The Law of International Trade Finance

Author: Norbert Horn

Publisher: Kluwer Law International


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 708

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This book covers the developments in the past ten years of trade & economic cooperation between the EEC & China. It gives a good account of the legal instruments which regulate the EEC-China trade & economic relations. Besides, this book covers not only the EEC commercial policy towards China, but the domestic Chinese laws & regulations on foreign investments as well.

Optimal Regulation and the Law of International Trade

The Interface between the Right to Regulate and WTO Law

Author: Boris Rigod

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1316453774

Category: Law

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Are the limitations imposed on World Trade Organization (WTO) members' right to regulate efficient? This is a question that is only scarcely, if ever, analysed in existing literature. Boris Rigod aims to provide an answer to this fundamental concern. Using the tools of economic analysis and in particular the concept of economic efficiency as a benchmark, the author states that domestic regulatory measures should only be subject to scrutiny by WTO bodies when they cause negative international externalities through terms of trade manipulations. He then suggests that WTO law, applied by the WTO judiciary can prevent WTO members from attaining optimal levels of regulation. By applying a law and economics methodology, Rigod provides an innovative solution to the problem of how to reconcile members' regulatory autonomy and WTO rules as well as offering a novel analytical framework for assessing domestic regulations in the light of WTO law.

Law of international trade

documents and readings

Author: Stanley D. Metzger,United States

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: 1753

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Schmitthoff's Export trade

the law and practice of international trade

Author: Clive Macmillan Schmitthoff,John Adams

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780420466402

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 689

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The Law of International Trade

Author: Bernardette Griffin,D. Michael Day

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780406921833

Category: Law

Page: 347

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This comprehensive text guides the student through the complexities of the law of international trade and presents the law relating to all the main aspects of the overseas sale.

Law of International Trade

Author: Pamela Sellman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781858365404

Category: Export sales contracts

Page: 192

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These texts contain the leading cases within a subject area, summarising the facts and decisions and including relevant judgment extracts. In addition, brief commentaries are included to assist students in understanding cases and their significance.

Hague-Zagreb Essays

On the Law of International Trade. Carriage of Goods by sea maritime collisions, maritime oil pollution, commercial arbitration : Hague-Zagreb Colloquium on the law of international trade, session 1978 Opatija

Author: John Anthony Wade

Publisher: Brill Archive

ISBN: 9789028607491

Category: Law

Page: 329

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Following profound modifications of Soviet ideology after the coming to power of Gorbachev, Europe experienced an unprecedented time of change which resulted, inter alia, in the unification of the two German States, the abolition of socialist international organizations, the obsolescence of neutrality policies in the New Europe & the pull on the European Communities to admit new members. These revolutionary events give rise to interesting legal questions. Since international relations are changing, the legal framework in which these relations are set has to change, too. In December 1990, international legal aspects of the changes in the political structure of Europe were discussed at a conference held in Amsterdam. In this book, which takes account of the outcomes of the discussions, the international legal framework in which these changes take place & their consequences are described & analyzed by eminent scholars from East & West.

Hague-Zagreb Essays 4

On the Law of International Trade

Author: Cornelis Carel Albert Voskuil,John Anthony Wade

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9789024728404

Category: Law

Page: 396

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The present publication of re ports and discussions sterns from the fourth Session of the Hague-Zagreb Colloquium, held at Eernewoude, in the Netherlands. The preceding three Sessions were held at Stubice Toplice, in Yugoslavia (1974), Zeist, in the Netherlands (1976) and, again in Yugoslavia, at Opatija (1978). The fourth Session was originally planned for May 1980. On the eve of the meeting, the then President of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, the late Marshall J .B. Tito, passed away. On hearing the news of the Marshall's death, the Organizing Committee of the Hague-Zagreb Colloquium immediately decided that the Session should not then be held. The postponement lasted, in fact, a whole year: the fourth Session was convened at Eernewoude in May 1981. For the Eernewoude Session the formula that had produced such excellent results in the previous conferences was maintained. Four topics of international trade law were thoroughly discussed on the basis of reports submitted by scholars from the various legal systems represented at the conference. Apart from the Yugoslav and Dutch participants, scholars from the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium and Norway took part in the discussions, be it in the capacity of reporter, of chairman or as expert in the field covered by the Colloquium: the law of international trade. A student competition had again been organised and the members of the win ning teams from Yugoslavia and from the Netherlands were among the participants.

The Oxford Handbook of International Trade Law

Author: Daniel L. Bethlehem

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199231923

Category: Law

Page: 801

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The Oxford Handbook of International Trade Law explores the law of the World Trade Organization and its broader context. It examines the discipline of international trade law itself and also the outside face of international trade law and its intersection with states and with other aspects of the international system. It covers the economic and institutional context of the world trading system, the substantive law of the WTO, the WTO dispute settlement system,and the interaction between trade and other disciplines and fields of international law.

The Interface of International Trade Law and Taxation

Author: Jennifer E. Farrell

Publisher: IBFD

ISBN: 9087221827

Category: Foreign trade regulation

Page: 314

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This book explores the ill-defined and oft-underestimated relationship between the World Trade Organization (WTO) and taxation. By adopting a two-pronged approach, the relationship is examined in terms of the extent to which the WTO legal framework exerts influence upon domestic tax law and international tax policy, and whether it is appropriate for the WTO to play a regulatory role in the field of taxation. The book begins with an examination of the historical development of international trade law and international tax law, and demonstrates that these two separate areas of law are closely linked in terms of their underlying principles and historical evolution. The work then goes on to offer a doctrinal analysis of the tax content found in the WTO legal texts and highlights ambiguities therein.