymph, Ghoul, Selkie, Kelpie

Dracopedia The Great Dragons

An Artist's Field Guide and Drawing Journal

Author: William O'Connor

Publisher: IMPACT

ISBN: 9781440310676

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 4800

An Artist's Field Guide to the World's Great Dragons! Creatures of great beauty and terrible ferocity, dragons have been featured and revered for centuries. Of the thousand-plus species still in existence, none have inspired more folklore and artistic awe than the eight species of Great Dragons. Within these pages, these fire-breathing monsters of legend - the rock stars of the dragon world - come to life through the work of artist and adventurer William O'Connor. Not since the original Dracopedia has there been such a beautifully illustrated and meticulously researched guide on the subject, with special focus on the distinctive features of each species - from the broad horns of the Icelandic white dragon to the elaborate neck frills of the Ligurian gray. Based on the author's expeditions to sanctuaries around the globe and consults with prominent regional experts, Dracopedia The Great Dragons presents never-before assembled facts and instruction to help you capture the heart-beating grandeur of these magnificent monsters. Inside, find everything you need to know to capture the essence of your favorite dragons through your artwork: Learn about the habits, anatomy and natural history of 8 fierce and fantastic dragons Each profile features sketches, drawings and start-to-finish creation of a stunning artwork, illustrating key concepts that apply to any medium Discover special techniques for achieving dramatic lighting effects, powerful compositions and the incredible sculptural forms and textures of dragons Includes a gallery of dragons and a foldout comparison poster

Creature Files Dragons

Encounter 20 Mythical Monsters

Author: L.J. Tracosas

Publisher: becker&mayer! kids

ISBN: 0760355290

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 659

Whether they were real or myth, Creature Files: Dragons shows you the folklore of twenty dragons from around the world and what the people believed about them. Do you believe dragons are nothing more than the scaly stuff of myths? Or do you think they really existed? Whatever side you're on, this collection of twenty fascinating creatures is sure to spark your imagination. In Creature Files: Dragons, you’ll take a tour through the world of fire-breathing, gold-hoarding, three-headed monsters and discover where and how these magical creatures came to be. Learn the unique folklore of cultures around the globe, from China to Russia to Eastern Africa, and see how people envisioned these otherworldly beasts through lush and evocative illustrations. Included are many meaty facts to gnaw on—like which dragon had too many teeth to count, and which dragon had teeth as big as an adult’s arm—along with a realistic dragon-tooth necklace! And science lovers will also find something to sink their teeth into: facts about real-life dragons that exist today. These dragons may not breathe fire, but they share some of the same traits as their mythical brethren.

Masters of Sketching

Author: 3dtotal Publishing

Publisher: 3dtotal Publishing

ISBN: 9781909414389

Category: Art

Page: 216

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Explore the tried-and-tested techniques of 20 exceptional illustrators for capturing ideas in Masters of Sketching.

A Natural History of the Fantastic

Author: Christopher Stoll

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780692560297


Page: N.A

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This 120-page artbook bestiary includes the anatomy, behavior, and origins of over 20 amazing fantasy creatures. Each interconnected through a series of recorded histories, myths, and first-hand encounters that stress the value of exploration and curiosity in the face of superstition.

Dracopedia Legends

An Artist's Guide to Drawing Dragons of Folklore

Author: William O'Connor

Publisher: Impact

ISBN: 9781440350917

Category: Dragons in art

Page: 176

View: 3265

Learn to draw colossal dragons and legendary heroes! It was a stormy night in Northern Wales when I and my apprentice, Conceil, had to take shelter in an old stalkers cottage along Caernarfon Bay. A peat fire was lit, and our guide, Sir Geoffrey Guest, regaled us with ancient stories of dragons while, outside, the gale battered the coastline.... What follows is a retelling of classical legends, plucked from the folklore of cultures spread across time and around the world, from ancient Greece and China to Medieval England and Norse mythology. You'll discover the epochal dragons who reigned over snow and sea; those with wings and flaming maws; those who thwarted Beowulf in underground lairs; and those slain by Hercules' mighty sword. Dracopedia Legends presents 13 epic tales of heroes vanquishing dragons, accompanied by lavish dragon illustrations inspired by the myths. Acting as both a storybook and art guide, each chapter also includes in-depth instructions to reveal how to conceptualize, research and design every iconic battle scene, broken down into multiple stages so you can create your own commanding and evocative narrative paintings. Includes: 13 tales of the most legendary dragons from around the world Instructions for drawing and painting each climactic clash between hero and beast How to design, sketch and develop illustrations into layered and detailed final paintings The fourth book in the best-selling Dracopedia saga!

A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts

Author: Olento Salaperainen

Publisher: Apple Press

ISBN: 9781845436643


Page: 192

View: 7310

A Field Guide to Fantastical Beasts offers a beautiful introduction to a whole host of mythical creatures brought to life with wonderful illustrations. Come face-to-face with fairies, gremlins and gnomes, take flight with dragons, or swim with creatures of the deep. Learn the habits, habitat and history of this menagerie of 50 mythical creatures and explore their origins in literature, folklore and ancient history.

Sketching from the Imagination: Dark Arts

Author: 3dtotal Publishing

Publisher: Sketching from the Imagination

ISBN: 9781909414532

Category: Art

Page: 320

View: 2766

An inspiring collection of dark and macabre drawings and articles exploring the sketchbooks and artistic practices of 50 talented artists.


The Natural History of Mythical Creatures

Author: Terryl Whitlatch

Publisher: Titan Books

ISBN: 9781781169308

Category: Art

Page: 160

View: 631

Top creature designer and academic illustrator Whitlatch reveals the biology behind supposed mythical creatures, from sphinx and griffins, to vampires and sasquatch, through unicorns and centaurs, dragons, phoenix, ogres and Jersey devils. From physical features to behaviours, this lavishly illustrated tome is a must for fans of Whitlatch's art, mythology and fantasy, and even biology.