Low-dimensional Topology and Kleinian Groups

Author: D. B. A. Epstein

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521339056

Category: Mathematics

Page: 321

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Volume 2 is divided into three parts: the first 'Surfaces' contains an article by Thurston on earthquakes and by Penner on traintracks. The second part is entitled 'Knots and 3-Manifolds' and the final part 'Kleinian Groups'.

Differential Topology, Foliations, and Group Actions

Author: Paul A. Schweitzer

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821851705

Category: Mathematics

Page: 287

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This volume contains the proceedings of the Workshop on Topology held at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica in Rio de Janeiro in January 1992. Bringing together about one hundred mathematicians from Brazil and around the world, the workshop covered a variety of topics in differential and algebraic topology, including group actions, foliations, low-dimensional topology, and connections to differential geometry. The main concentration was on foliation theory, but there was a lively exchange on other current topics in topology. The volume contains an excellent list of open problems in foliation research, prepared with the participation of some of the top world experts in this area. Also presented here are two surveys on group actions - finite group actions and rigidity theory for Anosov actions - as well as an elementary survey of Thurston's geometric topology in dimensions 2 and 3 that would be accessible to advanced undergraduates and graduate students.

Four-manifolds, geometries and knots

Author: Jonathan Arthur Hillman,University of Warwick. Mathematics Institute

Publisher: N.A


Category: Four-manifolds (Topology)

Page: 379

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Low-dimensional Geometry

From Euclidean Surfaces to Hyperbolic Knots

Author: Francis Bonahon

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 082184816X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 384

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The study of 3-dimensional spaces brings together elements from several areas of mathematics. The most notable are topology and geometry, but elements of number theory and analysis also make appearances. In the past 30 years, there have been striking developments in the mathematics of 3-dimensional manifolds. This book aims to introduce undergraduate students to some of these important developments. Low-Dimensional Geometry starts at a relatively elementary level, and its early chapters can be used as a brief introduction to hyperbolic geometry. However, the ultimate goal is to describe the very recently completed geometrization program for 3-dimensional manifolds. The journey to reach this goal emphasizes examples and concrete constructions as an introduction to more general statements. This includes the tessellations associated to the process of gluing together the sides of a polygon. Bending some of these tessellations provides a natural introduction to 3-dimensional hyperbolic geometry and to the theory of kleinian groups, and it eventually leads to a discussion of the geometrization theorems for knot complements and 3-dimensional manifolds. This book is illustrated with many pictures, as the author intended to share his own enthusiasm for the beauty of some of the mathematical objects involved. However, it also emphasizes mathematical rigor and, with the exception of the most recent research breakthroughs, its constructions and statements are carefully justified.

Geometry of Low-Dimensional Manifolds: Volume 2

Symplectic Manifolds and Jones-Witten Theory

Author: Donaldson/Thomas,London Mathematical Society

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521400015

Category: Mathematics

Page: 260

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These volumes are based on lecture courses and seminars given at the LMS Durham Symposium on the geometry of low-dimensional manifolds. This area has been one of intense research recently, with major breakthroughs that have illuminated the way a number of different subjects (topology, differential and algebraic geometry and mathematical physics) interact.

Discrete Groups and Geometry

Author: Conference on discrete groups and geometry,W. J. Harvey

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521429320

Category: Mathematics

Page: 248

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This volume contains a selection of refereed papers presented in honour of A.M. Macbeath, one of the leading researchers in the area of discrete groups. The subject has been of much current interest of late as it involves the interaction of a number of diverse topics such as group theory, hyperbolic geometry, and complex analysis.

Hyperbolic Manifolds

An Introduction in 2 and 3 Dimensions

Author: Albert Marden

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316432521

Category: Mathematics

Page: N.A

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Over the past three decades there has been a total revolution in the classic branch of mathematics called 3-dimensional topology, namely the discovery that most solid 3-dimensional shapes are hyperbolic 3-manifolds. This book introduces and explains hyperbolic geometry and hyperbolic 3- and 2-dimensional manifolds in the first two chapters and then goes on to develop the subject. The author discusses the profound discoveries of the astonishing features of these 3-manifolds, helping the reader to understand them without going into long, detailed formal proofs. The book is heavily illustrated with pictures, mostly in color, that help explain the manifold properties described in the text. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises and explorations that both challenge the reader to prove assertions made in the text, and suggest further topics to explore that bring additional insight. There is an extensive index and bibliography.

Lectures on Block Theory

Author: Burkhard Külshammer

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521405652

Category: Mathematics

Page: 105

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This textbook is intended as a self contained introduction into that part of algebra known as representation of finite groups.