Learning Across the Early Childhood Curriculum

Author: Lynn Cohen,Sandra Waite-Stupiansky

Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing

ISBN: 1781907005

Category: Education

Page: 188

View: 2487

Education, according to John Dewey, should be viewed as dynamic and ongoing with direct teaching of integrated content knowledge. This volume offers readers an examination of the content areas in early childhood curriculum that honor Dewey's belief in active, integrated learning.

Moving & Learning Across the Curriculum

More Than 300 Games and Activities to Make Learning Fun! Ages 4-8

Author: Rae Pica

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 9781418030759

Category: Education

Page: 286

View: 7673

Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum: More Than 300 Activities and Games to Make Learning Fun is now out in its? 2nd edition. Movement is the young child?s preferred method of learning. This is because when a child physically experiences concepts, they understand them more completely and retain the information longer. Retention has been proven to increase when children?s senses are involved in the learning process, and this book provides hundreds of activities that help to teach major concepts in the content areas of art, language arts, math, music, science, and social studies. The domains of child development are completely intertwined in the early years making it important to incorporate them all throughout the learning process. This book will show the early childhood professional how to educate the ?whole child,? covering all of the domains of child development which include physical, social/emotional, and cognitive. To truly educate the child, they must be recognized as thinking, feeling, moving human beings with the need to experience with all of their senses. Moving and Learning Across the Curriculum, 2e, provides the activities to achieve that level of learning with features including detailed lesson plans, outdoor alternatives, updated resources, and enhanced ?curriculum connectors? with additional suggestions for children?s literature and music. An ideal resource for the early childhood professional, this book offers everything needed to use movement as a teaching tool.

The Early Childhood Curriculum

Inquiry Learning Through Integration

Author: Suzanne L. Krogh,Pamela Morehouse

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134076231

Category: Education

Page: 358

View: 2406

Based on research that demonstrates the powerful advantages of integrating the curriculum while providing inquiry opportunities, The Early Childhood Curriculum shows how to make such an approach work for all children, preschool through the primary grades. The text demonstrates how to confidently teach using inquiry-based methods that address the whole child, while also meeting and exceeding academic standards. Offering a foundation in early childhood theory, philosophy, research, and development, the 2nd edition of this unique textbook helps future teachers, as well as current educators, understand the "why" of curriculum in early childhood and invests them with the skills they need to move from simply following a script to knowledgeably creating curricula on their own. Since each curricular subject has its own integrity, there is a chapter for each discipline, grounding the reader in the essentials of the subject in order to foster knowledgeable and effective integration. The 2nd edition of The Early Childhood Curriculum includes information on the most recent trends in national curriculum standards, particularly in regard to the Common Core State Standards Initiative and the Next Generation Science Standards. Coupled with this information are practical suggestions for meeting standards while still providing young learners with a truly child-centered educational experience. Chapters contain real-life vignettes that demonstrate inquiry and integration in practice. The entire text reflects the philosophy that the use of inquiry to seek and obtain information is one of the most valuable and powerful tools children can acquire along the way to becoming lifelong learners.

