Author: N.A

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1617810258

Category: Animal behavior therapy

Page: N.A

View: 6157


A Practical Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs

Author: Jean Donaldson

Publisher: Dogwise Pub

ISBN: 9780970562944

Category: Pets

Page: 102

View: 6648

A practical how-to guide on resource guarding - food bowl, object, bed, crate, owner, etc. - in dogs. Contents include: aggression basics, nature of resource guarding, kinds of resource guarding, behaviorist vs. medical models, recognizing guarding, prognosis, safety tools, treatment overview, management, desensitization and counterconditioning, resource sample hierarchies, generalization, troubleshooting, body handling desensitization, operant conditioning.


Author: Jean Donaldson

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1617810266

Category: Aggressive behavior in animals

Page: N.A

View: 9068

Oh Behave

Dogs from Pavlov to Premack to Pinker

Author: Jean Donaldson

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1929242999

Category: Pets

Page: 264

View: 7125

Jean Donaldson brings her considerable wisdom -- and wit -- to a wide variety of topics of interest to dog trainers and enthusiasts in this book from Dogwise Publishing. In 55 essays, Jean tackles issues ranging from the nature vs nurture debate, to the role of dominance in domestic dogs, to what are the most effective ways to train dogs. You will note a number of themes that flow throughout the book. Jean is a firm believer in conducting scientific research (verifiable results) rather than forming opinions based on gut feel or taking an anthropomorphic view of dog behavior. She also admits that we are flying blind on many issues because of a lack of research and tells the reader when that is the case. She looks at problem behaviors (problems for humans at least) from the perspective that both a dog's genes and environment impact behavior, and our ability to modify such behaviors is sometimes muddled since we don't always understand how genetics and environment interact. And finally, just what is a Dog Mom (or Dad) and how did that phenomenon develop and what is its genetic usefulness, if any, to both dogs and people?! Along with her other best selling books, Oh Behave! is destined to be a classic in the literature on dog behavior.

Culture Clash

Author: Jean Donaldson

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 161781119X

Category: Dogs

Page: N.A

View: 8688

How Many Dogs?!

Using Positive Reinforcement Training to Manage a Multiple Dog Household

Author: Debby McMullen

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 0976641429

Category: Pets

Page: 204

View: 9027

Would you like to live in harmony in a house with multiple dogs?! It can most easily be obtained when positive reinforcement training techniques are used, along with proper living space management and good feeling habits. You'll learn how to do all those things in this book. You'll also learn techniques for adding new dogs, group training and exercise, playtime, resolving issues with problem dogs, and all the other things you need to know to guide you through your life with multiple dogs. Throughout the book there are examples of real life experiences of people using these techniques. Whether you live two dogs, six dogs, or more, How Many Dogs?! will help bring joy into your home.

Train Your Dog Like a Pro

Author: Jean Donaldson

Publisher: *Howell Book House

ISBN: 9780470616161

Category: Pets

Page: 224

View: 3181

The tools you need to think and train like a professional Jean Donaldson is one of the top dog trainers in the United States, and her training academy has gained a reputation as the Harvard for dog trainers and behavioral counselors. Now, you can harness her highly effective dog-training techniques and benefit from her expert guidance without leaving your home. If you're like most dog owners, you treat your four-legged friend as a valued member of the family who enjoys the full run of the house-which is why good behavior is so important. Train Your Dog Like a Pro offers a trusted, systematic approach to positive dog training that anyone can follow. You'll get clear, detailed instructions for teaching essential behaviors, more advanced skills, and even some fun tricks. Plus, a bonus DVD shows you exactly how to accomplish each technique. Bonus DVD contains 2 hours and 30 minutes of hands-on instruction Training is based only on positive reinforcement, patience, and persistence Donaldson is the best-selling author of The Culture Clash: The Revolutionary New Way to Understanding the Relationship Between Humans and Domestic Dogs Whether you're the proud parent of a puppy, an adolescent, or an adult dog, this book and DVD truly give you everything you need to train your dog like a pro. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

Dogs Are from Neptune

Author: Jean Donaldson

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1929242654

Category: Pets

Page: 157

View: 9131

In 41 essays, Jean highlights the common and frequently wrong-headed notions people have about why dogs behave the way they do, and explains what really motivates your pooch and how to change behavior. Jean's innovative ideas are delivered via quirky and witty but always scientifically-based essays will help create 'Aha!' moments for every dog lover on earth.

Positive Reinforcement

Training Dogs in the Real World

Author: Brenda Aloff

Publisher: TFH Publications Inc

ISBN: 0793805252

Category: Pets

Page: 207

View: 9324

Feeling outnumbered

how to manage and enjoy your multi-dog household

Author: Karen B. London,Patricia B. McConnell,Dog's Best Friend (Firm)

Publisher: Dogwise Pub


Category: Nature

Page: 40

View: 4189

Looking for some tips to create a little order out of the canine chaos in your home? Concerned that there might be some tension between two of the dogs in your pack? Not sure if all that growling during play means trouble or not? This booklet has the answers to those questions and many more. Written to help you maximize the joy of living in a multi-dog household, it emphasizes the use of ethology and positive reinforcement to teach your dogs to be polite and patient instead of demanding and pushy. Filled with practical ideas about keeping life fun in houses that have two dogs or many more, Feeling Outnumbered is a great resource for all multiple dog owners, whether novice or professional. Book jacket.

When Pigs Fly!

