Marked by an Assassin

Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 8

Author: Felicity Heaton

Publisher: Felicity Heaton


Category: Fiction


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New York Times and USA Today Best-selling paranormal romance author Felicity Heaton presents Marked by an Assassin (Eternal Mates Paranormal Romance Series Book 8) A snow leopard shifter exiled from his pride twenty years ago, Harbin treads the dark path of life as an assassin, driven by a hunger for vengeance, mercilessly hunting the Archangel members who attacked his kin, murdering his mother and sister. When a new contract comes in and the mark is a snow leopard shifter, he can’t resist venturing into the mortal world on a personal mission to find out why one from a normally peaceful species now has a price on their head. What he finds in a rundown nightclub isn’t quite what he expects—a beautiful snow leopard female that awakens a fierce hunger inside him. Aya has spent seventeen years living in London, immersed in the underbelly of the fae world, keeping her head down and her tail out of trouble. But when trouble walks right into her life in the form of a sinfully handsome, dangerous assassin, she is pulled into a whirlwind of events that stir up the nightmares of her past but might just give her a shot at putting those ghosts to rest—if she can resist the dark allure of a male she knows is her fated mate. Can Harbin and Aya resist the passionate fire that blazes between them as they chase the vengeance they both crave? Or will they surrender to their deepest desires? Step into a passionate, lush, and powerful paranormal romance series packed with dark elves, vampires, demons, fae, shifters and angels from New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Paranormal Romance Author Felicity Heaton. Book 1: Kissed by a Dark Prince Book 2: Claimed by a Demon King Book 3: Tempted by a Rogue Prince Book 4: Hunted by a Jaguar Book 5: Craved by an Alpha Book 6: Bitten by a Hellcat Book 7: Taken by a Dragon Book 8: Marked by an Assassin Book 9: Possessed by a Dark Warrior Book 10: Awakened by a Demoness Book 11: Haunted by the King of Death Book 12: Turned by a Tiger Book 13: Tamed by a Tiger Book 14: Treasured by a Tiger Book 15: Unchained by a Forbidden Love ... Next book in the Eternal Mates paranormal romance series coming soon!

Dawn Of The Assassin

Author: Thomas Abrams

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Fiction

Page: 247

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A suspenseful story based on a half-bread Jew orphaned at the age of five creating the path of an assassin, an indoctrinator that I relate to as my Alter Ego Thomas. The first eleven years are based on my life without thought of exaggeration just the facts constructed from a different time and place the thirties. Irene my Mother was an orthodox gypsy with a thespian breast clutching death defying ability to dispense guilt with surgical perfection. Mable Sharp a sixth generation liberated black American woman and my surrogate Mother introduced a world of positive opportunities with the emphases on just don’t get caught. Isadore, my Father, Florida’s Godfather Consigliore and Chief of detectives that intertwined a twisted childhood of possibilities that play acted the vision for my fictional novel within a spiral transformation from a world of reality into a world of untold intrigue, from Korea to the drug infested jungles of Columbia that will introduces an unlimited host of characters from Ima my childhood companion an all inspiring cast that intertwines the CIA and Mafi a into a nexus of intrigue. At twelve Mark simply poisoned Rooster and Bubba for they where child molesters. As I said only the first eleven years where based on actual facts. Smarba Mot is my name backwards and also my domain name. And my E-mail address [email protected] As always Thomas Abrams

Biographical Dictionary

Author: Abū al-ʿAbbās Aḥmad b. Muḥammad Ibn Ḵallikān





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The Assassin King

Author: Elizabeth Haydon

Publisher: Tor Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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The Assassin King opens at winter's end with the arrival by sea of a mysterious hunter, a man of ancient race and purpose, who endlessly chants the names of the pantheon of demons that are his intended victims, as well as one other: Ysk, the original name of the Brother, now known as Achmed, the Assassin King of Ylorc. At the same moment of this portentous arrival, two gatherings of great import are taking place. The first is a convocation of dragons, who gather in a primeval forest glade--the site of the horrific ending of Llauron, one of the last of their kind. They mourn not only his irrevocable death, but the loss of the lore and control over the Earth itself that it represents. The ancient wyrms are terrified for what will come as a result of this loss. The second gathering is a council of war held in the depths of the keep of Haguefort: Ashe and Rhapsody, rulers of the alliance that protects the Middle Continent; Gwydion, the new Duke of Navarne; Anborn, the Lord Marshall; Achmed, the King of Ylorc, and Grunthor, his Sergeant-Major. Each brings news that form the pieces of a great puzzle. And as each piece is added it becomes quite clear: War is coming, the likes of which the world has never known. Cataclysm, both large and small, await in this sixth volume of the USA Today bestselling fantasy series, The Symphony of Ages. A twisting, fast-moving tale, The Assassin King promises endless surprises--most of which lead to pain. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Operation Navy Cross

God Country Family

Author: Stuart I. Haussler

Publisher: iUniverse


Category: Fiction

Page: 349

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Operation Navy Cross is a story woven by the intertwined threads of religion, patriotism, romance, deceit, intrigue, and murder that produce a whole cloth of the reality of one man's life. Admiral Stuart Parker Francis, as told to his granddaughter, depicts how his life was altered by being a member of an ongoing covert force of United States Naval Intelligence. A necessary force created by the Republic, to defend itself against the enemy that lurks within. The lust for power, coupled with the mandatory arrogance devised by men of all persuasions, explains for the reader, juxtapositions that influenced the Admiral's life and that can influence our own. Thereby, giving others cause to judge us ~ justly or unjustly.

Jinnah faces an assassin

Author: Akbar A. Peerbhoy



Category: Trials (Assassination)

Page: 138

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God's Assassins

State Terrorism in Argentina in the 1970s

Author: Patricia Marchak

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP


Category: History

Page: 393

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God's Assassins tells the story of state terrorism in Argentina through interviews with participants on all sides of this issue. They include military officers, "third world" priests, Catholic church officers who supported military objectives and methods, former members of guerrilla movements, survivors of prison camps, journalists, trade unionists, and others who experienced state terrorism in Argentina. Patricia Marchak combines excerpts from these interviews with documents and media reports from the time and her own insightful study of Argentina's history to provide an analysis of the process as well as the causes of state terrorism. The graphic and moving interviews in God's Assassins show the complexity of these causes and indicate that there is no simple explanation of the period. Was the head of a major guerrilla movement a double agent? Did the intelligence service actually believe it was engaged in the third world war? Why did the Catholic church turn on its own priests? Through her interviews, Marchak reveals much that will never appear in official documents.