Play, Learning and the Early Childhood Curriculum

Author: Elizabeth Wood,Jane Attfield

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446204685

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 3949

`An excellent overview of the development in thinking about play, based on research into different aspects of play...This book enables the reader to not only access, and engage with developing theories and ideas, but also provides practical ideas and examples that have been tried and tested in the classroom. This book should be compulsory reading for every teacher of young children who are interested in developing their practice to provide a stimulating, active and playful environment with their children in which effective learning and positive attitudes are developed' - Bernadette Hancock, Headteacher of Christ the King Primary School, Cardiff `One of the major strengths of the book is that it makes some complex theory highly accessible to its audience....This makes it an excellent introductory book for use on inservice and undergraduate programs' - Sue Rogers, Institute of Education `This book aims to improve the quality of play in "educational" settings. It will be valuable for a wide range of practitioners' - Nursery World `In this new and updated edition of an outstanding book, Wood and Attfield once again demonstrate how young children make meaning, and construct knowledge, through play. They combine an informed discussion of the 'ideological tradition' of the early childhood pioneers, which continues to underpin most contemporary provision, with a refreshing openness to the new insights provided by recent research, and the new opportunities offered by the Foundation Stage era. Their unrivalled explanation of the links between theorists, such as Vygotsky, and classroom provision for play, is now expanded through considerations of recent findings in neuroscience, and a renewed awareness of the sociocultural contexts of childhood, as well as by studies which acknowledge the importance of boisterous, rough-and-tumble, play activities for children's development. And throughout, they remind readers and practitioners of the important distinction between play as a spontaneous activity of children ('play as such'), and the play which educators offer as a medium for learning' - Elizabeth Brooker, Course Leader: MA in Childhood Studies, Institute of Education 'This book provides a thorough and up-to-date overview of the topical issue of teaching and learning through play. Chapters cover issues including assessment through play, the role of adults in children's play, the impact of play on social and emotional learning and how to develop a whole-school approach to learning through play. ...This book is theoretical and detailed but extremely interesting and there is certainly practical information to be found in it' - Early Talk This timely Second Edition explores recent developments which strongly endorse play as an integral part of the curriculum. The content has been fully revised to reflect contemporary thinking about the role and value of play in early childhood and beyond. A key focus is the provision of a secure theoretical and practical grounding for developing a pedagogy of play. In the first section, the authors provide an overview of recent developments in education policies, and reviews of research into different aspects of play. In the second section, the emphasis is on classroom practice, specifically: organizing and developing play with particular reference to the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1; establishing progression and continuity with Key Stage 1; assessing children's learning through play; the role of adults in children's play; using the plan-do-review approach to integrate child-initiated and adult-directed play; the importance of socio-dramatic play for children's social and emotional learning; and developing a whole-school play ethos. This book enables practitioners to create unity between play, learning and teaching, and to improve the quality of children's learning. New material provided by practitioners has been added, to show how this unity can be successfully achieved. This is an essential text for students of education. It is highly recommended to those undertaking degrees in Childhood Studies and those on Initial Teacher Training programmes in early years and primary education.

Drama Activities for the Early Years - Promoting Learning Across the Foundation Stage Curriculum

Author: Debbie Chalmers

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781783170265

Category: Education

Page: 106

View: 7849

This resource is a guide to using music and rhythm, movement and dance, role-play and drama to support childrens development and progress in the Foundation Stage. It contains 80 clearly laid out and ready-to-use practical drama activities, relating to every area of the curriculum, to enable any practitioner to lead and develop dramatic work.

The Early Childhood Curriculum: Inquiry Learning Through Integration

Author: Suzanne Krogh,Pamela Morehouse

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages


Category: Education

Page: 432

View: 7380

Designed for courses in early childhood curriculum, Krogh and Morehouse offers detailed instruction on making an inquiry and integration approach to early education work. Part One provides a foundation in theory, philosophy, research, and child development—the knowledge future teachers will need to create effective curriculum on their own. Part Two present an entire chapter devoted to each major curriculum area, organized around the standards developed by the relevant national association. The “how to” format and inclusion of actual classroom projects and artifacts make this a truly practical and engaging text.

The Early Childhood Curriculum

Current Findings in Theory and Practice

Author: Carol Seefeldt

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 9780807737811

Category: Education

Page: 310

View: 9774

This third edition of The Early Childhood Curriculum provides the same coverage as the first edition and brings it up to date. Individual chapters present the research and practice of early childhood education by areas of curriculum content, play, oral language, reading, mathematics, science, social studies, movement, music and art. Introductory chapters include an overview of current developments in early education as well as a discussion of teaching strategies. It includes two new chapters on inclusion and the multicultural world of the early childhood classroom, an overview of current developments in the field.

Wonder-Full Education

The Centrality of Wonder in Teaching and Learning Across the Curriculum

Author: Kieran Egan,Annabella I. Cant,Gillian Judson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135051054

Category: Education

Page: 256

View: 1013

For many children much of the time their experience in classrooms can be rather dull, and yet the world the school is supposed to initiate children into is full of wonder. This book offers a rich understanding of the nature and roles of wonder in general and provides multiple suggestions for to how to revive wonder in adults (teachers and curriculum makers) and how to keep it alive in children. Its aim is to show that adequate education needs to take seriously the task of evoking wonder about the content of the curriculum and to show how this can routinely be done in everyday classrooms. The authors do not wax flowery; they present strong arguments based on either research or precisely described experience, and demonstrate how this argument can be seen to work itself out in daily practice. The emphasis is not on ways of evoking wonder that might require virtuoso teaching, but rather on how wonder can be evoked about the everyday features of the math or science or social studies curriculum in regular classrooms.