Training Success with Impossible Dogs

Author: Jane Killion

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1929242441

Category: Pets

Page: 192

View: 9276

Do you have an impossible dog? Does your dog come when called, heel properly when you go for a walk, and sit quietly when you ask him to? If your answer is a resounding No! then you may think you have an impossible dog, a Pigs Fly dog, one you may think can never be trained. The key to training success with these dogs is to figure out what they find rewarding and then use those rewards to get the behavior you want. Youll be amazed at what your bad dog will do when you know how he thinks and what turns him on!

Your Purebred Puppy

A Buyer's Guide

Author: N.A

Publisher: Owl Books

ISBN: 9780805018929

Category: Dog breeds

Page: 275

View: 7188

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Good Dog 101

Easy Lessons to Train Your Dog the Happy, Healthy Way

Author: Cristine Dahl

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

ISBN: 1570617627

Category: Pets

Page: 304

View: 8642

Author and noted Seattle dog trainer Cristine Dahl has created this revolutionary step-by-step manual to teach dog owners how they can humanely and easily train their dogs to change problem behaviors. The book is organized by individual problem scenarios where very sort of bad behavior is addressed, whether it's if the dog compulsively digs all around your garden or if it likes to steal your shoes or if it jumps on every guest the minute they walk in the door. For each problem scenario, Dahl explains the reasons for such behavior, and then gives simply phrased instructions on how to resolve it and alter the dog's behavior for future scenarios. Her methods are humane (unlike Cesar Millan, she's approved by the SPCA) and simple, perfect for the hobbyist dog owner.

Do Over Dogs

Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life

Author: Pat Miller

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1617810126

Category: Pets

Page: 199

View: 1349

Learn how to assess any dog in order to anticipate his behavior and training needs; use the "Honeymoon Period" to teach new behaviors and establish good habits; discover the best way to deal with common problem behaviors such as fear and resource guarding; and learn to use a combination of positive training and commons sense management to bring out the best in your dog.

The Official Ahimsa Dog Training Manual

Author: N.A

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1617811076


Page: N.A

View: 6641

Ahimsa \uh-HIM-sah \ n. a Buddhist doctrine of non-violence. Add in a fun, modern, scientific approach and you've got a great way to train your dog! Dog Lovers: Learn to solve and prevent a variety of problems, including barking, fear, puppy socialization, housetraining, aggression, fear, separation anxiety, and pulling on leash. Pro Trainers: Get more ways to teach skills and solve problems. Save time on write-ups by using this book as an in-home reference for your clients. Breeders and veterinarians: Send puppies home with this book to start them off on the right paw. This 108-page book is an introduction to dog training that started as the companion exercises for Ahimsa Dog Training classes in Seattle. It has practical exercises that start from a basic level and work up through advanced work on the most important behaviors for dogs to know. This quick manual is helpful for dog trainers to use with clients or new ideas for exercises and for breeders to share with new puppy parents. Includes info on how dogs learn, clicker training, how to get rid of bad behaviors (puppy biting, fear/aggression, separation anxiety, etc.), and how to teach good behaviors, like coming when called, the name, watch, relaxation, sit, down, stay, wait, touch, walking on leash, give, go to your bed, and more!

Behavior Adjustment Training

BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs

Author: Grisha Stewart

Publisher: Dogwise Pub

ISBN: 9781617810503

Category: Pets

Page: 212

View: 9208

Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT) was developed by Stewart to rehabilitate and prevent dog reactivity. BAT builds confidence by giving dogs a chance to learn to control their environment through peaceful means. As you learn how to understand your dog and help him learn to safely get along with people, dogs, and other triggers, you will learn practical ways to keep your dog from being pushed into a reactive state in and around your home and on walks.

Plenty in Life Is Free

Reflections on Dogs, Training and Finding Grace

Author: Kathy Sdao

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1617810851

Category: Dog trainers

Page: N.A

View: 4923

In this new book, renowned dog trainer Kathy Sdao reveals how her journey through life and her decades of experience training marine mammals and dogs led her to reject a number of sacred cows including the leadership model of dog training.

My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do?

Author: Turid Rugaas

Publisher: Dogwise Publishing

ISBN: 1929242239

Category: Pets

Page: 60

View: 2158

Is walking your dog a tug-of-war? At last, a simple way to teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling your arm off! Norwegian dog trainer, Turid Rugaas, internationally known for her ground-breaking work on canine body language and author of On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, turns her attention to the common problem of dogs that pull while on a leash. In My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? you will learn Turids quick and easy method to train any age, size or breed of dog to walk calmly and quietly on a loose leash. Her approach is humane and based on a solid understanding of why dogs pull and how to work with the dogs nature and the environment to overcome the problem. City, town or country walking will become more relaxed, reducing stress for dog and owner. My Dog Pulls explains: Why dogs develop pulling problems.Simple steps to retraining even a vigorous puller.How to rehabilitate the puller with clear, helpful photographs. Correct use of leashes, collars and harnesses. What works, what doesnt.Troubleshooting problems that arise in training.

The Cautious Canine

How to Help Dogs Conquer Their Fears

Author: Patricia B. McConnell

Publisher: Dogwise Pub


Category: Pets

Page: 30

View: 9937

Learn how to help dogs conquer their fears with desensitization and classical counter-conditioning. Discover exactly what triggers your dog, then apply this step by step method used by thousands of dogs and their owners to overcome problem behavior that is motivated by fear.

How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

Author: Sophia Yin

Publisher: TFH Publications Inc

ISBN: 0793806445

Category: Pets

Page: 271

View: 2992

Describes how dogs think and learn, and provides dog training methods that take into consideration the unintentional effect human behavior has on the process.