My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author: Martin Luther King, III

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 9780060280758

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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What was it like growing up as a son of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? This picture book memoir, My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Martin Luther King III, provides insight into one of history’s most fascinating families and into a special bond between father and son. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King III was one of those four little children mentioned in Martin Luther King’s groundbreaking “I Have a Dream” speech. In this memoir, Martin Luther King Jr.’s son gives an intimate look at the man and the father behind the civil rights leader. Mr. King’s remembrances show both his warm, loving family and a momentous time in American history. AG Ford is the illustrator of several other books for children, including the New York Times bestselling Barack. He is the recipient of an NAACP Image Award.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Author: John A. Kirk

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317876490

Category: History

Page: 248

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Combining the latest insights from KIng biographies and movement histories, this book provides an up-to-date critical analysis of the relationship between King and the wider civil rights movement. Delivering a fresh perspective on the relationship between 'the man and the movement', Kirk argues that it is the interactionbetween national and local movement concerns that is essential to understanding King's leadership and black activism in the 1950s and 1960s. Kirk examines King's strengths and his limitations, and weighs the role that king played in then movement alongside the contributions of other civil rights organizations and leaders, and local civil rights activists. Suitable for undergraduate courses in 20th century US history.

The Measure of a Man

Author: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing

ISBN: 178720409X

Category: History

Page: 20

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First published in 1959, this pair of meditations by the revered civil-rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. contains the theological roots of his political and social philosophy of nonviolent activism. Eloquent and passionate, reasoned and sensitive. “AT THE first National Conference on Christian Education of the United Church of Christ, held at Purdue University in the summer of 1958, Martin Luther King presented two notable devotional addresses. Moved by the dear and persuasive quality of his words, many of the 3000 delegates to the conference urged that the meditations be made available in book form. They wanted the book for their own libraries and they were eager to share Dr. King’s vital messages with fellow Christians of other denominations. “In the resolute struggle of American Negroes to achieve complete acceptance as citizens and neighbors the author is recognized as a leader of extraordinary resourcefulness, valor, and skill. His concern for justice and brotherhood and the nonviolent methods that he advocated and uses, are based on a serious commitment to the Christian faith. “As his meditations in this book suggest, Dr. King regards meditation and action as indivisible functions of the religious life. When we think seriously in the presence of the Most High, when in sincerity we “go up to the mountain of the Lord,” the sure event is that “he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths” (Isaiah 2: 3).”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Author: David Colbert

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416998926

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 160

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You're about to be an eyewitness to the ten crucial days in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, including His faith in peace leads to a surprising protest. Police injustice shocks the nation awake. A personal sacrifice challenges prejudice and racism. A fearless march demands rights for all Americans. And an immortal speech inspires the world. These days and five others shook King's world - and yours.

I Am Martin Luther King, Jr

Author: Brad Meltzer

Publisher: Dial Books

ISBN: 0525428526


Page: 40

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"A biography of Martin Luther King Jr. that tells the story of how he used nonviolence to lead the civil rights movement"--

Martin Luther King Jr

Dreaming of Equality

Author: Ann S. Manheimer

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

ISBN: 9781575056272

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 112

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Describes the life and career of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including his accomplishments in the civil rights movement and his impact on American history.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author: Kitson Jazynka

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426310870

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

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Introduces the life and legacy of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author: Clayborne Carson

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 0759520372

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 416

View: 8667

First-person account of the extraordinary life of America's greatest civil rights leader. It begins with his boyhood as the son of a preacher, his education as a minister, his ascendancy as a leader of civil rights, & his complex relationships with leading political & social figures of the day.


Martin Luther King Jr. Comes of Age

Author: Patrick Parr,David Garrow

Publisher: Chicago Review Press

ISBN: 0915864223

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Martin Luther King Jr. was a cautious 19-year-old rookie preacher when he left Atlanta, Georgia, to attend seminary up north. At Crozer Theological Seminary, King, or "ML" back then, immediately found himself surrounded by a white staff and white professors. Even his dorm room had once been used by wounded Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. Young ML was a prankster and a late-night, chain-smoking pool player who fell in love with a white woman while facing discrimination from students and the locals in the surrounding town of Chester, Pennsylvania. In class, ML performed well, though he developed a habit of plagiarizing that continued throughout his academic career. In his three years at Crozer between 1948 and 1951, King delivered dozens of sermons around the Philadelphia area, had a gun pointed at him (twice) and eventually became student body president. These experiences shaped him into a man ready to take on even greater challenges. The Seminarian is the first definitive, full-length account of King's years as a divinity student at Crozer Theological Seminary. Long passed over by biographers and historians, this period in King's life is vital to understanding the historical figure he soon became.


Martin Luther King Jr.'s Last 31 Hours

Author: Joseph Rosenbloom

Publisher: Beacon Press

ISBN: 0807083380

Category: History

Page: 216

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Chronicles the last 31 hours of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life as he seeks to revive the non-violent civil rights movement and push to end poverty in America.