Early Childhood Curriculum for All Learners

Author: Ann M. Selmi,Raymond J. Gallagher,Eugenia R. Mora-Flores

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1452240299

Category: Education

Page: 504

View: 6438

Early Childhood Curriculum for All Learners: Integrating Play and Literacy Activities is designed to teach early childhood professionals about the latest research on play and early literacy and then to show them practical methods for adapting this research to everyday classroom practices that will encourage the development of learning skills. The authors link solid, play-based research to specific developmentally appropriate practices. By combining these two areas, the text demonstrates that academic learning and play activities are highly compatible, and that children can and do develop academic skills through play. In addition, the text focuses on socio-dramatic play, a recently acknowledged, essential aspect of child-initiated play interactions. It provides specific strategies that link these interactive behaviors with the early academic skills needed for the initial primary grades. Implementation of the information presented in this book will enable children to experience a richer transition into primary education classrooms.

Using ICT in the Early Years

Parents and Practitioners in Partnership

Author: Alex Morgan,John Siraj-Blatchford

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1907241876

Category: Education

Page: 46

View: 4720

A step-by-step guide on how to teach young children a variety of ICT in a meaningful and creative way. This title, written by ICT experts in the early years, Prof. John Siraj-Blatchford and Dr. Alex Morgan, is a step-by-step guide on how to teach children under 8 a variety of ICT. This book is designed to be easy to follow by even the most technophobic of readers and contains practical advice on the following: * How to create engaging and creative activities for children in the early years using a range of ICT * A guide to the different types of ICT available, from Bee-Bots to white boards * How to take ICT out of the classroom, with activities to use in outdoor play sessions * How to use ICT in role play to promote children's creativity and imagination * What ICT skills the EYFS and Welsh Foundation Phase require early years practitioners to deliver * Ideas and case studies on best practice in using sustained shared thinking with young children This is a must-buy for anyone wanting meaningful and child-friendly ways of approaching ICT with children under 8.

The Colors of Learning

Integrating the Visual Arts Into the Early Childhood Curriculum

Author: Rosemary Althouse,Margaret H. Johnson,Sharon T. Mitchell

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807742740

Category: Education

Page: 149

View: 9193

Suggests methods of teaching young children about the visual arts.

Getting to the Heart of Learning

Social-Emotional Skills across the Early Childhood Curriculum

Author: Ellen Booth Church

Publisher: Gryphon House, Inc.

ISBN: 0876595816

Category: Education

Page: 180

View: 2318

The best learning emerges in a classroom community where children feel accepted and appreciated for their ideas and actions. Through the activities in Getting to the Heart of Learning, Ellen Booth Church shows teachers and caregivers how easy it is to foster children’s sense of curiosity through group explorations that promote social connection and positive development. With step-by-step instructions, Getting to the Heart of Learning weaves social-emotional learning into activities that support math, science, literacy, and motor skills. Rather than adding in activities throughout the day, these explorations integrate social-emotional learning across the curriculum through group involvement and building community. Learn how to strengthen home-to-school connections, too, with easy strategies that help families develop a shared vision for student’s social-emotional and academic success.

Early Childhood Curriculum

Developmental Bases for Learning and Teaching

Author: Sue Clark Wortham

Publisher: Prentice Hall


Category: Education

Page: 505

View: 4659

This text is appropriate for Early Childhood Curriculum. Courses in Early Childhood Departments, Elementary Education Departments and Departments of Child and Family Studies.Using a thematic-integrated approach, this book addresses the need for present and future teachers to understand the benefits of developmentally appropriate curriculums and the role of the child's development in the curriculum. This practical text combines theory with practice by providing concrete examples of how to plan meaningful activity for children from infancy through age eight, in child care, pre school, and primary school settings. Current trends and issues are discussed throughout the text to keep students abreast of the latest thinking in early childhood curriculum development.

