Learning in the Museum

Author: George E. Hein

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134860471

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

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Learning in the Museum examines major issues and shows how research in visitor studies and the philosophy of education can be applied to facilitate a meaningful educational experience in museums. Hein combines a brief history of education in public museums, with a rigorous examination of how the educational theories of Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky and subsequent theorists relate to learning in the museum. Surveying a wide range of research methods employed in visitor studies is illustrated with examples taken from museums around the world, Hein explores how visitors can best learn from exhibitions which are physically, socially, and intellectually accessible to every single visitor. He shows how museums can adapt to create this kind of environment, to provide what he calls the 'constructivist museum'. Providing essential theoretical analysis for students, this volume also serves as a practical guide for all museum professionals on how to adapt their museums to maximize the educational experience of every visitor.

Learning at the Museum Frontiers

Identity, Race and Power

Author: Viv Golding

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317106660

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

View: 1796

In Learning at the Museum Frontiers, Viv Golding argues that the museum has the potential to function as a frontier - a zone where learning is created, new identities are forged and new connections made between disparate groups and their own histories. She draws on a range of theoretical perspectives including Gadamer's philosophical hermeneutics, Foucauldian discourse on space and power, and postcolonial and Black feminist theory, as well as her own professional experience in museum education over a ten-year period, applying these ideas to a wide range of museum contexts. The book offers an important theoretical and empirical contribution to the debate on the value of museums and what they can contribute to society. The author reveals the radical potential for museums to tackle injustice and social exclusion, challenge racism, enhance knowledge and promote truth.

Learning from Museums

Author: John H. Falk,Lynn D. Dierking

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1442276002

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 294

View: 7760

In the second edition of their 2000 book, John H. Falk and Lynn D. Dierking offer an updated version of the Contextual Model of Learning, as well as present the latest advances in museum research, theory, and practice in order to provide readers an inside view of how and why people learn from their museum experiences.

The Educational Role of the Museum

Author: Eilean Hooper-Greenhill

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415198264

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 346

View: 1386

Grounded in the solid strengths of its first edition, this updated and revised second edition, collates recent and important articles that address the relationships of museums and galleries to their audiences. The Educational Role of the Museumhas been entirely restructured and new papers have been added which make this an up-to-date presentation of front-running theory and practice. Covering broad themes relevant to providing for all museum visitors, and also focusing specifically on educational groups, the book is set in four sections which sequentially: chart the development of museum communication relate constructivist learning theory to specific audiences with different learning needs apply this learning theory to the development of museum exhibitions pose questions about the way museums conceptualize audiences. For any student of museum studies, and for professionals too, this book fuses theory with practice in a way that can only serve to enhance their knowledge of the field.

Learning Conversations in Museums

Author: Gaea Leinhardt,Kevin Crowley,Karen Knutson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135640378

Category: Education

Page: 480

View: 9889

What do people learn from visiting museums and how do they learn it? The editors approach this question by focusing on conversations as both the process and the outcome of museum learning. People do not come to museums to talk, but they often do talk. This talk can drift from discussions of managing the visit, to remembrances of family members and friends not present, to close analyses of particular objects or displays. This volume explores how these conversations reflect and change a visitor's identity, discipline-specific knowledge, and engagement with an informal learning environment that has been purposefully constructed by an almost invisible community of designers, planners, and educators. Fitting nicely into a small but rapidly expanding market, this book presents: *one of the first theoretically grounded set of studies on museum learning; *an explicit presentation of innovative and rich methodologies on learning in museums; *information on a variety of museums and subject matter; *a study on exhibitions, ranging from art to science content; *authors from the museum and the academic world; *a range of methods--from the analysis of diaries written to record museum visits, to studies of preservice teachers using pre- and post-museum visit tests; *an examination of visitors ranging from age 4-75 years of age, and from known and unknown sample populations; and *a lens that examines museum visits in a fine grained (1 second) or big picture (week, year long) way.

Open Conversations

Public Learning in Libraries and Museums

Author: David Carr

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1591587719

Category: Art

Page: 175

View: 9031

• An annotated bibliography of key works • A standard bibliography

Animals: Early Learning at the Museum

Author: Nosy Crow

Publisher: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 9781536205831

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 22

View: 7676

Stunning photographic board books featuring masterpieces from the British Museum Using amazing objects from the British Museum, this series of captivating board books encourages children to engage with early learning concepts. Inquisitive toddlers will enjoy learning first words and animals with gorgeous photographic images on every page. As beautiful as the objects inside them, these board books make wonderful gifts.

Museum Experience Revisited

Author: John H Falk,Lynn D Dierking

Publisher: Left Coast Press

ISBN: 1611320453

Category: Art

Page: 416

View: 4778

The first book to take a "visitor's eye view" of the museum visit, updated to incorporate advances in research, theory, and practice in the museum field over the last twenty years.

First Words: Early Learning at the Museum

Author: Nosy Crow

Publisher: Nosy Crow

ISBN: 9781536205848

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 22

View: 8298

Stunning photographic board books featuring masterpieces from the British Museum Using amazing objects from the British Museum, this series of captivating board books encourages children to engage with early learning concepts. Inquisitive toddlers will enjoy learning first words and animals with gorgeous photographic images on every page. As beautiful as the objects inside them, these board books make wonderful gifts.


