Life in Color

Author: Claudia Castellanos

Publisher: BookBaby


Category: Religion

Page: 150

View: 356

Through this book you will be able to understand that life is more than just a simple idea. It is to walk in God's promises and see how His faithfulness takes you to experience an amazing life. Pastor Claudia shares her testimony of how she found her purpose and was able to help thousands of women around the world.

Your Life in Color

Author: Dougall Fraser

Publisher: Hay House, Inc


Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 565

Whether you are heading out to an important job interview or a pivotal first date, feeling empowered, confident, and ready are the key elements to success. Internationally renowned psychic and cosmic life coach Dougall Fraser draws from years of experience and observation to create a guide for utilizing the innate strength of colors in conjunction with your individual self. From white to gold to emerald green, every color has qualities that you can consciously draw strength and purpose from in order to support you in achieving your highest goals and dreams. Fraser explores each key color’s unique spiritual and practical qualities, providing insight into its history and shadow sides, real-world personal and professional anecdotes, and exercises and inspiration to evoke each color’s maximum power. His step-by-step plan will help you to integrate color energy into your daily life, from the inside out. Unlock the full magnitude of your soul’s potential by letting its true colors shine bold and bright!

A Quoted Life in Color

Author: Julie A. Butterworth




Page: 52

View: 719

A beautiful collection of positive and uplifing quotations and artworks to inspire you.

Any Color But Beige

Living Life in Color

Author: Catherine Larose

Publisher: FriesenPress


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 232

View: 381

After years of living a beige existence, Cat Larose, international color marketing expert, finally added a little color to her own life. All it took was a Paris sunset and a little red suitcase. Everyone wanted Cat's life. She had a handsome husband, a stylish home and a fascinating career as an international color-marketing consultant. Work took Cat to some of the world's most beautiful cities but something was missing: ironically, it was color. One day she found herself in Paris watching a sunset and, in a moment of clarity, she caught a glimpse of her sepia-toned future. When Cat got home, she did what she'd longed to do for years. She decided to paint her bedroom a magnificent Bordeaux red and put an end to her beige existence and her marriage. That was the beginning of a new life. Any Color but Beige is a bright, funny, genuine account of one woman's search for love in the deep end of the dating pool. None of the self-help books prepared Cat for the often funny, occasionally puzzling, sometimes sad but always colorful dating adventures with an international cast of frogs, princes and players. Cat makes the classic female mistake of thinking that love is a life preserver. Until one day she learns to swim.

Life in Color

National Geographic Photographs

Author: Annie Griffiths

Publisher: National Geographic Books


Category: Photography

Page: 503

View: 871

A lavishly illustrated volume, arranged by color in a rainbow of beauty, presents short, inspiring essays that explore the qualities, meaning and symbolism of each color, giving readers a new way to look at color in the world around them.

Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color

What's Your Color Story?

Author: Moll Anderson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster


Category: Design

Page: 256

View: 865

The New York Times and USA Today Bestseller! What is your color story? There is a reason we dream in color. Color speaks louder than words— it can not only brighten your home; it can brighten your life. Color can transform a room—your mood, your family, and even your well-being. Are you living life in color—or living in neutral? In Change Your Home, Change Your Life with Color, life stylist and inspirational interior designer Moll Anderson adds the dimension of color to her commonsense design and lifestyle advice, helping you discover the amazing transformation that color can make in your home and life. Our feelings about color are deeply rooted and emotionally based on our personal lives, and the powerful effect of color is most evident in our homes, where it impacts our moods, behaviors, and emotions. Understanding why you love and dislike certain colors is key to exploring your own personal color story, opening you up to embracing the colors that will renew, revamp, and revitalize your home and life. Just as The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up changed the way we think about the link between organization and joy, Moll introduces a whole new way of thinking about the link between color and mood. “I became interested in color when I discovered that it was not only a reflection of my mood, but my state of being. I looked around and saw I was living in black and white, and I realized I was hiding. In this book I share the transformational elements of my own journey with color to help you transform your personal color story.”- Moll Anderson Using vibrant, beautiful photographs, Moll highlights a fresh, modern approach to creating colorful spaces. Thirteen colors are featured in individual chapters, and each includes simple color solutions, fabulous “Pop of Color” additions, and Moll’s personal color lessons and stories from her designs and life. Guided journal pages will lead you on a journey to explore your own personal connections to color. Whether it’s a touch of color to change the energy of a space, or a canvas of colorful options, there is something for everyone to inspire you to live every day more colorfully.

Life in Color

Author: Tony Wuerfel



Category: Christian life

Page: 164

View: 568

Life in Color

A Coloring Book for Bold, Bright, Messy Works-In-Progress


Publisher: Capstone


Category: Adolescence

Page: 96

View: 599

Calling all teenagers and teens at heart! Packed with over forty designs, ranging from basic to intricate, these edgy pieces of art are just waiting for you to add your creative flair. A practice space for the budding artist, a gallery of contemporary artwork, and a canvas for your creativity, this book will inspire you to embrace your inner teen „ be it band geek, party animal, or daydreamer „ and color away!

Big Book of Sea Life to Color

Author: Ruth Soffer

Publisher: Courier Corporation


Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 143

View: 201

Explore the oceans and beaches of the world with these 133 marine illustrations. Realistic images depict the splendid variety of underwater life, from seahorses and jellyfish to conches and clams.

Life in Color

A Coloring Book

Author: Daren Thomas Magee

Publisher: Independently Published


Category: Art

Page: 36

View: 303

Inspired by psychedelic voyages through time and space, this book is for a place for you to let loose and suspend reality.