My Father's Story

Author: Tom Norton

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 54

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A father (Tom) hears his son Richard say, “School is OK except I don’t like learning numbers or arithmetic.” After dinner, Tom sits with Richard and tells him a story of a kingdom long ago where the use of numbers is forbidden by King Kcaj and of the chaos that ensues because of it. As Tom’s story unfolds, he hopes to instill in Richard a sense of the importance of learning numbers, counting, and arithmetic along with other life lessons.

My Fathers Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood

Author: Steven Whitacre



Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 132

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"Powerful," "Compelling," "A story well worth writing" - this is what people are saying about this honest, and sometimes brutal, true story of one man's struggle growing up in the shadow of childhood sexual abuse. From his difficulties growing up, to his drug addiction, failed relationships, and struggles with parenthood, the author takes us through the ups and downs of a life spent in the shadows, trying to make sense of the events that formed the basis of his being. Sometimes tragic, sometimes hopeful, but never sugar coated, My Father's Prostitute: Story of a Stolen Childhood takes the reader on an emotional ride which reminds us that the human spirit is more powerful than the demons that haunt us.

In My Father’s Arms

A Son’s Story of Sexual Abuse

Author: Walter A. de Milly

Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

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To the outside world, Walter de Milly’s father was a prominent businessman, a dignified Presbyterian, and a faithful husband; to Walter, he was an overwhelming, handsome monster. This paperback of In My Father’s Arms: A True Story of Incest adds a reflective preface by the author and a foreword by Richard B. Gartner, PhD, author of Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life after Boyhood Sexual Abuse.


A Father's Story

Author: Manjit Virk

Publisher: Heritage House Publishing Co


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 171

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Shortlisted for the 2009 George Ryga Award. This is the story of an average family that has never been the same . . . since its eldest child was swarmed and killed by her peers on a moonlit night, November 14, 1997 . . . It is the story of what sudden and horrific violence can do to a family, and how a family somehow remains intact in the face of such events. —from the prologue by Lynne Van Luven At the time of their 14-year-old daughter Reena's murder, Manjit and Suman Virk had already been let down by both social-services and law-enforcement authorities. They had struggled with the challenges of conflicting cultures and religions and child-rearing ideologies, and with the anguish of allegations of wrongdoing and the tarnished reputations that resulted. In Reena, Manjit speaks for the first time about life before and after the murder of his daughter, a tragedy that remains one of the most widely discussed crimes of our time. It is a book about what was and what was not, about his immigration to a new land and his attempts to raise his family in a safe and simple fashion, about the events that forever derailed those efforts.

Conversations with My Fathers

My Earthly Father and My Heavenly Father

Author: Isabel Burlouse

Publisher: WestBow Press


Category: Religion

Page: 150

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The two months before George’s unexpected death served as a training ground for his salvation. George made comments almost foretelling his death, asked difficult questions about our heavenly Father’s existence, and claimed to have seen angels when close to death. These life events were undoubtedly orchestrated by our heavenly Father. George was not initiating dialogues with the Father, and his loved ones feared he would depart earth without forming a personal relationship with Him. This is a real-life, God-inspired, story of how our heavenly Father uses faithful followers to disciple to others. He uses love, hope, and faith to inspire, awaken, and adopt His distant, rebellious, and orphaned children. Through heartfelt, detailed conversations with her earthly and heavenly fathers, Burlouse shares how He reveals His unfailing love for us. Although we have fathers on this earth, He is the only perfect father. Conversations with My Fathers brings the hope of reconciliation and salvation to readers. It will forever change the way you view relationships with loved ones who are distant and/or do not have a relationship with the Father. It will move you to look and think about your current relationships with your parents, siblings, friends, and even strangers. Conversation questions at the end of each chapter will inspire you to initiate and experience your own conversations with your amazing heavenly Father. While we may not all have a good earthly father, we all have a great heavenly Father. Life is a journey of discovering our true Father’s heart so we can live in the freedom of being a beloved son or daughter. This is a story of hope, healing, and reconciliation that will reveal the goodness of God in the midst of life’s pain. Isabel has taken her next step to share her story and will inspire you to do the same. —John Stickl, Lead Pastor, Valley Creek Church Conversations With My Fathers is inspiring, motivating, and reassuring. Reading this book reminds me not to take life and those I love for granted. The beauty of the relationship between Isabel and her earthly and heavenly Father is breath taking. This book will move readers to understand the absolute truth that our heavenly Father is the only perfect father. This is a must read for all who yearn to understand the heavenly Father’s unfailing love for His children. I will heartily share this tender book with anyone who desires a closer walk with their earthly father and/or their heavenly Father. —Tyron Morgan HEALING Hearts Ministries

My Father's Story

Sea of Flames

Author: Timothy J. Keena

Publisher: America Star Books


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 186

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My Father's Story begins in the city of Grand Rapids Michigan with the true to life conflicts of a family trying to survive the Great Depression. William P. Keena (Billy) the eldest of a large Irish family strives to help his parents make ends meat. Yearning for a better life for both himself and his family, young Bill is heavily influenced by the glory of the navy. At the young age of 17 he finds himself leaving his hometown and entering World War II. His close family life gives him the strength and faith that guides him to find his true love, Betty. Determined to make a life for himself and his beloved Betty; he finds the courage to survive the worst day of his life. The day his life almost ends in a sea of flames.

A Father's Story

One Man's Anguish at Confronting the Evil in His Son

Author: Lionel Dahmer

Publisher: Sphere


Category: Murder

Page: 270

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On July 23, 1991, Milwaukee chemist Lionel Dahmer discovered - along with the rest of the world - that his son Jeffrey was a murderer who, over a period of many years, had carried out some of the most ghastly crimes ever committed. As the trial progressed, and the crimes of his son were graphically detailed, Lionel began to place himself in the dock beside his son. In the torturous weeks following Jeff's conviction, he continued his descent towards that harrowing point at which the line of his own life inevitably intersected with his son's. This book is not the story of Jeffrey Dahmer at all, but of a father who, by slow degrees, came to realize the saddest truth any parent may ever know: that following some unknowable process, his child had somewhere crossed the line that divides the human from the monstrous. It is both a touching family memoir and a haunting memoir - the account of a man who never relented in his effort to fathom the deepest quarters of his son's afflictions, even as they pointed to his own. It is a document on the nature of fatherhood, the origins of madness, and the role of kinship in the legacy of evil.

A Father's Story

The Story of a Son's Battle with AIDS

Author: Edmund Hansen

Publisher: CSS Publishing


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 128

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Perfection Can Be Had - My Father's Stories

Author: Bernhard Dohrmann

Publisher: Total Publishing & Media


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 270

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By far, the most important treasure was passed down through the Dohrmann lineage was their father's teachings. These "lessons" became the watchword of their lives and the lives of millions of others who attended his courses and workshops or hired him as their personal coach and trainer. The list of those who benefited from Alan Dohrmann's trainings is long and impressive, including Walt Disney, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Edward Deming, Alexander Everett, Bill Dempsey, Clement Stone, Warner Erhardt, and many others. In today's high-tech, high-stress world of early burnout and what's-the-use syndromes, these lessons are intended to serve as an inspiration to those who share the author's passion for preserving the authentic experience and values of family and family life. It is his hope and dream all of you will become "runners" who will carry these lessons with you wherever you go, just as he has done; and that you, too, will share them with your friends and family.