Author: John H Falk

Publisher: Left Coast Press

ISBN: 1611325269

Category: Education

Page: 302

View: 3660

Understanding the visitor experience provides essential insights into how museums can affect people’s lives. Personal drives, group identity, decision-making and meaning-making strategies, memory, and leisure preferences, all enter into the visitor experience, which extends far beyond the walls of the institution both in time and space. Drawing upon a career in studying museum visitors, renowned researcher John Falk attempts to create a predictive model of visitor experience, one that can help museum professionals better meet those visitors’ needs. He identifies five key types of visitors who attend museums and then defines the internal processes that drive them there over and over again. Through an understanding of how museums shape and reflect their personal and group identity, Falk is able to show not only how museums can increase their attendance and revenue, but also their meaningfulness to their constituents.

Transforming Practice

Selections from the Journal of Museum Education, 1992-1999

Author: Joanne S Hirsch,Lois H Silverman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315416476

Category: Social Science

Page: 346

View: 544

Transforming Practice, a comprehensive collection of articles from Museum Education Roundtable's Journal of Museum Education, presents a rich and exemplary selection of writing in one accessible resource. Each of the book's four sections includes an introductory essay; "sparks" excerpted from each article that alone might ignite debate; "reflections" by some of the authors looking back on their work; and discussion questions. Four case studies in the final section highlight the fascinating interplay among change, response, and understanding. Transforming Practice is a professional development tool--a resource for museum training programs, small museums, staffs, practitioner groups, and friends to inspire conversation, critique, debate, and your own writing. As Stephen E. Weil writes in his foreword, this book reveals "the richness of ideas, the dedication to excellence, and the extraordinary depth and variety of talents to be found among this generation of museum educators." Sponsored by the Museum Education Roundtable.This title is sponsored by The Museum Education Roundtable. The Museum Education Roundtable (MER) is a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC, dedicated to enriching and promoting the field of Museum Education. Through publications, programs, and communication networks, MER fosters professionalism, encourages leadership, scholarship, and research in museum-based learning, and advocates the inclusion and application of museum-based learning in the general education arena. For more information on MER and its activities, please contact via email at [email protected], or on the web at www.mer-online.org. Members receive the Journal of Museum Education as a benefit of membership. Write to MER at PO Box 15727, Washington, DC 20003.

Perspectives on Object-Centered Learning in Museums

Author: Scott G. Paris

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135645280

Category: Education

Page: 408

View: 3316

Originating in a recent NSF conference held at the University of Michigan, this book examines the latest ideas about how children interact with objects and through that interaction acquire new understandings, attitudes, and feelings. Although museum education provides the primary setting within which object-centered learning is explored, the analyses apply to a wide range of learning environments. Despite the demonstrated importance of object-centered learning for both academic and life-long learning, until now there has been little psychological research on the topic. Key features of this outstanding new book include: *Cross-disciplinary Focus--This is the first book to examine object-centered learning using the perspectives of such diverse fields as science, history, literacy, and art. *Museum Focus--The explosion of interest in museums of all kinds provides a natural launching pad for conceptual and practical discussions of object-based learning and informal learning environments. Vignettes--In order to ground the conceptual analyses, each chapter includes vignettes describing people actively engaged with objects in a specific setting. This volume is appropriate for advanced students and researchers in educational psychology, cognitive psychology, science education, and persons directly involved in museum education.

Museums and Design Education

Looking to Learn, Learning to See

Author: Ms Beth Cook,Ms Catherine Speight,Ms Rebecca Reynolds

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 1409486257

Category: Art

Page: 230

View: 4243

How can museum educators and higher education tutors enhance the way HE students use museums? There are many examples in the UK of museums and universities working together in productive and innovative ways, but these relationships tend to be based on individual enthusiasm and opportunistic arrangements. Despite the growing importance of museum education departments, higher education tends to be overlooked by museums. This book looks at the interaction between design students and museums, and explores issues, projects and emerging ideas about how museums can better support HE students. It illustrates the general lessons that can be learnt, both strategic and practical, which can help to bring about long-term and constructive relationships between museums and universities in order to enable effective student learning.

In Principle, in Practice

Museums as Learning Institutions

Author: John Howard Falk,Susan Foutz

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759109773

Category: Education

Page: 315

View: 6825

The science museum field has made tremendous advances in understanding museum learning, but little has been done to consolidate and synethesize these findings to encourage widespread improvements in practice. By clearly presenting the most current knowledge of museum learning, In Principle, In Practice aims to promote effective programs and exhibitions, identify promising approaches for future research, and develop strategies for implementing and sustaining connections between research and practice in the museum community.

Researching Visual Arts Education in Museums and Galleries

An International Reader

Author: M. Xanthoudaki,L. Tickle,V. Sekules

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401000433

Category: Art

Page: 242

View: 3657

Researching Visual Arts Education in Museums and Galleries brings together case studies from Europe, Asia and North America, in a way that will lay a foundation for international co-operation in the future development and communication of practice-based research. The research in each of the cases directly stems from educational practice in very particular contexts, indicating at once the variety and detail of practitioners' concerns and their common interests.

Digital Technologies and the Museum Experience

Handheld Guides and Other Media

Author: Loïc Tallon

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 0759112371

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 264

View: 2069

The biggest trend in museum exhibit design today is the creative incorporation of technology. Digital Technologies and the Museum Experience: Handheld Guides and Other Media explores the potential of mobile technologies (cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs) for visitor interaction and learning in museums, drawing on established practice to identify guidelines for future implementations.