A Guide to Early Years Practice

Author: Sandra Smidt

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134117981

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 6165

This is a practical, accessible guide to early years practice. The author examines current theories about how children learn best and focuses on how we can support and extend the learning of young children. This fully revised edition discusses Birth to Three Matters, the new Childcare Bill and the development of children's centres, and has additional focus on the Foundation Stage Profile Packed full with case studies, the book offers: practical advice on how to successfully involve parents as equal partners in the education of their children guidance to ensure that the activities and support offered to young children will promote learning across a broad and balanced Early Years curriculum a focus on special needs, multiculturalism and multilingualism, play and culture, and the importance of interactions with adults and with peers. Essential reading for students on Early Years courses, this book is also invaluable for practitioners, who can use this text as the starting point for developing their own methods within the frameworks of statutory documents relating to Early Years education.

The Integrated Early Childhood Curriculum

Author: Suzanne Krogh

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages

ISBN: 9780070359772

Category: Education

Page: 430

View: 5042

Designed for the early childhood education curriculum methods course, this book focuses on the philosophy of integration from preschool through the primary grades. The book looks at the child, the teacher, the parents, and the classroom environment and how they can work together to achieve a successfully integrated program. An entire chapter is devoted to each major curriculum area and each one is organized around the national standards developed by its national association. A discussion of how to integrate standards with other subjects (i.e.: language, math, science, etc.), is also included for each subject.

Constructivism Across the Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms

Big Ideas as Inspiration

Author: Christine Chaillé

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon

ISBN: 9780205348541

Category: Education

Page: 202

View: 6439

Explore how “big ideas” form the centerpiece for early childhood curriculum approaches that are responsive to and respectful of children's natural curiosity! To help you engage in constructivist practices with your preschool and primary grade students, Constructivism across the Curriculum in Early Childhood Classrooms bridges the gap between theory and practice by carefully outlining seven Big Ideas–light, balance, cause and effect, transformation, sound, zooming in and out, and upside down–that provide springboard to developing an effective interdisciplinary, child-centered curriculum. Filled with a goldmine of activities to spark student learning, children's literature references that extend student engagement, and classroom scenarios that demonstrate how real teachers have put constructivist theory into practice, Christine Chaille's book is the perfect professional development resource for early childhood teachers. Meet classroom goals and implement a fresh curriculum: Learn the foundational theory and practice of constructivism and early childhood approaches inspired by Reggio Emilia. Implement ideas and strategies applicable to your class's immediate needs. Meet the realities of the classroom with practical resources and concrete examples depicting how to foster learning in young children. The big ideas teachers can't stop talking about! “[Christine] uses many examples of excellent activities and goes into great detailed explanation about how [the activities] are beneficial for students' learning and why. Her explanations are a wonderful way of getting down to the brass tacks for new teachers…It is refreshing to see such honesty and step-by-step instructions that new teachers need.” --Nancy B. Stewart, Early Childhood Specialist, Norfolk Public Schools, VA “The author's writing style is extremely engaging and effective…and I loved the idea of utilizing a curricular starting point, and demonstrating how the teacher branches off from that point. Having this personal example of a teacher's journey engages the reader, and facilitates connections to [our] own work.” --Johnna Darragh, Heartland Community College, IL

Teaching for Understanding Across the Primary Curriculum

Author: Lynn D. Newton

Publisher: Multilingual Matters

ISBN: 9781853595967

Category: Education

Page: 90

View: 5071

The book discusses the complex nature of understanding and what it means to teach for understanding. The processes and strategies that can support teaching for understanding are then exemplified in the context of different areas of the primary / elementary (4-11 years) school curriculum.

Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children

Author: Olivia N. Saracho,Bernard Spodek

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136897011

Category: Education

Page: 480

View: 1408

The Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children is the essential reference on research on early childhood education throughout the world. This singular resource provides a comprehensive overview of important contemporary issues as well as the information necessary to make informed judgments about these issues. The field has changed significantly since the publication of the second edition, and this third edition of the handbook takes care to address the entirety of vital new developments. A valuable tool for all those who work and study in the field of early childhood education, this volume addresses critical, cutting edge research on child development, curriculum, policy, and research and evaluation strategies. With a multitude of new and updated chapters, The Handbook of Research on the Education of Young Children, 3rd Edition makes the expanding knowledge base related to early childhood education readily available and accessible.

Creative Materials and Activities for the Early Childhood Curriculum

Author: Joan Packer Isenberg,Joan R. Isenberg,Jenn Durham

Publisher: Pearson College Division

ISBN: 9780132463126

Category: Education

Page: 528

View: 2591

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