A Testament of Hope

The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author: Martin Luther King

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780060646912

Category: Religion

Page: 736

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"We've got some difficult days ahead," civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., told a crowd gathered at Memphis's Clayborn Temple on April 3, 1968. "But it really doesn't matter to me now because I've been to the mountaintop. . . . And I've seen the promised land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promised land." These prohetic words, uttered the day before his assassination, challenged those he left behind to see that his "promised land" of racial equality became a reality; a reality to which King devoted the last twelve years of his life. These words and other are commemorated here in the only major one-volume collection of this seminal twentieth-century American prophet's writings, speeches, interviews, and autobiographical reflections. A Testament of Hope contains Martin Luther King, Jr.'s essential thoughts on nonviolence, social policy, integration, black nationalism, the ethics of love and hope, and more.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: A Life of Fairness

Author: Tonya Leslie

Publisher: Bellwether Media

ISBN: 1612113079

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed about a day when people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. This book introduces young readers to a man who fully believed in fairness.

Martin Luther King, Jr

A Biography

Author: Roger Bruns

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313336867

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 157

View: 9472

Describes the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including his adoption of the principles of nonviolent protest advocated by Gandhi, his gifts as an orator, and his emergence as the world-renowned leader of the civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King, Jr

A Dream of Hope

Author: Alice Fleming

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1402744390

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 124

View: 7380

Profiles the Baptist pastor who became a driving force behind the African American civil rights movement.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Profile

Author: C. Eric Lincoln

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780374521523

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 292

View: 6225

A collection of essays, focusing on the years of King's civil rights crusade, which seek to define the man, his contribution to society, and his place in American history

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author: Peter J. Ling

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317552210

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 382

View: 8887

Peter Ling’s acclaimed biography of Martin Luther King Jr provides a thorough re-examination of both the man and the Civil Rights Movement, showing how King grew into his leadership role and kept his faith as the challenges facing the movement strengthened after 1965. Ling combines a detailed narrative of Martin Luther King’s life with the key historiographical debates surrounding him and places both within the historical context of the Civil Rights Movement. This fully revised and updated second edition includes an extended look at Black Power and a detailed analysis of the memorialization of King since his death, including President Obama’s 50th anniversary address, and how conservative spokesmen have tried to appropriate King as an advocate of colour-blindness. Drawing on the wide-ranging and changing scholarship on the Civil Rights Movement, this volume condenses research previously scattered across a larger literature. Peter Ling's crisp and fluent style captures the drama, irony and pathos of King's life and provides an excellent introduction for students and others interested in King, the Civil Rights movement, and America in the 1960s.

The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr: Birth of a new age, December 1955-December 1956

Author: Martin Luther King (Jr.),Clayborne Carson

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520079526

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 566

View: 5666

More than two decades after his death, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s ideas - his call for racial equality, his faith in the ultimate triumph of justice, and his insistence on the power of nonviolent struggle to bring about a major transformation of American society - are as vital and timely as ever. The wealth of his writings, both published and unpublished, that constitute his intellectual legacy are now preserved in this authoritative, chronologically arranged, multivolume edition. Faithfully transcribing the texts of his letters, speeches, sermons, student papers, and articles, this edition has no equal.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Companion

Quotations from the Speeches, Essays, and Books of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Author: Martin Luther King, Jr.,Coretta Scott King

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312199906

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 108

View: 7414

Quotations by the civil rights leader cover such issues as race, justice, and human dignity

Against Us, But for Us

Martin Luther King, Jr. and the State

Author: Michael G. Long

Publisher: Mercer University Press

ISBN: 9780865547681

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 254

View: 6330

"In this book, Michael G. Long offers a three-fold thesis to understanding King's understanding of the state. First, King adopted a theologically-based dialectical attitude towards the state. Second, King's theological understanding of the state remained constant in most of its fundamental elements but developed in substantive content and expression throughout his life. Third, his view of the state has its roots in the African-American tradition he experienced through his family, church, and Morehouse professors, as well as in European-American religious and republic traditions. King's political thought was the result of a hardworking bricoleur, i.e., in the words of Stanley Hauerwas, "a strong moralist engaging in a kind of selective retrieval and reconfiguration of available moral languages for his own use."" "King initially learned about the state not by reading Thomas Jefferson, Walter Rauschenbusch, Jacques Maritain, Karl Marx, or even Reinhold Niebuhr, but through his personal encounters with his Christian family, especially Daddy King, and with his Morehouse professors, especially the clergy-scholar Benjamin E. Mays. The ultimate root of King's understanding of the state, Long concludes, is not in civic republicanism, theological liberalism, Marxism, Niebuhrian realism, or in any other such school, but in the religious tradition he experienced at home and at college."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Papers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Volume VII

To Save the Soul of America, January 1961 August 1962

Author: Martin Luther King

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520282698

Category: History

Page: 752

View: 9839

Collects the personal papers of Martin Luther King Jr. from January 1961 to August 1962, that sees King stop participating in Freedom Rides and his arrest in Albany.