German Pop Literature

A Companion

Author: Margaret McCarthy

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 309

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Pop literature of the 1990s enjoyed bestselling success, as well as an extensive and sometimes bluntly derogatory reception in the press. Since then, less censorious scholarship on pop has emerged to challenge its flash-in-the-pan status by situating the genre within a longer history of aesthetic practices. This volume draws on recent work and its attempts to define the genre, locate historical antecedents and assess pop’s ability to challenge the status quo. Significantly, it questions the ‘official story’ of pop literature by looking beyond Ralf Dieter Brinkmann’s works as origin to those of Jürgen Ploog, Jörg Fauser and Hadayatullah Hübsch. It also remedies the lack of attention to questions of gender in previous pop lit scholarship and demonstrates how the genre has evolved in the new millennium via expanded thematic concerns and new aesthetic approaches. Essays in the volume examine the writing of well-known, established pop authors – such as Christian Kracht, Andreas Neumeister, Joachim Lottman, Benjamin Lebert, Florian Illies, Feridun Zaimoğlu and Sven Regener – as well as more recent works by Jana Hensel, Charlotte Roche, Kerstin Grether, Helene Hegemann and songwriter/poet PeterLicht.

Delphi Collected Works of Johanna Spyri (Illustrated)

Author: Johanna Spyri

Publisher: Delphi Classics


Category: Fiction

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The works of the Swiss children’s writer Johanna Spyri are renowned for their psychological insight, endearing humour and the author’s inimitable ability to enter into childish joys and sorrows. The believed novel ‘Heidi’ has achieved fame across the world and was inspired by Spyri’s childhood summers near Chur in the Swiss Alps. This comprehensive eBook presents Spyri’s collected works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts appearing in digital print for the first time, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Spyri’s life and works * Concise introduction to ‘Heidi’ * All the famous children’s books, with individual contents tables * Two translations of ‘Heidi’: Marian Edwardes translation (1910) and Elisabeth P. Stork translation (1915) * Each translation of ‘Heidi’ is fully illustrated: Jessie Willcox Smith and Maria L. Kirk * Rare novels appearing for the first time in digital publishing, including ‘Vinzi’ * Includes the original German text of ‘Heidi’ * Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts * Excellent formatting of the texts * Famous books are fully illustrated with their original artwork * Rare story collections available in no other collection * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the short stories * Easily locate the short stories you want to read * Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: Heidi Heidi: Marian Edwardes translation, 1910 Heidi: Elisabeth P. Stork translation, 1915 Heidi: Original German Text Other Books Heimatlos The Story of Rico Gritli’s Children Veronica and Other Friends Cornelli Moni the Goat-Boy and Other Stories Uncle Titus and His Visit to the Country What Sami Sings with the Birds Toni, the Little Woodcarver Erick and Sally Mäzli Vinzi Little Miss Grasshopper The Short Stories List of Short Stories in Chronological Order List of Short Stories in Alphabetical Order Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles or to purchase this eBook as a Parts Edition of individual eBooks


Author: Lauren Friesen

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation


Category: Drama

Page: 162

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ROTHKO A bilingual English/German edition Rothko, as depicted by Friesen, is a consumed artist, compelled by forces unseen and perhaps unknown; the artist is driven at a pace to create that defies both logic and sensibility. It, the play, reaches into its audience and provides it with an opportunity to contemplate the very essence of life itself, especially that life lived by an artist who knows his calling and strives to achieve it in spite of the constraints that seek to deter him. This play is laced with cleverness, wit, and understanding. One leaves a reading or production of Rothko with a clear and honest appreciation for the trials and conflicts that harass the artist and attempt to deter him from his task. Ken Robbins Louisiana Tech University

Materialien zur alten islamischen Frömmigkeit

Author: Bernd Radtke

Publisher: BRILL


Category: Religion

Page: 404

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Arabic texts dating from the 3rd-4th/9th-10th centuries by the following five authors are here presented: Ab? Shaykh al-Burjul?n?, Ibr?h?m al-Khuttal?, Ibn al-Na???s, Ab? ?Abd All?h al-R?dhab?r? and Ibn ?amak?n. The texts appear in transliteration along with a German translation. Their chains of transmission (isn?ds) are analyzed and parallels with other authors are noted. The subject dealt with throughout is mystical piety. These highly interesting materials throw light on Islamic mysticism's early stage of development.


Publisher: Springer-Verlag




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